Iron Man 3′s Drew Pearce Hopes To Write Another Movie For Marvel

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Marvel Runaways Movie Drew Pearce Iron Man 3s Drew Pearce Hopes To Write Another Movie For Marvel

Thanks to his work writing and producing the British superhero comedy No Heroics, Drew Pearce was hired by Marvel Studios to pen the screenplay for Runaways, a project that was shelved in favor of focusing on The Avengers as the sole release of the studio in 2012. Knowing Pearce’s passion and desire to work on a similar project, Marvel Pres Kevin Fiege tapped him to help Shane Black with the script of Iron Man 3.

Pearce’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed and as an example of Marvel’s ability to hire unexpected, unusual or unknown talent, the writer has since gone on to land jobs writing for the Mission: Impossible 5 and Sherlock Holmes 3. But that doesn’t mean he’s done with Marvel.

Drew Pearce has gone on record several times saying he’d do anything to see Marvel Studios greenlight production on Runaways, a film based on the Brian K. Vaughan series that Avengers writer-director Joss Whedon also spent time on. It’s the story of a group of teenagers who learn of their parents’ super-villainy and decide to run away, team-up and use their own powers for good.Peter Sollett (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) was attached to direct and the production was given a start date before the studio backed off, seemingly cancelling it for good.

Speaking with SciFiNow, Pearce discusses his optimistic thoughts about the rest of Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, of which he helped kickstart with the record-breaking success of Iron Man 3.

“This next phase has such a good bunch of directors, from the Russos, who by all accounts have knocked it out the park with Captain America 2 – I’ve seldom heard buzz from the editing room as good as that movie. Avengers 2 will be Joss Whedon’s baby, and reaction to James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy has been brilliant. Even after the tough journey of two and half years making Iron Man 3 as good as it can be, I don’t just have respect for Marvel as unit; I’m honored for my time there, and I’m constantly talking to them about what we do next.”

Marvel Studios has a penchant for maintaining their core “family” and writing duo Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, for example, has now worked together on Captain America 1 & 2 along with Thor: The Dark World, and will likely help out with another – potentially entirely new – project in the future.

What project could Pearce do next and is there any potential for Runaways to come back as a film or TV series, or has Marvel moved on to bigger properties that tie-in with their future plans (like Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange). There are still three unannounced Marvel Studios films with confirmed release dates and we know they’ve planned as far as as 2021.

Iron Man 4 Logo Iron Man 3s Drew Pearce Hopes To Write Another Movie For Marvel

Pearce also shared his thoughts on the incoming shared universes of rival studios Warner Bros. and Twentieth Century Fox, explaining that WB and DC Entertainment are doing their own thing, “following the Dark Knight model and using to branch out, character by character. It’s a smart move that they’re not trying to do Justice League and they’re going to bring Batman and Superman together their next movie instead.”

As for that other Marvel Cinematic Universe in the works at Fox, he has faith that Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past will correct the continuity issues of the series so far and open the gates for the Fantastic Four reboot being set in that same world where mutants exist.

What movie would you like to see Drew Pearce work on for Marvel?


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: SciFiNow (via CBM)

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  2. Considering all the plot holes in Iron Man 3 Idk if I would want him to write another one:/

  3. Runaways would be a terrible fit for the MCU what could they possibly bring to the table? I don’t see how Runnaways would even be a priority when we still have super heros like Iron Fist, Wonder Man, Namor, Vision, or even Ms. Marvel that haven’t even been looked at seriously. Also people already voiced their opinion about the team when the book got cancelled.

  4. I’d be okay with it, but not for another IM movie.

  5. He isnt bad by any means. I didnt enjoy ironman 3 for a multitude of reasons mainly its contrediction to the rest of the series. Have him start a series and ill be cool with it lol

  6. i loved all three Iron Man movies (well i only liked Iron Man 2) but even i say that Iron Man is done being a solo star. There are way too many other properties to focus on to spend any more time on Iron Man. Marvel is doing good on risking properties. Iron Man was fairly unknown in the main stream until his movie, and now he’s as big as Batman. Guardians of the Galaxy is even more obscure and they seem to have faith in that. I’m excited for Thor 2 and Captain America 2, but even so, new properties are the best option for the studio to have on the horizon.

    I can see The Runaways as a tie-in tv series, pending how “Agents of Shield” turns out. Mostly in their own little world with subtle nods to other franchises.

