Iron Man 3′s Drew Pearce Hopes To Write Another Movie For Marvel

Published 2 years ago by , Updated September 2nd, 2013 at 7:12 pm,

Marvel Runaways Movie Drew Pearce Iron Man 3s Drew Pearce Hopes To Write Another Movie For Marvel

Thanks to his work writing and producing the British superhero comedy No Heroics, Drew Pearce was hired by Marvel Studios to pen the screenplay for Runaways, a project that was shelved in favor of focusing on The Avengers as the sole release of the studio in 2012. Knowing Pearce’s passion and desire to work on a similar project, Marvel Pres Kevin Fiege tapped him to help Shane Black with the script of Iron Man 3.

Pearce’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed and as an example of Marvel’s ability to hire unexpected, unusual or unknown talent, the writer has since gone on to land jobs writing for the Mission: Impossible 5 and Sherlock Holmes 3. But that doesn’t mean he’s done with Marvel.

Drew Pearce has gone on record several times saying he’d do anything to see Marvel Studios greenlight production on Runaways, a film based on the Brian K. Vaughan series that Avengers writer-director Joss Whedon also spent time on. It’s the story of a group of teenagers who learn of their parents’ super-villainy and decide to run away, team-up and use their own powers for good.Peter Sollett (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) was attached to direct and the production was given a start date before the studio backed off, seemingly cancelling it for good.

Speaking with SciFiNow, Pearce discusses his optimistic thoughts about the rest of Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, of which he helped kickstart with the record-breaking success of Iron Man 3.

“This next phase has such a good bunch of directors, from the Russos, who by all accounts have knocked it out the park with Captain America 2 – I’ve seldom heard buzz from the editing room as good as that movie. Avengers 2 will be Joss Whedon’s baby, and reaction to James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy has been brilliant. Even after the tough journey of two and half years making Iron Man 3 as good as it can be, I don’t just have respect for Marvel as unit; I’m honored for my time there, and I’m constantly talking to them about what we do next.”

Marvel Studios has a penchant for maintaining their core “family” and writing duo Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, for example, has now worked together on Captain America 1 & 2 along with Thor: The Dark World, and will likely help out with another – potentially entirely new – project in the future.

What project could Pearce do next and is there any potential for Runaways to come back as a film or TV series, or has Marvel moved on to bigger properties that tie-in with their future plans (like Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange). There are still three unannounced Marvel Studios films with confirmed release dates and we know they’ve planned as far as as 2021.

Iron Man 4 Logo Iron Man 3s Drew Pearce Hopes To Write Another Movie For Marvel

Pearce also shared his thoughts on the incoming shared universes of rival studios Warner Bros. and Twentieth Century Fox, explaining that WB and DC Entertainment are doing their own thing, “following the Dark Knight model and using to branch out, character by character. It’s a smart move that they’re not trying to do Justice League and they’re going to bring Batman and Superman together their next movie instead.”

As for that other Marvel Cinematic Universe in the works at Fox, he has faith that Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past will correct the continuity issues of the series so far and open the gates for the Fantastic Four reboot being set in that same world where mutants exist.

What movie would you like to see Drew Pearce work on for Marvel?


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: SciFiNow (via CBM)

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  1. I honestly don’t care what he writes for Marvel next, IM3 was good enough to give me complete faith in him to write another great Marvel movie.

    • finally, someone who doesnt completely hate IM3 :) i agree, he’s good in my book weather its a totally new project or an IM4, id love to see bleeding edge on the big screen

    • I agree

    • Agreed.

  2. If this guy or Shane Black for that matter goes anywhere near another cbm it’ll be the first one I’ll gladly not go near

  3. I’m annoyed that tony don’t use the extremis on himself but pepper gets it.

    • hey may still, Feigh has said we havn’t seen the last of extremis :D

      • Well I would like to see tony using the extremis armor or the bleeding edge armor :)

  4. Don’t be upset Harveyjv just remember that water is wet the sky is blue shane black is a hack.

  5. I am the kind of guy who cares more about the man inside the armor instead of the armored man, and that makes Iron Man 3 my favorite of all Marvel’s CBMs so far. It’s Tony Stark’s story; his struggles to find his true self, to defeat his actual demon — his armors; born out of ego and paranoia.

