No ‘Drive’ Sequel But The Driver Character May Return in a Spin-Off

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Drive international trailer with Ryan Gosling No Drive Sequel But The Driver Character May Return in a Spin Off

Director Nicolas Winding Refn delivered one of 2011′s most talked about films with Drive. In an industry that is riding high on successes from fan-favorite superhero films, Drive presented viewers with a provocative look at a different kind of “hero.” Even though the film was snubbed by The Academy, Refn’s efforts, along with star Ryan Gosling, became one of the most celebrated films of 2011 - among moviegoers and critics alike.

As a result, the film’s ambiguous ending left many fans hoping that the pair would reunite for a sequel – so that audiences could see the continuing adventures of Driver (and his scorpion jacket). Now, one year later, Refn is putting a definitive end to hopes that we’ll ever see a Drive 2 – while at the same time hinting the Driver character may be up for another ride.

In an interview with the Evening Standard, Refn confronted the Drive 2 rumors head-on:

“That is never going to happen. But the character of The Driver might return in another film. We’re playing with that idea. We’ll see what happens.”

However, eight months back, Refn seemed undecided about the possibility of a potential Drive franchise, stating: “Well, I think that… hmm. Let me just say that I haven’t made up my mind yet. Stranger things have happened…” Around the same time, the director also addressed the film’s open-ended finale, claiming that “[Driver] lives on for more and new adventures.

Considering Refn’s recent hardline denial of future Drive installments is coupled with the vague “idea” of Driver returning in another film – it’s likely that the director and Gosling have narrowed down how they’d like to position future installments even if they don’t have a concrete story idea yet. While a prequel could still be on the table, coupled with his prior comments, Refn seems to be indicating that the filmmakers always envisioned Driver continued on for future adventures – and that the team would be interested in exploring at least one of them. However, any future Driver stories would stand on their own – specifically without concern for tying back to the events of Drive (i.e. Los Angeles, Irene and Benicio, etc.).

Nicolas Winding Refn Talks Drive 2 and Logans Run No Drive Sequel But The Driver Character May Return in a Spin Off

Standalone Driver spin-off stories would come as a disappointment to any fans hoping for a return of Carey Mulligan, not to mention a happy-ever-after end for Irene and Driver. That said, mixing up the formula could help position any future Driver installments for success, given that a major strength of Drive was its storytelling flexibility – since the film wasn’t tied to a well-known movie brand.

Of course, Refn could also be playing coy about future Drive installments – given that the film was loosely based on the 2005 novel by James Sallis. It’s unclear at this point how many creative liberties Refn would have in subsequent films – especially since Sallis has previously hinted that a film adaptation of Driven (his direct novel follow-up to Drive) was “in the pipeline.” The Driven story is a sequel, so if Refn’s recent “never going to happen” comment is to be believed, the director and Gosling are not going to join up for Driven. As a result, Driven is in an especially difficult spot, considering most moviegoers would probably rather see Refn and Gosling’s next unattached variation of Driver – rather than a more “official” follow-up that’s missing the director/star pair.

Then again, Refn’s comment about Driver returning in “another film” might be just a tongue-in-cheek tease – as the character could just enjoy a prequel cameo, i.e. sit in the background, of the director’s next movie (also starring Gosling), Only God Forgives. Not likely but, as Refn said, “Stranger things have happened.”


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Source: Evening Standard [via The PlayList]

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  1. Out of all the movies that came out last year, Drive was number one on my list. It even became apart of my top 10 favorite movies and I saw it 3 times in theaters.

    Everything about it was beautiful; the cinematography, everything. I sure hope they continue on with a spin-off adventure. The “Driver” character will indeed become the new “Man with No Name” of the modern age. Hopefully they never reveal his name and get to do two more Drive spin-off movies. All together three separate adventures, all at epic proportions.

    • Forgot to mention, I completely disagree with the idea of a prequel. The origins to the “Driver” character should remain a mystery. If we find out who he really is, that’ll take away from his entire mysterious essence and become out of place toward the character they established. The next movie should be a spin-off, with a new on going adventure. He is like a Scorpion, wherever he goes, trouble follows and all shall feel his sting.

    • Same, favourite movie of 2011 and definitely in my top 10 of all time! It was just the movie as a whole, the way everything fit, the way everything looked, how every character was full of colour that got me. When I first saw the movie I watched it again the next day and again the day after that.

      I would love to see a sequel of some sort but I don’t want to see a re-hash or anything that feels cheap. Refn’s Pusher trilogy stayed fresh throughout so I have hope.

  2. I’d go and watch another one, Ryan Gosling is badass in everything he does

  3. you mean they are not going to make a crappy sequel to a crappy movie? then we ALL win!!!

