Prometheus is gathering a lot of buzz (for better and worse) in the week after its UK release, as it approaches its US debut. Director Ridley Scott’s much-buzzed-about return to the genre of sci-fi/horror (which he pioneered with the 1979 film Alien) has a lot of people expecting something great; this ominous new IMAX poster will only add fuel to those expectations:


In his official Prometheus review, our own Ben Kendrick urged moviegoers to opt for the IMAX 3D option when seeing the film. Apparently, the visuals are totally worth it. If that scene depicted in the poster has the same level of grandeur on the big-screen, an IMAX ticket will indeed be worth it.


Rian Johnson has impressed a great many people in the span of a few films. His high school neo-Noir film Brick remains his most followed work (Brothers Bloom, not so much) – but his new time travel mind-bender Looper looks to be the film that could really put him on the map of mainstream moviegoers.

As detailed in the Looper trailer, the story focuses on the showdown between the younger and older versions of the same hitman – played, respectively, by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. Time-travel mechanics can unhinge an otherwise satisfactory sci-fi story (Men in Black III) – but if anybody can bend it into satisfying shape, it’s Johnson.

As indicated by the images above, Jeff Daniels plays a role in the film – though we don’t yet know what kind. If I had to guess based on the image above, I’d say he plays a futuristic mobster of some kind. Shotgun-toting Emily Blunt plays a woman who aids Joe (the Levitt/Willis character) – and finally, we see the time machine used by the mob to send targets back in time to be killed by waiting hitman.

Looper will be in theaters on September 28, 2012.

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