‘Drive’ Director Talks ‘Drive 2,’ ‘Logan’s Run,’ & Not Directing ‘Doctor Who’

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Nicolas Winding Refn Talks Drive 2 and Logans Run Drive Director Talks Drive 2, Logan’s Run, & Not Directing Doctor Who

Despite being criminally snubbed this year with regard to Oscar nominations, Drive was easily one of the most critically-acclaimed and talked about films of 2011 (it was, in fact, Screen Rant’s favorite film).

Oscar nominations or no, there’s little doubt that director Nicolas Winding Refn will go onto bigger and better things as a result. In a recent interview, he talked about the success of Drive, the chances of him making Drive 2 (hint: they’re a whole lot better than zero), remaking Logan’s Run, and being passed over to direct an episode of Doctor Who.

On the success of Drive, courtesy of Short List, Nicolas Refn said:

“I’m just so sick of talking about ‘Drive.’ […] You’re always happy with the success. But I’ve talked about this movie extensively for more than a year, so that’s it. I don’t know what else I can add [at this point].”

On whether or not Ryan Gosling is Robert De Niro to Refn’s Martin Scorcese, now that they’re working on their second and (soon to be) third movies together:

“Well, yeah, it just feels right. Ryan and I are very similar. On ‘Drive’ I was living with Carey [Mulligan] because she had no place to stay, and Ryan would always come over and hang out. So it was very communal in that sense.”

Drive was based on a book by the same name. The sequel to that book, Driven, not to be confused with one of the worst Sylvester Stallone films of all time, is coming out this spring.

On whether or not Refn would be interested in adapting Driven into a live-action sequel to the 2011 Drive, he said:

“Well, I think that… hmm. Let me just say that I haven’t made up my mind yet. Stranger things have happened…”

When Drive initially came out, some ruminated that the ending – SPOILER ALERT – implied that the main character, simply known as ‘the driver,’ was in the process of dying in the final moments of the film.

Not longer after, Nicolas Refn himself came out and essentially put the kibosh on such an interpretation, saying:

“Well, all my films always have open endings. All of them. Because I believe art is always best when…you talk about it and think about it [and] so forth. Maybe once in awhile I’ve gone too far, but I always believe in finding the right balance. And in ‘Drive’ he lives on for more and new adventures.”

So it’s obvious that the idea of a sequel has been on Refn’s mind for some time. And who doesn’t want to see Ryan Gosling produce more psychopathic sweat droplets in between acts of terrible, gut-wrenching violence?

In 2007, Nicolas Refn directed an episode of BBC’s Miss Marple series – based on the Agatha Christie series of books – entitled ‘Marple: Nemesis.’ When asked if there were any other British properties he’d like to work on, Refn said:

“I would have loved to direct Doctor Who but they didn’t want me — they turned me down last year. Maybe if they revive Blake’s 7 I could do that. I love it. It’s great. That could be fun to update.”

Refn also talked – albeit very briefly – about what drew him to the remake of Logan’s Run, which he is in the process of adapting with Ryan Gosling in the lead, saying simply:

“The concept.”


Would you guys be interested in seeing a sequel to Drive? Or was one go-around with that silent psychopath enough for you? Let us know in the comments.


Drive hits DVD and blu-ray January 30th. When we hear more Only God Forgives, Refn’s next film, and Logan’s Run, we’ll let you know.

Source: Short List

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  1. why does the picture at the top remind me of Odo?

  2. Well Drive was my favorite film of 2011.
    So yeah, if a sequel is made with the same
    spirit and approach I definitely want to see it.

    I did think the driver lived at the end of Drive
    and I was quite surprised some thought not.
    Refn was probably surprised at that too.

    • I completely agree. I would like to see a sequel, as long as it’s approached with the same enthusiasm, and love. most of all, the director, and writer.

  3. I pray to the higher power that the world is never subjected to another “Drive” – a truly truly awful film that NOBODY would be talking about if Gosling and Brooks hadn’t been in it. Blech! Poor story, bad motivations and awful pacing.

    Don’t worry all you fans out there, I have also spent plenty of time praying that the Transformers series would come to an end and my wishes have been far from granted.

    • I can’t agree with you on Driver, however, I do agree with you on the Transformers series. I liked the trilogy, but I strongly believe it should end there. To me it seems like Dream works is just trying make money of the franchise.

      • I apologize if I gave any impression that I liked any of the Transformers films, the three of them together represent all of the absolute worst aspects of the Hollywood big-budget movie system (whereas Drive represents, although not to the same extent, the problems with indie films – utter failure of character development, horrendous pacing, etc.). While I merely dislike Drive though, I detest with my whole filmwatchign being the Transformers movie.

