Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Movie Talks; Joining ‘Batman vs. Superman’?

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Dwayne Johnson DC Movies Batman vs. Superman 2015 Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Movie Talks; Joining Batman vs. Superman?

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We couldn’t close out 2013 without at least one more big DC movie rumor – and it is sure to be a doozy. It’s been a year that brought us a new Superman in Man of Steel; a new Batman in Ben Affleck; a big-screen Wonder Woman in Gal Gadot – and rumors of so much more to come on both movie and TV screens. And, as of late, rumors of some huge stars possibly joining the DC movie team.

Now Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s name is being attached to the DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. camp – which is not anything new, really, as Johnson has long been rumored for a DC movie role (including Black Adam in  Shazam and the anti-hero Lobo). Except now there’s one difference: This time it isn’t rumor. This time it’s actually happening.

…Only we don’t exactly know WHAT’S happening. Here’s the Tweet from Johnson that’s gotten fans in an uproar:

So what does that mean, exactly? Since Johnson has already been fan-casted in every role from Lex Luthor, to Bizarro, to Black Adam to Lobo, it could literally be anyone that he is playing – either in Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman movie or in an entirely separate DC intellectual property set to go into production soon.

Batman vs. Superman movie Doomsday 570x294 Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Movie Talks; Joining Batman vs. Superman?

It is curious that his meeting announcement comes on the heels of recent rumors stating that Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa was testing for Batman vs. Superman, not to mention rumors that iconic villain Doomsday could be in the film as well. It would make sense for either Momoa or Johnson to provide motion-capture work for a character like Doomsday – especially Johnson, who is looking extra-jacked following his role in Brett Ratner’s Hercules movie:

Dwayne Johnson Ripped Muscles 2013 570x570 Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Movie Talks; Joining Batman vs. Superman?

The Rock – Currently Available in ‘Extra Ripped’

Of course Bizarro would be a viable mo-cap or heavy-makeup performance character as well – and if we’re going by the Superman: The Animated Series version of things, Johnson is not too far away in stature (or skin tone) from that show’s Lex Luthor. The man DID say they were going to “create the cool BAD assery…” Not getting too literal, but that would implicate some kind of villain.

Lex Luthor Superman the Animated Series Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Movie Talks; Joining Batman vs. Superman?

Does this Lex Luthor resemble The Rock?

But Lobo is badass, that’s for sure – and there are plenty of other DC heroes that are a badass fit for Johnson (hell, he could be Hawkman for all we know…). For now, all we know for sure is that The Rock is headed to the DC movie camp – and that’s plenty exciting enough to end the year on.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

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  1. Michael Scott: “Hawkman.”

    I could see the rock playing just about any of the characters mentioned, even maybe Lex Luthor. So this is a good rumor.

  2. He might play as Lobo. I would like to see him as Black Adam, he fits for the role, but there won’t be a Shazam movie.

    WB/DC are on the right path now, they have The Rock joining in and rewrites on the script of Batman/Superman. Wished they expand the movies, instead of having one movie released every 2 years.

    • I think that if this movie makes Avengers money we will see 2 movies a year coming from WB

  3. He did have a Batman shirt on in a Facebook post, if that’s not a indication for anything, I don’t know what is.

    • Waylon Jones before he becomes Killer Croc?

      Trying to think of huge Batman villains he could possibly be cast as if that’s the route of speculation we wanna take.

      • That would be a great choice now that I think about it.

        • Why not Robin? This would push all the rumors involving Justin Bieber into oblivion once and for all.

          JK, I wouldn’t want him wasted on Killer Croc since all it takes to defeat him is a flick of the finger by Superman. How would he even justify their team-up?

  4. Lobo or Doomsday..

    • Lobo is more a suitable role for him. Doomsday hardly talks and the character is huge, you’ve got to put on a CG suit to for perform that role in which I don’t see The Rock doing.

  5. Who knows if he is even playing a character in Superman vs. Batman. He could wind up playing someone in the Suicide Squad or Deathstroke movie. I’m hoping he’s in one of the two latter films, but I could see him playing Lobo (Although I’d rather Jason Momoa play Lobo).

  6. As Brandon above said, Deathstroke/Slade is a good choice for Rock, but I would prefer he play Lex. Lex is the kind of guy who’s going to have a consistent presence in the DC Universe and Rock is the kind of guy you want attached for something for the long haul if you can. Plus, I think seeing Ben and Dwayne interact on screen could be pretty interesting.

    Honestly, I think Rock has the kind of charm a character like Lex/Slade needs for the human/businessman side, but he’s more than capable of turning on the intensity for the darker side of both men, albeit I feel he’d be a bit handicapped playing Slade. The mask, as well as the overall lower tone (in feeling,) of Slade–a more shadowy character, feels like it would hinder Rock, which is a similar gripe I have with Martian Manhunter (I like the character, and hope he makes it on the big screen, but he’s far from what one would call “charismatic.”)

