Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Movie Talks; Joining ‘Batman vs. Superman’?

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Dwayne Johnson DC Movies Batman vs. Superman 2015 Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Movie Talks; Joining Batman vs. Superman?

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We couldn’t close out 2013 without at least one more big DC movie rumor – and it is sure to be a doozy. It’s been a year that brought us a new Superman in Man of Steel; a new Batman in Ben Affleck; a big-screen Wonder Woman in Gal Gadot – and rumors of so much more to come on both movie and TV screens. And, as of late, rumors of some huge stars possibly joining the DC movie team.

Now Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s name is being attached to the DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. camp – which is not anything new, really, as Johnson has long been rumored for a DC movie role (including Black Adam in  Shazam and the anti-hero Lobo). Except now there’s one difference: This time it isn’t rumor. This time it’s actually happening.

…Only we don’t exactly know WHAT’S happening. Here’s the Tweet from Johnson that’s gotten fans in an uproar:

So what does that mean, exactly? Since Johnson has already been fan-casted in every role from Lex Luthor, to Bizarro, to Black Adam to Lobo, it could literally be anyone that he is playing – either in Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman movie or in an entirely separate DC intellectual property set to go into production soon.

Batman vs. Superman movie Doomsday 570x294 Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Movie Talks; Joining Batman vs. Superman?

It is curious that his meeting announcement comes on the heels of recent rumors stating that Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa was testing for Batman vs. Superman, not to mention rumors that iconic villain Doomsday could be in the film as well. It would make sense for either Momoa or Johnson to provide motion-capture work for a character like Doomsday – especially Johnson, who is looking extra-jacked following his role in Brett Ratner’s Hercules movie:

Dwayne Johnson Ripped Muscles 2013 570x570 Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Movie Talks; Joining Batman vs. Superman?

The Rock – Currently Available in ‘Extra Ripped’

Of course Bizarro would be a viable mo-cap or heavy-makeup performance character as well – and if we’re going by the Superman: The Animated Series version of things, Johnson is not too far away in stature (or skin tone) from that show’s Lex Luthor. The man DID say they were going to “create the cool BAD assery…” Not getting too literal, but that would implicate some kind of villain.

Lex Luthor Superman the Animated Series Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Movie Talks; Joining Batman vs. Superman?

Does this Lex Luthor resemble The Rock?

But Lobo is badass, that’s for sure – and there are plenty of other DC heroes that are a badass fit for Johnson (hell, he could be Hawkman for all we know…). For now, all we know for sure is that The Rock is headed to the DC movie camp – and that’s plenty exciting enough to end the year on.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

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  1. I think he going to play Cyborg. he will deliver as cyborg. he looks like him. i see him as cyborg.

  2. I think Dwayne can make a great casting choice playing Black Adam in SHAZAM!

  3. SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS! I have been saying for a while now The Rock would be great in a DC movie. With Henry Cavill as a buff tall superman, Ben Affleck as a tall buff Batman, The Rock fits in perfect. I like how DC is finally casting people who LOOK like their role (except Gal Gadot). My choices for the Rock: (Villains) Bane, Killer Kroc, Lex Luthor, Darkseid, or Bizarro Superman. (Heroes) Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, or Shazam

  4. This movie is getting way too crowded, I’m starting to get worried

    • The movie starts, more heroes and villains coming…. Turned out to be a Justice League Movie….

  5. Probably they want him to play Cyborg.

    Doomsday would be useless since his face would be covered up.

  6. Lobo or Black Adam would be great for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I hope he gets to portray a DC character the same way Dave Batista is playing a Marvel character in Guardians of the Galaxy.

  7. Either Cyborg, Martian Manhunter, or Green Lantern. If a villain then Black Adom possibly. Obviously he would potentially be a fantastic Bane…but its to soon for that.

  8. Hey Guys question, isn’t the Joseph Gordon Levitt produced Sandman filming in 2014? I don’t read the comics but it is a DC property. Do you think there’s a chance he will play a character in that film?

  9. Smart move WB. I’ve been saying somebody needs to lock this guy up before another company does.
    Just don’t waste his star power on being a talking tree that says one word only.

    If he is a villain, don’t be dumb, don’t make him a one and done. Make him one of the big baddies, set to be part of the eventual Legion of Doom.

    Better yet, make him a hero. I think this news coupled with Cavill’s not so subtle Cyborg name drop, and that’s my guess of who we are getting. Think of it, Cyborg slightly re imagined with Dwayne Johnson staring and WB SHOULD have a movie series that could directly rival the Iron Man series. Turn a somewhat minor player into a major motion picture asset.

    Either way, this is a smart smart move on the part of WB.

    • As awesome as it would be if he played Cyborg, it would have to well played away from Robocop.

    • You are so wrong, Groot says THREE words!

