‘Dredd’ Trailer: ‘Judge Dredd’ Reboot By Way of ‘The Raid’

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Lionsgate’s marketing has just started to get underway for Dredd, a reboot of the Judge Dredd movie franchise that kicked off with the (in)famous Sylvester Stallone vehicle in 1995. This new interpretation of the comic book property is leaner and meaner in every manner conceivable – including, a tighter budget, more down n’ dirty look, and a version of the eponymous anti-hero (Karl Urban) who’s less bulky and emotionally-vulnerable (re: we never see his face, just like in the comics).

Today, we have the first official trailer for Dredd. That preview likewise illustrates the film’s grittier aesthetic – with a growlier protagonist and nastier villain, played by Game of Thrones‘ Lena Headey – plus, a straightforward storyline that does appear to unfold in a manner akin to this year’s cult-hit Indonesian thriller, The Raid: Redemption (a.k.a. The Raid).

Dredd takes place in a futuristic, dystopian America, where the “vast, violent metropolis” Mega City One is patrolled by cops known as “Judges,” serving as a judge, jury, and executioner all in one. The most effective (and feared) of these Judges is Dredd (Urban); hence, he’s tasked to train and evaluate rookie Judge Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby). Things get real dangerous real quick when Dredd and Anderson investigate a crime that leads them to the “dangerous” side of town – and, eventually, the 200-story compound occupied by drug lord Madeline ‘Ma-Ma’ Madrigal (Headey) and her forces. This culminates in all-out warfare between Ma-Ma’s clan and the Judges, who must stay alive within the criminal-infested confines of that massive infrastructure (see: the Raid comparison).

dredd trailer karl urban Dredd Trailer: Judge Dredd Reboot By Way of The Raid

Karl Urban as 'Dredd'

Such a bare-bones approach does appear to benefit the Judge Dredd comic book universe on the big screen, based off this first footage from Dredd. The austere, yet recognizably advanced and futuristic design of Mega City One recalls that of the city’s portrayal in the earliest Dredd comics. Meanwhile, Urban as the film’s namesake likewise feels closer to the classic, borderline-robotic iteration of the character (who was the inspiration for the original RoboCop).

Admittedly, the action and central set piece in Dredd really don’t appear to hold a candle to those from The Raid (as we expected), but director Pete Travis (Vantage Point) still seems to have done a competent job. Similarly, the script work from Alex Garland (28 Days Later…) comes off here as lighter on the cheese elements, and more focused on telling a basic, but thrilling story – rather than attempting to establish a convoluted mythology, like Stallone’s movie did.

One note of concern, though – does it seem as though the slow-motion effects of the “Slo-Mo” drug, which powers Ma-Ma’s empire, might grow tedious – and clash with the film’s less-stylized look? Hopefully not, but still…

Dredd opens in U.S. theaters (2D and 3D) around the U.S. on September 21st, 2012.


Source: Machinima

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  1. Surprisingly the direction looks nice, with all of the future based scifi films out this year: Lockout, Total Recall, Dredd; the design and look of DREDD has me intrigued a little more than the others did. It just looks like URBAN was unsure how to portray DREDD tho

  2. I know next to nothing about the Judge Dredd mythos, but as a movie trailer this doesn’t really impress/appeal to me – it’s definitely action packed though…
    I dunno, I’ll have to see some more footage before I decide whether to watch it or not.

    (And what’s up with the Bale/Batman voice rip-off?)

    • Urban’s voice sounds relaxed like Clint Eastwood compared to Bale’s awful strained Batman voice.

      • Yea, plus Dirty Harry was part of the inspiration for Judge Dredd. Im impressed tho, Urban sounds nothing like himself.

        • Yea. Thats howis suppose to sound.

      • Definitely an Eastwood inspiration vocally.
        And a better Batman voice than Bale’s too.

    • Also we’re supposed to be pumped when he says “I am the law”. Especially if you’ve seen the original Judge Dredd in which Stallone really REALLLY holds nothing back on that score

    • Yeah, I’m not much impressed either. I really like Urban but I don’t think this was the role for him. The helmet looks too big on him to boot.

      Say what you will about the 1995 version but Stallone looked the part. Too bad the story and most everything else was terrible.

      • Stallone looked like a Power Ranger! ^-^

        • At least he had the correct pauldrons. The only thing that says Dredd about Urban is the helmet.

