Real speculation about Morbius possibly being one of the villains in Spider-Man 4 first surfaced when director Sam Raimi talked about his interest in the character from the comics. After that, Raimi also hinted very slyly at the possibility of Morbius being the villain, revealing how he thinks a vampire villain would be an interesting idea for the Spider-Man franchise.

Even if Raimi is the man behind the curtain, so to speak, it was all speculation and wishful thinking about Morbius appearing in Spider-Man 4. However, in addition to confirming Dunst will be back as Mary Jane, Black also spoke about Morbius being the villain. And guess what? – That rumor is totally untrue, according to Black. He squashed the Morbius rumor completely, and said the actual villain is still being worked on:

“We’re just coming up with who the villain’s going to be now. We’ll be shooting in New York again. Trust me, people will appreciate who we pick, because it’ll be a big part of New York.”

So I’m guessing even with the success of the vampire franchise of Twilight, Sony Pictures Entertainment (the studio distributing the movie) aren’t taking that bait with Spider-Man 4. I actually think it would have been interesting to have Morbius as Spidey’s adversary, simply because it adds a much different and sinister tone to a franchise which has been fairly “light” up until this point… but that’s just me.

So the squashing of the Morbius villain rumor by Black logically leads us onto speculation about who the villain might be. The info about the villain being, “a big part of New York,” is a great hint that allows fan to discuss feverishly for the next few months (or until whenever the villain gets officially announced) on who Spider-Man’s foe might be this time around.

Speculation has already begun online as to who the Spider-Man 4 villain might be, with the likes of The Kingpin (last seen in live-action form in Daredevil, portrayed by Michael Clarke Duncan), Kraven the Hunter, and, of course, The Lizard, being thrown around. The latter, as Spider-Man fans will know, is actually Dr. Connors whom we’ve seen throughout the first three Spider-Man movies. Personally, I think it would make sense for it to be The Lizard, since he has been hinted at for years now within the live-action Spider-Man storyline.

Whoever Raimi and co. choose to be the villain in Spider-Man 4, I just hope they take their time with implementing them correctly, and not making the mistake of rushing and jamming them into an already created storyline just because the fans want to see a particular villain on the big-screen (hint: Venom). And, Mr. Raimi, please just limit the movie to one villain – the likes of Batman & Robin and, of course, Spider-Man 3 should provide fair warning that the multiple villain thing seldom works.

What do you think of Kirsten Dunst being back as Mary Jane, and Morbius not being the villain in Spider-Man 4? Who do you think should be the villain in the fourth installment?

Spider-Man 4 is slated for a release on May 6th, 2011.

Sources: NYPost via Filmstalker

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