        • If I may ask, why do not you like the trilogy?

          • Also, I apologize for the miss interpreting what you meant. My bad

        • The Transformers trilogy is emblematic of the major issues in big-studio filmmaking. Much of my complaints you can find in any review for any of the films, but a short list – 1) emphasis on fx over character or plot development; 2) complete disregard for source material (i.e. the Transformers cartoons, arguably the movies are very faithful to the purposes of the toy line); 3) complete over-sexualization of females; 4) just awful dialogue (I think the films were written by a “random one-line generator machine”); 5) no faith that the audience demands anything more than an incoherent spectacle (the trilogy treats its own fans with contempt and alludes that they have no intelligence).

          Anyways, I could go on and on, but long posts often go unread. Hopefully, this gives you more insight Xavier.

          • what can you tell me about TERminator 2 for me its the best ever movie made what do you think

            • Why are you asking for this person’s opinion? He’s lost when it comes to film.

        • you people simply can’t think in layers, you need films to be black and white. To get the concepts. Pathetic.

      • “To me is seems like Dream works is just trying make money of the franchise.”

        How can you say that? Transformers is a perfect example of a film with a low budget, strong characters, great acting and more artistic merit than most of the trash Hollywood dribbles out these days. It’s success and subsequent profit are just (well deserved) icing on the cake for DreamWorks. Unlike most “franchises” Transformers didn’t make it’s sequels for pure monetary gain. Just like the Shrek series, Transformers had a great story to tell, they didn’t rush and only released their second and third (and hopefully fourth) parts when the script was perfect.

    • Dude, what are you smoking? Drive was amazing. Ryan Gosling did a fantastic job, it wasn’t just him being in the movie – he made the movie. His acting was fantastic, and I found myself completely shocked by that. To call this a truly awful film is utter nonsense. I don’t know what your definition of a good movie is, but this is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Period.

      • Sorry Bobby,

        Perhaps if I had been smoking I would have enjoyed the film given the non-sensical use of neon played against the drab backgrounds. There was simply no point. No reason for driver to love this woman. No reason for him to take revenge. The dialogue was flat-out ridiculous and cliched – especially the pregnant pauses. Further, the story itself was about as run-of-the-mill as possible, there were no surprises, twists or anything that took Drive out of the typical film-noir anti-hero journey. Not that you need to be original to make a great film, but I saw nothing there that places Drive above the pack.

        Why don’t you try watching Chinatown, the Maltese Falcon, or Memento for an examples of excellent revenge thrillers with noir style, and then try telling me Drive stacks up.

        • The film was influenced by the 1980′s, hence the neon, music, etc. There was plenty of reasons for the driver to become attracted to the woman, mainly because he was lonely. You can tell just by his character, hes not very sociable. No reason to take revenge? He cares about the woman and little boy, and once their lives were threatened, he intervened.I personally do view the film as oscar material, but it is rather good. See, people like you complain about hollywood being uncreative and unoriginal, and when a film like this comes out, you bash it for no reason.

          • I saw Evan trying to prove his point (with obvious failure) so I thought I would chime in.

            Dear Evan, your views on the film industry well…..suck. You strike me as a guy who’s very confident and who likes to think he’s intelligent. While I won’t discredit you (You do a fine enough job as it is), you have to understand that just because the movie wasn’t what YOU wanted doesn’t make this movie any less than great. This movie as a whole is all around fantastic. (You just can’t argue with the masses sometimes) SO that being said, keep on keepin’ on.

    • Despise?! Dislike I could possibly fathom. Movies of any sort, is a form of the arts and all art is, good sir, is a way of communicating. “DRIVE” communicates a lot with a dialogue that is both physical and emotional as opposed to solely verbal. I would love to know what your top favorite films are. Drive portrays a realistic look at a Crime Drama set in L.A. Anyway, Its a lost cause here. To each is own I guess.

  4. It was definitely criminal that Drive was snubbed by the Oscars!

  5. Leave well enough alone.

  6. I’m still waiting to see Drive,but I have low expectations for it considering that I didn’t like Refn’s previous two films.

  7. Wow, that was cruel. I really liked the movie, but this was one time it
    NEEDED an end.

  8. Please do a sequel to Drive, guys. One of my absolute fav films in a long time! Such a smart and cool flick!

  9. How is Drive “smart?” It was fairly straight forward, not including any unpredictable terms like other modern noir-style films like Memento, L.A. Confidential or Usual Suspects. Just because something is mind-numbingly slow with actors giving purposeful looks to each other does not make an intelligent film. Please do elucidate further, Id appreciate it.