    • and your one of the people who herald the resident evil films as great work.

      • really? did i offend you for posting i did not like this movie? are you another guy who wants a bromance with RG? some people in here get so butt-hurt if you don’t like something. so as scooby would say…ruck ryou!

    • @ jeffro You don’t seem to like anything from the various post I’ve read from you.

      Anyway, this would be interesting, expand the characters and “universe” ,if you will, of Driver.

      • well thimmy, you would be wrong, and i’m sorry if my not liking this crap-fest has thrown your day into turmoil. i am allowed to not like something. i live in america, and i can complain or praise as i see fit. the new films i have seen this year, so far, sherlock holmes game of shadows. thought it was almost as good as the 1st. lockout. kind of boring and predictable, and not very good acting from guy pearce. the avengers. well done! TDKR. did not like. liked the first 2, but this one fell flat, imo. hunger games. was ok. SWATH. ok. immortals. mickey rourke is a terrible actor, with a couple exceptions, namely, sin city, and his brief appearance in the expendables. the rest of immortals was ok. there are a ton more, but, sir, you are wrong. i am not the negative nelly around here.

        • Haha, I like how you said ‘Micky Rourke is a terrible actor with a few exceptions such as Sin City and The Expendables’ and completely left out The Wrstler. To each their own indeed.

        • @jeffro:

          You, sir, are retarded.

    • Hey, want a toothpick?

      • OK.

    • @Jeffro: Drive wasn’t that great for me either. Ryan Gosling was good (as usual) but the film pretty much failed in every aspect other than his acting IMO.

      There are so many better movies of the same genre out there…

  4. The Driver character showing up in another film brings his history.
    Drive itself did not point to any definitive future so any film with the
    Driver character who is defined by the first film is essentially a sequel.

    • Does the Driver bring his history to a prequel to ‘Drive’? What about if the audience watching the prequel hasn’t seen ‘Drive’?
      Didn’t Albert Brooks’ character say that after the events of ‘Drive’ the protagonist would have to forget his plans and look over his shoulder for the rest of his life? Doesn’t that count as pointing to a definitive future?

      • A prequel does not qualify as a spin-off and obviously
        a characters history in the original could not carry over.
        And looking over his should is hardly a definitive future.

        • *shoulder

      • I’m pretty sure that was only assuming they both carried out their end of the deal. Driver gives him the money, leaves the city, Brooks makes Driver the scapegoat for the theft, and the mob pursues him indefinitely. Of course what actually happened was that Brooks’ character just tries to kill driver right there. Since that didn’t work out (and his body was left in the parking lot with all the money) I think it’d be safe to assume the mob will think Brooks was behind the whole thing and call it a day.

  5. I’m not sure I understand what the difference is between a sequel and another movie about the main character…Unless, as another poster suggested, they want to go the Man with No Name mythology route and do a series of movies with no relation or continuity between each other featuring a very similar character played by the same actor. That might be interesting, if somewhat confusing (I’ve known a few people who think that The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is a direct continuation of A Fistful of Dollars and For A Few Dollars More, even believing that the actor who played Angel Eyes was the same character in FAFDM, and the set-up is kind of complicated to explain).

    • I don’t really get it myself either.

      Does this mean that every Bond film is a spin off?

      The Star Trek movies don’t really have much to do with each other aside from the cast. I mean, Vger doesn’t come back, I don’t think Kahn is ever mentioned again. Each movie is a standalone feature. So essentially, they aren’t sequels then?

      Or are they just saying that they won’t make Drive 2, and instead they’ll call it something else?

      • I think he meant it more along the lines that refn would make a new movie, new characters etc. and for some reason they need help so the Driver character makes a cameo or a smaller part type deal, saves their ass, disappears into the sunset..

        • … or drives off into the moonlight.

    • @Vincent, Haha that’s very funny about those people with Lee Van Cliff coming back to life. The Drive movies’ continuity between each other should be where continuity doesn’t matter. Leave it where anything can happen but will have no effect on the “Driver” character. His new adventures bare no change to him, to bring the mindset of “Did this movie happen before or after each other?” when really it doesn’t matter. It’ll add to his mysterious presents. Just as Cranston’s character explained to Irene, “I just found him.” Gosling’s character’s history of being a lone scorpion shall remain constant.

      In regards to the Man with No Name trilogy, yeah, they messed up by using Cliff in two of the movies. Drive should introduce brand new characters each time (casting different actors ofc) that interact with the sting of Gosling. At the end, he leaves just as mysteriously as he entered.

      • ***He ‘drives’ off just as mysteriously as he entered.

        • Lee Van *Cleef

  6. Another film may feature him driving for the main characters. We get a cool sequence like the first 5 minutes of ‘Drive’ and then it follows someone else.

  7. I wonder if they would do something like this with Guy Pearce’s character Snow, from Lockout? He was a great character, and Pearce played him very well. I’d watch another movie with Pearce as Snow for sure. I will now be renting Drive after reading all the posts here, it sounds like something I would like.

  8. Drive was one of the most boring films I have ever seen, I knew the plot was trying to get somewhere but for me it was just a confusing mess. The build up to the biggest part was just slow and slower like time was stopping. The characters were mostly stupid and idiotic. One film to suffer through is enough.

  9. I wonder if they would do something like this with Guy Pearce’s character Snow, from Lockout? He was a great character, and Pearce played him very well. I’d watch another movie with Pearce as Snow for sure. I will now be renting Drive after reading all the posts here, as it sounds like something I would like.

    • sorry, for some reason it posted twice.

      • I’d like to see Lockout redone properly, I wanted to love that movie so much but it was let down by the Luc Besson euro crap machine! I mean the guy parachuted from a space station and landed safe and sound on the side of a freeway! That motorcycle chase at the beginning was some of the worst CGI ive ever seen! Horrendous!

        Guy Pearce is awesome and deserved more!

        • I agree, some parts were silly, even stupid, but Snow in a better movie would be very cool.

  10. Worst. Soundtrack. Ever.

    Glad to see that there is no second movie (unless they decide to get someone else in charge of the soundtrack).

    • I forgot to add, the movie needed more BOOM!

      • What the funk! The soundtrack was awesome!

        You clearly didn’t get it, if you wanted more boom, just watch Faster with the Rock, it’s pretty much the same movie ish

        • While I hate Mr. Bay, I agree. Here are the lyrics for the one of the songs in the movie:

          “I’m giving you a night call to tell you how I feel
          I want to drive you through the night, down the hills
          I’m gonna tell you something you don’t want to hear
          I’m gonna show you where it’s dark, but have no fear

          There something inside you
          It’s hard to explain
          They’re talking about you boy
          But you’re still the same”

          Now, just repeat it a few times, give me depth in my music, not any of that hypnotic sounding crap these artists (who are on par with painters who just randomly toss paint at a canvas and sell it for a million dollars) call music.

          • @Brandon, Lmao! Wtf? You obviously don’t get why they played that song during the movie just as they did. The lyrics to that song described that entire scene perfectly. The scene and the music were brought together to tell you the story without any dialogue. It was amazingly well done. In a sense, you felt the scene, you didn’t just view it.

            • Maybe for that one scene, but EVERY SINGLE SONG was like that.

              If I turned on sub captions and put it on mute, I would have enjoyed the movie soooooo much more. The movie was good, not great, the soundtrack made it even less so because of it repeating itself, it was annoying, I was not the only one to think that either.

              I watched it with a few of my friends (all musicians in different bands), they could not bare it and some of them left by the time he put on that mask.

              Notice how all my friends were musicians? They had the same complaint as I have, we know music, we do not just go with it because someone said to. I take it you do not play an instrument (and knowing a few power chords or knowing how to read tabs does not mean you know how to play an instrument FYI)

              But then again, how could I explain to everyone why it sucks when so many un-educated people still claim lil wayne is a good rapper?

              • So your music friends are like THE authority on music? I’d better stop liking this movie so much then. And playing is score/soundtrack.

                And tell all my music friends (to synth players, jazz guitarist, bassist, a drummer, keyboardist and another guitarist) they’d better start hating it two. Because some guy’s music friends walked out before he put the mask on.

                Authoritarian comments like that just deserve every smart ass trolling response they get. Pull the stick out of your ass and hit yourself in the face for us please?

              • So your music friends are like THE authority on music? I’d better stop liking this movie so much then. And playing is score/soundtrack.

                And tell all my music friends (to synth players, jazz guitarist, bassist, a drummer, keyboardist and another guitarist) they’d better start hating it two. Because some guy’s music friends walked out before he put the mask on.

                Authoritarian comments like that just deserve every trolling response they get. Pull the stick out of your rectum and hit yourself in the face for us please?

              • @Brandon, Every soundtrack played during the movie correlated with its scene. Also, you can’t put musicians in the same category as filmography. Two completely different forms of art; in sending across a meaningful message to your audience.