          • Simply not so. You could say exactly the same about Nolan’s Batman, but then you’d get the wrath of all the Nolanites upon you.

            The silhouette of the 95 Dredd was about it. They tried doing comic style and it didn’t work. It was probably because it was made in the nineties. Comic book movies were all treated in a very camp and sometimes too literal way then. Even though Stallone’s pads were actually about half the size of the way most artists versions of Dredd, they still looked and moved stupid.

            When you actually list it, the new costume comes closer.

            • Simply not so but what you are basically saying is, even though he looks nothing like the Dredd from the comics, he looks closer? Do you not see how nonsensical that sounds?

              Pulling an X-Men and turning Dredd into pretty much a riot cop with an attitude is not what I would call closer. The whole idea behind the Judges is they are supposed to be highly recognizable and feared. They are bastions of the law and the bling is a part of that. I’m not getting that vibe at all in this show at all.

              The Stallone version had a lot of flaws but they did do a few things right like the look (although not perfect either) and feel. It’s really too bad they had to add in so many unnecessary and stupid elements because they could have had a good franchise on their hands. I always thought Stallone was an excellent choice but without a decent story/movie it fell apart.

              • To me, this Dredd, is closer in look and tone to the real Dredd. Stallone’s was a parody of Judge Dredd from his gold plastic ornaments down to his oversized cod-piece; he looked like a peacock rather than a Judge. Urbans’s uniform is right- a biker-cops uniform with all the Justice department emblems and the proper helmet. Job done.

                • I thought I just went over this above but apparently not.

                  You are going to tell me that this new version looks closer to THIS? http://images.wikia.com/judgedredd/images/8/80/Judge_dredd.jpeg
                  or http://www.joblo.com/newsimages1/judge-dredd.jpg

                  than the Stallone version?




                  Where are the iconic eagle pauldrons? How about the badge attached to a chain? The flashy American shield belt buckle? Again I’m not saying the Stallone version was perfect either (silly cod piece, no green gloves and boots, no leather outfit) but he is a hell of a lot closer visually than Urban in a glorified riot cop outfit. I’m sorry but that first pic I linked of Stallone really looks like Dredd (and the helmet even fits his face).

                  They have done this version of Dredd in a seemingly “Batman Begins” take on “gritty realism”. Dredd is supposed to be over the top on purpose and imho, I don’t think works from what I’ve seen.

                  It may very well turn out to be a good “Dredd-esque” film but that most definitely is not the Dredd from the comics.

                  • The new costume does have the Eagle pauldron, American shield belt buckle, as well as black leathers, round knuckles and stems on the gloves, left pad with “Butter bars”, elbow pads as well as knee pads and no codpiece. The chain is a dangerous grab threat, and so is sensibly absent.

                    The Stallone 95 helmet was completely wrong. He has stars on the helmet badge, the bottom sides of the helmet kicked in towards the mouth instead of away. He had two sets of red lines instead of one following the familiar design and no red cross on the visor. Every single version of Dredd has had the red cross. It’s like taking away Batman’s ears. And Dredd’s helmet has been drawn ranging from pretty form fitting to a large flared bucket.

                    So if you’re gonna defend that costume for being more accurate….there is just too many things on that costume to pick apart too. Maybe it looked okay in 95, but now he looks like the Green Power Ranger, only with more glitter and less green.

                    Really this seems to come down to just liking a costume design or not. I think the new one works for a Dredd film in 2012. The Stallone one had it’s chance and blew it despite having some great things buried within it.

                    • Oh, and they made the 95 Stallone helmet blue. It’s supposed to be black, as well as his leathers.

                • haha, while looking for pics I found this one:


                  This guy did it ALL right.The pauldrons even look awesome (and are the right colors to boot) My only deviation would be to possibly to use a gun metal grey instead of green (yes, some colors don’t work irl)

                  If Stallone had been wearing that and the script had been decent, the 95′ version would have been much better.

  3. I was pretty excited for this movie but not so much now, urban looks like a thinner and younger Stallone and seems to be playing the character the same. I like urban and would of liked to see him play a quicker and wittier dredd and not the same way Stallone did cause i am a fan of the first dredd not to say i wont watch and like this version but its not theater worthy.

    • Dredd isn’t witty.

    • Judge Dredd is a stone cold hard as nails dude that would not hesitate to shoot a perp on site once he deems it fitting.