  7. Drew Pearce the person who ruined IM3, the mandarin one of the best IM villains and turn him into a drug addict cop out. I hope he never gets work again on any CBM

    • +10000

    • That wasn’t the Mandarin. The Mandarin was a different character… did you pay attention? They didn’t make the Mandarin a drug-addled mess, they made him a man-behind-the-man evil genius with a crush on Gwyneth Paltrow.

      • fail….

  8. Hopefully none since him and Shane Black f*cked up Iron Man 3.

  9. Yeah, I totally agree. IM3 Has the numbers but it lacked the story. It was successful due to the Avengers but it didn’t give fans the IM VS Mandarin story we wanted to see.

  10. General fanboy reaction: ZOMG NO! HE RUNED DA MADARIN!

    Ignoring the fact that he didn’t actually ruin the Mandarin because Ben Kingsley was never the Mandarin to begin with. Guy Pierce was. He outright stated it in the movie and it was confirmed by Word of God. And, let’s face it, Guy Pierce’s Mandarin was a pretty decent match for Stark. Not to mention, it was going to be a major struggle for Ben Kingsley to be a real physical threat to Iron Man unless he got his own power suit (like the last two villains) or unless they introduced magic which would not only come the hell out of nowhere but would also probably suck.

    Honestly, people really need to get over that.

    • Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad

      • Lmao ‘Your opinion is bad.”?
        That’s hilarious!

      • And you need to get over yourself

      • It’s not opinion if it’s fact. It’s a fact that Aldrich Killian said he was the real Mandarin. It’s a fact that Word of God has stated that Killian is the MCU’s Mandarin. It’s a fact that Kingsley was going to struggle to be a physical match for Iron Man. And it’s a fact that fanboys really need to get over it.

        • I totally agree with you and I am a heavy supporter of Iron Man 3′s brilliance. Could you please point me out to where/when Word of God stated that Killian was The Mandarin. I mean, I saw it on the movie but if there is an interview with Pearce or Feige or Black I’d like to read it.

        • You’re right that Killian being the Mandarin is a fact. Unfortunately, his character was a middle school joke, so IM3 had no real antagonist. The movie was not good for other reasons as well, but that major element missing certainly didn’t help.

          • ‘Middle School Joke’? While I admit Killian wasn’t the most interesting of villains (although he was by no means bad), he was still a long way from being ‘a joke’. And saying that ‘Iron Man 3 had no real antagonist’ couldn’t be more wrong, no matter what you think of Killian.

            • I’m not sure how you can say my opinion on the matter is wrong. I found Killian’s motivations and actions to be childish and bullying…a virtual definition of a less-than-favorable middle schooler. Because Kingsley’s character really WAS a joke (and not even a particularly funny one, at that), A.I.M. Was minimally presented, and Killian was not any sort of true villain (maybe for teen flick), I found the movie weak in not giving the protagonist someone to oppose. I didn’t care in the slightest about the “twist”…I just did not see a well-made movie. The ONLY thing good about IM3 for me was RDJ’s performance.

              If you don’t agree and enjoyed the movie, good for you. My OPINION about is not wrong…unless you think yours is too?!?

              • I can say your opinion on the matter is wrong, because it is obviously wrong. ‘Opinion’ isn’t a magic word that lets you say whatever you like about a film even in the face of obvious facts.

                Unless you’re seriously trying to argue that Killian kidnapping the president and attempting to execute him live on air so that he can control both sides of the War on Terror is just him being ‘childish and bullying’ and in no way makes him a ‘true villain’.

                • IM3 pretty much was a made for kids and girls to enjoy… Me i hated the movie pretty much a slap in the face to the comics.. but my Wife and kids loved it since they never read the comics

                  • Those ‘kids and girls’ helped the movie make over 1 billion worldwide. And gave it mostly positive reviews on RT, IMDB, etc. I can’t help but feel that the audience for the film might’ve been slightly larger than you claim.

                    Also, since you apparently read the comics all the time, I would’ve thought you’d be happy that they made the Mandarin a suave, manipulative business man who works behind the scenes, just like he is in the comics nowadays (as most so-called ‘Mandarin fans’ seem to be unaware of.)

                    • It was a great movie. I loved the twist, and Marvel isn’t going to ignore how much money it made. Obviously general audiences didn’t care about the Mandarian portrayal.

