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Anticipation for a sequel to 1994′s Dumb & Dumber has been brewing for almost two decades. Even when the idea for a second film started to come to fruition, a roller coaster of updates and doubts kept pouring in.

We first got word that the sequel was moving forward over two years ago. But then the movie almost lost Jim Carrey due to financial issues with Warner Bros./New Line. Shortly thereafter, Jeff Daniels assured everyone that the project was still alive and, after being dropped by WB, it was eventually picked up by Universal. When shooting began and further casting announcements were made, fans breathed a collective sigh of relief that the movie they’ve been waiting 20 years for was finally going to happen.

Those dreams came true big time for a select group a few nights ago when  preview screening of Dumb and Dumber To took place in L.A. A theater full of lucky fans got a chance to see a very early draft of the film and obviously didn’t adhere to any kind of public commentary restrictions that they may or may not have signed.

Now, with some help from /Film, we’ve got some gut reactions to the screening and thankfully it looks like the majority of them are positive.

These reactions are a good sign that the Farrelly brothers, Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey are back on their game. Daniels, who has been on his own career high after winning an Emmy for his work on The Newsroom, teased that the sequel is going to feature even more gross-out humor than the original.

Though Carrey’s stardom has slipped in recent years, he managed to remind everyone why he’s a great comedic actor last week while presenting at the Oscars. After doing a rather hilarious impression of Nebraska actor Bruce Dern, he pulled his own, “Wow, I was way off!” Dumb & Dumber homage joke during one of the more humorous bits of the lengthy awards ceremony. Perhaps his appearance at the Oscars was the work of a certain Oscar-winning actress making a secret cameo in the film?

Now remember – there’s a ways to go before the Dumb and Dumber sequel’s release and the film is probably nowhere near its finished version. It’s also worth pointing out that early reactions to screenings almost always receive high praise, even those movies that end being roundly panned by critics and audiences. But after all of this anticipation, we can’t help but hope that Dumb and Dumber To is going to knock it out of the park.

Are you looking forward to Dumb and Dumber To?


Dumb and Dumber To opens in theaters on November 14th, 2014.

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  1. Absolutely can’t wait for this film! The first one is among my favorite comedies of all time.

    On another note…this site is beginning to have w-a-y too many ads on it. Seems like it is taking longer and longer to download and open for me as a result.

    • The one that annoys me slightly is the Hancock competition making the pages load a little more slowly and lengthening the page slightly.

      As for the film, I’m pleased it got positive feedback from “the regulars” but I dunno, they may be the target audience or huge fans of the first one because while I enjoyed the first (right up until they got to the ski resort), I didn’t think it was that good compared to all the hype it’s received over the years (my humour is more along the lines of films like Airheads, Wayne’s World, This Is Spinal Tap and the Monty Python movies more than gross out comedies).

      Plus over-enthusiastic comic book fans loved Green Lantern when they got to see an early preview screening and then we all saw the disaster when the rest of the world saw it for the decent but poor attempt at a GL film that it was.

      I guess the only way to properly get me excited is when the trailer releases and I can see for myself whether it’d be worth paying to see or not, same with all movies.

      • Nope, I still love Green Lantern, full-length movie and all (although I will admit it had some flaws). I also love Monty Python and the Holy Grail, funny funny movie.

        • Hey me too! I actually liked Green Lantern a lot.

    • adblock doesnt work on this site for some reason either.

  2. Didn’t Jim Carrey already “returned” last year with Burt Wonderstone & Kick Ass 2 movies ?

    • I guess they meant something similar to Judas Priest fans saying the band had “finally returned” because they went back to the kind of songs they were used to when the original singer came back, despite the band having released two albums and toured the world with a new singer 5 years prior to that.

      You know, that sort of “THIS is the kind of thing he should be doing, welcome back, Jim” kind of comment.

      I’d say the same thing to Mike Myers if he returned to the Wayne Campbell character since I haven’t found Myers funny since Wayne’s World 2 released back in 1993.

      • It seems many comedians like to experiment and do other things over the course of their careers. Some succeed, some fail. In my humble opinion, Carrey and Myers are masters at comedy. I’m sooo glad Carrey is returning to one of the characters/films for which he is so well known. I would also love to see him do another Pet Detective film. Concerning Myers, I’d like to see him do another Austin Powers movie.

