Rumor Patrol: Will Dwayne Johnson Play Green Lantern John Stewart?

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Batman vs Superman Dwayne Johnson John Stewart Rumor Patrol: Will Dwayne Johnson Play Green Lantern John Stewart?

One can tell if the anticipation for a movie has reached peak levels when even the most tangential piece of information about its development can spark a small Internet firestorm. Such has been the case with the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, the film still going by the placeholder name Batman vs. Superman.

In previous weeks, rumors and counter-rumors regarding various actors and characters involved with the production have flown thick about the Web. One of the most persistent involves actor Dwayne Johnson (Fast and Furious 7) speaking with DC Comics regarding a mystery role in their evolving film universe. Now, yet another tenuous rumor connects Johnson to a role previously whispered to be going to Denzel Washington – that of the Green Lantern, John Stewart.

Writer Peter Georgiu of ThinkMcFlyThink shared the rumor that Johnson is being considered for the role of John Stewart earlier today via Twitter feed:

Later, Georgiu clarified that the information is a rumor heard “… through the industry grapevine,” but is hardly confirmed. He acknowledged that the assertion is currently nebulous, but that also that the rumblings were interesting enough that he, “… thought if [he] put it out there, people would look into it.”

The rumor has been given some strength by a Tweet exchange dusted off by Comic Book Movie, in which Johnson seemed to hint at being in talks for the role of Green Lantern. Though it dates from April of 2013, scuttlebutt has apparently put Johnson in contact with DC Comics regarding an eventual film role.

Given even the initial source’s acknowledgement of this rumor’s tenuousness, it should be taken only after overturning an entire salt shaker. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting proposition that merits a bit of pondering.

Dwayne Johnson Faster Rumor Patrol: Will Dwayne Johnson Play Green Lantern John Stewart?

John Stewart has long been characterized (in both his comic book and animated incarnations) as the most straight-laced and military-minded of the human Green Lanterns. This makes Johnson a curious choice for the role, given that a straight adaptation of the character would strip away the grinning swagger that made Johnson so compelling a ringside presence during his days in the WWE.

This is not to say that Johnson would be bad for the role – even after appearing in many mediocre films, the former wrestler remains a consistently engaging screen presence. Additionally, his recent turns as a taciturn federal agent in the Fast and Furious franchise show that he can play grim stoicism just as well as he can goofy bravado.

Until any kind of hard evidence or confirmation of this rumor floats to the surface, we at Screen Rant will treat it more as a fun thought experiment than something to worry over. Any role for The Rock in the DC film universe would be a coup – whether it’s as a heroic space cop or as an anti-heroic space bounty hunter.


Batman vs. Superman will rock theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Twitter [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. Tired of rumors.

    Very tired of Dwayne Johnson/Rock.

      THE ROCK

      • Jeff must be a John Cena fan.

  2. After seeing Fast and Furious 6 and gijoe retaliation (being the only good thing about that movie) I think he’d be a good choice for the role. Like I said in previous posts, I don’t see him as Lex Luthor or Cyborg (especially Cyborg) but there are several characters I think he’d be great for. I never thought of Green Lantern for him, but it could work.

    • Ray park was the best part of G>I joe >.>

  3. Snitch gave me evidence that the Rock has become more than just a wrestler and has actually put himself out there as an actor, of course he isn’t in the same boat as some heavy hitters but he can do some good. I think that if they lightened up the John Stewart character and heavily tied in his Marine connections (MOS had LOTS of Military) they could make this role work for him. Even though I myself, prefer Hal Jordan because he is THE green lantern JS will always have a special place because that’s who I grew up watching.

    F.Y.I.- The Rock has been working with some acting coaches so maybe he has come further than even I know, he would do the part justice (haha) but I’m still on the (never gonna happen) Idris Elba boat.

  4. Love Dwayne and would love to see his attached to the DCCU in any way. To say that he would not work for a “straight-laced/military minded” character is not accurate, either. Look at Hobbs from the Fast and Furious films. He is a very serious character, and yet, Dwayne is still able to bring his charm to the screen in such a role.

  5. I’ve been saying Rock will be John Stewart since December 31st 2013. It seems the obvious choice.

    • Thinking it through, I think it’s the most reasonable choice for The Rock to do. We need a Green Lantern in the MOS universe.

      • how about CYBORG ? … S.T.A.R. Labs is mention in MOS doesn’t S.T.A.R. Labs creates CYBORG, just using common sense / “Screenwriter David S. Goyer has stated that the mention of S.T.A.R. Labs in Man of Steel was meant as reference to Cyborg”…..I didn’t make this up

  6. He’d make a great Mongul.

  7. LOL @ ScreenRant

    You know this will create another firestorm of chatter in the name of +100 comments. We’re still digesting this rumor on the other thread about D. Johnson. Oh well, more clicks more munny eh? lol

    • Wasn’t the last rumor that Denzel Washington might be playing Green Lantern?