                • Rukaio…

                  Wow…the asinine arrogance. Actually, that is PRECISELY what an opinion does. I, however, am not merely falling back on any presumed freedom of the concept of the opinion…I actually DID give my MANY and significant reasons (and agreed with still others) why I found IM3 to be putrid crap on the threads dealing directly with that movie. Just because you (and HOWEVER many others) swallowed the crap does not remove the FACT (since you like that word, though you obviously misunderstand its basic meaning) that QUITE a few people did not. The movie was both badly made AND badly presented.

                  It was CRAP.

                  Good luck with your issues of arrogance and buffoonery…

                  • I may be ‘arrogant’ but at least I don’t fall back on childishly insulting people when I can’t win an argument.

                    And no, that isn’t ‘precisely what an opinion does’. If there are facts contradicting an opinion, then that opinion is wrong, mo two ways about it.

                    • It’s not “arrogant”…it’s straight-out arrogance. I insulted no one (childishly or otherwise). You said something extremely dumb, and I merely called you out on it.

                      As for the meaning of “opinion”…An opinion is ALWAYS just that; it is an expression of someone’s feelings, their personal thoughts. It is NOT a fact and, thus, is not dependent on any evidence or outside influences. It is, by its very nature, neutral, neither right nor wrong. What CAN be wrong is the offered support or even the surrounding belief system / social norms / “groupthink”. One’s support might be erroneous, but THAT is not the opinion. I gave (and agreed with) a great many supporting statements to back up my viewpoint. I stand by it.

                      Now, if your OPINION is different, that’s fine…and not my concern.

                    • “Wow…the asinine arrogance.”
                      “Just because you (and HOWEVER many others) swallowed the crap”
                      “Good luck with your issues of arrogance and buffoonery…”

                      Sounds like childish insulting to me. Or is that how you show casual affection where you come from?

                      Yes, an opinion is an expression of someone’s feelings. It can also be wrong. Saying, for example, that the world is flat can be an opinion. It is also undeniably wrong. Therefore it is possible for opinions to be wrong.

                      And you haven’t given any supporting statements on how ‘Killian was a middle school joke’ which I haven’t already rebuffed by pointing out scenes within the movie.

                    • Rukaio…

                      You REALLY wrote that statement…with a straight face???

                      “Saying, for example, that the world is flat can be an opinion.”

                      Really?!? NO, that can NEVER be an opinion! That is what the people who said such things held up as FACT. They were proven wrong. Their “fact” was never an opinion; it was simply wrong.

                      Seriously…go back to school, but THIS TIME, pay attention.

                    • Oh, and if you’d bother READING my posts, you’d see I very clearly said I gave my support for my opinions in previous discussions of IM3. I don’t have to keep repeating my back-up for blowhards who want to show off what they do NOT possess.

                      This was amusing at first, but you’ve now moved to being downright pathetic.


                    • I’m surprised you wrote the ‘I insulted no one’ line with a straight face.

                      And yes, people who said things like that thought it was fact. A lot of people think their opinion is fact. Doesn’t stop that opinion from being wrong.

                      Generally, I tend to find that people saying ‘there are plenty of examples if you’d just look’ and then proceed not to post any of said examples ‘because they don’t want to repeat themselves’ actually have no examples and are simply trying to bluff their way through.

                      Now, this was amusing at first, but now you’ve now moved to being downright pathetic and started insulting people rather than providing arguments. Although, admittedly, it’s still a little amusing.

                  • Hey Archaeon…….

                    Stop being such a D!CK!

                    Clear enough for you there chuckles?

                    • Hey, Ty(ke)…

                      Don’t be rude to adults. Your mommy will have to wash that nasty mouth out. That all of my time you’re worth wasting.

                      Grow up.

  11. I find Shane Black a great writer and director, but I felt with Iron Man 3, he sort of forced in comedy. As long as he keeps things smooth the next time around, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

  12. To say i liked lronman being a basket case and mandiran a junkie clown can’t begin to say how much i loath this movie and pretend it doesn’t exsist! HELL NO .. he blew his shot.

  13. great! he’s going to ruin the franchise even more. Iron Man 3 was horrible thanks to this guy.

  14. Many people don’t get the fact that we aren’t really upset that The Mandarin was a twist.

    It’s more or less about Ben Kingsley being wasted on toilet humor only to be underwhelmed by Guy Pearce.

