Concept Art For Peter Berg’s Dune Remake

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About a year ago, director Peter Berg jumped ship, leaving the Dune remake in favor of the $200 million Universal Pictures project, Battleship. Delays and delays seemingly forced Berg out of the director’s chair after having been attached for nearly two full years. Stepping in as a replacement was Pierre Morel who made his name helming Taken and this year’s From Paris with Love.

Even though Dune has has a rough few years moving in a forward direction, reports from the top of the year pointed towards Paramount wanting to put the movie on the fast track. In February, Chase Palmer was signed to completely rewrite the script by Josh Zetumer to fit Morel’s vision for the project. If you were interested in Berg’s highly customized adaptation and what his Dune movie would have looked like, we have a gallery of concept art used in pre-production from before the director change.

Morel’s objective is to make a movie that is very faithful to Frank Herbert’s 1965 original Dune novel but he’s new to the game of big budget science fiction epics. While I really enjoyed Taken, his other feature film directorial outings in District B13 and From Paris with Love didn’t earn my love. If his goal is to make a faithful adaptation, it’ll be interesting to see how much of the original story and details translate into this live action adaptation, and how it compares to David Lynch’s 1984 Dune film or John Harrison’s Dune miniseries from back in 2000.

The art comes from Jock, who also did the Judge Dredd remake concept art and is currently working with Peter Berg again, producing art for his Battleship. Check out the images below which depict Spice Worms, the landscapes of Arrakeen and Caladan, the Sardaukar and even what Paul Atreides may have appeared as, had they found the right actor.


We sadly haven’t heard anything new on Dune since the beginning of the year but Screen Rant will let you know first thing when something breaks.

Until then, share your thoughts in the comments and with us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant.

Source: Jock

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  1. Just a grammatical update: where you said “If you were interested in Berg’s highly customized adaptation and what his Dune movie would of looked like,” the proper phrase is “would have” instead of “would of.” Hence the contraction, “would’ve.”

    So if you make the correction, you have my permission to delete this post (or I’ll do it myself) and we can pretend it never happened ;)

    I just figure you may as well change it if it’s online for everyone to see.



    • oh man lol….

    • Okay, really? you’re going to pick on someone’s grammer? Did you notice that you didn’t use a period after the word happened? Please calm down and enjoy in the fact that someone wants to make a proper version of a classic like Dune.
      Great story there Rob!!!!!!

      • LOL you guys. Is there anything harsh about my post? I SPECIFICALLY made it friendly. You guys are reading into it way too much. If you made a post for the world to see, would you not want to be tipped off to a mistake (be it a small one) so you can fix it?

        I’m hoping if Rob reads it, he’ll read it logically and not jump up my shorts like you guys are. I’m just trying to help. If you read it with an open mind, you’ll see that I am DEFINITELY not attacking him. I admire him, which is why I’m tipping him off. Notice that I said he can delete the post?

        You need to calm down there, Ford.

        • ZombieHunter,

          I own the site and I actually got a grin out of your very polite correction.

          Thanks for pointing it out.



        • Well that’s just dandy, it’s just that some folks type in the same manner as they speak. That’s all I’m sayin’.

          • lol, you’re right, It’s been fixed.

            • Sorry Rob, but you used a capital I instead of the appropriate lowercase i. Of course, if you meant to use a period instead of a comma, then the capital I would work. :-)

      • lol Ford…i didnt say anything because i just didnt think it was worth the time

  2. Aside from a spikier worm, I don’t really see anything new or amazing.
    Ooooh, Dune has SAND in his version?
    Just not selling me.

    • I can see lawsuits from both the Tremors and the Alien franchises in this depiction of the sandworm!

  3. Sandworm by Francis Bacon.

  4. Mmm, bacon…

    • Chased down with stillsuit water. What a treat…

      • Mmm Stillsuit water…

        • LOL, you’re no stranger to the outdoor music festival then!

    • HAHAHAhaHAA!
      Man, you can’t posts like that so early in the morning, everybody at works thinks I’m crazy now.

  5. Dentist that has got to be one of the funnyist things I have seen in a while!! Thanks for sharing man!

  6. I think much of the art stylistically is aiming for a John Schoenherr look. He’s been the most decisively popular artist to render art based on the “DUNE” series. If Paramount and its partners can’t raise the cash to do “Dune” in three parts, they might as well forget it. Epics like “Lord of The Rings,” or “War and Peace,” or “Cleopatra,” or “Gone with The Wind” would be just ridiculous in a two hour format. So why try to tell one of Science Fiction’s finest in such an abysmal time frame?? Even John Harrison’s miniseries cuts things short and we don’t really get a sense of some of the political complications, or a clear understanding why things are the way they are.