    Lobo seems almost too easy, plus he doesn’t even look like the character (not that I think that should keep him from the role, but it just seems like it’s easier to cast a Lobo than a Luthor.) Amazo also feels like a waste of Rocks’ talent, and Doomsday while a suitable choice in Rock…I just would rather have him playing a Luthor.

    • I don’t see The Rock as Lex Luthor nor Slade Wilson. I think he might pull it of as Lex than Slade for many reason. He does have that charm and that presence of Lex Lutor, but I don’t see him have the other side of Lex Luthor, the bad guy we know of. As for Slade, I really can’t see him as that character to be honest. The one person I can see that can play Deathstroke in the big screen is that military guy in Avatar.

      • I think Luke Evans would be brilliant as Slade Wilson!

  7. He should be Alfred. He could say to Batfleck, “What are you going to do Master Wayne? I could just do it for you.”

  8. This is going to be a very long and crowded movie.

  9. He is not bad ass enough for Lobo and their is no way he is going to be lex i accepted all the other castings in Batman vs superman because they were good choices but him is a big No but that’s just me.I am in the minority but i don’t like him as an actor.

    • A guy with a massive physique who played hero and villain roles on TV and in the movies isn’t badass enough yet people accepted the dad from Malcolm In The Middle as one of the biggest TV badasses in history?

      Something doesn’t seem right here.

      • He’s strong and big but i cant see him playing a character with a dark sense of humor.When i think of lobo i think of Jeffrey dean Morgans performance as the comedian where he makes you love and hate him because he’s so weird and twisted like the joker and i don’t see the rock being able to do that he is better suited for characters that are just likable.

        • Yeah, that’s the only thing, Rock’s been great as charismatic good guys and arrogant bad guys, not sure if he could play in-between to the effect they might be looking for.

  10. Dwayne Johnson is a solid actor, I would be down for him to play many characters, ranging from Lobo, Lex Luthor (though he doesn’t make my top list at all) to maybe even Black Mask.

  11. Hey could he possibly play a Hispanic bane wasn’t he in the suicide squad?

    • They already screwed up BANE in DKR and I don’t think we will see him in like another 10 years. I see The Rock as ‘CYBORG’ ‘MARTIAN MANHUNTER’ or ‘DOOMSDAY’ and I don’t want to see The Rock as Lex Luthor (Hell NO!)

      • Well did they? Comparing to Schumacher’s Bane it’s embarrassing and not even close to Bane in the comic books. TDKR’s Bane is the closest one to the comic book counter part we can get in the big screen. The thing I find it disappointed with Bane in TDKR is that he died at the end so easily.

        I really don’t see The Rock as Doomsday nor Martian Manhunter. The character of Doomsday hardly talks and what I’ve said before, you have to put The Rock in a CG suit to perform that role and that is something The Rock won’t be doing. As for Manhunter, I don’t think The Rock fits that role. Cyborg is close enough for The Rock, but I feel like I wanted a young actor for that role because Cyborg is the youngest member in JL (New 52), especially Pre-New 52, Cyborg is portrayed as a young hero. Lobo is the closest one that I can see The Rock playing as. If they planed on making nor having Shazam in the MOS universe, The Rock fits perfectly as Black Adam.

        • “TDKR’s Bane is the closest one to the comic book counter part we can get in the big screen.” Yes indeed it was the closest but the fact of the matter is that he wasn’t Hispanic and his background story was weak. I didn’t hate the character in DKR I thought Tom Hardy did a good job, it was just little things that J.Nolan missed. The reason why I mentioned MARTIAN MANHUNTER or DOOMSDAY its because of Dwayne`s physicality, MM & Doomsday are tall characters Dwayne is like what 6’5? I guess but my point is he fits the part on that perspective. However DOOMSDAY might be a 3 word spoken character, Zack Snyder could turn it around. As for MM I think Dwayne can improve his Acting ability this time in a Comic Book movie, he`s proved he can act certain ways Watch ‘SNITCH’

      • They screwed up Bane in TDKR by making him intelligent, dangerous, a physical threat and Batman’s superior in most ways, making a couple of high-powered cannons the only thing that could truly defeat him?

        • “They screwed up Bane in TDKR by making him intelligent, dangerous, a physical threat and Batman’s superior in most ways” …your right! …don’t get me wrong my only problem was that he wasn’t Hispanic and his background story was weak

          • Is that really an issue worth bringing up as a con to the character? I doubt a Latin accent would have done much, (albeit adding a little more diversity to the movie.)

  12. Okey we need to stop assuming that every bit of info is about batman vs superman. He said wb anddc comics. I see no mention of bvs. I also doubt that lobo would be in this kind of film. As to who he could be…I haven’t got a clue but you know what sweeet!

