Rumor Patrol: Will Dwayne Johnson Play Green Lantern John Stewart?

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Batman vs Superman Dwayne Johnson John Stewart Rumor Patrol: Will Dwayne Johnson Play Green Lantern John Stewart?

One can tell if the anticipation for a movie has reached peak levels when even the most tangential piece of information about its development can spark a small Internet firestorm. Such has been the case with the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, the film still going by the placeholder name Batman vs. Superman.

In previous weeks, rumors and counter-rumors regarding various actors and characters involved with the production have flown thick about the Web. One of the most persistent involves actor Dwayne Johnson (Fast and Furious 7) speaking with DC Comics regarding a mystery role in their evolving film universe. Now, yet another tenuous rumor connects Johnson to a role previously whispered to be going to Denzel Washington – that of the Green Lantern, John Stewart.

Writer Peter Georgiu of ThinkMcFlyThink shared the rumor that Johnson is being considered for the role of John Stewart earlier today via Twitter feed:

Later, Georgiu clarified that the information is a rumor heard “… through the industry grapevine,” but is hardly confirmed. He acknowledged that the assertion is currently nebulous, but that also that the rumblings were interesting enough that he, “… thought if [he] put it out there, people would look into it.”

The rumor has been given some strength by a Tweet exchange dusted off by Comic Book Movie, in which Johnson seemed to hint at being in talks for the role of Green Lantern. Though it dates from April of 2013, scuttlebutt has apparently put Johnson in contact with DC Comics regarding an eventual film role.

Given even the initial source’s acknowledgement of this rumor’s tenuousness, it should be taken only after overturning an entire salt shaker. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting proposition that merits a bit of pondering.

Dwayne Johnson Faster Rumor Patrol: Will Dwayne Johnson Play Green Lantern John Stewart?

John Stewart has long been characterized (in both his comic book and animated incarnations) as the most straight-laced and military-minded of the human Green Lanterns. This makes Johnson a curious choice for the role, given that a straight adaptation of the character would strip away the grinning swagger that made Johnson so compelling a ringside presence during his days in the WWE.

This is not to say that Johnson would be bad for the role – even after appearing in many mediocre films, the former wrestler remains a consistently engaging screen presence. Additionally, his recent turns as a taciturn federal agent in the Fast and Furious franchise show that he can play grim stoicism just as well as he can goofy bravado.

Until any kind of hard evidence or confirmation of this rumor floats to the surface, we at Screen Rant will treat it more as a fun thought experiment than something to worry over. Any role for The Rock in the DC film universe would be a coup – whether it’s as a heroic space cop or as an anti-heroic space bounty hunter.


Batman vs. Superman will rock theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Twitter [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. I think he would be a better Green Lantern than Lex Luthor. I would rather have Rock play John Stewart than a 60 year old. I’m happy it John Stewart and not Guy Gardner, I really don’t care for Kyle Rayner but I hate Guy Gardner.

    Given his height and mass I guess The Rock would be better suited to play Cyborg if they changed his story. But I’m just happy to be getting closer to a Justice league movie.
    I hope they show the heroes toward the end of the movie and show Darkseid at the very end of MOS2.

    If they are filming next month they will have to announce who the other villain or villains are besides Lex Luthor and who will play them, They already said no Batman villains in this movie.

    • Plus when they make a Green Lantern solo movie maybe they can make it a Green Lantern Corps Movie that will have Hal Jordan and the other 3 Lanterns from Earth.

      I think that would be better and more interesting to see them fight the yellow or red lanterns. Then have them join together to fight the Manhunters.

      • Exactly what I said in the “Denzel as Stewart” article, that they can introduce the character in this Superman sequel and then explore him becoming a Lantern in a Green Lantern Corps movie that features Hal, Kyle, Guy, Alan etc.

        Have Sinestro as a villain already, explain his heel turn in flashbacks or a convenient monologue and that’s the reason why the Earth-based Lanterns weren’t around during the Zod invasion and also why the Guardians turn Stewart into a Lantern in case everyone else is tied up with other matters and Earth is left without its Corps defender.

        • Great minds think alike I guess. Hopefully someone with some power at WB/DC has the same idea as us. I doubt it but you never know.

    • Yeah, I think I’ve read that filming starts next month and Joaquin Phoenix is the front runner for the Lex charcter(WB wants the guy really bad and is rumored to be a favorite of Snyder). It’s also been reported that the second villian is going to be Doomsday. For Doomsday, I actually see the Rock being in this role. The Doomsday character is suppose to be a massive type of villian that is one that rivals that of Superman and I see the Rock(looks) being that type of person. For GL though, I’ve mostly heard just rumors on the character being in this Superman vs Batman movie. If it turns out to be true, then I say consider this your Justice League movie people because if this movie flops then a JLA(sequel) will never happen(at least not under WB)

    • Idris Elba would make a perfect John Stewart! What do ya think??

      • I totally agree! I love the rock but, Idris is my choice.