    • WTF u talking about DREDD always has been a serious character in the comics not a witty character at all

    • Except of course Urban is 6 foot 1 compared to Stallone’s diminutive 5 foot 8. Dredd isn’t supposed to be a steroided link, he’s supposed to be lean like Urban.

  4. Being familiar with the old comic and mentality of Dredd this looks definitely like a sound film.
    Im sneaking to watch this at work and it looks good!!!!
    Funny thing though when I saw the teaser yesterday, the image of the guy with the uzi reminded me of a scene straight out of RoboCop.

  5. I have seen a sneak preview of this film and rest assured it is INCREDIBLE. The violence is grisly and absurd, the ‘slo-mo’ effects are not overused but ARE gorgeous and truly astonishing to see in native 3D (not post-converted). Urban’s DREDD is likeable but stoic, and the action set pieces do not disappoint. Forget about trying to figure out how much this movie has in common with Stallone’s film (answer: nothing… like comparing Adam West’s Batman to Nolan’s), or trying to decipher the script’s quality from this brief trailer. Just go see it and grin the entire time.

    • Hell yes! That’s what I like to hear! I know people will probably say you’re lying but I believe you and I’m even more hyped now. This looks amazing.

  6. This looks awesome! I love the retro future vibe. It’s like “Escape from New York”, “Robocop”, “Mad Max” all rolled into one. Unfortunately because of it’s timing it’s gonna be compared to “The Raid”.

    • What do you mean by retro? Retrofitting, as in Blade Runner, with some old cars and buildings bearing new technology; or looking like 80s movies about the future? Norwegian Ninja has some retro 80s graphics like the flier’s instruments in Escape From New York but Dredd looks like clean future tech apart from the slum areas.
      You’re probably right about The Raid comparisons but ideas come in clusters. Evolution, the steam engine, this plot: they all appear in several places at once.

      • All the vehicles are contemporary, or older. Not futuristic. It reminds me of the vehicles from “Equilibreum” and that recent film with Justin Timberlake in. Time? (I can’t recall what it was called) Anyway, they were both set in the future, but all the vehicles were 20th century. It reminds me of 70′s and 80′s sci-fi. Eg: The original “Deathrace 2000″ (Starring Stallone!) ^-^

    • Good call on Mad Max – same battered end-of-the-world vibe – and remember the original poster for that? Gibson in helmet and shades pointing his shotgun at you, tagline: “The last law in a world gone out of control. Pray that he’s out there somewhere.” Pure Dredd!

      • Dredd’s too good a cop to have to rely on the apocalypse to seem useful, isn’t he?

        • He certainly is! Just making the point that when Mad Max was released I saw an attempted Dredd connection the minute I laid eyes on that poster, and it’s interesting that things have gone full-circle with a Dredd movie now coming across with something of a Mad Max feel to it.

  7. I constantly confuse Stallone’s Judge Dredd and Demolition Man. I haven’t seen both in so long I think of them as the same movie.
    I can’t decide about this. I’ll wait till we see a bit more but from what I have just seen I’m not to excited.

    • Demolition man even had Rob Schneider in it too!

    • Damn, now I want Taco Bell.

      • And rat burgers :O..

  8. Yeah, I see The Raid all over this film..too bad, because I want to like it but it seems like the same damn movie….

    • Dredd was in production way before The Raid. its just happen that THe Raid was released before Dredd thats all.

  9. This was filmed the same time the raid was being filmed so I don’t see how it’s a rip off, just plain coincidence.

  10. I like the look and the tone. The story is a tad off IMO. I hope too much time isnt devoted in the building. Im a bigger fan of the Judge Dredd on street patrol.

    They made Lena Headey unattractive. that is a make up marvel in itself lol

    • I think we might still see some street patrolling action too.

      Idk the way she said “This is Ma-ma”…….was kinda hot..

    • What do you mean by “the story is a tad off”?
      I doubt a 2.5 minute trailer should be any indication of the story…

      • I agree. But I think he is referring to all the scenes in the building. The trailer almost makes it look like the majority of the film is in the building….and they are just running from floor to floor shooting across from each other. That will get boring quick.

        • I think the majority of the film is in the building. It’s a lockdown. And why would that be boring? It makes for some tense situations rather than constant eye candy. Didn’t Colin Farrell do a whole movie in a phone booth! …now what was it called?…..erm…..