    IM3 threw a lot of questions and snarky jokes, but I think, they are all parts of this movie’s subtle, hidden brilliance.

    • That’s what I liked about IM3. Not so much his dealing with his issues but I simply liked Tony relying on his brains. The movie demonstrated that not just anyone can put on the armour and become Iron Man. I agree with you.

  6. Oh, and if Drew Pearce no longer works with Marvel he totally should help DC with something, hopefully Batman or The Question. :D

  7. IM3 greats for kids… not great for adults

  8. IM3 was not “As good as it can be”. With IM3, I find that I am forcing myself to like it due to the fact that I want to continue to enjoy everything MARVEL puts out:/

  9. Please don’t.

  10. Im3 was pure b.s I think ppl forced themselves to like it wen truly it was lame corny jokes the action was ok and the mandarin omg! So plz no im4

    • Funny. That’s what I thought about Man of Steel.

      • Nope. Your opinion is just wrong.

        See how utterly stup!d you sound when you say stuff like that?

        • You’re the one coming off as stupid here.

          If I had said Man of Steel was bad because Zod was a useless villain who was never a credible threat, you’d be perfectly in your rights to call me wrong, because that is completely wrong no matter how much you like/dislike Zod. That was my point in my previous post. Whether you like/dislike Killian as a villain, there was no denying that he was a physical match for Tony and his ambitions were anything but ‘childish’.

          Also, for the record, I’ve never been a fan of the ‘it’s my opinion therefore you have to respect it’ mentality many people seem to have. If you want someone to take your opinion seriously, you have to back it up with reasoning and if people see flaws in your reasoning, they’re perfectly in their rights to call you out on it.

          • Nope…you specifically pointed out that expressing an opinion without backing it up is wrong (even though THAT, in and of itself, is wrong). By YOUR OWN defintition, your above opinion is wrong.

            Nice try.

            Oh, and as for MY expressed opinion, I HAVE supported my opinion a number of times on the threads dealing with IM3.

            …so wrong again.

            • No I didn’t. I said if you want people to ‘take your opinion seriously’ you have to back it up with reasoning. If someone were to simply write on here ‘Iron Man 3 sucks’ I wouldn’t call them wrong, since it’s their opinion, but I wouldn’t take it very seriously either because there’s no reasoning behind it.

              • Actually, yes, you DID here and in the other line of comments we’re going back and forth on. Here, you said the “take it seriously”variation, but the message is, basically, the same. You agreed with another comment above, but for MOS instead of IM3…WITHOUT ANY SUPPORT OR REASON WHY. You’re right: I should NOT take you seriously. I don’t.

                • Give me a direct quotation of me saying that ‘if you don’t back up your opinion with reasoning it’s wrong’.

                  Also yeah, that minor statement about MoS was more to be taken as a joke and not a serious argument as to why MoS is a bad film.

                  But of course, me making one jokey statement about MoS without backing it up with reasoning means that you shouldn’t take anything I ever say, no matter how much sense it makes or what reasoning I put behind it, seriously. Because that makes perfect sense.

                  • “Yes, an opinion is an expression of someone’s feelings. It can also be wrong. Saying, for example, that the world is flat can be an opinion. It is also undeniably wrong. Therefore it is possible for opinions to be wrong.”

                    Other than the outright silliness of this comment, it also indicates your feeling about opinions…and that it goes beyond taking someone seriously.

                    As for the “one jokey statement”, I never said it was a serious comment…just that it was not backed up, which you, supposedly, hold in such high regard for all opinions (you never specified a differentiation between lighthearted and more weighted opinions).

                    …and after reading your above absurdity, NO I really should NOT take what you say seriously.

                    • “Give me a direct quotation of me saying that ‘if you don’t back up your opinion with reasoning it’s wrong’.”

                      “Yes, an opinion is an expression of someone’s feelings. It can also be wrong. Saying, for example, that the world is flat can be an opinion. It is also undeniably wrong. Therefore it is possible for opinions to be wrong.”

