Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Movie Talks; Joining ‘Batman vs. Superman’?

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Dwayne Johnson DC Movies Batman vs. Superman 2015 Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Movie Talks; Joining Batman vs. Superman?

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We couldn’t close out 2013 without at least one more big DC movie rumor – and it is sure to be a doozy. It’s been a year that brought us a new Superman in Man of Steel; a new Batman in Ben Affleck; a big-screen Wonder Woman in Gal Gadot – and rumors of so much more to come on both movie and TV screens. And, as of late, rumors of some huge stars possibly joining the DC movie team.

Now Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s name is being attached to the DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. camp – which is not anything new, really, as Johnson has long been rumored for a DC movie role (including Black Adam in  Shazam and the anti-hero Lobo). Except now there’s one difference: This time it isn’t rumor. This time it’s actually happening.

…Only we don’t exactly know WHAT’S happening. Here’s the Tweet from Johnson that’s gotten fans in an uproar:

So what does that mean, exactly? Since Johnson has already been fan-casted in every role from Lex Luthor, to Bizarro, to Black Adam to Lobo, it could literally be anyone that he is playing – either in Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman movie or in an entirely separate DC intellectual property set to go into production soon.

Batman vs. Superman movie Doomsday 570x294 Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Movie Talks; Joining Batman vs. Superman?

It is curious that his meeting announcement comes on the heels of recent rumors stating that Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa was testing for Batman vs. Superman, not to mention rumors that iconic villain Doomsday could be in the film as well. It would make sense for either Momoa or Johnson to provide motion-capture work for a character like Doomsday – especially Johnson, who is looking extra-jacked following his role in Brett Ratner’s Hercules movie:

Dwayne Johnson Ripped Muscles 2013 570x570 Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Movie Talks; Joining Batman vs. Superman?

The Rock – Currently Available in ‘Extra Ripped’

Of course Bizarro would be a viable mo-cap or heavy-makeup performance character as well – and if we’re going by the Superman: The Animated Series version of things, Johnson is not too far away in stature (or skin tone) from that show’s Lex Luthor. The man DID say they were going to “create the cool BAD assery…” Not getting too literal, but that would implicate some kind of villain.

Lex Luthor Superman the Animated Series Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Movie Talks; Joining Batman vs. Superman?

Does this Lex Luthor resemble The Rock?

But Lobo is badass, that’s for sure – and there are plenty of other DC heroes that are a badass fit for Johnson (hell, he could be Hawkman for all we know…). For now, all we know for sure is that The Rock is headed to the DC movie camp – and that’s plenty exciting enough to end the year on.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

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  1. Probably not even in BvS. I bet he’s in talks for something else.

  2. what if he’s john Henry irons also known as steel

    • He could be working for bruce or lex and it would make sense if doomsday will be in the movie.

    • I have 2 say, i hope he becomes cast for Steel. And like Momoa, Dwayne has the look like he can portray quite a few DC characters who can have a likeliness for appearing in (I’ll simply say it) ‘MAN OF STEEL: TRINITY’. (With Gal Gadot’s mentioning that Wonder Woman has a major role, that title’s MORE appropriate. Though, according with Zack Snyder’s and David S. Goyer’s acknowledgment to their creativity, the movie, of course, will be based around Superman)

    • John Henry is black. Not saying that couldn’t change it but it would be a bit weird. Dwayne Johnson is what? Hawaiian? I honestly don’t know what Dwayne Johnson is, but appearance wise he looks similar to Hawaiians.

  3. I just realized the title image of the animated series Lex Luthor is doing “The Rock eyebrow”. Good one Screen Rant.

  4. I can agree with several of the suggestions already posted, I just don’t see them introducing Lobo at this time. As of MOS the world at large has just learned alien races exist. And unlike the comics Superman isn’t known galaxy wide. It seems like a stretch to have a intergalactic bounty hunter visiting the planet at this point of DCCU. I can see Lobo being introduced after there has been more contact with other alien races. Maybe down the line as Superman’s legend starts to grow throughout the galaxy. Someone like Darkseid hires Lobo to investigate/eliminate the rumor of this insanely powerful do-gooder on this insignificant back water planet earth,

    There’s also the problem of Lobo being so much like Wolverine. I’d think WB/DC would want to stay away from those comparisons so early on in the DCCU.

