Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Wants in For ‘Call of Duty’ Movie

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson Call of Duty Movie Doom 2 Dwayne The Rock Johnson Wants in For Call of Duty Movie

As an editor of Screen Rant in addition to running its sister site, Game Rant, it hurts me deep down inside seeing franchise after franchise irreparably tarnished by awful and disappointing video game adaptations. One such film was Doom which debuted back in 2005 to a powerful 19% on Rotten Tomatoes, launching the career of director Andrzej Bartkowiak into one more directorial gig in the six years since: Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

A sad story indeed, but one that certainly did not hold back Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s career, who starred as the film’s villain. Despite being part of a failed video game adaptation, The Rock would certainly not say no to doing another if the script was “good.”

MTV chatted with Johnson before his special return appearance, hosting WWE’s Wrestlemania, and the subject of video games and video game movies came up.

“I think if the right one came along. I thought we had an opportunity with ‘DOOM.’ Didn’t work out the way we wanted it to, creatively. But yeah, if the right opportunity came along and the script is good, sure.”

From the current state of the genre, one could say that a “good” video game script is hard to come by, assuming they exist. Doom 2 is not in the works, so what game specifically, would The Rock like to help bring to life on screen?

“‘[Call of Duty] Black Ops,’ that’d be bad ass. Let’s make it happen, let’s do it… That and ‘Black Swan 2.’”

The latter was a joke, but there’s no doubt he (and everyone else in the business) would take a role in an adaptation of the most popular and successful video game franchise on the market. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a character who resembles The Rock or his physical build in the film.

Call of Duty Black Ops Movie Dwayne The Rock Johnson Wants in For Call of Duty Movie

Call of Duty: Black Ops did however, feature a big-name Hollywood cast as the voice talent. Sam Worthington voiced the game’s protagonist, with a supporting cast played by Ed Harris, Gary Oldman, Ice Cube and Topher Grace, among others.

There has been talk previously of a Call of Duty film, especially after the growing and record-breaking successes of the latest installments. Which of the games such a movie would base itself on is a big question though.

Johnson was previously attached to star as the lead in an adaptation of Spy Hunter, a video game that Johnson also appeared in as that same character. That never went anywhere though and the franchise is dead.

What video game movie could you see The Rock in?


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Source: MTV

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  1. I wouldn’t close the door just yet on Mr. Johnson landing an involvement with a CoD film adaptation. He could play as one of the XOs in any one of the American special forces units (we’ve still yet to see the SEALs, Delta Force, Green Berets, Night Stalkers and the SBS get their MW depictions). I’d look forward to an adaptation that’s a lot faithful to the source material and not deviate much. They should do the Modern Warfare series especially make a movie out the time skip between MW and MW2 – hopefully explaining how Capt. Price ended up in the gulag and maybe even detailing the exploits of Ghost, Soap, Gen. Shepherd, and the Rangers too. Another plot suggestion would be how Task Force 141 came into being. I wouldn’t want some other material that’s ‘originally-concocted’ just so they can market newer characters for a film series (like what Ethan Hunt did for the M:I films when they should have stuck to the team-play of a Jim Phelps-led IMF team). It can and will destroy a good franchise.

    These are just my selfish fanboy wishful thinkings but I’ve got an open-mind and Hollywood should listen more and stay true to the source materials of good franchises for once.

    If no one’s up for the job then let the voice-cast play their characters in the flesh especially the ones from the Modern Warfare series: Bill Murray (Price), Kevin McKidd (Soap), Craig Fairbrass (Gaz/Ghost), and even Lance Henriksen (Gen. Shepherd – although he looks too old for the part but he certainly nailed the voice). Heck, they could even bring in Keith David (MW2′s Sgt. Foley) and Glen Morshower (MW2′s Overlord) too!

  2. there’s only one role epic enough for johnson, here’s a clue:
    ‘ramirez take out that chopper with a knife’ hahaha this will end up being one giant mess with over the top action scenes… come to think of it, it might be good as a friday night movie ;)

    • Nice one, dude. Yeah, I think he’d be perfect for that ‘can-do soldier role who gets things done no matter what’ but it’s a bit of an overkill for him to play that role since he’s too overbearing to be cast as the (in)famous humble young Ranger private from MW2. And besides if we go that route, the CoD:MW franchise will go the way of the Mission: Impossible films – well, I’m hoping the upcoming 4th one will change my perspective. Besides one-man armies are an 80′s cliche. Adapting modern warfare in a film should be a team’s type depiction like how it was in Bruce Willis’ “Tears of the Sun”.