                      Nope. There I was simply pointing out that ‘opinions can be wrong’. Try again.

                  • I think, at this point, it might be best to end this little brouhaha.


      • I agree Rukaio101. MOS sucked! Very repetitive. Very boring. It didn’t separate itself from any of the other “alien invasion” movies out there and I had to consistently convince myself that I am watching an actual Superman movie

    • Your grammar is BS.

  11. I’m not looking forward to an Iron Man 4 , its enough for me. Iron Man/Tony Stark in The Avengers would be enough for me.

  12. So, he wrote a childish script that everyone hated but is cheap enough for Marvel to use and they still get their money regardless of quality and so they’ll be happy for him to make another script because they believe that some stupid sheep will make the same mistakes twice and spend money in theaters because of promising trailer?
    If he is writing atleast something for this movie i’ll pass, thanks. And i will ensure this news will get to other people and so the word will spread.

    • Sure. You spread the word about that movie. Like I assume you did with Iron Man 3. And look how well that turned out. Iron Man 3 made over 1 billion worldwide. A lot of that requires repeat viewings, ie, people going back to the cinema and willingly rewatching the film. So they must’ve enjoyed the film itself and not just been curious because of the trailer.

      Also, there’s the fact that Iron Man 3 has received mostly positive reviews on RT, IMDB, Metacritic, Cinescore, etc. So obviously not everyone hated it. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that people who hated it are very much in the minority.

      • Indeeed. I spread the word upon seeing the trailer and its over 1 billion $ wise. Now, if he writes for IM4 i will spread the word again. “Power, unlimited powaaaar” of the word.

        • Uh-huh. Well, good luck with that.

    • Tosser!

  13. YMMV on whether IM3 was as good as it can be.

  14. IM4 can only get better by continuing this character…the only way it will fall flat is when they replace RDJ…i feel sorry for Cheadle if he takes the lead

  15. I have to say, when I first watched IM3 in theatres, I enjoyed it. I didn’t love by any means , but there were aspects I did enjoy. I for one liked Iron Man struggling with PTSD. It showed the internal struggle of a character who only ever shows an attitude of bravado to the world. But after it was over and I went home, I couldn’t help but feel really disappointed. The Mandarin the trailers promised us was NOT the Mandarin we were given. The more and more I thought about it, the more my disappointment grew. Another disappointment was the lack of continuity. I’ve never actually been a huge Iron Man fan (my own personal issues with RDJ), but the reason I wanted to see this movie so much was because it was the first one after The Avengers, which I loved. I was hoping for there to be some acknowledgement of the events of that movie, but there was none! To sum it up, all of that disappointment has overshadowed any enjoyment I got out of watching IM3. Now, seeing that the guy who wrote this movie could be doing another Marvel film and is doing Sherlock Holmes 3 makes me smh.
    Actually, I hate, I mean HATE the Sherlock Holmes movies, but that is a discussion for another time.

    • Just to point out, there is plenty of acknowledgement of the events of the Avengers in the movie. Most obviously, Tony’s panic attacks after the New York battle. You also have War Machine becoming Iron Patriot as a result of the government trying to win back popularity due to their perceived uselessness during said battle.

      • You have a point, I’ll clarify. I guess I should have put there is barely any acknowledgement in my opinion. At least, not enough to really constitute it being the MCU sequel to The Avengers. I was hoping to see how the Battle of New York affected the world, the way 9/11 affected the U.S. Something more than the government wanting popularity. One way they could have done it without spending too much time on it is showing Tony somehow helping rebuild New York. Tony Stark is one of the richest men in the world in this universe. Even if it had just been a shot of him going over blueprints (not just for Stark Tower, but for the whole city) or something I would have been satisfied. Also, no SHEILD, and no mention of any other members of the Avengers that I can remember.

        • I figured that the film just took part quite a while after the battle of New York, so the world has mostly recovered. But there are signs of the world changing slightly. While I can’t recall it exactly (I need to rewatch them film once it comes out on DVD), I remember part of Killian’s motivation for developing extremis had to do with the idea that humans weren’t alone in the universe and that there were powerful species out there that humans had to combat.

