‘Dumb and Dumber To’ Official Image: Carrey & Daniels Back in Top Form

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dumb and dumber 2 sequel Dumb and Dumber To Official Image: Carrey & Daniels Back in Top Form

Twenty years have passed since Bobby and Peter Farelly released Dumb & Dumber, back when Jim Carrey was the big name in raunchy comedy slapstick entertainment. The Hollywood comedy landscape has since then been largely overtaken by the alumni of Camp Judd Apatow (Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, etc.), but in 2014 the Farrellys and Carrey – with help from award-winner Jeff Daniels – will attempt to climb back atop the Hollywood mountain with the long-awaited sequel Dumb and Dumber To.

The Farrellys’ sequel picks up in real-time, with an older – but none the smarter for it – Harry Dunne (Daniels) and Lloyd Christmas (Carrey) going on another road trip, after they are informed that one of them fathered a child, who needs a kidney transplant.

Additional cast members include Rob Riggle (22 Jump Street) as a weirdo that Harry and Lloyd encounter on their adventure, and Laurie Holden (The Walking Dead) as the wife of a doctor, who uses the dynamic dim-witted duo as patsies in an underhanded scheme. Meanwhile, Kathleen Turner (Californication) plays the supposed baby’s mama in all this madness, with a certain Oscar-winner said to be appearing as the young version of Turner’s character in flashbacks.

Carrey had previously posted a couple pictures of himself with Daniels in character on the Dumb and Dumber To set, but now an official still from the movie has been unveiled online.


dumb and dumber 2 to image 570x380 Dumb and Dumber To Official Image: Carrey & Daniels Back in Top Form

Yes, the Carrey/Daniels duo have a few more facial wrinkles than last time they worked together (it happens when two decades go by), but otherwise this photo could’ve been taken back when Carrey was still hot-in-demand in the late 1990s. It’s a different story in real life, as Carry has recently struggled to resuscitate his career – more so after starring in the 2013 box office duds The Incredible Burt Wonderstone and Kick-Ass 2 – while Daniels is now an Emmy-winner thanks to The Newsroom.

Similarly, the Farrellys has never stopped making gross-out American comedies (with a heart of gold), yet it’s been a while since the majority of moviegoers seemed to agree on the quality of any one of their films (see the split in reactions to The Three Stooges, for example). Maybe the followup to their most-quoted laughfest will prove to be key to the Farrellys winning back the fans who’ve jumped off the bandwagon? Only time will tell.


Dumb and Dumber To opens in theaters on November 14th, 2014.

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  1. Man. So, Jim Carrey’s career has come to this??

    • @Kryptonic…

      Come to what? Him reprising arguably his most iconic role in a sequel to arguably one of the best comedies of all time? … Is that what his career has come to? Dumb and Dumber led the way in to a new era of comedies for a new generation. … You may not have been born when this movie came out… so I guess that’s understandable.

      • You tell him, Travis. Damn kids.

      • Best Jim Carrey movie for me 😀

        • For me, too. My friends and I often quote lines from the film.

          After this, I hope he completes the Pet Detective trilogy. :)

          • Well said Travis…. I hope this is not as disappointing as Anchorman 2… This is going to be top class hopefully

  2. Nice image, I’ve seen set photos, and I guess this is looking promising. I mean, what do you expect after 20 years? I was all for this movie happening, but now I grow weary of it.

    Still an optimist though! I’m going to see it once it comes out, and I won’t even view the trailer for it because I was to truly be surprised (or not).

  3. They must be starving to make this movie again.

    • are you kidding me? ….Jim Carrey`s net worth is 150 Million, Jeff Daniels has about 40 Million in his pocket I don’t think they are starving. This movie is more for the Fans, after all these years Jim & Jeff have been asked when will we see a sequel for D&D and the Farrelly brothers finally made a decision and reunited.

      • Unless they release it for free, it’s for the money.

        • …as all films are, so your point is?

          • …the other guy’s point is BS. It’s not for the fans. It’s to make money. Hopefully, it won’t make any.

  4. Wow! Can’t believe that’s a new photo. I’d swear it was from an outtake from the original movie. They’ve help up well over 20 years.

    (20 years! That’s so hard to believe. Where does the time go?)

  5. I have no idea why people click on articles they could care less about and fill it with negativity. I really think it comes down to being miserable with one’s own life. Instead of wasting time being negative, try creating something maybe? All I know is everyone I know is super excited for this (30 years old). Maybe it is just a generational thing or maybe your hipster jeans are just a little too tight.

    • Oh, yes! But YOU’RE not being negative….

    • Because the world would be a very dumb and boring thing if all people did was say “this is great” “i love it” “awesome”. Have actually saying what we think regardless of how positive or negative it is? Deal. With. It.

  6. Farllys and Carrey. A recipe for success! I love Dumb & Dumber and Me, Myslef & Irene. Can’t wait for this.

  7. wow! I’d swear that was an uncut scene from the original. Based on this image it seems they’ve really recaptured those characters after all this time. That takes a talented actor. Can’t wait to check out the trailer.

  8. Hahaha, I first saw the first movie when I was seven. I can only imagine what they are doing to ride a statue of a deer!

  9. I love the first movie, but this one…eh…I am praying it’s hilarious. I recently saw Anchorman 2 and it just isn’t the same. The first one is brilliant, but the sequel…not so much. There are funny parts for sure, but it’s not very good. I’m worried that will happen for this movie.

  10. Can’t wait! Both leads are pros, the supporting cast prime, this can’t not be fantastic.

  11. Seeing the screenshot gives me more hope for this movie. As others have stated it really does look like a screenshot from the original.

    Still worried, I really do hope that this movie holds up to the original.

  12. Hopefully it’ll be good and then he’ll do another Ace Ventura movie.

  13. 20 years ago when the first version came out this was a quaint film that tickled us because we just weren’t used to seeing that much dumbness over and over again. Since that time we’ve had the likes of Sarah Palin. Michell Bachmann, Rick Perry, Louie Gormert and a host of other tea baggers doing Dumb and Dumber on a regular basis. Along with a never ending barrage of Dumb and Dumber hosts and guest on Fox Noise I think America has pretty much been saturated with Dumb and Dumber to a point it just isn’t funny any more….

    • Get a load of this guy. Did you really just use an article about a comedy to shoe horn some pretentious liberal quips into a completely unrelated conversation, in an effort to prove…what? “I’m Tundrabeast, an intellectual. Republicans are dumb so there! *sips starbucks soy latte, laughs out loud at dry political cartoon In then glances around to see if anyone noticed so he can bring up another pretentious political rant.*

      Back on topic, i’m really hoping this a strong return to form for Carrey and the Farrely bros.

      • “Liberal”…….No liberal is as outraged as real Republicans at these extreme fools making a mockery of the whole lot. None the less the point was these fools have time and again put their faces in front of cameras and far exceeded any dumb and dumber performance the movie has or ever could do. The sad part is this dumb and dumber routine is tolerated instead of drummed out of public office like it once was. Too embarrassing to ever refer as a republican now days because of all that dumb and dumber tea nagger nonsense

        • That was supposed to be Tea Bagger……Just so nobody thinks I was trying to make a different play on words