Karl Urban Says that ