‘Cabin in the Woods’ Director Would ‘Love’ To Helm A Marvel Movie

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It may have taken a few years, but horror movie fans got a treat this summer with The Cabin in the Woods, co-written by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard. While discussing the movie’s Blu-Ray release this month, Goddard, who also occupied the director’s chair for the film, opened up about the challenges the pair faced during the low-budget production. Inevitably, Goddard was asked about the current “Phase 2″ Marvel movie projects Whedon is overseeing, and which superhero he would personally want to bring to the big screen.

Considering the amount of talent (rumored and confirmed) in the running for Marvel’s expanded slate of planned projects, it’s not exactly shocking to hear that Goddard would “love” to have the chance to direct any of those announced. But given the strong ties between the Buffy veterans, and Goddard’s increasingly impressive Hollywood credentials, could he be what’s needed to get some troubled Marvel projects moving?

Goddard’s exact words on the subject came during an interview with ShockTillYouDrop, where – aside from categorizing his and Whedon’s work as a case of “guerrilla filmmaking” - Goddard was asked which Marvel superhero he would most love to adapt. Potentially a throwaway question (now that his friend and writing partner is playing ‘Godfather’ to the Marvel universe) Goddard’s response speaks for itself:

[laughs] What Marvel character would I not love to get on? That’s an easier question to answer. I would love any of it and I love Marvel, Joss and what they’re doing. It’s all about finding the right fit. Directing…in order to do your job right, you have to find ways to make it personal, and if we can find the right fit, then I would love to do it.

The comments are by no means a sign that any talks are in progress, or whether Goddard would even be able to find time for a directing job at the moment. Having received accolades for his writing on TV shows like Lost, Alias, Angel and the aforementioned Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s later seasons - not to mention Cloverfield and this year’s Cabin - Goddard has put the last few years to good use. Currently working on the sequel to Cloverfield and adapting the screenplay for Steven Spielberg’s Robopocalypse, if Goddard’s name were brought up internally at Marvel, he’d have no shortage of possible supporters – Damon Lindelof, J.J. Abrams, Spielberg and, of course, Whedon.

For those who haven’t been keeping up to date on the current slate of Marvel film adaptations, suffice to say that there has never been a better time to have Joss Whedon’s stamp of approval. Entrusted with overseeing the Marvel universe for the next three years, Whedon has a great deal of clout when it comes to pursuing talent he may or may not have worked with in the past. Marvel has already made it clear that they’re interested in relying on the right names, not necessarily the most well-known filmmakers to tell the best stories possible. James Gunn’s twisted and quirky sensibility will be shown in Guardians of the Galaxy; Edgar Wright is being entrusted with doing Ant-Man justice before a lead has been cast; and the Russo brothers, directors of cult-TV series Community, are taking over Captain America 2. Goddard’s name may have seemed out of place among the likes of Favreau, Branagh and Johnston a few years ago, but times are clearly changing.

Matching a director or writer to a given comic book property is an inexact science, with even the most successful instances deemed as ‘sure things’ only through hindsight. Hiring Joss Whedon (primarily a TV talent) to helm the largest superhero movie to date was a massive risk at the time. And while Gunn and Wright may be similarly quirky, don’t expect Marvel’s Kevin Feige to hand over a major property to a director with only one project under their belt. Feige has confirmed that several new projects are still in the works, and despite how much we’d like to think that Runaways is going to become a reality sooner rather than later, no updates are forthcoming. But that is one project that Goddard might be able to do wonders with.

Marvel Runaways Cover Cabin in the Woods Director Would Love To Helm A Marvel Movie

Brian K. Vaughan’s exploration of super-powered teenagers rebelling against villainous parents may seem like a strong enough cinematic property in its own right (strong enough for Whedon to contribute a story arc), but for whatever reason, it has had trouble getting off the ground. The film was sidetracked in the wake of The Avengers, but with ‘Phase Two’ quickly approaching, now might be the time to convince Marvel that a smaller, less expensive film in the hands of a writer experienced with ensemble casts (and “guerrilla filmmaking”) would be the right path to pursue. That’s nothing against Peter Sollett – the last director attached to Runaways – but Goddard and Whedon’s interest could be the push needed to get the film into production.

For now we’ll wait and see, since both Whedon and Goddard have their hands full. Do you agree with our pairing of Goddard with Runaways, or think another film would be right up the director’s alley? If a film isn’t in the cards, there’s still a chance that Goddard’s writing could contribute to the upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series.


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Source: Shock Till You Drop

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  1. Jesus christ no!!!!!cabin in the woods was down right horrible!!he should do antman.a comic book character i never read when comics were hot in the 90s

  2. I thought The Cabin In The Woods was the worst movie of the year.
    The movie failed to work for me on any level as intended or otherwise.

    I do know the statement the filmmakers were trying to say about the genre
    with the film and how they thought they were oh so clever making their point.

    • Cabin in the woods was amazingly good but the main fans of the movie are genuinely fans of joss and horror movie genre it wasn’t supposed to be like horrifying but it Was creatively done

        • I agree with “trey.” It was self aware, which is what a lot of big expensive films lack. It was one of my favorite movies of the year. People can b**** about it all they want – but at least it was f****** original.

  3. Deadpool!

    • tht was the whole point it hilarious and awsome

  4. I would like him on Deadpool!

  5. I’d like to see what Goddard could do with Dr. Strange.

  6. I don’t like Cabin in the Woods very much. It was supposed to be a unique and witty take on horror movie cliches, but I don’t see it. Anyway, Goddard needs to direct one or two other movies before taking any Marvel movies project. I mean I’ve only see one movie of his and it’s not exactly my favorite.

  7. Hmm I think Marvel has all the directors it needs right now. He should probably go help DC if anything.

  8. Sure….. give the director’s chair to Drew Goddard for Daredevil or The Runaways. Whedon is overseeing the MMU so he can’t mess it up too bad.

    Here’s my Dream Casting choices for the upcoming Marvel Phase 2 films:

    * Guardians of the Galaxy *
    Star Lord – Nathan Fillion
    Rocket Raccoon (voice) – Tracy Jordan
    Groot (voice) – Steve Buscemi
    Drax the Destroyer – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
    Gamora – Gina Carano
    Director (already chosen) – James Gunn

    * Ant Man *
    Hank Pym/Ant Man- Adrian Brody
    Janet van Dyne/Wasp – Noomi Rapace
    Director (already chosen) – Edgar Wright
    Screenwriter (already chosen) – Joe Cornish

    * Doctor Strange * (Phase 3?)
    Stephen Strange – Benedict Cumberbatch
    Ancient One – Christopher Plummer
    Clea – Claire Danes
    Dormammu – Geoffrey Rush
    Eternity (voice) – Jeffrey Dean Morgan
    Screenwriter – Steven Moffat
    Director – Guillermo del Toro or Terry Gilliam

    • Sorry….. Tracy MORGAN for the voice of Rocket Raccoon.

      • Wow, really?

        • is your wow cause of Tracy Morgan? If so I agree I don’t see how that casting makes any sense

          • Yeah and Steve Buscemi is an odd choice for Groot too.

            • isn’t rocket raccoon British? What about Simon pegg?

              • Simon Pegg would be excellent for Rocket Raccoon. Though to be accurate, there are no raccoons in Britain. They are native to North America. So I’m sticking with Tracy Morgan.

                Who am I kidding? Talking raccoons are native of nowhere…… any actor with a distinctive voice would be good. Preferably a goofy voice, since talking raccoons and talking trees are effing goofy.

                And that’s why I chose Steve Buscemi for Groot the talking tree. King of playing against type. Big strong tree has the voice of a little rubbery geek guy.

                • There really know raccoons in Britain? Huh I didn’t know that at all…. interesting lol cool fact

              • Jason Statham for Rocket Raccoon. I know it’s an odd choice to some, but in all of his movies he’s great at providing proper comic relief while avoiding the monotone styles of some other action stars. Either that or Jude Law, who’s already lending his voice to Rise of the Guardians and sounds pretty legit as the Boogeyman in the trailer

                • How old is Rocket Racoon meant to be?

                  If a voice like Christopher Cooper’s suited the character then that could be interesting. I’d suggest Bridges if he hadn’t already appeared as Stain in the MCU.

                  • Stane (sorry Obediah)

                • Yeah, I think Statham would be a pretty interesting choice too.
                  It’ll definitely be surprising, shocking and a little comical – just like the whole should be IMO.

  9. you have to realize Cabin in the Woods was at its core, a satire of the horror genre. The goal was to take horror movie characters (ie. Jason, witches, zombies, evil robots, IT, etc.) and tell a “back-story” to where they come from. Thats where the whole concept is founded. If you were looking to go see a regular horror movie then Cabin In the Woods definitely wouldn’t have been for you. you should have just rented SAW 1 for the millionth time

  10. P.S. i wanna see a Black Panther Movie

  11. I haven’t seen Cabin In the Woods so I can’t comment on the film one way or another. But why is it that any talk of the Marvel movies now involved someone who is on Whedon’s contact list in his cell phone? Everyone who ever worked with him might not be an automatic good fit to write, direct, star in or cater every Marvel film.

    The Avengers made a zillion dollars, and all is right with the ship right now. I would hate to see what happens if something goes of target and isn’t a hit. Fans of this genre can turn at the drop of a hat, and if one these movies bombs at the box office Disney/Marvel Studios is going to be all over Whedon like they have been with most of the other directors who have been one-shot deals.

  12. The guys sounds like a great movie maker I’ll be fine with him directing something for marvel.

  13. Give this man daredevil

  14. I thought that Cabin in the Woods was pretty revolutionary work. Not only that, but it was incredibly enjoyable. Personally, I would like to Drew Goddard helm a sequel to the Incredible Hulk. It has not only been rumored to be the possible final MCU release before The Avengers 2 (in 2015?), but has seen renewed interest due to Mark Ruffalo’s fantastic portrayal of Bruce Banner in the Avengers. While I greatly enjoyed The Incredible Hulk and Ang Lee’s Hulk was bearable (at minimum), I think that fans of the character could benefit from a fresh approach. The green giant deserves to have a solo movie do him justice past his origins and a Ruffalo/Goddard combo could do exactly that.

    • sound argument

  15. Still haven’t seen CITW, but I think he’d be a good fit for Dr Strange.

  16. More Dream Casting……

    Ryan Gosling for Daredevil.

    Get the Raid Redemption guys for the combat choreography.

    Nolan to direct….. just keep him away from the script. I can’t stand Nolan’s dialog. Only Lucas is worse.

    Alex Proyas to write the screenplay/script?

    • I really like that. tho Nolan wouldn’t allow someone does to write unless it was Jonathon. I think his directing style would work.