    But I do not think it has any thing to do with bvs. Maybe wb dc have yet to announce a film we could see in 2015 after bvs or even early 2016? Idk but my gut is telling me he’s not in bvs.

    • Agree, whats with all this LOBO crap he`s bad ass but c`mon seriously? … he`s useless

      • The Lobo speculation is purely because Rock mentioned in an interview a year or two ago that his favourite comic book character is Lobo and he’d love to play him if he could be any comic book character.

        People are just using that and jumping to conclusions because when someone is speculated as starring in a movie, the human mind jumps to the most obvious and simplest of conclusions first.

  13. At first I wasn’t sure about The Rock playin Lex Luthor but the more I think about it, the more I like it. Or he could be Martian Manhunter.

    He would be a good Lobo but I don’t know how Lobo would even fit into Mos2 because he was a space bounty Hunter. And Cyborg is a young college football player I think so he doesn’t fit that role. I’m just excited he is involved. But I just hate he didn’t say he was in MOS2, but what else could he be in for DC.

    I’m just super stoked for this movie now!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. he is playing Jimmy Olsen most likely

  15. it has to be Lobo or something on that level – nothing major

  16. Heroes:
    Superman: Henry Cavill
    Batman: Ben Affleck
    Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot
    Green Lantern: Denzel Washington
    The Flash: Adam Driver
    Aquaman: Jason Momoa
    Martian Manhunter: Dwayne Johnson

    Lex Luthor: Joaquin Phoenix
    Darkseid: Michael Ironside

    • Well, where to start?
      Denzel is way too old for a new GL incarnation, even taking into consideration a potential mentor role. The GL actor should be in the same age range as Affleck, so Johnson would be a better fit.
      Isn’t The Flash kinda good-looking? Or would they CGI him à la Chris Evans pre-Captain in TFA?
      Darkseid shouldn’t make an appearance yet.
      How about Bizarro, Metallo, Amazo oder Kara (mind-controlled) for the physical threat worthy of Superman’s wrath?

      • *or Kara – clearly, I’ve been watching too much of Craig Ferguson.

  17. Hmm, I can actually see him as Luthor, way more so than Denzel or Phoenix.

    • But I understand people seeing him playing a big monster

  18. I would like to see Jadon Mamoa as Lobo and the Rock as a brand new never before seen character. Maybe someone from crypton

  19. I would have preferred to see Denzel Washington as Lex Luthor. Denzel is good at playing that super cool and intelligent bad-ass and that would have been great for Lex Luthor. Too bad the rumor is of him playing Green Lantern instead. Maybe we should have Rock play Green Lantern and Washington play Lex Luthor, that would be so much better in my opinion.

  20. John Stewart
    Bronze Tiger (they did hint at a potential Suicide Squad movie)
    Black Manta

    Those are my picks until we find out more.

    • What about he plays Rick Flag in the Suicide Squad movie? Whatever The Rock is going to play as, it’ll be something awesome.

    • Bronze Tiger? I’m sorry, but in all honesty, I figure you’ve got a better chance of Music Meister showing up than him. If only because, as obscure as he is to most people, and the thought he’d likely show up in a Batman-centric film first make that a no-go, in my opinion.

  21. Maybe The Rock could be Cyborg or Steel. I see how he looks like Lex from Superman:TAS.

  22. even if Roc does not appear in the next MOS movie, I still think it will be the most anticipated movie of 2015.
    Way to go WB for snagging DJ.

    • Star. Wars.

  23. I don’t know what movie he will be in or what role he will play? I’m just happy The Rock is part of the DC universe.

  24. What about Cyborg?

  25. He’s gonna be MARTIAN MANHUNTER!!!

  26. Isnt the rock rather old for cyclops? The best choice for cyclops imo is Chadwick Boseman from 42.

  27. Any chances of it being John Stewart? Tho he isnt black enough if he slims down a little he could surely look military esc and tough. Plus i could see him having great chemistry with a comedic flash

    • Huge muscular guy.

      Played military roles before.

      Put his body on the line every night for years taking bumps and more in professional wrestling, complete with a multitude of injuries along the way.

      Needs to slim down to look military-esque and tough.


      • Yeah, you have to look as skinny and meek as don cheadle to make a believable military man, havent you heard?

  28. If the talks were in fact to join Batman vs Superman than Bane would be a good fit for Dwayne. He’s got the size and his face would be covered up (not much needed for this role). No offense big guy but this cast is out of your league. And he was wearing a Batman T- shirt, right?

    • Considering Rock regularly had millions of people worldwide hanging on his every word every week for years, how is the cast out of his league exactly? Besides the fact we don’t have a full cast list yet anyway.

  29. Please, dear God in heaven, do NOT let the Rock be Lex Luthor. Amen.

    • Joaquin Phoenix is the only good choice. He looks like him, he has that slight build like Luthor, he can portray the character brilliantly if given the chance.