    I also don’t think Doomsday is a viable character either. Only because, historically he hasn’t talked much. Why waste such star power on a character with so few lines? And yes I’m talking to you (I am Groot) Marvel. I think he’s more likely to be playing a earth bound hero or villian.

    • Yeah most likely he going to be a character that is going to appear more than once because DC/WB usually work with mostly unknown actors

    • @Pman67 I agree with you, but for different reasons. LoBo would indeed be a stretch for the MOS universe at this stage. Another problem with the LoBo character is his motives. Based on what I know about the character, he is “hired” by galactic beings to track and capture other beings. Which indicates his motives are monetary. This doesn’t work for aliens who have mastered space travel and advanced technology.

      “The acqusition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives.”

      Captain Picard of the Star Ship Enterprise..

      • @Black P. You’re correct, Lobo is a hired gun/bounty hunter, but he’s never been depicted as caring about money or wealth. He’s in it because he loves the killing, the money is just a perk to him. Has it been explained if the Reynolds GL movie exist in the same universe as MOS? If it doesn’t, they have an entire universe of alien cultures to introduce before the idea of a galactic bounty hunter makes sense. I also question if Lobo even fits in the universe that Nolan is supposedly overseeing for WB/DC. A wise cracking, over the top, Wolverine parody who rides around the galaxy on a space Harley doesn’t sound like a Nolan character to me. I love the Lobo character, Paramilitary Christmas is one of my all time favorite books. I just don’t see him fitting into the MOS universe. At least not yet.

  5. I gotta say at this point I’m quite disappointed that WB aren’t taking it slow to continuously build their cinematic universe.
    Justice League: Trinity
    Flash/Green Lantern
    would have given us a more natural progression towards the big five member team-up.
    Afterwards they could have gone crazy churning out spin-offs: MoS2, Batman, Warrior Princess, King of Atlantis, The Speed Force and The Emerald Corps.
    Why are they rushing this and thereby sabotaging themselves?

    • I mean, wouldn’t 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2018 be soon enough to release these before JLA in 2019? What are they afraid of? If they keep up the quality storytelling they have displayed throughout the animated movies, I don’t see any of their fears of the superhero fad dying down manifesting.

      • I don’t think they’re afraid of the superhero fad dying down, I think they’re afraid of falling too far behind Marvel in the movie department to the point where DC based movies become irrelevant.

      • @morgoroth – as I’ve stated in a previous comment; WB/DC don’t have to follow Marvel’s path in their delivery and introduction of these epic characters. If the Man of Steel movie is any indication, I don’t think we are going to see alot of time spent on tales of origins. I believe they will introduce all of the team in the 2015 movie – and it quite possibly could be the Justice League movie itself.

        • I’m well aware that origin stories have become old hat rather quickly. And I’m not fond of them myself. Nonetheless, I’d prefer a step-by-step introduction of the characters and their dynamic towards each other.

          We all know Batman better than the child therapist he should have consulted instead of playing with bats. And it would suffice to introduce Wonder Woman as a strong female character. The Flash is fast, Green Lantern draws his power from a ring. The common moviegoer doesn’t need any more information in order not to be ‘overwhelmed’ by the Justice League. WB could further flesh out their back stories through flashbacks in their solo installments.

          I know Snyder announced in some interview that Superman would be the first superhero and that others would gradually be incorporated into his universe. But to me it just seems a tad much to jump from one hero to five, six or even seven. Wouldn’t you agree?

          • @morgoroth – yes, I can accept that premise. The average moviegoer can get overwhelmed with too much ‘Hero infusion’ at one time. But I’m gonna just suspend my disbelief for a bit to accept what the writers and director brings forward. I have sat down and tried for the life of me to figure out how they are going to introduce these characters into Superman’s Universe – and I’ve got nothing lol..I’m excited to see what Warner Bros comes up with.