    • Thank you! People assume its cause they *ruined* the manderin when it was everything but. Kingslet was just far more interesting and intimidating

  15. Ignorance is bliss Rukaio. If you don’t know you just don’t know. There’s no way we can help you. It’s a shame.

  16. Iron Man 3 has a 7.5 rating on imdb and 82% rating from users on rotten tomatoes. I’m sick of hearing people complain about the movie. It was not perfect but no way horrible. I get that some of you are so heartbroken by Mandarin but as you can see the average movie watcher enjoyed their experience with the film.

    • Yep, and your average comic book fan doesn’t give a damn about the Mandarin. Really a third or fourth-tier character for the most part, his “fans” didn’t come out of the woodwork until AFTER IM3 came out. I mean, until Robert Downey Jr came along, Iron Man was a second-tier character!

      • I’m not a fan of Iron Man and I didn’t like IM3.

        Could care less about Mandarin.

      • I admit I didn’t read the comics as religiously as I started after watching the movies and I’m glad I did (I’m in the UK so we’re a bit behind the US, we’ve only just got to Avengers Vs X-Men)

      • It’s especially funny because, from what I hear, nowadays in Iron Man comics, the Mandarin is portrayed as a suave, manipulative businessman who works behind the scenes. Now who does that remind me of…?

        • Lex Luthor.

          • I see what you did there :)

          • lmao

          • ;)

  17. My point exactly. The average movie goer thinks IM3 was an OK film. Average story = average film.

  18. I’d like to see an Iron Man 4 with Ezekiel Stane as the main bad guy using a mix of both Armor Wars and The Five Nightmares as a basis. The script could have Pepper Pots donning the Rescue suit, Captain America as well as Firepower, Maria Hill and so on.

    Also I’ve been thinking about IM3 and well there’s nothing to suggest The Mandarin didn’t lie to Tony. I mean what if the actor was the real Mandarin and was doing as Killian said and hiding behind the scenes while Killian and his men took the fall as a sort of double bluff.

    The whole set-up could have been a way to gather data on War Machine and Iron Man, test the limitations of the extremist virus while creating a guise that could allow The Mandarin to slip into the background. Mandarin also could have been testing response times for the Iron Man suit (how long it takes Tony to suit up, how long the repulsor beams take to fire…etc)

    • Too late, Firepower (Jack Taggart) already made his appearance in Iron Man 3. He was the one who blew up at the very beginning from overdosing on the Extremis. Coldblood (Eric Savin) is also out. He was the one reduced to being an Extremis thug, which is funny cause there’s already Extremis thugs in the comics, you didn’t have to take two other villains whose powers have nothing to do with Extremis and reduce them to Extremis thugs but not tell anybody until the movie comes out.

      • I can buy Jack Taggart being dead but I’m not so sure about Eric Savin, I mean it went all weird throughout the film as to how exactly you kill an Extremis empowered person so perhaps Eric survived (to be honest I thought Eric was Firepower so guess I’m not that great with Marvel history)

        Also there’s nothing to say they can’t take another US Soldier and make him Firepower. In the comics the guy is handpicked to take down Iron Man so if it wasn’t Jack Taggart it’d have just been the next best guy for the job.

        Also I’m with you that they didn’t need to put these guys in the film other then saying “Hey here’s two guys you know from the comics!” but if they had been in there as Firepower and Coldblood then it’d make for a dumber plot. I mean Firepower for one is sent in by the US Military as I mentioned above to take down Iron Man so what reason would he have here?

        I’d rather they’d have saved Jack for a fourth film but again it’s not like it can’t be some random US Soldier which would make the defeat all the more humiliating for Tony since it’d be showing that all it takes to bring down Iron Man is for any random military professional to wear an Iron Man suit.

        But yeah that annoyed me too, also not sure if you noticed but I find if funny that the guys at Marvel want Tony Stark to be like James Bond. Clearly they are not aware that 90% of Iron Man’s bad guys suck the big one. (Melter, Crimson Dynamo, Titanium Man, Cobalt Man, Living Laser)

    • I think IM could continue and they could really salvage it. But it pisses me off that MARVEL isn’t taking any time to do this. They really dropped the ball bc IM was set to become EPIC! Really could have knocked it out of the park! The pieces were there! SMH

  19. No, keep him far, far away.

    • The only thing that makes me more nervous than IM3…

      …is the fact that he’s in charge of writing Sherlock Holmes 3.

      I unfortunately think they only way they can go from there on out, to change the minds of those who didn’t like GOS, would be to adapt “The Hound of the Baskervilles”. And if that isn’t what they’re thinking, it will happen eventually.

