Spider-Man 4 Updates: Dunst In, Morbius Out

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spider man 4 5 Spider Man 4 Updates: Dunst In, Morbius Out

Today, thanks to NYPost and Filmstalker, we have two pretty significant pieces of news relating to the upcoming Spider-Man 4 for you. One relating to Kirsten Dunst’s involvement with the film, the other relating to the rumors of the vampire character Morbius being a villain within the fourth movie.

Firstly, Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane…

mary jane1 Spider Man 4 Updates: Dunst In, Morbius Out

The last we heard about Kirsten Dunst returning as Mary Jane in Spider-Man 4, director Sam Raimi had said he very much wants to see her return. Not long after, he revealed that he had met with her to talk about her possible return. So on the Mary Jane front, it was looking very likely that Dunst would reprise her role. Today, we have confirmation from producer Todd Black that Dunst is, “definitely on-board,” to return in Spider-Man 4 as Peter Parker’s love interest, Mary Jane.

Black revealed some tidbits about Spider-Man 4 while promoting the upcoming Denzel Washington/John Travolta thriller The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, one of which was the confirmation of Dunst returning to the successful superhero franchise. I think this news won’t come as a surprise to many, but at least after the months of speculation, we now have confirmation from one of the key filmmaking players.

On a related note to the character of Mary Jane, there were rumors going around that the Spider-Man 4 script featured a wedding between her and Peter Parker (which Spider-Man fans will know is a storyline published in the 1987 comic, The Wedding!). However, that appears to have been news to Black – he has no knowledge of such a marital subplot. So either he is being kept in the dark by Raimi and co. (which is very unlikely) or marriage is off the table for Peter and Mary Jane, at least for the fourth movie.

Now onto the much talked about issue of who the villain will (and will not) be in Spider-Man 4

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  1. @SmartAss

    I think Lionsgate own Punisher, there’s little chance of him being in it.

  2. Hey all spiderman fans out there :)

    why not have Electro & Shocker as the villians?

  3. Id like to say i would only wanna see Carnage as a villain on film if he’s the only one or if both Carnage and Venom are together. using the same effects as the movie (The Abyss) they could use Hydro-Man as 2nd villain if any since he was like stalker of Mary Jane’s. plus him and Sandman worked together and fought vs each other in the comics. i think its time they use The Lizard for sure as the main villain. If the were to go with two villains, im hoping its the Lizard as the main villain and Scorpion as the second to keep spider-man distracted from helping Dr. Curt Connors get back to normal. Scorpion could be worked out as thug who just hates spider-man and volunteers and undergo radiation to be his alter-ego and get powerecorrupted. Personally,spider-man 3 having too many villains wasnt its downfall. i talked to losts of people who plain hated peter dancing on the sidewalk instead of seeing more of the black-suited spider-man. Thats all i disliked like. i would actually say spider-man 3 had two villains, i wouldnt count harry as a villain if he learned out the truth and help peter at the end of the movie. Besides, i recall The Dark Knight having 3 villains. Mutiple villains can work out with good script, and plenty of running time of the film to include them in. Anyways, if its just one villain my goes to the Lizard for this installment, and if its two villains id like to go with The Lizard & Scorpion. If not Scopion, then Hydro-Man to distract spider-man from helping Connors become normal again.

  4. sorry for any words i mis-spelled.

  5. I just hope that this movie will blow me away, nothing like a really good superhero movie (Spiderman I, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight), and nothing worse than a really bad one (Spiderman III, Daredevil, Wolverine).

  6. Stop mentioning and comparing it to the Dark Knight. Completely different movies.

  7. how come nobody has selected Electro for the villain? Carnage is a good one. and if you have Carnage bring back Venom. The Vulture or Rhino?

  8. a powerful carnage, and bring back venom to help fight him

  9. Forgive me for sayin Alex, yes they’re different franchises with different heroes. But the point i was makin was people’s accusations of Spider-man 3 having too many villains such as New Goblin, Sandman,& Venom but id like to think of Sandman and Venom being the ony villains since Harry wasnt bad throughout the film. While The Dark Knight had 3 villains for sure, Scarecrow, Joker, and Two-face. Bottom line is most people would prefer Batman over Spidey anyday, im one of them. I admit that Spider-man 3 could of been better, but i wouldnt say it was a total lost cause i still liked the first film more than the 2nd film.

  10. i think he was only there to tie up the “what happened to the scarecrow” after he got tazerd in the face by katie holmes and rode offon his little pony

  11. A villain is a villain, and Scarecrow would make 3. Two-Face was in the film but not for very long himself.

  12. Only difference is that you can replace The Scarecrow w/ just an ordinary thug and the story would be NO different, replace Two-Face and the story changes.

  13. Bottom line is Scarecrow is a villain from batman’s rogues gallery and would count as a third villain. I had numerous of people on the net say the same thing despite how much screen time he had.

  14. Could you please stop talking about Batman.

  15. one of my favorite commercials was a snickers commercial. a guy is playing football, takes a nasty hit and the athletic trainer asks him if he knows who he is. He replies, “I’m Batman.” He makes himself a cape and runs around the sideline. Classic

  16. ok i honestly didnt think sm3 was THAT bad. jus sm2 was THAT good! lol alotta talking in sm3 nd they didnt make venom right… but tophers my man!(that 70s show)



  19. As many of you agrees, the Lizard/Dr Connors is the obvious choice. He’s more than a teacher, he’s a friend. And, when he become the beast, everybody wants to kill it… except Spidey. The City hires someone else to do the job, let’s say Kraven,and he doesn’t like Spidey’s interference… They become enemies. (How about Gerard Butler for Kraven?)

  20. Y-man, I suggest an even juicier arrangement between Connors/Parker/Kraven/Lizard. Just search for “Kraven” (or “Sylar’s”) earlier in this thread.

  21. Sylar’s, I totally agree with you! Let’s hope Mr. Raimi will hear from all of us! And, I hope, no teen vampire story! (Twilight/New Moon)

  22. Everybody heard about Sam Raimi’s idea for the Sinister Six to appear in a film. With the right plot, who all would like to see film like that happen?

  23. @ Matt
    With all due respect Matt, id say Spider-man 3 basically only had two villains. I wouldnt count Harry as a true villain once he found out the truth and gave his life help and save peter’s. I mean New Goblin seemed like a villain Sam Raimi wanted to add to the credits. But, i could see your view of a two-part movie involving the Sinister Six. Sure they can come up with somthing if they made the X-men films that had muiltiple characters.

  24. Well it used to almost scare me the way so many people were let down by the 3rd, but then i saw how it didn`t quite proceed. I think when it`s over 2 villains whether or not the movie sucks depends on what the villains are or what kind of relationship they have with eachother. Or both. But if all of those 3 are extreme villains that have no relationship with eachother then maybe one of those villains can be seup in the previous film. I`m talking about when they get their powers, though, Harry wasn`t fully setup quite already so those 3 villains were pretty much mashed in.