            • “I have sat down and tried for the life of me to figure out how they are going to introduce these characters into Superman’s Universe”

              Two words, recruiting montage ala X-Men First Class.

              • Never considered that approach. This could actually work. Nice one.

              • @JustSomeGuy – yes! That method worked quite well for me in the Xmen-First Class film. This could get interesting :-)

                Are you reading these comments Warner Bros?

  6. CYBORG!!!!!!!!

  7. He should play THE ROCK!

    • He should absolutely play The Rock. The Rock vs Superman.

  8. The Rock will finally bring Aquaman to the big screen

  9. My guess is that he was cast as Lobo or Bizarro. Dwanye Johnson has screen presence and comic timing that few big men posses on screen right now. So, why waste him on Doomsday. Lobo makes more sense. Maybe he is chasing down the last son of Krypton for a bounty.

    I suppose he could be the MM or even Aquaman.

    • I’d totally buy him as Lobo. But let me ask you the following two questions:

      1. How would they avoid turning him into a one and done character? Would he be added to the team come JLA2, even get his own spinoff?

      2. Would he pose a serious threat to the entire team? I remember Superman taking care of him all by himself just fine (of course, I’m thinking of Superman TAS there, he may have showed up in another animated incarnation – not sure about that).

      • My guess would be one and done unless he becomes popular, then possible spin-off potential. Not part of JLA.

        I think any film version of Lobo will be different than the comics. How, I have no idea.

  10. Am I the only one thinking he might be Martian Manhunter? I could see it.

  11. I have to say I don’t understand why everyone assumes Dwayne Johnson would have to be attached to Batman Vs. Superman. I have been saying for awhile that he would be a good fit in DC however I could also see him in a few Marvel roles as well. But to be honest I think the best sounding character for him to portray would be Bizzaro Superman. I could also see him as being an awesome Black Atom. Both of these portrayals could work as a standalone film giving deeper story to the character before Superman clashes with them. I also could see Dwayne Johnson as a good Jon J’onzz aka Martian Manhunter.

    • Color me confused since I have no clue whether you are referring to Black Adam or The Atom.

      • My apologies I didn’t mean for the confusion I mean Black Adam but I the the Atom would be a good on screen interpretation too but no Dwayne Johnson

        • No worries. Any idea on who could do The Atom justice, btw?

          Maybe the actor portraying Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen? Come to think of it, anybody could play him with the aid of CGI but the actor should be buff and wear shorts.

  12. Mark my words… Can you smell what LEX LUTHOR is cooking!

  13. If Momoa and Johnson are in the Man of Steel 2 with Afleck….. This is going to be an acting masterclass haha….. I had high hopes for this movie, now I have high worries for it…. ‘The Rock’ can not act, we have seen this time and time again… Im not in any ‘camp’ but for me Marvel is certainly winning in respect of castings….

    • Marvel is certainly winning in respect of casting

      With who Paul Rudd?? Almost all the movies he was the lead actor in has flopped!
      He was so great in his last blockbuster Admission.

      • Erm….. Try Robert Downy Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Samuel L Jackson, Mark Ruffalo & Tom Hiddletson – that’s the first Marvel Team Up movie – this will be (or will lead into) a JL movie which is the first DC Team Up Movie – Compare apples with apples – and in terms of acting, the Marvel line up is much stronger….. They have lost Bale, Caine, Oldman, Hathaway and (it would seem) Hardy… Cant bring back Ledger or Shannon for different reasons…. Think you may have missed the point here…

  14. The more I think about this the more I’m doubting he’s in bvs.

    Honestly we need some kind of announcement cuz the rumor mill is gonna explode soon.

    What we know for certain it seems he’s signed on to do something but I refuse to belive its bvs until I hear zach synder or wb make the announcement till then I’m going to assume that he’s in some unknown role for a new dc film…which is not a strech I mean we could see some other anouncement soon on a movie for 2015 or 2016 real soon.

  15. He’s going to be Aquaman..duh.
    Dc is trying to snatch him up now before Marvel
    does because it would be just a matter of time
    before they offer him a conract for Namor…

  16. “For now, all we know for sure is that The Rock is headed to the DC movie camp – and that’s plenty exciting enough to end the year on.”

    It’s really to bad the Rock has joined the wrong team. He would have been good in a Marvel movie. Now he’s going to be in a crappy WB/DC movie, so sad.

  17. Y’know why these pages are full of fake posts claiming concerns and being worried?

    Because DC is better.

    Y’know why Marvel fans have to troll these pages to reassure themselves?

    Because DC is better.

  18. Funny thing I see on this site and so many others are the posts saying this movie is crowded.

    Fact time boys and girls
    1. This movie is set for july 17, 2015
    2. This movie will have superman,batman,and wonder woman.
    3. The film will shoot in michigan in feburary.
    4. At some point bats and supes will come to blows

    Other facts

    1. The rock has confirmed talks with dc and wb


    1. This is justice league
    2. Everyone we can think of will be in this movie or attached in some way.
    3. Flash, aquaman, martian manhunter, green lantern, lobo, nightwing and cyborg are all in the movie.

    See what we have a very little confirmed facts. I doubt nightwing is in the movie or lobo or mm or aquaman or gl. Flash I can see in a cameo towards end leading into the next movie.

    Also…..guys if I was the rock…id wanna be the bad ass god of war Ares…oh yeah let’s get some wonder woman rogues mentioned.

    • I would love that. But Conflict of Interest Contract I guess?? Seeing that he will be playing Ares’ half brother in the Thracian wars next year.

  19. ok been thinking even more.

    The rock as Ares and I’m going to say pheonix as lex.

    We have supes working trying to improve his image after killing zod. The government still didtrust full is organizing a task force to cull supes if he ever goes rogue. Lex is displayed as a man of the people and lois is doing a humanitarian piece. Ares[the rock] sense the coming agression manifests in metropolis and fights supes. Causes destruction and mayham. Lex comes out to say to the media about how we must stop this alien at all costs feeding ares in the process. Bats comes to metro to confront supes. They brawl. Ares again showes up and bats relizes this is the enemy. They fight but are on the defensive until ww showes up. The two are speechless and then joins the fight. The trio defeats ares. And the public are being won over. End see lex in lab with zods armor several kryptonian weapons and even one of the babies from the genisis chamber…labled B-0..and we see him standing over a moniter and he vows to save the world from these meta humans.

    End cue flash cameo intro to next film. See this would be an awesome movie and yet is not unrealistic in the apporach of the 3. This can role into either a solo flash ww or even a bats movie. Ww would make sense and with the rock as ares we have a villian for her film. It would also intoduce steve trevor and that could lead into a team 7 movie with amanda waller and black canary and deathstroke further expanding the world.

    I’ve been thinking about gl…we don’t need another movie yet. For all gl was worth it displayed the organisation of the corp as well as the orgin of the power pretty well.

    2013: man of steel
    2015: mos 2 with bats and ww lex and ares villians
    2016 ww orgin ares villian
    2016: flash movie orgin cameo gl
    2017: aquaman orgin blackmanta villian
    2017: justice league introduce darkseid as villian as well as cyborg or mm as 7th member.

    This I think can work and after each movie can have more dc heroes like metal men, green arrow, bat family, gl corps, deathstroke, birds of prey maybe…

    See this is why I am now almost 100% sure the rock will be ares it can really make sense! And be an awesome villian as a god he’s near invincable.

    • The Rock as Aries is a fantastic thought.

      (I still prefer the idea of Black Adam though. 😉 )

      How about Black Adam left earth Long Ago out of boredom… and returns when word him reaches him about who Earth is now home too?

      …this causes the ancient Wizard Shazam to approach a young Billy Batson…

    • Nice schedule. Just for the sake of comparing and contrasting I’d like to propose one of my own.

      2015: Batman vs. Superman:
      I say, keep the title. It’s edgy enough and most fans have already grown accustomed to it, so there’s no real point in changing it now. I’m hoping all the licensed websites are just a red herring WB is throwing us to go crazy speculationwise, since all of those potential titles would sound cheesy at best. As for the plot, Wayne Industries and LexCorp should enter negociations with regard to military technology (helping out veteran amputees). Introduce John Corben who is falling apart both physically and psychologically due to massive PTSD. He desperately agrees to be experimented on, then don’t mention him for a while.
      Have Luthor’s smear campaign against Superman encourage a certain brooding vigilante to take matters into his own hands, investigate the alien threat and devise an attack plan involving all sorts of gadgets (turning his enhanced senses against him with light grenades, a sonar device and battling him with drones). First he briefly meets up with Nightwing in Gotham, letting him ensure the city’s safety during his absence (flashback, since he’s already in Metropolis, it shouldn’t last any longer than a minute). Then he confronts him, takes him off guard and teaches Clark an additional lesson in humility. Of course, Clark chooses to hold back and not engage further due to the self-afflicted trauma of snapping Zod’s neck. They could even insert a painful flashback to that very moment to make him doubt himself and reinforce his choice not to launch an immediate counterattack. Batman drops a smoke grenade and does a vanishing act.
      Unbeknownst to everyone, even the world’s greatest detective, Luthor now uses Metallo to wreak all sorts of havoc in Metropolis and he somehow manages to put the blame on Superman (I don’t know, with a skin-graft and a cape). Batman feels the need to go toe to toe with the Man of Steel once more and gets his butt handed to him. In comes Wonder Woman – she should successfully fool Luthor into believing her to be none other than his vacuous love interest but some shots of her smiling knowingly can reveal to every last moviegoer (the ones who haven’t been reading up on the casting beforehand) that she has a covert agenda. First she throws a few unexpected punches to put both heroes in their respective places, then she tells them what is really going on, reconciles them and disappears just as soon as she showed up. Just make her casually walk out of frame, no flight or any kind of concealment tactics. Neither Superman nor Batman know what hit them, they shoot each other a surprised look.
      Then they put their heads together and do everything they can to meet the menace of Metallo head-on, maybe regroup in the Batcave where Clark gets introduced to Alfred. On the battlefield, they get slapped around at lot by Metallo, maybe there’s some back-and-forth banter going on, like Bruce telling Clark that it’s an honor to be on the receiving end of the same kind of whoop-ass as a guy that was supposed to be bulletproof and nigh-invincible. Batman finds a way to momentarily incapacitate Corben while Superman leads with his heat vision before engaging in a superpower fistfight with Metallo at the end of which he rips out his power source (please, don’t make it Kryptonite!) to shut him down.
      Cut to Luthor who can’t hide an expression of discontent. Other than that, however, he should maintain his composure.
      Or they contain Metallo and make him see Luthor for what he really is so that he decides to go after him and must be stopped and locked away. Thus, the World’s Finest end up saving Luthor’s life, thereby humiliating him.
      To lighten the mood afterwards, they could introduce The Flash in the mid-credit scene – as a loudmouth who dares to challenge Superman to a race (not unlike the Superman TAS episode “Speed Demons”) for charity. This would set the light-hearted, humorous tone that is so typical of the character. Having him show up for half a minute could organically transition into his own movie.

      • 2017: Justice League: Trinity

        A proper team-up where Wonder Woman drops her condescendence act and enlists the help of both Superman and Batman – because she sees a certain valor and military potential in them whereas she doesn’t take The Flash seriously in the slightest.

        Batman receives a signal, calls up Clark and together they embark on a journey to Themyscira. Together, the three of them have to face both Ares and Giganta. Superman and Batman should merely be supporting characters in this one. Give Wonder Woman the chance to shine. After being hopelessly outclassed in terms of physical strength, it should still be Batman who figures out that playing into Ares’ hands, i.e. attacking him with brute force, only fuels him.

        So they decide to hold back, which ultimately weakens the God of War. When he is basically just as strong as a mortal, they can lock him away in a magically reinforced prison (think the 2009 animated Wonder Woman movie). But Wonder Woman still gets to beat Giganta to a pulp (no neck-snapping though).

        • 2018: Flash/Green Lantern

          Open with The Flash interrupting a bank robbery and gift-wrapping the felons for the police ‘while’ taking out other criminals all the way across Central City. The he suddenly stops in his tracks because there’s a strange guy wearing a ring and a green costume.

          Keep away from any physical confrontation between the two, though. The Flash should just crack a couple of lame puns at Green Lantern’s expense, like calling him “greenhorn” or something along these lines. Green Lantern (John Stewart) keeps his cool and doesn’t even dignify any of this with a direct response. He informs The Flash straightaway that he followed a cosmic threat to Central City to with the Speedster reacts with a look of disbelief. GL makes magnificent use of his ring by summoning the image of Superman and Zod leveling Metropolis, which reduces the one mile a minute-talker to silence.

          The threat they encounter is a very potent alliance of Black Hand and Gorilla Grodd, possibly with Randal Savage in charge behind the scenes. All three of them would to some degree be influenced by the dark energy that could set up Nekron as a future GL/Emerald Corps villain and even be loosely connected to the Omega Force and Darkseid.

          Button scene: all five founding members are beamed up to Watch Tower by Martian Manhunter. Visual epicness ensues as they are warned of an ominous “first wave of doom”.

          • 2019: Justice League

            The phrasing of MM’s warning turns out to be deliberately misleading since the impending threat has nothing to do with Doomsday but with Brainiac who has been hovering in the Earth’s orbit undetected for quite some time. Even MM was unaware of the imminence. Brainiac suddenly comes out of hiding and buries the world a rain of unidentified, minuscule objects that kill some humans whereas they turn others into something non-, or more specifically: meta-human. He uses the White Martians as a distraction to divide the JLA’s attention and split them up. The Justice League manages to get rid of Brainiac and his army but most of the Earth’s population would be contaminated for good, which would result in a Pyrrhic victory.


            Man of Steel 2: with Kara, vs. Parasite
            Batman/Nightwing vs. Riddler/Hush, introducing Clayface before his transformation
            Warrior Princess: Circe
            King of Atlantis: Black Manta, the foundation of Ocean Master
            The Flash: Mirror Master/Captain Boomerang
            The Emerald Corps: Nekron

            Justice League – Legion of Doom:

            Superman vs. Black Adam
            Batman vs. Deathstroke
            Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah
            Aquaman vs. Ocean Master
            Flash vs. Professor Zoom
            Green Lantern vs. Sinestro
            Martian Manhunter vs. his brother

            • @Morgoroth and Kevin

              I was thoroughly entertained by both of your scripts :-). I love the idea of brainstorming for different approaches as the writers shouldn’t box themselves into one idea for this collaboration.

        • @Morgoroth

          The problem I see for your script (as well as other writers) of Wonder Woman is trying to “ground” her origins into a Nolan’esque film. Based on the Man of Steel movie, we saw a world that was explained by advanced technology. How do you suppose they will properly introduce WW’s mythology (which includes omnipotent ancient gods) into a world so serious and grounded as the MOS…?

          • @Black Pegasus

            For Superman such an approach was both appropriate and necessary since he is an alien stemming from another planet that is technologically superior to Earth.

            I don’t suppose you would agree with some commenter (if it was you, I apologize in advance) on here who suggested that Kara escaped the other Kryptonian escape pod to create human/kryptonian hybrids that were split into Amazons and Atlanteans over the course of several millennia, or is that in fact a scenario you would approve of – in the spirit of staying as true to the source material as possible)?

            I guess they could turn the Amazons into another alien race but then they would face the issue of basically copying Thor. Why shouldn’t they embrace the upcoming (ephemeral?) fad of sword and sandal flicks (namely the Rock Hercules and the bad Twilight-looking one) AND take advantage of the fact that Snyder has already demonstrated once that bringing such an otherworldly mythological setting to life in a visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing fashion is his undeniable forte?

            Of course, they could ultimately tone it down a couple of notches, include futuristic technology and ground Diana’s foes a bit more in reality. Cheetah and Giganta could be gene experiments gone awry. But I’d hate for Ares, Circe and Medusa to be ‘dumbed down’ in a similar manner or to be explained away as creatures from other realms/dimensions/whatever you prefer to label it.

            • *escaped an escape pod (?)

              Wow, stylistically speaking I’m on fire.
              But don’t you guys attempt to put me out.
              Maybe I’m a Phoenix and still in the run for Luthor.

              [See, that’s what I’m talking about future Flash movie writer!]

            • @Morgoroth – the Kara/Amazonian idea is one of many being floated around (it wasn’t mine btw).. But it’s interesting that you mentioned Thor. Marvel effectively stripped away his “God” status and turned him into just an ancient alien with superior genetics and physical abilities. He was only a “God” as part of early humans inability to explain his feats. In their attempt to ground these comic book characters, there seems to be an aversion towards anything supernatural or beyond scientific explanation. I have no doubt they will try something like this with Wonder Woman. As I see it, there is no way her TRUE ORIGINS can be introduced into this particular MOS universe. I will brace myself for the totally new origin story they may assign to WW. I don’t like it, but Marvel made it work with Thor, so I’ll hold out hope.

              • After carefully sifting through several scenarios to counter your argument for all of ten hours (not without taking occasional bathroom breaks, of course), I got … nothing substantial to add to that specific discussion / sticking point.

                They will probably distort WW’s origin beyond recognition and we’re gonna have to grin and bear it. At the end of the day, it’s about establishing the character’s motivations in a credible way and getting Ms Gadot to act her ass off (not literally because that would instill a false sense of hope into the two dozen fans of Arm Fall-Off Boy or whatever that guy’s called).

  20. Anyone realized in that picture of Lex Luthor, he’s doing the people’s Eyebrow? Just saying…

  21. @ Kevin

    You forgot a couple of facts super genius.

    Fact: This movie will indeed be bad.
    Fact: Kofi “I wish I was a real journalist” Outlaw already has his review written and he’s giving the movie 5 stars.

    • @ Chuck

      Fact: Chuck “I wish I was a real commentor” is doing the exact same thing his post that he is pathetically attempting to diss Mr. Outlaw over.

      You eat yourself with your reasoning here, super genius.

  22. @ chuck


    Now I think the random negativity is also a tad excesive…people get cast in roles who aren’t our ideal or this writer likes marvel over dc or dc is better because…

    @ dc is better no disrespect its an expresion

    I’m a dc comic fan but I’m a marvel movie fan. I enjoy the movies as does kofi and I’m sure everyone else. So what if he likes dc better get over it.

    Now as I was saying I think ares is the way to tie wonder woman batman and superman together.

    At this point id actually love it. Why reprise bat villians done already or attempt an anti hero to try to make sense of something or add anothe3r hero. As I’m sure we can all see we have 3 already.

  23. Whatever role he gets, I’m sure that he’ll do great. Dwayne Johnson is really starting to shine as an actor.

    • Quite literally, he single handedly keeps johnson&johnson baby oil in business. Him and the porn industry.

  24. For fans of Lobo, my thought is, don’t get your hopes up. We have about as good a chance seeing Lobo on screen as Marvel fans have finally getting a Deadpool movie. I see him more as Lex then anyone else.

  25. you know how there were those rumors about wb releasing two smaller budget films based on dc characters? well, I heard that he was in talks to be the star of the first one of those: LOBO. now, im not a fan of the rock. I think he’s a terrible actor. he’d be terrible as lex luthor. Lobo makes sense to me though. it seems like a role tailor made for him.

    p.s. what’s with all these rumors of actual people playing doomsday. just get some stunt guys to do mo-cap work and have a cg monster. that is if doomsdays in the movie, though. if he is then im worried.

  26. I know I’m gonna get burned for this but……

    As for questioning whether or not Luthor from Superman:TAS was possibly of ethnic origins……Usually, the voice actors chosen for a character are the same ethnicity as the character in question……USUALLY. I’m sure some expert googler can find a laundry list of exceptions but I’m only talking about about the majority of the time.

    Lex Luthor was done by none other than Clancy Brown (The Kurgan from Highlander)