  2. I thought the title was, “Will Dwayne Johnson play the Green Lantern, John Stewart?” I was waiting for some Daily Show nuggets. Umm, nuggets.

  3. When they said the Rock as Lex, I wasn’t really all on board but could see it happen because he’s a person that based on the looks, he would rival that of Superman but as GL? This is getting a little out of control with these casting rumors and it’s starting to build steam with the GL rumor as it seems that a couple of sites reported that “someone close in the know” has said that DJ is a favorite of Synder and DJ loves the GL character. I am just going to sit back and wait until they start filming/trailer is out to give a final judgement because as of right now I am not all that impressed/hyped up for this movie

  4. To me it sounds like WB is starting to try to use some misdirection with this movie….

    I do like him as cyborg, though…

  5. All of you people saying The Rock doesn’t physically look like John Stewart or Lex Luthor…he is too big, too tall, etc…you BETTER not be the same people that told us Gal Gadot doesn’t have to actually look like Wonder Woman, and complaining about her body type and physique was sexist and stupid.

  6. Having trouble quite picturing The Rock as Stewart. I think I would rather concentrate on strengthening Hal Jordan/Green Lantern’s presence in the DC Universe first. I mean both as a JLA member, and as a solo movie hero (ie: let’s roll with GL#2!).

  7. he should be martian manhunter actually looks like him

    • That’s who he shall play Martian Manhunter in the JUSTICE LEAGUE film ? But I think we shall leave the character John Stewart out of it. It will get the DC Universe confuse on that level. Let’s stick with Ryan Reynolds’ character playing Hal Jordan first. I heard Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were rumored to return back to GREEN LANTERN 2. I would save John Stewart for the GREEN LANTERN sequels. Dwayne Johnson was also rumored to play Black Adam for the SHAZAM movie ? Let Dwayne make his own decision.

  8. Too big to be GL. He will either be Cyborg or the villain.

  9. THE ROCK AS LOBO! That is all…

  10. Kyle, Kyle, Kyle. It’s an obvious CLICKBAIT article when you have a question mark in the title. But when you openly admit it then it just becomes sad…

    “Given even the initial source’s acknowledgement of this rumor’s tenuousness, it should be taken only after overturning an entire salt shaker.”

  11. For me Dwayne Johnson is for Cyborg…He will be perfect for that character…

  12. Two words

    Guy Gardener

  13. I think he would be better as the Red Lantern leader Atrocitus, he has the build, and the anger to pull it off. However, to play John Stewart I word prefer an actor of a smaller build and looks like John Stewart like Idris Elba, Jamie Foxx, even Don Cheadle to name a few 

    • Now that’s some good, out of the box, thinking! I could actually see him playing Atrocitus but the problem is, introducing the other lanterns of the emotional spectrum are a long ways out of the main stream. Maybe if the GL movie had done well and they had moved onto a GL2 this would be next but unfortunately I’m not seeing it happen anytime soon.

  14. Am thinking that Anthony Mackie would be a better choice as John Stewart. He has been trying for a while to break it big time and u think he would grab this sucker by the balls. Anyone else think he would be good. He was cut enough in Pain and Gain.

    • Darksied would work for him as well.

  15. I always pictured him as Black Adam and I don’t want to sound a bit racist but is The Rock black enough to play John Stewart. I know Dwayne can do dramatic and serious but I still always picture him as someone that has a bit of humour. John Stewart needs to be played by someone like Idris Elba or (like some of the rumours say) Denzel Washington.

  16. Kiss that ring GL (photo 2), lol…

  17. Fyi DJ LOOKS and Is Big but he’s NOT 6’5″ Thought he was too but i worked security on the set of pain and gain and we saw eye 2 eye, so he tops out at 6’1 , so overwhelming Superman or Batman physically in appearance hmm dont see it remember Both Sup and Bats use costumes that can be padded…just saying

    • I Djimon Hounsou would make a better Martian Manhunter he can bring a certain mysterious quality and can be commanding in a non aggressive way, Dwayne can’t do that

  18. I like the Rock, he was cool in the F/F movies, The Rundown is cool. BUT, he will not make a good John Stewart. Why is Hollywood afraid of hiring black actors instead rehashing the same 5 guys(Rock, Denzel, Eddie Murphy, Don Cheadle and Terence Howard). They are more out there. The Rock is too old

  19. DWAYNE JOHNSON are they serious!!!!!! why not MICHAEL JAI WHITE??? bad enough johnson screwing up FAST AN THE FURIOUS.

  20. The Rock will be Martian Manhunter. That’s the only character that fits his descriptions, the potential box office draw for WB, and the fact that the first JLA film will be an ‘origin story’ (of sorts) and therefore had no place for Black Adam, Hawkman etc. He’s admitted that’s it’s NOT Jon Stewart, and guys like Lobo, although cool characters have no place in the story. Not yet anyway. Darkseid would be a giant CGI character with an actors voice only (that’s not what he’s waited to play all this time for). MMH, I’d bet money on it. What u guys think?