      That one lasted long.

      Well, it gives the comic fanboys something to go on and on about…

      • @Jeff

        I’m one of those fanboys lol… I’ve already read 5 possible scripts on the other thread submitted by other ‘fanboys’. :-)

        • I’m a fan, too, but of movies in general, not only, nor primarily, of comic book movies, so I do get a chuckle out of the hundreds of comments these articles, based on rumors, sometimes generate, although they are probably written by only dozens of people. No offense meant…just an observation, which you yourself originally alluded to. :)

  8. I’d rather see Dwayne Johnson play John Stewart than Lex Luthor. That being said he wouldn’t be my first choice to play John.

  9. I’m not against the Rock, and I want John Stewart SO MUCH, but I just don’t know if he’s the right fit…I guess we’ll see where this goes.

  10. While I think he pull it off, he’s not who I’d pick. My top pick would be Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds). This is actually one role Johnson would have to actually slim down for. He’s bigger than Henry Cavill most of the time.


    Very bad idea. I wish they would cast someone who is not-too-known for the John Stewart role. Casting The Rock for the role of GL can destroy the character since The Rock is too famous and so the character can fall easily to stereotypical bias.

    Also, The Rock’s acting is not really good. And Zack Snyder is not the kind of director that is able to really flesh out the emotions of the characters in his movie. The result? A bland John Stewart.

    This is by far the worst casting choice for the movie. If this rumor would be confirmed, I’ll really be praying that the Rock will give a good performance.

    • Well The Rock isn’t that bad of an actor, I think he’s alright. He can carry a movie franchise something that Green Lantern needs. Yeah he’s well known and that is what WB needs for the DC cinematic universe. Also this is a RUMOR, what’s not a rumor is that The Rock is definitely being part in a DC movie.

      • Yes, he is a good actor. But I don’t think he is the right choice for John Stewart… For starers, he is Samoan and he isn’t black. There are times when just being a good actor isn’t going to cut it, you need to look the part as well. I’ve made a lot of arguments that we can’t compare Gal Gadot to drawings, but when we have a character that is known for being black and someone who isn’t black is cast in the role it’s upsetting. A lot of us have been waiting forever to see a Justice League movie on screen. I for one want to see the Justice League I’ve always read, with Hal Jordan as Green Lantern.

        • I agree on the Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern, I like him the most out of the other Green Lanterns.

          On the subject of The Rock as John Stewart, sure he’s not black, so what. He played a character in GI Joe: Retaliation and the character is black. The characteristic of a character from comics to movie is important. It proves it in The Dark Knight, yeah Joker’s skin isn’t bleached, but they capture the characteristics of what The Joker is. I think The Rock can pull it off as John Stewart, but you have to remember that this just rumor news. I believe that he’ll end being a hero than a villain though.

        • Even though Hi-C already said it, just to make sure it’s doubly corrected.

          THe Rock is half-Black and half-Samoan. His father, Rocky Johnson, is Afro-Canadian.

  12. I have a hard time seeing him in that role, but I think he would be better than Denzel. Denzel is too old for that character.

  13. He needs to slim down a bit.

    • I’d disagree with that, he’s one of the few good actors out there that’s actually as big as a comic book superhero.

      • True. But he’s as big as Henry Cavill most of the time. If he got down to the weight he was when left wrestling and started acting, it’s be okay. The Rock (and Affleck) are already taller than Cavill, you can’t have him be bigger, too.

  14. The Rock is ok but I’m still holding out for Idris Elba I think he would make a fantastic John Stewart

    • Agreed, but I highly doubt that will ever happen since it’s unclear how many more films he will be doing for Marvel Studios.

      • i bet they’ll give him the black pather role

  15. Would be a great choice for GL, except his physic would over shadown Ben Afflecks Batman. This would not be a good thing. If John Stewart is a hulking GL, then Affleck is going to have to get massive to not look silly.

    • Affleck is no push over himself and I’m sure he’s getting even bigger for the role. Then again, when standing next to Johnson, even Vin Diesel looks tiny.

  16. Sure – I can see it.

  17. I honestly see this casting just as bad as Ryan reynolds being casted for the last movie.

    • The Rock isn’t white -_-

      And there technically IS a black Spiderman, his name is Miles Morales, if you want to play THAT card.

      • Black spider man is not the same as a black peter parker though. If a black guy take over spider man for peter parker. go ahead.

    • The Rock is black.
      Spiderman is in a current comic book series as a black.

    • Dwayne Johnson is half black half samoan.

  18. I’d take Johnson as Stewart if Elba is J’onn J’onnz :D

  19. Noo. The Rock should be a villain, like Black Adam or Doomsday. He would be better utilized as a less vocal physical villain. And John Stewart should be black-black.