                You can be a musician and still be a poser (plain instrument player) and not grasp the concepts of art in film or in music and the messages they send to the audience. How old are your musician friends? 12? Who still play the Recorder in the classroom? You walked out midway because of its pace? You’re not a movie goer, watch a movie from the 50s in regards to pace. You can be a master at an instrument and still not be a true musician. A true musician looks at all the aspects of the piece of material and tries to find the meaning of its message. There is a philosophy.

                Example: Gaahl, former member of the band Gorgoroth is a true musician.

                • Exactly. The vibe of the non score tracks was a total throwback to Carpenter’s self made scores to films like Assault on Precinct 13 and Escape from New York, a vibe Refn has said many times has influenced him as an artist. Bronson had very similar musical choices. As for the score itself, it was not the same thing over and over, as anyone who actually listens to it on its own can tell you. Cliff Martinez is an extremely skilled composer who, you will find, most film makers respect enough to showcase scenes with his music by often letting the music and visuals be in the forefront, much like the director of Arbitrage did with Martinez’s score there.

                  “Music friends” can mean any skill level from the toilet trash of Fall Out Boy to classical masters. On the internet its a completely meaningless qualifier with no context with which to be taken seriously. You might as well say well my friends The President, Paul McCartney and Oscar the Grouch didn’t like it for all the credibility it nets you.

        • The soundtrack was basically like one of those people who make identical comments over and over again on screenrant. Whether it is on purpose or they just want attention, IDK.

  11. So sexy

  12. Drive is a wonderful movie. I watched it three time within a month. The beautiful cinematography, the 80s inspired soundtrack, the characters, the acting. Everything is top notch. Having said that Drive isn’t movie that says “franchise” to me. It think it should remain a stand-alone piece of art and I fear that any kind of sequel or spin-off will diminish it somehow.

    • @TheLostWinchester, I agree with you totally, it was indeed art. However I disagree in regards to it diminishing its artsy feel if they make a spin-off done right. However a sequel involving his origins would 100% diminish the art of the “Driver.” The Man with No Name trilogy in a sense is what Drive should be like. Have the same character be portrayed the same way in the same style and music (just as Ennio Morricone did the music for No Name trilogy) just in a different environment with a different set of characters. In each, we will always witness the sting of the scorpion unfold.

      • Yeah, that could work. His past must definitely kept in the dark. It’s his current actions that give us enough clues about who he is and where he came from.

        • Exactly!

    • Could not agree more.

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  14. Isn’t it basically a sequel if you’re using the same character in another movie with a different name?

    • Not if he’s a side character making a small appearance and then disappearing… which I hope would be the case.

  15. Well it was adapted (quite well) from an utterly brilliant novella and that writer wrote a sequel called “Driver”. So. There you go. Read that. I know… reading… boooooo…

  16. the driver character can show up in another movie like a spinoff? that sounds awfully close to Prometheus and the aliens franchise . same thing

  17. Man, the crap that is spun about this film. The Academy snubs many great films, but this is not one of them. Finney is the only one who even merited a discussion. Second, loved by moviegoers and critics? Is that why Drive was an epic financial blockbuster with a sterling cinemascore? Oh wait, it wasn’t. I am sick and tired of all this praise for a wildly overrated movie.

  18. I absolutely loved this movie and I hope to see Irene back somehow.

  19. Drive is my favorite movie of all time. I am a little dissapointed about this news but also a little relieved because this excludes the possibility of an underachieving sequel. I remember reading online about how the sequel would have a rival driver who would be going against Ryan Gosling’s character. That could have been bad ass. But I do think that it would be incredible to see, within a totally different movie, two characters talking in a dark bar and then in the background you see a shady person wearing a satin white jacket with a yellow scorpion on the back and leather driving gloves in his back pocket just walk by slowly. There are so many ways for him to make a great cameo. By the way the Drive soundtrack was also great, in my opinion. I have a playlist just for drive in my ipod, including music that isn’t from the soundtrack but gives off the same vibe :).

      • Lol I seriously laughed out loud at the first part of your comment. But let me answer some of your questions. First of all I really like the character, maybe it’s because I relate. Please explain to me how the film lacked coherent action. The cinematography was outstanding. I enjoyed the camera shots and angles, the mystery of the character and the illustration that not everything in life is black and white. Driver didnt keep the money, alot of people say that no one would think twice about keeping the cash. But believe it or not there are people in this world that aren’t like majority, they dont make the same choices the masses would make. Now if you knew anything about film you would know that it’s a VISUAL MEDIUM. Meaning show dont tell, so if Drive did anything right, it was being able to express emotion and deliver the character’s message without the need for useless exposition. Now please go to the bursars office and pay the bill for the film class I just gave you if you want to keep learning. ;)

  20. Drive was one of the best movies i have ever seen, too bad it won’t have a sequel.