      • Correct, he does. Groot says: DC is better.

        • So do I, I say Grow up fanboy.

    • yes, if your gonna get Dwayne Johnson and your building a Justice League it makes sense to get big personalities to play the other roles in the JL like Cyborg…gives them avenues to take the characters further then just a villian

  10. I’m sure David Goyer and Zack Snyder are behind this Dwayne Johnson involvement with a future DC movie. Besides Johnson, they need to scour and search for other up and coming actors for their DC Universe buildup… A “Kingdom Come” movie would be ridiculously epic.

  11. I say Cyborg but i really dont think they should rush with all of these characters just to catch up with Marvel take your time DC

    • Who is to say they are rushing. Maybe they are just including some of these characters to confirm what is to come after this next movie and keep up the high hype levels they currently have going.

      Introduced Superman, and did pretty well.
      Announced the inclusion of Batman and people lost their minds.
      Now show that Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and whoever else is coming and the hype train can continue. Cast some big names in some (previously) minor roles and DCCU is set.

      It’s one area that DC can beat Marvel and begin to do it immediately. Hype. Let’s say BvS has the confirmed characters (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) and let’s assume they add one more hero in cameo and guess at the villains, I’ll say The Rock as Cyborg and Lex Luthor and Metallo as the baddies. (just a quick guess, probably not correct)

      This would mean after BvS there would be a good deal of Hype for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie and the Dwayne Johnson as Cyborg movie, and moving forward DC still would have the huge announcements of The Flash, Aquaman and Green Lantern. Plus still be able to announce big named well known villains like: The Joker, Braniac, Darkseid, Sinestro, Ras Al Ghul, Bane, or just bring in a villain super group like the Crime Syndicate or better yet the Legion of Doom.

      Marvel has nothing left to counter this. They already made and established the biggest names they own. Only big announcements (OUTSIDE people who know comics) I can think of would be The Punisher and Blade. Which I believe they recently acquired the rights to. That or seriously cool story lines like World War Hulk or Civil War or something. But the average movie goer is going to know that DC list much better than they will what’s left on the Marvel list.

      Now should Marvel studios get their hands on the X-men again…

      • The above post was in no way voicing an opinion on which studio is better (I like them both) or which studio makes better movies.

        Just talking about the level of hype each company can generate through announcements only. One place to look would be Comic-Con ’13.

        My MOM asked me about Batman v Superman, my Mom has NO IDEA who Ultron is. Most non-nerds don’t. I am a nerd, so I knew who it was.

  12. Cost of Wayne Manor construction: $600 million, manor operating cost $37,000

    Tumbler $18 million

    Batwing $80 million

    Batsuit $1.6 million


  13. Warner bro/DC cast him as the Bad-ass bane, there are no better options than Dwayne for Bane. His physicality is identical, please make this happen.

    • He has the build, but Bane is more than just a physical killing machine; he has a sharp mind that makes him one of the biggest threats in the DC universe. I am hoping they get Javier Bardem to play Bane. Dwayne can play Cyborg.

  14. Dwayne Johnson is not a really good actor. He relies on star power. So even with bad acting, he would still deliver the money.

    But it could really hurt the DC Cinematic Universe if he gives a mediocre performance on any of their movies. Yes, he has the looks of a bad-ass villain or anti-hero. But I hope he should raise his acting skills up to a higher notch.

    I hope he’ll prove me wrong.

    • I agree with you. Dwanye Johnson is a really cool guy, but his acting skills are one dimensional in my view. He is more of a “brand” than an actor. I fear his involvement will take away from the seriousness of the character and the entire Universe of the film.

      • Actually,he’s a better actor than most people think.The problem is that he’s been typecast into the same/similar roles.When he actually has to do something other than a version of “The Rock”,he’s quite good.

        I would suggest watching the movie Southland Tales,but it’s actually a horrible movie,though Johnson and a slutted up Sara Michelle Gellar are the only things worth watching it for.He actually plays paranoid really well.I still need to see him in Snitch.Heard that he’s pretty good in that too.

        As for who he could play,For some reason I could see them going off the reservation and making him Mr Terrific.I would almost say Hawkman,but it seems to soon.As a villain,Mongol seems to be an obvious choice.Don’t think he nor Mamoa are the right choices for Lex,and quite frankly,I feel like they should leave Lex in the background for a while.Someone that’s talked about but never seen.Mamoa as Vandal Savage,and Johnson as Mongol would be good enough.

  15. With all due respect to the man, and to DC…. what the hell? I mean, I know the movie (if its Batman/Superman we’re talking about) will have a lot of actors and characters to compensate any one person’s potentially poor performance, but The Rock? When has there ever been a movie with The Rock where people actually said, “Man, this movie was really memorable. Such a great performance by Dwayne Johnson!” I think like, two people have ever said that before.
    The Rock serves one purpose: physical presence. So if there really is no turning back now from casting him, please dear god just make him a motion captured villain without any dialogue. Doomsday, I guess, or some minor henchman. Not Lex Luthor, a character who has pretty much never had a better opportunity in the history of superhero movies to be portrayed accurately and powerfully by someone with a high amount of talent.

