Spider-Man 4 Updates: Dunst In, Morbius Out

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spider man 4 5 Spider Man 4 Updates: Dunst In, Morbius Out

Today, thanks to NYPost and Filmstalker, we have two pretty significant pieces of news relating to the upcoming Spider-Man 4 for you. One relating to Kirsten Dunst’s involvement with the film, the other relating to the rumors of the vampire character Morbius being a villain within the fourth movie.

Firstly, Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane…

mary jane1 Spider Man 4 Updates: Dunst In, Morbius Out

The last we heard about Kirsten Dunst returning as Mary Jane in Spider-Man 4, director Sam Raimi had said he very much wants to see her return. Not long after, he revealed that he had met with her to talk about her possible return. So on the Mary Jane front, it was looking very likely that Dunst would reprise her role. Today, we have confirmation from producer Todd Black that Dunst is, “definitely on-board,” to return in Spider-Man 4 as Peter Parker’s love interest, Mary Jane.

Black revealed some tidbits about Spider-Man 4 while promoting the upcoming Denzel Washington/John Travolta thriller The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, one of which was the confirmation of Dunst returning to the successful superhero franchise. I think this news won’t come as a surprise to many, but at least after the months of speculation, we now have confirmation from one of the key filmmaking players.

On a related note to the character of Mary Jane, there were rumors going around that the Spider-Man 4 script featured a wedding between her and Peter Parker (which Spider-Man fans will know is a storyline published in the 1987 comic, The Wedding!). However, that appears to have been news to Black – he has no knowledge of such a marital subplot. So either he is being kept in the dark by Raimi and co. (which is very unlikely) or marriage is off the table for Peter and Mary Jane, at least for the fourth movie.

Now onto the much talked about issue of who the villain will (and will not) be in Spider-Man 4

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  1. Well, I am glad we ain’t making another blade movie. Hopefully that is the case, and we’ll be seeing multiple of villians. Not as main, but more of ‘em as sides.

    Have Lizard and Kraven as the main villians.

    Electro, Mysterio, and Scorpion all as side villians. So the movie would probably be from 3 to 3 1/2 to 4 hours total. Which means the Lizard would be beaten in the middle of the film, and the three sided villians to be beaten during the movie. Well, to just let you know that Lizard would still be alive. Having the Kraven come in, and to have Spider-Man save the Lizard from the Hunter.

    Add some new things as well, for we don’t want to see the same thing over ‘n over. Have the Black-Suite return, so Peter can beat the Hunter. Peter falls to him, and Kraven takes over for awhile still in search of the Lizard. Something along the lines of that…

  2. I don’t know a lot about Spider-man lore, I’ve never read a Spider-man comic, only seen the films so I can’t be a great judge on who should be the villain, but I feel it should be The Lizard if only because they’ve already done a decent amount of setup for him.

  3. P.S.

    Forgot to mention… and no one else.

    I know it’s the big thing these days to have multiple villains and yes, The Dark Knight did it well, but really, make things easier on yourself. One villain, balance that storyline and the hero’s storyline and you’re on to a winner.

    I hate movies (leastways, big budget movies) that try to balance multiple storylines at once. Notice how The Dark Knight got away with this by having multiple characters and ONE storyline. Take a leaf.

    And seriously, darker isn’t always better. Hate to bring up Batman again, but those movies weren’t great ONLY because they were dark.

  4. @ Ross Miller

    No, sorry to say I’m not. My last handle’s Giles, not Gee.

  5. @Kyle…

    Are you CRAZY!! 3.5-4 hrs of Spidey with FIVE villains?? Did you NOT watch Spider-Man 3 and saw what a mess it was with THREE villains? No more than TWO villains in a movie should be enough if they are well thought out and written properly. Spidey should also not be longer than 2 hours long. After that it gets to the point where you gotta hit the bathroom and you miss things. I’m hoping that it’s just the Lizard, but if they add Kraven the Hunter in there, that would be cool as well. Let’s not have 3-5 separate story arcs going on!!

  6. “The Dark Knight’ replaced their Rachael Dawes…so why can’t the Spiderman films replace their MJ.