    Morel would be best served to bring in a talent like Charlie Kaufman or someone of his caliber to do the script justice too…

    • I think Charlie Kaufman’s an inspired choice, old man. Someone described Jodorowsky’s version as “a metaphysical fever dream”, and this one certainly needs something other than a linear, by-the-numbers approach if it’s going to distinguish itself from the previous incarnations. George Lucas took a lot of Dune for Star Wars in ’77, and demonstrated once and for all with the prequels that being able to realise pointless “trade disputes” with spectacular visuals doesn’t necessarily amount to a hill of beans.

      • Charlie Kaufmann would add a twin named Raul Atreides who doesn’t care about being the Kwisatz Haderach. All he wants to do is be a rich, spoiled Heir that boinks as many Fremen ladies as he possibly can!

        • Small potatoes compared to Emperor Dali on a dual-dolphin crapper!

  7. The pictures are a bit too generic for me. The only thing I can say is that the spice harvester looks too small, didn’t they have a crew of 35 or something like that?
    Not sure about the worm look. Doesn’t look like a desert creature.

    Who was doing the worm design on the Jodorowsky mess? Giger?
    Did he complete any concept art for it, or did they drink up the money before he could come so far?
    A lot of the Moebius concept art at least were finished, and that looked very interesting (just a tad too FAB-U-LOUS tho).

      • In one way I’m very relieved that version never made it.
        Yet, it too bad it never was made. It sounds completely insane.

        • Can you imagine, though? Music by Pink Floyd as well…

          • Set the controls for the heart of the sun, literally.

  8. How many times can you remake Dune?

    Crimminies sake, if you can’t get it right the first two times, why try for three,,,,????????

    Have you ever heard of a Dune Convention or club,,,,

    Get over it, Dune is dead!!!

  9. I have a problem with the sandworms as well. That picture doesn’t look like a creature you’d find in the desert.

    I’ve got a problem with the sketches of Paul as well. He’s coming from Caladan: definitely a water-fat planet, so why does he look all skin and bones? His toughness shouldn’t factor in until much later after he joins the sietch.

    I’m very glad these art concepts are no longer being taken into consideration. These books are about desert power – - so why not try some desert colors?

    • That’s a good point, Jessie – I thought that sketch of Paul made him look like an arrogant little swine as well as skinny! Which I suppose foreshadows what he eventually becomes, but not right for him at that stage.

      The whole colour scheme was what I thought David Lynch got completely wrong: for a desert planet it shouldn’t have been all greys and browns, and the Fremen were more like some kind of dirty, dusty bike gang than a devout warrior tribe. The John Harrison miniseries got those elements right even though it was totally studio-bound.

  10. Didn’t they already remake Dune?

  11. Hmm it’s now what date and year? Still no Dune remakes or updates I think it’s not likely it will be made very disappointed! I agree with the comment that if James Cameron were named as a possible choice to direct they’d have lot’s of stuff being stated on the web. Yes he is a good director but come on folks in my opinion Avatar sucked it wasn’t that memorable the effects were good but the story was lame! It’s about story folks no plot no box office remember the Hollywood Godzilla attempt a couple of years ago? It had great effects but blew turds on the fans! Yes I want a remake but please get it right this time I’m starting to loose interest!

  12. I’d say Paramount needs to hurry, their option time clock is running out and no word on a renewal. I think they’ll pass. A director like Ridley Scott who worked on this property earlier in his career would be a good fit but he’s gone off in his own direction unless “Prometheus” = secret “Dune” movie effort, and I don’t believe that even in my dreams. It’s such a gigantic gamble, Lynch’s version never held popular imagination and that face of “Dune” is a hard one to break away from.

    His version and Harrison’s miniseries held many of the books motifs and to make a turn on the story that rings true to it, plus bringing something unique and true to the source is a task for the mad genius that has somehow hypnotized the studios and business men of Hollywood, a very jaded and hardened group to be sure.

    I’m sure plenty of up and coming producers, writers, and directors would love to make a name for themselves with this, but I’ll be surprised if it gets to the screen anytime soon. Not only do you have to navigate all the other problems, the property owners, H.L.P. among others, will have to approve too, and it’ll take more than the power of the “voice” to sway that bunch…