          I’ll admit though, that them not mentioning SHIELD or the Avengers at all did bug me slightly, although it would’ve been difficult to introduce them into the plot, if you think about it.

          • Killian mentioned Thor. He said something about a man coming out the sky with a hammer or something like that.

            • Yes, Killian made a direct reference to Thor. Also, SHIELD was mentioned as they supplied Tony with the crime scene information and initial reconstruction from the explosion at Mans Chinese Theatre. I reconcile the lack of SHIELD presence to the fact that SHIELD has no direct link with any individual nation and as the events in IM3 were essentially United States based They decided that until a further threat surfaced the U.S. Government needed to handle its own business. Tony’s involvement was personal and not linked to military action. SHIELD had no motivation to get involved.

  16. Heck no. Iron Man 3 is a step back after the two step forwards from Iron Man 1 and 2. And I’m not just talking about that Mandarin crap that they pulled.

  17. Drew Pearce for write project Namor The Sub-Mariner or Inhumans

  18. Cbm fans are the worst

  19. I hope Marvel sets any script Drew Pearce presents to them…on fire.

    IM3 sucked. I mean REALLY, REALLY SUCKED!

    Don’t need him ruining anymore comic movies.

    • exactly, if drew pearce ever writes another marvel movie, i will wait until it comes out on redbox or family video but i wont support anymore marvel movies that has the diarrhea he wrote, the last 40 forty minutes of iron man 3 were badly done.

      • and to those of you who keep acting like children when it comes to dc and marvel movies really need to get the freak off of it, seriously… they have shared the same writers in comic books over many decades. the only reason man of steel gets bashed alot is because it did not make iron man 3 money. even though man of steel had its silly moments with the writing but make no mistake about it, the story was better then wolverine and iron man 3. superman at least kicked behind whereas tony
        could not keep his iron drawers on for more then 5 minutes at a time and wolverine spent 75 percent of the movie getting spanked around.

  20. Everybody loves blaming drew pearce for IM3 , i blame shane black who when he wasn’t trying to put his idiogy into something never had the forsight to see it wasn’t working ( hollywood always change scrips and i’m sure black had a HEAVY hand ) .

  21. IM3 had the potential to be more awesome than the avengers that trailer was what fans wanted. Mandarin 10 rings powers vs ironman and iron patriot not fake mandarin. It was like a bait and switch scenario. If these same writers / directors are tied to any other cbm I will make sure that they wont fool me twice.

  22. They, (Marvel), needs to sign RDJ to another 2 or 3 Ironman movies before they turn the reigns over to another actor.

  23. I remain stunned at the gushing enthusiasm IM3 is receiving from so many viewers. It was one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long, long time. Script tried way too hard with the sarcastic-Tony-Stark-meets-cutesy-kid schtick. Wayyyy too hard — pretty quickly went from being amusing, to being corny. Glaringly, too little actual Iron Man in action, and wayyyyy too much other armored models zipping around and doing their thing while Stark ran about like a scalded cat. Pepper Potts, super hero? Please. Ridiculous. The super-villain was boring. What about the silly sequences in which Stark turns into a poor man’s James Bond, knocking out professional body guards, breaking into the Mandarin’s mansion, etc. I was gobsmacked at how absurd that was. My eighteen yr old son started squirming and sighing about 1/2 way though the flick; by the 2/3 mark, he flat wanted to walk out. I almost could have joined him. Honestly, I felt slightly dazed for a couple days afterwards, because I loved #1 and enjoyed #2. I was stunned at how disappointing was #3. If I allowed it to happen, it could ruin the entire franchise for me — now, I refuse that response, but it is taking an effort on my part. It’s doubly discouraging that IM3 was the most, or nearly the most, financially successful offering of the summer. Does that mean Marvel is going to produce more of its ilk? I’m terrified they are going to do with the thrillingly promising Avengers series what they have now done to the previously superior Iron Man films.

  24. Very well put STEVE and BRAVO to your son for knowing crap when he sees it ( THANK GOD there is hope for the future )!

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  26. Can some one please tell me why maggie grace is in this for a split second its driving me mad

  27. Great article! Not one word about IM4. Jerk!