      • i know what you mean, but sadly cinematographers and the like dont know jack about real soldiers take battle: LA for instance, the soldiers in that are piss scared amateurs that jump whenever they hear something sudden. soldiers (outside the US) aren’t scared agro rejects, some of the best fighters and private security guards are ex military and are always on the alert/can deal with situations without causing a scene.

        imo something like tears of the sun would be great, but they would more then likely make it a M/PG-13 movie (just like the next CoD game) to reap in more cash (mainly from the little kids who play the garbage games).

        i would love for someone to get up and make a decent war movie that doesn’t involve the middle east, russia or korea or have anything to do with nuclear weps. maybe something about america invading foreign countries and killing innocents, they could have a middle eastern man fight to save his family and deal with issues such as extortion and conspiracy… ohh wait that wont appeal to american’s b/c they only watch movies that patronise themselves ;)

        • Ah, well… this all is wishful thinking indeed. The CoD:MW and the subsequent Black Ops addition to the franchise have featured Russians, Americans, and British nationalities. It’d be great to add some Middle-Eastern characters like Mossad operatives and anti-fundamentalist Moslem characters into the mix – the latter should be a good guy sort of like how Nikolai was in the MW games. America tries to avoid racial-profiling these days by focusing the ‘conflicts’ on their own soil (like in MW2) but the threat of Islamic fundamentalism and fascist factions coupled with their acquiring WMDs is very real and shouldn’t be taken lightly after all.

          • i think the story of black ops would be pretty good, but fans already know how it sort of ends (apparently resnov isn’t really dead).

            imo if they went with CoD it would just be straight out action with a half baked narrative to support said action, just like in the games. i think a war movie where the story shifts narrative from the ‘good’ guys perspective to the ‘bad’ guys perspective would be pretty cool, something like vantage point only better ;)

            • Yeah, I know. Might as well go for that plot about how Makarov rose to power and infamy after the events of MW. Mankind is naturally wicked after all and even the stories from a bad guys’ POV can be attractive and actually worth delving into like the ones how recurring antagonists featured in shows like NCIS and 24. But MW deserves its own niche in the CoD franchise due to the great plot and characters it has. I’d go with an MW story with at least the appearance of half of the main characters that’s based on the source material.

              • knowing them they’ll cut out the part which makes the US look bad (corrupt and power hungry US general who will sacrifice everything to get the ‘bad guy’).

                • I don’t think so, dude. MW2 portrayed America’s worst scenarios caused by the real antagonist of the game who also happens to be a patriot himself. And that was a game… which would have been easily censored off for distribution. There are even a few films in the ’90s and the last decade that have already precisely portrayed America’s ‘evil sides’ on a global scale and still rack up good reviews and even earn box office hits. But yeah, whoever decides to do CoD:MW adaptation, I hope they stay true to the material because it was more than just about the innovative and immersive gameplay that drew us to it.

        • “… america invading foreign countries and killing innocents, they could have a middle eastern man fight to save his family and deal with issues such as extortion and conspiracy… ohh wait that wont appeal to american’s b/c they only watch movies that patronise themselves ”

          A winked smile doesn’t make what you said any less stupid. After the latest reaction to that idiot “preacher” burning a Koran, I say let them fight each other. I am done wanting to help people who don’t want to live any different than barbarians.

          • “A winked smile doesn’t make what you said any less stupid.”. Hey Vic where’s the hate speech warning here.
            I call somebody stupid and its held for moderation,,, I smell double standards here.
            “I am done wanting to help people who don’t want to live any different than barbarians.”. Man are you delusional Ink. You really think people in iraq, afganistan or lybia wanted our help?

            Dude do you believe everything you hear on tv?

            Tell me if the media knows running a story about some preacher burning a koran will result in death, why would they do that?

            Possibly to stir up more anti-islamic media spin to support a new illegal war in lybia???????

            With all due respect you sound like a CNN programmable talking head.

            • 790,

              The word “stupid” doesn’t trigger moderation, but there’s a similar word that’s used far more often directed at a person instead of a statement or other item which is. That’s what has flagged your comments (and those of others) before. Sometimes mistakenly due to context.