      That remains to be my favorite Holmes story. I’m not quite sure if I would trust this guy with an adaption of it. We’ll see.

  20. Look for people that don’t know anything about comic book ironman and liked the movie fine but they are missing out on what could’ve been ( tony’s alcoholism witch 1 and 2 were leading to , mandiran as the power ring fu manchu bad ass he is ) that would’ve elevated stark and the series in much better ways . anxiety attacks … REALLY !

  21. So much whining when all available statistics show the vast majority of the general audience really liked IM3. Oh yeah, and its still the most critically acclaimed superhero movie of the year thus far.

    83% Audience rating
    7.6 on IMDB
    A Cinemascore grade
    1.2 billion worldwide

    those are the stats. If you have anything other than your ‘opinion’ that can verify this claim that IM3 was a bad movie, i’ll be happy to hea it.

    • My opinion is all that matters when I firmly believe a movie is bad…at least when I am able to provide reasons, which I did multiple times after watching that piece of crap.

      What a silly thing you said.

      • Well, apparently all the people who gave a positive review were expecting greatness…. and received greatness. Unless you’re suggesting they only gave positive reviews ‘out of curiosity’ before they actually watched the movie.

        • The only greatness was RDJ’s performance. Every other aspect of the movie? No.

          • Apparently, a large percentage of the audience seem to disagree with your opinion.

            • That’s fine…That’s THEIR opinion.

              See how that works?

              • And, as long as they don’t try to back up said opinion with faulty reasoning I’m fine with it.

      • ‘Curiosity’ doesn’t bring a billion. A billion comes from people watching a movie, liking it, telling other people about it and going to watch it again. No movie does a billion without good word of mouth and major repeat business from the general public. It was received very well by both critics and the general audience. I’m not forcing anyone to change their opinion on the movie. Whether you like it or not is completely up to you, but this movie is a rousing success, and its undeniable

        • ^^^
          Exactly. These IM3 revilers are impossible to argue with though. Trust me, I tried talking reason with someone online the other day and he was deluded.

        • MOS had a lot of “curiousity” and didn’t make half as much.

          • Nah, but it WAS and IS a MUCH better film.

            • I don’t think so but knock yourself out.

              • You don’t; I do.

                Not a problem…no knocking required.

    • I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was ‘critically acclaimed’ lol. People thought it was a good addition to the franchise, that’s about it.

      • I’d point out that he said ‘most’ critically acclaimed superhero flick of the year so far, which is true.

        • But it’s not acclaimed. I would say generally positive reception. Simply because it was received well and better than the rest of the superhero films of the year doesn’t automatically make critically acclaimed. I don’t think there will be a critically acclaimed superhero film this year, unless Thor knocks it out of the park.

          • make it*

  22. I know by now that every time Screen Rant posts on something ‘Iron Man 3′ related, some annoying fanboy is going to fight off every single comment saying “I liked Iron Man 3.”

  23. I think he should do a Doctor Strange movie

    • I think he’d make a great Namor, too… but only if Marvel gets that property back from Universal.

  24. If IM3 was so bad then how come it made 1.2 Billion worldwide? It is considered the biggest grossed movie of the summer.

    • While I absolutely loved IM3, ‘it made a lot of money’ is never a good proof of quality. Just look at Transformers, Twilight and Grown Ups 2.

      • The thing is, it’s all subjective. Transformers can be the superior movie to Iron Man 3 for some people, and vice versa. Same goes for Grown Ups 2 and Twilight. It’d annoy the heck out of me if I hear someone say Grown Ups 2 is better than all the Lord of the Rings films combined, but what can I do? It is their opinion, even if I disagree. Plus, even if there is such a person with that thought out there, I can live with the comforting feeling that millions others would disagree in an instant aha.

        In the end, money is one of the biggest factors to consider when looking at movies. It means people are enjoying it, especially if the film makes 1 billion dollars like one of the Transformer films did and I think Twilight, not sure though. Tven if I didn’t like Iron Man 3 all that much, i still think it’s better than all 3 franchises you’ve named aha.


    • NO

    • Definately.

  26. I’m not saying I hated IM3, but I’m definitely saying I don’t want to see another movie like it.

    • Same with me. I didn’t think it was terrible but it’s an experience I don’t want want to re-live again. Ever.

