‘Dredd’ Trailer: ‘Judge Dredd’ Reboot By Way of ‘The Raid’

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Lionsgate’s marketing has just started to get underway for Dredd, a reboot of the Judge Dredd movie franchise that kicked off with the (in)famous Sylvester Stallone vehicle in 1995. This new interpretation of the comic book property is leaner and meaner in every manner conceivable – including, a tighter budget, more down n’ dirty look, and a version of the eponymous anti-hero (Karl Urban) who’s less bulky and emotionally-vulnerable (re: we never see his face, just like in the comics).

Today, we have the first official trailer for Dredd. That preview likewise illustrates the film’s grittier aesthetic – with a growlier protagonist and nastier villain, played by Game of Thrones‘ Lena Headey – plus, a straightforward storyline that does appear to unfold in a manner akin to this year’s cult-hit Indonesian thriller, The Raid: Redemption (a.k.a. The Raid).

Dredd takes place in a futuristic, dystopian America, where the “vast, violent metropolis” Mega City One is patrolled by cops known as “Judges,” serving as a judge, jury, and executioner all in one. The most effective (and feared) of these Judges is Dredd (Urban); hence, he’s tasked to train and evaluate rookie Judge Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby). Things get real dangerous real quick when Dredd and Anderson investigate a crime that leads them to the “dangerous” side of town – and, eventually, the 200-story compound occupied by drug lord Madeline ‘Ma-Ma’ Madrigal (Headey) and her forces. This culminates in all-out warfare between Ma-Ma’s clan and the Judges, who must stay alive within the criminal-infested confines of that massive infrastructure (see: the Raid comparison).

dredd trailer karl urban Dredd Trailer: Judge Dredd Reboot By Way of The Raid

Karl Urban as 'Dredd'

Such a bare-bones approach does appear to benefit the Judge Dredd comic book universe on the big screen, based off this first footage from Dredd. The austere, yet recognizably advanced and futuristic design of Mega City One recalls that of the city’s portrayal in the earliest Dredd comics. Meanwhile, Urban as the film’s namesake likewise feels closer to the classic, borderline-robotic iteration of the character (who was the inspiration for the original RoboCop).

Admittedly, the action and central set piece in Dredd really don’t appear to hold a candle to those from The Raid (as we expected), but director Pete Travis (Vantage Point) still seems to have done a competent job. Similarly, the script work from Alex Garland (28 Days Later…) comes off here as lighter on the cheese elements, and more focused on telling a basic, but thrilling story – rather than attempting to establish a convoluted mythology, like Stallone’s movie did.

One note of concern, though – does it seem as though the slow-motion effects of the “Slo-Mo” drug, which powers Ma-Ma’s empire, might grow tedious – and clash with the film’s less-stylized look? Hopefully not, but still…

Dredd opens in U.S. theaters (2D and 3D) around the U.S. on September 21st, 2012.


Source: Machinima

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  1. Not familiar with the Judge Dredd history and never saw the original movie, but this trailer looks pretty awesome!

  2. I admit to not knowing the Dredd stories very well but come on, taking out a drug cartel? Seems a bit on the mundane and boring side imho.

    • Not when the drug is incredibly unique… IMO

      • Or when the one taking them out is Dredd…

        • Yeah he is :D

          Am ready for this movie.

      • I see, so the ONLY “good” storyline was a well trodden theme with a twist? Seems to me there has got to be something a bit more unique all the way around to base this off of.

  3. visuals seem very nice for something that had its budget cut, the guy playing dredd (carl urban?) looks the part, the villain seems a little cliché but then again all drug lords want power and control no ?

    also minor spoiler, but was that the main villain being thrown out of the window at the end b/c if it was then that is the worst directing of a trailer i have ever seen (worse then the transformers ones that give away all the action).

    • I’m pretty sure it’s not the same woman – that one’s got longer hair.

      • let’s hope so :P

        • Funny if it did it’s own mega spoiler :D

    • Then again was anybody expecting him to let them live?

  4. As a long time Dredd fan this looks like it has stuck to the spirit of the comic. Could be good.

  5. I saw the Staolne version and was A little disapointed. This version looks more like what was in the comics.

  6. I’ve been on the fence about this for a while now, despite being a fan of Dredd and 2000AD/Rebellion. This trailer has me cautiously putting my feet down on the other side of that fence.

  7. As a movie, looks great. As a Dredd movie it looks terrible. The bikes are terrible, the uniform is lacking the same big brass look of the comics and the city looks like a weird mix of modern LA and modern New York. Doesn’t look like much of twisted dark future world to me. As much as people rip on the Stallone version, the city in that movie felt more accurate, the bikes were pretty awesome and the uniform wasn’t perfect but better than this movie. But I might watch it because Karl Urban is one of my favourite actors.

    • I didn’t know there are 200 storey buildings in New York or L.A.

  8. Wanted a trailer? “Well you got one now”.

    Haha looks good, check out my fun article on the new trailer :)


  9. Anyone else thought of The Raid: Redemption when they saw this trailer? Looks really cool, but I’m not going to get my hopes up too high.

  10. With its relatively tiny budget I had a feeling that the look of MC-1 would be the main casualty but I’ve got to say they seem to have done a decent job with what resources they had. Sure, my MC-1 is a riot of neon lights and skedway

  11. This looks like the kind of movie that will suck, but I have to say that this trailer is better than the entire Judge Dredd film that starred Stallone.

  12. Best part.. actor stays in full costume. Only part I don’t like about the Marvel flicks. They don’t stay in “character”.

  13. A lil pessimistic about the latest Dredd movie. Seems like a knock off of the movie The Raid: Redemption. I also cant help thinking how annoying that helmet must be to look through. Will wait for reviews.

    • Ok, let’s get some actual facts on the table:

      DREDD has been in production since 2008.

      DREDD screenplay was written around 2009/10. This screenplay found its way on-line sometime in 2010.

      DREDD started shooting in October/November of 2010, it wrapped in March 2011 and went into post-production.

      The Raid started shooting March/April 2011.

      Now, if there were any accusations of plagiarism -not saying there should be and it’s likely coincidence- I think it’s more likely they’d be directed at the Raid since it was written and shot after DREDD and the DREDD screenplay was on-line for a long time but DREDD was also a year in post-production.

  14. The voice of Dredd doesn’t sound right to me. It doesn’t sound strong.

    • He’s supposed to sound like Harry Callahan (Dirty Harry – Clint Eastwood), and he does! Perfect.

  15. I love how they have transit vans in the year 2099. I thought tech would be more advanced between now and 2099. Gotta love how Hollywood changes so much stuff and doesnt consider the source material.

  16. This movie gonna suck. Big time. If you wanna watch real action movie i suggest you watch the real movie. This dredd film is obviously a BAD RIP OFF of THE RAID REDEMPTION. So why waste time to watch a rip off when you can watch the real deal? Woooohooo THE RAID REDEMPTION RULZ! This DREDD film sucked *ss

    • Hey, English major, “this movie gonna suck?” I thought the movie was already out, why the future tense? Have you actually seen the movie? Or are you just talking out of your rear-end?

    • Dredd script was finished and leaked in 2010. way before the raid. get your facts straight

      • Silence from Boyke says it all…

  17. Great post Sandy. It’s always refreshing reading an article by someone who didn’t do a smidgen of research before putting it in the Internet. Dredd was written and in production a year before The Raid. Stupid blogs like this one are a reason Dredd got the stigma it had. Keep it up though, maybe someday one of your s***** articles will get you chasing some coked out basket case actress and her paparazzi,