    • in a leading role i guess hes been missing. jim also hasnt had a memorable role since yesman and before that bruce almighty… he is no where near the popularity he had in the 90s. him name alone was bringing people the the cinemas back then.

    • Those were both considered FLOPS. Jim Carrey never left. He’s been doing great movies all along, as any true fan of his will heartily agree. Sure there are people who only want to see him in roles like Ace Ventura and Lloyd Christmas, I love those guys too, and am glad to see at least one of them back! But Jim Carrey had a lot of GREAT performances in movies considered not so great… such as Lemony Snicket’s and A Christmas Carol.

      • Agreed. It is just because Lloyd Christmas and Ace Ventura are such popular characters why I believe his other roles get overlooked. Those are my two favorite characters of his, though.

      • Are we ALL forgetting about The Cable Guy?!? Now THAT was an amazing movie! I can’t believe they scrapped the script for that sequel!!! Well I know it was due to the reaction and poor box office success but that was ONLY bc people had slapstick expectations of Carrey after Ace and Dumber. I found the darker and dry humor of Carrey in Cable Guy to really be some of his best work.

  3. i used to love him as a kid, along with eddie murphy

    they both seem to have fallen way down when it comes to movies. that kinda goes for eddie more than jim but jim has not done many roles people have loved and quoted in years. i think the last one was yes man and the one before that was bruce almighty in early 2000.

    one movie i would a sequel to would be ace ventura but he might find that role too exhausting.

    • That’s the nature of 90′s humor.

    • I would be absolutely ecstatic if Martin Short did a full-length movie in the character of Ed Grimley. So much zany hilarity and potential there!

      • Im a big fan of Martin Short.
        His character on Arrested Development had me in absolute stitches!

    • You cant forget Me Myself & Irene. That is easily in my top 3 Jim Carrey flicks ever.

      • Spot on man. It’s definitely one of his best. A classic.

  4. Of course, it wasn’t mentioned that many of these so-called “early reactions” are likely just paid opinions. What movie studio in their right mind would let people run away from an early screening, telling everyone it was a piece of crap, before it was even finished? Just notice how none of them pointed out anything in particular, just blanket statements HEY GO PAY TO SEE THIS JUST DO WHAT I TELL YOU.

    Also, the first movie had MORE Than just toilet humor, and it was already loaded with it. If they add a ton more, the movie will be nothing more than toilet humor. We’ll see when actual human beings begin posting their real reactions, I guess.

    • Exactly. As soon as I read that nothing about the movie was mentioned I could tell these people are paid/possibly work for the studio.

      • Hey Jeff…just a suggestion…when you enter a discussion and notice that I have already commented, it might be a good idea to use another screen name, else you will likely confuse some people…

        The first Jeff who commented here.

      • These people are not paid or work for the studio. I lived in L.A. for a long time and been to a few free screenings in Santa Monica, on the 3rd street promenade. They hand out the invites to random strangers who are walking bye. They hand em out in the afternoon, and the screening takes place around 7 or 8.

    • The Farrelly brothers are good at adding serious emotional scenes into their movies too when they are needed and necessary. Being a film about a parent searching for his lost child, I am sure it will have the correct balance of genuine emotion and silly humor. As did the original Dumb and Dumber. example: “I’m sick and tired of having to eke my way through life. I’m sick and tired of bein’ a nobody. (pause) But most of all,… I’m sick and tired of havin’ nobody.” That was a sad scene. for a short moment

  5. Was going to see this regardless, but its nice to read positive early reactions.

  6. Can’t breathe I’m so excited for the sequel! Every time I see dumb and dumber I find something else to laugh at!!!

  7. The sad thing is, most of the younger people now do not realize the (intentional) error in the title since spell check won’t catch it…

    • dont underestimate kids…. have you ever seen that game show, are you smarter than a 10 year old? lmao

  8. I disliked it. No thanks.

  9. I will not see this in the theatre, but will when it comes to Red Box.

  10. The first film is in my top 10 favorites, so naturally I’ve watched it about 20+ times. Glad they are making a true sequel and not that prequel thing. Really hoping Jennifer Lawrence does not appear in this film. I like to think Dumb and Dumber is (ironically) for an audience of a higher IQ, who don’t require part of the mass appeal hype job of Jennifer Lawrence.

    Welp, cya later…