    • I really don’t understand why some people like to see The Rock as Doomsday? Doomsday is huge like Hulk, hardly talks and plus WB don’t want to waste The Rock’s talents in a CG suit where he has not much dialogues. I’m betting that The Rock will play as a hero rather than a villain. I could be wrong, we don’t know what role he’ll play in future DC films?

  20. Michael B Jordan or the kid who played Jackie Robinson in 42 would be a better fit.
    And could the film feature an already established Justice League, rather than showing an origin?
    Supes vs Bats not because BatMan is investigating the Kryptonian but because they’ve had a falling out after already having worked together for a few years

    • I’d prefer to see Michael B. Jordan as Cyborg.

  21. michael jai white as GL would be bad a88 :D

  22. Eh, I can see it, but I would be thinking “hey, it’s the Rock” long before I thought “hey, it’s John Stewart.”

  23. My prediction, at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, WB/DC announces they have been lying to us, and this movie is not Batman Vs Superman but actually IS the Justice League movie.

    • Nice joke.

      • For once I am not joking.

        • Right. WB established that the sequel to MOS is about Superman and Batman. They already said it back at Comic Con, there is no turning back saying, “Nope, it’s JUSTICE LEAGUE”.

      • I don’t really get it. So many are treating a Justice League film like it’s ONLY about seeing each character on screen, whether they have a small or large role. For it to be a Justice League film, wouldn’t all the characters have to be the main characters? Or is it more, “Hey Wonder Woman makes a cameo, NOW it’s a Trinity film.”?

        • Exactly.

          *End Credit of the Batman/Superman movie*
          John Stewart shows up in his Green Lantern uniform and talks to Superman

          “Hey, it’s Green Lantern. Oh I guess this isn’t a Batman/Superman movie anymore now that we have another hero in the movie. It’s Justice League”.

  24. Down. That’s it aha.

    • I’m betting these rumored roles aren’t even FOR Batman Vs. Superman. They’re building a universe and Superman Vs. Batman is the only film we know that is confirmed, and obviously, we associate everything with that. Instead I’m going to just accept the fact that we know very little about a potentially, whole line of films.

  25. him as GL next to Supes and Bats is gonna look damn funny man…he dwarfs Affleck and Cavill

  26. I believe he is more suited for Lobo, with his swagger.

  27. Ares no question

  28. Many I think many people want Idris Elba to play JS but since he is a recurring character with Marvel, I’m sure there’s a no compete clause of some kind that wouldn’t allow him to be in a DC movie. I’m just speculating so no one take what I’m saying to heart.

    • Actually he’s mentioned noething of thor 3…also he’s expressed intrest in the idea.

      I must say that might make me care to see a green lantern on film again.

      But idk if he’s been conracted or not.

    • Wouldn’t allow him to be in a DC movie? Well there is no restriction in the contract saying, “You can’t join WB/DC”. The actor/actress are free to do a movie from other companies. Chris Evan was the Human Torch, he was in a movie called Push which is a movie based on a DC comic, and now he’s Captain America. Samuel L Jackson is Nick Furry, but he’s in The Spirit. The list goes on.

      • I guess it doesn’t matter unless it’s a well known and well publicized project, then it’d be a case of “lets not allow this actor to feature in any other comic book movies in case audiences wonder why Nick Fury is in a DC movie” for example.

        That’s pretty much business speak in a nutshell and a major reason why WWE never mentioned a returning star’s stints and title reigns in other wrestling promotions in case it helps advertise the competition.

        Christian for example. He returned to WWE and they had to tiptoe around the fact he’d been an NWA World champ during his time away so they gave him the WWE World title so they could legit call him a “former World champion” but not have to acknowledge him holding a rival promotion’s main championship.

    • Honestly, I get bored of seeing Idris being cast in people’s fantasies all the time. He’s a great actor but he’s Heimdall and I’m fine with that. He doesn’t need to be anybody else, considering how busy he is and plenty of other good actors that could play the roles people are trying to fantasy cast him for.

      I’m waiting for the “Chris Hemsworth as Aquaman” comments to start any time now.

      • Not gonna lie, this maybe the common choice or whatever but I think Josh Holloway would be a great Aquaman! Not because he’s blonde aha, but because in his run on Lost, he showed he can be a leader/commander as well as one you wouldn’t want to mess with.

        • I’m still hoping for Kaiwei Lyman as Aquaman, David Lyons as Barry Allen version of The Flash and Todd Lasance as a big screen Green Arrow. They all have the look and they could all pull those roles off.

          Throw in Michael Fassbender as The Riddler, Steven Lang as Deathstroke and Bryce Dallas Howard as Poison Ivy and I’ll be a happy bunny.

        • Completely unrelated to DC stuff, but I’m totally looking forward to seeing how he does in Intelligence.