              Oh, and I suppose Fort Hood, the attempt in Oregon at a Christmas ceremony, the attempt in Times Square, the underwear guy, the shoe guy – those are ALL “media propaganda.” [anticipating the "those things didn't really happen" rebuttal]


        • jwalka,

          Are you flame-baiting or what? That’s a ridiculous statement – of COURSE people don’t want to go see films where they are portrayed as the bad guys (despite Hollywood’s repeated attempts to sell us that in smaller films).


          • Thank you Vic for pointing out the truely obvious to someone who appears to be clueless.

  3. I never played CoD, so i have no idea how the story goes, but I say let’s get Dwayne in to play these roles while he’s still in his prime. Take advantage of the size and strength and play those over the top roles while he still can, because, in 20 years, he’ll be making Red 2.

  4. Johnson needs to stick with these action roles. He could easily become the next Schwarzenegger or Stallone in a Hollywood where the emasculation of the male is the fad.

  5. I think a good video game/movie adaptation would be Smackdown Vs Raw… That’s a very successful franchise and I’m sure D. Johnson would shine in it. He could star as….. Shawn Michaels or maybe play the villain Undertaker. I think people would love an adaptation of that game…what do you think?

    • People still watch wrastlin?

      • Naw not really. At least not as much as they did when him and stonecold were running things… But I couldn’t resist the joke.

      • Yeah, on the science fiction (SyFy) network. :-)

        • SyFy is barely Science Fiction these days with the WWE and a food show now being shown on the network

          • That stup….non-relevant, show pre-empted 3 of my Star Trek shows! Why on earh is a cooking show on SyFy?! Truly the end is near.

  6. ya I just watched faster and it was badass. So nice to c the rock back in the roles he was born to play, he really isnt that bad a of a actor infact I think he is pretty good at times. He just needs to do more action roles instead of the toothfairy why o why did he ever sign on to do that is beyond me.

    • I actually enjoyed Faster as well. Johnson needs more roles like that.

  7. Seriously though he should take on some more arnold-esque movies. CoD is good, but probably not for him. He needs to be more of a one-man-army than part of a team.

    • I still say he should have been the next Terminator. Just think how T3 could have been if The Rock was sent back instead of that woman.

  8. Well, who actually pays attention to the story in COD games? I mean, besides MW1and2 the stories are EXTREMELY bland and predictable, (the ending of BLOPS was ok, but done before).

    Point is, if a movie rolls around I highly doubt the story will be something recognizable from the games, they’ll probably just punch the title of the games on the movie and call it a day. Far Cry anyone?

    • Didn’t Far Cry win some awards?

      best film ever made by Boll?

      sorry, i couldn’t resist.

  9. Well they cant make a CoD movie, it would have to be pro American and we all know that Hollywood is having none of that these days. Heck they had to bring in aliens to portray the Marine Corps in a good light.

    • Most CoD games feature stories from multiple nations, not just U.S.

      Even the two Modern Warfare titles had the SAS and Marines.

  10. Bane.

  11. Arnold handed him the torch in Walking Tall. Faster was good, he needs to keep making those type of films. He can do the occasional family film (like Arnold) but his bread and butter is action.

    • For some reason both Dwayne and Vin Deisel seem to have forgotten that simple formula and wasted several years making Disney crap.

    • Kahless, it wasn’t Walking Tall when the torch was passed to him, it was The Rundown :)

      • Oh yeah, that’s right! Much better movie too.

  12. No they did happen they were patsy agents helped along to create a FALSE sense of terror.

    The most recent underwear bomber was allowed on the plane with no passport. Witnesses say he was escorted past security. Afterwards the TSA deployed Full body scanners at airports.

    Irnonically the scanners wouldn’t have detected the explosives the deadly underwear bomber was packing.

    There’s clearly a agenda playing out right in front of you. Carried out and supported by the media. That you accept as truth.

  13. Vic, every one of those overtly failed attacks led to the coninuing loss of rights and freedoms.
    Under the bs guise of security of course. Oh and patriotism.

  14. “Unfortunately, there isn’t really a character who resembles The Rock or his physical build in the film.”

    Yes there is. Alex Mason. I’d rather have The Rock play him, then that plank of wood Sam Worthington.

  15. He should play Jet in the Cowboy Bebop Movie.

  16. Let it be of the old call of duty generation during WWII. I like the first one where you meet the female sniper in the beginning with her hot accent killing Nazis. The original franchise would make a beautiful call of duty movie. Not the new they wasted its vibe and thrill ever since modern warfare. We need snow and gloomy era like WWII’s battlefront. It would be awesome.