      • You can’t have done that much in your life if you consider an ok movie a bad experience

        • How does me thinking a movie was okay mean I haven’t done much in my life? I didn’t like the movie all that much, I didn’t think it was terrible but it’s a unique experience that left me a bit scrambled a bit at the end. Reason being, I found the mix and flow of both drama and comedy in the movie done very poorly. By the way, you shouldn’t make such ridiculous assessments about someone’s life (on the internet let alone) for the simple fact that they don’t want to watch a movie again.

          • scrambled a bit*

  27. I can think of Marvel superhero movies I would like toi see made, but I don’t know that I want him involved (or Shane Black either). I would not mind Daredevil, Moon Knight, Heroes-For-Hire, and Inhumans all getting up there on he screen eventually, and I know I definitely want Goliath (Hank Pym) and Wasp on the Avengers team as soon as possible. maybe in Avengers #3, we could have Goliath, Wasp, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch again, and if I get all that on my “list to Super-Santa”, I could live with seeing Black Panther and Vision make an appearence (I was kind of thinking Black Panther as a sidekick in Captain America #3??).

    I have some villains I’d like to see as well eventually:
    Kang, Skrulls, Whirlwind, Mr. Fear, & maybe Diablo are on my wish-list also.

    Above I have been thinking Marvel studios, but I would like to see the Frightful Four fight the Fantastic Four in the reboot, even though that is a different studio. And in the next Spiderman movie, I’d like to see Mysterio and Scorpion as villains.

    • Daredevil, Heroes for hire, Punisher, Blade would all be perfect for the SHIELD TV show. Face it, Marvel has a busy slate, and TV would give them the opportuity to develope those characters and give them exposure.


    Iron Man 3 was one of the worst, if not THE WORST, Comic Book Movie this world has ever witnessed. With its endless pool of loopholes and a plot as cheesy as a truckload of cheddar, I have grown to despise this movie as much as I despised the Avengers and Daredevil. This movie is in the same league as Catwoman, Batman & Robin, and Superman: The Quest For Peace, as far as quality. May Drew Pearce burn in hell for damning the world with this pile of garbage as a product of Cinema America.

    • You seriously put the Avengers on the list of comic book movies you most despise?

      Also, pretty much all movies have plot holes. Iron Man 3 isn’t any worse than most.

      • I’d put Avengers as the worst of the Phase 1 movies but I don’t hate it and don’t see how anyone else could.

      • All comic book movies might have plotholes, but at least most of their plots make sense and does not reach the level of cheesiness and stupidness Iron Man 3 was. And yes, I am putting Avengers in the list of one of the worst movies ever since I expected a more better film than what we have received, their dialogue was all too corny, Tony Stark absorbed the most glory instead of spreading some to the whole Avengers, Loki was totally misused and disrespected, everything worked out too conveniently for the portagonists, the death of Agent Coulson (I know they are bringing him back in AoSHIELD, but once you see a character killed off, you do not care if he comes back), Captain America being the party pooper of the group instead of the Bad-Ass Leader, I Bruce Banners randomly knowing how to control his powers, and I yawned 23 times while I was watching it again on my own for the second time. Do some research, re-watch it, read some comic books, then you’ll see why I place the Avengers film in this category.

        • Iron Man 3′s plot made sense. If you seriously couldn’t follow the story, then I have nothing but pity for you.

          As for the Avengers, while Tony probably did get the most ‘glory’, claiming that the other teammates didn’t is just plain incorrect (unless we’re talking about Hawkeye). Loki was disrespected? Did you somehow miss the fact that he pulled the wool over the heroes eyes multiple times and, as far as his end of the bargain goes, completely succeeded in his mission. And yes, everything was way too convenient for the protagonists, what with the airship almost crashing, Hulk breaking loose, Loki escaping, Coulson dying, the portal opening, etc, etc. Just too damn convenient. And you’re seriously complaining because Coulson died? What are you, 8? And you’re complaining about Captain America being somewhat at odds with some of the characters instead of immediately becoming a badass leader? Have you ever heard of tension between characters? Character development? The reason the Avengers works so well is because the titular characters pull together in a realistic way to become a team, despite being at odds at the beginning. Also, I wasn’t aware that, in order to properly enjoy a film, you have to do background research on all the characters and judge it on that, rather than what works about the film on its own.

          As for that yawning, I suggest you see your doctor for a potential case of narcolepsy.

          • I like this guy ^^^^

          • I followed the story easily…I simply did not LIKE it. The words “complex” and “thought-out” should NEVER appear in the same sentence with IM3.