  16. As he was the highest grossing actor in 2013 I cant imagine WB will case Johnson in a small role. He either has be headlining his own movie, the main villain in BvS or one of the bigger members of the Justice League. I would love to see him as John Stewart. He could pull off the ex marine thing really well. Cyborg would also be awesome. I would go with Lobo on looks alone, but im not sure if he would adapt well from comics to film. Guess we will just have to wait and see!

  17. Bad, bad, bad idea.

    The Rock is a freaking joke. Affleck was bad enough, Rock is a nightmare.

  18. It might not be bvs remember

  19. if he is in talks for this movie.make a mini cameo of the members of the justice league.
    gal gadot,onder oman,momoa aquaman,denzel gl,rock m.manhunter

  20. Joker!
    Green hair, a bow tie, suspenders & a short sleeve shirt with his biceps pressing hard against it. Dwayne is a loudmouth so those witty one-liners won’t be an issue.

    I’m probably wrong about it… I honestly don’t care.

  21. Dwayne would be great as Cyborg

  22. So tired of seeing The Rock. They can cast Vin Diesel somewhere and have a Superman vs. Fast and Furious film…

  23. I believe DC/Warner Bros will pull a “shock and awe” on all of us. What do I mean? I think we will see the Justice League movie in 2015 instead of later. There is no rule that says DC must follow Marvel’s lead by giving each character a solo film before teaming them up. Think about it; if Wonder Woman and Batman are being introduced into Man of Steel’s Universe, then when will they get the chance to introduce the other characters. It NOW or never. This I believe!

    Superman and The Justice League: Coming 2015

    • i agree with u completly..

  24. With the bald head, gotta be Luthor. Or maybe brainiac? But alot of people do not know or care who Lobo is.

  25. for me i think this movie is turin out to be a justice league movie, n since they havnt decided on the name i thnik its quite possible with all these stars joinin the project,recent bein Denzel Washington n The Rock..

  26. Okay people need to stop talking s*** about the Rock. This is not the rock from scorpion king. This is the Rock from Snitch, Pain & Gain, and Fast 5/6. He gave great performances in Snitch and Pain & Gain. And was a great action star in both FF movies. Why are people talking this much s*** in the comments, its actually upsetting me honestly. Theres a reason the guy was named the most profitable actor of 2013…people like him and his acting has improved greatly. He would potentially be a great Cyborg or Green Lantern. Would rather Cyborg. Dont waste him on Doomsday. Maybe Black Adam. But would rather he be a hero.

    • “Why are people talking this much s*** in the comments, its actually upsetting me honestly.”

      Bob, meet the internet. Internet, Bob.

      • Hi Bob!

      • Just because some people don’t think this movie will be the greatest thing since sliced bread, does not mean they are talking s***, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

        • I feel like you didnt even read my post you s*** talker! First of all not one time did I mention a specific upcoming movie, or for that matter Batman vs Superman which is what I think you where refering to. And I was not dissing peoples opinion…just the fact that there hating so hard on an actor where I dont see a reason to hate so much. Like if they were to say, “I dont want an action star playing a hero” or “I dont want such a recognizable face taking a lead role” I would understand. But to say hes just a horrible actor and whatever they got him for is gonna auto flop/be horrible is honestly kinda disrespectfull.

          • +1
            There’s a difference between ‘pure unreasonable hate’ and ‘criticism’. Unfortunately JustSomeGuy can’t tell the difference, which doesn’t surprise me much. For someone who excessively spams several articles about the color of a character and an actor’s skin tells a lot about him. No need to take him seriously.

            • Yeah, that I have a lot to say, and I don’t like studios sh*tting on the source material in the name of political correctness.

  27. I predict the title of the movie will be Man Of Steel 2: Justice Begins

  28. Gah, I can see him in a lot of other roles but if The Rock is Lex Luthor, this project may be dead to me. Lex is about the cerebral side to contrast Superman’s physicality and should never look like he can actually BEAT Superman in a fight. ><

  29. I guess he would be a good John Stewart, If they changed Cyborgs story he would be a good Cyborg as well. I don’t know about Martian Manhunter though, but I would rather him be a hero myself.

    I don’t see how Lobo would even be in MOS2. I doubt if the mainstream audience even knows who he is. If they are gonna bring in DC characters I’m sure they will go with known ones like Aquaman, Flash, or Green Lantern who have there own fans who will come to see the movie.

    I just hope he is in MOS2 and not Sandman.