  7. Because Raimi clearly doesn’t want to. Yes, it’s been publicized that Katie Holmes didn’t come back because of “scheduling conflicts” but then that could have just been PR. Whereas here, Raimi seems to like Dunst, so she stays.

  8. What about Tombstone? He would be a nice creepy villain that could kick the crap out of Spidey. I like the scorpion and lizard characters but I’m not sure about their depth. I like the idea someone posted of using the Kraven’s last hunt storyline and subbing the lizard for the rat character.

  9. @ Matt – Don’t forget that they also went and killed Rachel off in the second movie.

  10. I hope its a classic villain .
    It would be nice if they came up with a storyline for The Vulture.

  11. Phil G,

    Maybe Raimi should follow that same route and kill off MJ.

    • You couldn’t kill off MJ!

  12. Truth to tell Spidey doesn’t really have that many good villains. He didn’t really need them because Spiderman and Peter Parker were interesting in themselves.

    Mysterio or Kraven might be interesting because they would wage a more psychological war than physical. The Lizard should be a secondary villain. He’s not too smart and Spiderman usually defeats him fairly easy.

    J. Jonah Jameson and the Spiderslayer bot maybe for comic relief?

  13. <<>>

    Never liked the Vulture but if they did maybe Ben Kingsly in the roll?

  14. I wish comic book movies would stop killing off the villian at the very end, I just want maybe ONE villian to translate over into a second movie, to create a braoder storyline. The Dark Knight came close, but with life’s misfortune, the guy died in real life. it makes me very angry.

  15. @Matt..

    Also, with Katie Holmes’ character she was only in ONE films, whereas we had to endure Dunst for 3 (thus far) films.

  16. I am officially tired of Spiderman. Give us new Marvel movies please.

  17. I’m actually glad Dunst’s coming back, if only because I hate it when franchises change actors. I’m okay with it if they’re clearly awful, like Katie Holmes in Batman Begins, but Maguire & Dunst work well together.

    As for Spidey 4′s baddie, I’m hoping for somebody not related to Peter in some way. With that in mind, I’m hoping for Kraven as the heavy, with the Lizard in a supporting role. The Lizard just doesn’t strike me as a character who can carry a movie alone, like the Rhino or Catwoman.

  18. We need to see this movie concentrate on one villain and with a really nice cliff hanger introduce the villain for part five and somehow have it all related to the whole plot like comic book style and not just one of those cheap Hollywood cliff hangers that only last a second where you only see like just the foot of the bad guy. Actually you know what would be cool spider-man gets beat down bad at the end of the movie looks like he is actually done for with the villain that beat him down standing over him. When we see the new villain approach the two with the previous villain withdrawing like he doesn’t want a piece of this new bad guy. New bad guy says some really bad guy type stuff Then the very last scene is a close up of spider-mans unconscious face…And we all have to wait a whole year for the next movie…

  19. I’m just gonna put this out there… biker mice from mars film? i’ll let you play with that (Y) x

  20. @Ollie

    If that’s the way we’re going, I’d like to nominate a Samurai Pizza Cats film.

  21. I think SPiderman has one of THE best rogues galleries out there:

    Kingpin but I think FOX has control of that character
    Kraven the Hunter

    SOme that have not been done yet anyways.

  22. Uuum, i don`t think it`s possible to RECAST someone, is it? I didn`t know they undid their first Rachael Dawes, but this story just doesn`t follow…

  23. @Greenknight: It’s not that big a change. After all, what, besides being the Black Cat, is there to Felicia Hardy? She’s not much of a character, imo.

    Although, if Felicia were introduced in the next movie and happened to look exactly like Gwen, I wouldn’t complain.

  24. The Big Show as the Rhino!

  25. Michael Jai White as Tombstone!

  26. Lizard is a must (then again I thought for 3 also, after 2 was released). I don’t have a preference for the second (main?) villain, I just Raimi gets away from the redeeming villain thing. The only good thing about Venom in 3 was that he was a villain through and through. Green Goblin was a good villain for the first one too.