  11. The Raid was the first thing that came to mind when he started talking about the floors and all the way up ! haha…i liked the Raid a lot and will give this Movie a chance to surprise me !
    Cool !

    • Dredd script was actually compared to the first Die Hard movie.

  12. I can’t wait for this one. Urban is not only a gifted actor, but a DREDD fan himself. Add on Lena, ga-ga effects, and stuff that fits the comic/graphic novel fan’s interest scope and you’ve got a great entry here, folks. Can’t wait.

  13. I love the look of this movie. I was a huge 2000AD (and Tornado) fan back in the day. Dredd’s costume looks great, as does Mega City One.
    The ending of the trailer was cheesy, they could have done a better trailer honestly.
    Having seen The Raid on Tuesday, there are very clear similarities, but this is a totally different beast.
    I’m hoping it’s a cool movie as i’d like to see sequels and more 2000AD films (Strontium Dog anybody? The Eyes Of Wolfie Smith?).

  14. Flop! (Or at least that is what it feels like to me =D)

    • You can can get anti-flop pills online that will sort out your unfortunate problem. ^-^

  15. I like Urban, I want to see him in more big budget films. He was a good fit for this role imo so im anxious to see how this plays out on the big screen

  16. Yeah, way better then the 95 version!! And no Rob Schneider!!

  17. Now that’s more like it. I think I can actually get used to the low-budget look of this – contemporary vehicles and all – as it seems to be applied consistently: this isn’t Mega-City One from any era of the comics at all, but seems convincing enough in its own right. Colossal apartment blocks beginning to rise out of “the ruin of the old world” works for me as the BEGINNINGS of a Mega-City, with massive over-population having led to a complete breakdown of traditional policing. I’m liking the fact that they’ve kept to the comics’ pre-Apocalypse War population figure of 800 million as well (I seem to remember it being way fewer in a previous draft). Urban’s carrying himself and sounding just right to me so far.

    Ah, but hearing the tone-deaf horror of La Roux over the first minute was like receiving a freshly-baked cookie dipped in vomit… :-D

  18. YESSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssss!!!

  19. Rooting for this one and suspending judgment.
    There is enough here that it just might work.

  20. Sorry but the big dentist but adding skream la roux in for the kill remix just makes it cooler haven’t seen a movie use dubstep yet they picked one of the best ones was hopeing a dubstep song would be in a movie of this kind a la manga esq can’t wait to watch it

    • Lol, a dubstep remix of La Roux is a double-whammy of hellishness to me I’m afraid. :-P Dubstep’s already infiltrated ads and trailers galore (even that one for Red Tails, f’Gawd’s sake), so it won’t be long before your wish comes true. And you know what they say about being careful what you wish for…

      • Get with the program grampa. ;)

        • Dubstep is SO last month, dahling: right now it’s all about shotgun sixstep, jabbacore, industrial darkbag and the newly-emergent foxkick logarithm scene.

          Nah, it’s Glenn Miller and a nice mug of Ovaltine for me…

  21. why compare Dredd to The Raid. when the movie was first into production it was compare to Die Hard. both Dredd and The Raid is more homage to Die Hard

  22. I know nothing of Judge Dredd but this film looks awesome. Will be seeing it in theaters.

  23. I really want this movie to be good…..but the trailer didnt do it for me. It looks rather boring IMO. I hope I am wrong. I love the character.

  24. Looks kool

  25. For those unfamiliar with Judge Dredd, go to amazon and buy “Judgment on Gotham”, the Batman/Dredd crossover. It isn’t essential Dredd, but it’s great fun and Anderson has a great part to play in it. Besides, everyone loves Batman, so why not add a little Dredd!? ;)


  26. “Let’s finish this..” is the must-drop-it-in-somewhere line choice for every cookie-cutter young screenwriter in LA. It’s gonna seem as stale as “epic fail”, “meh” and “my bad” in a year. A starving nation awaits ORIGINALITY in thought, word and deed. Beyond that, this film looks like “Punisher V”.

  27. I have to admit to being pleased at the trailer.

    Looks like this Dredd movie might just work out after all.

  28. From what I’ve seen, the slo-mo looks great. It really feels like a panel of a comic brought to life.

  29. I like Karl Urban. This looks fairly interesting.