    • Boy besides being a critic, you should become a director. You know so much but in my opinion. I thought Drive was interesting. The Transformers Trilogy was good also. Apart from the fact that Megan Fox was removed it was cool. She should have stayed for it was these films that blossomed her career. So I’m confused the Robert Di Niro film “Driven” is based on the sequel to “Drive” the book?

    • “I’ll throw in a few big words and seem intelligent!” If you didn’t enjoy Drive, that’s one thing. If you can’t see the merit of the filmmaking itself, you’re lost. You’re welcome.

  10. Also Xavier, I have nothing against FX when they are well-used. Sam Raimi and Chris Nolan are two modern examples that you can have memorable big-budget action set pieces while still developing interesting characters, constructing pulse-pounding action sequences, and not act condescending to audience or story.

    Even going back to silent film – while Nosferatu’s special effects are stunning for its time, the thing that makes it a movie still relevant today despite only one remake (and one pseudo-remake) is the characters and intelligent directing.

    • Let me try to sort out your disappointment. So in your “perfect” world all movies would have their writers, directors, actors carry little books. Inside these books would be a very basic formula. That formula would read how ever you would like it written. I’ve got life to live I’m not going to try and figure your logic right here and now. Then at the end of that formula it would read.
      “Now take great heed! Never once shall you deviate from this set path because the world works in only one way. People behave one specific way and you if you go outside of that “norm” then you have produced utter garbage!”
      So instead of trying to come up with some overwhelmingly witty retort because I wont be back to reply I was just compelled to address this. I want you to think about what I wrote. Because my friend the flaws you see are not with the movie but created by you. You expect something else even after seeing what something is. You should learn to accept that everything in life is different and because of that there is no one way to make a movie that the masses will love. Instead of finding flaw with the movies or the millions that enjoy those movies. Try sitting back and just enjoying the experience and be thankful you get to. Because your idea of movies needing always to have “intelligent” dialogue and what have you is a lie in your own mind and you will never be happy. If you only like a specific set up then by all means follow it. But dont belittle others because it doesnt suit you. It just shows you to be a very insecure person. Also dont try and defend yourself the comments you made are blatantly rude and as you typed them out listening to the impact your fingers made on the keys at those very moments is what sets the proof in your mind.

  11. Drive was an awesome movie, I liked how it was not like the typical movies where you can guess the outcome. it had a good flow of a storyline. I wish there would of been more action of him as the “driver”, none the less, the action sequences were pheomenal with a touch of adrenaline rush. Being a huge fan of Breaking Bad,I would like to see Aaron Paul,in the sequel, team up as good friends with the “driver”. It wouldn’t be the same if the sequel didn’t have Ryan Gosling in it as the “driver” because he played such a good role in this movie. Making the sequel has a lot of potential to be a big box office hit and for people to see Drive if they hadn’t seen it already. It would be awesome to see more muscle cars being tricked out by the driver,since he’s a mechanic in the movie and to see more car chases/stunts.

  12. Hell yes to the sequel of drive! That is one of, if not the best movie I have ever seen. The acting, directing, music , cinematography, story, and pace were brilliant. I will be very disappointed if there isn’t a second round

    • infatti ma secondo me ne faranno un altro l’anno prossimo e spero che sia bello e pieno di energia come questo

  13. I loved Drive and hope there is a sequel…

  14. In my opinion, Drive was the TRAINING DAY of this decade, and was totally different from the other crap in the theaters, and while simple and straight forward, it was something really special and deserves a sequel. I had the same feeling of ‘wow’ feeling after Training Day, that I had with this movie. I think the violence was probably the reason it was not recognized as it should have been.

    My hope is screen writers are already working hard at bringing us a Drive sequel. I just hope they keep Ryan in the role, sequels are screwed when they try to replace the lead actor, especially in this role.

  15. I love the drive … I would be disappointed if he was not continue …. Sountrack known as A real Hero was absolutely amazing in this film set … Drive is the first of assorted favorite films … Please do Drive 2!

  16. Drive is a great work of ART with so many interpretations/hidden jewels within the movie to discover… It will be nice to see where the story unfolds next.

  17. Drive is one off the the most beautiful combined movies i have ever seen. The music, the story, the actors and the directing.
    For many off those who don’t like the movie, i guess is because 90% of the movie should be observed thru the soundtrack and body language. Drive tell it’s story thru other kinds of communication then other movies.
    and for all of those who can’t wait for the sequel… Driven (the sequel) is already on book. So read Drive and Driven and see totally different personalities and ways off communication. I personally liked the book a bit more, because it have a more interesting “Driver”, with a more shallow view on human interaction.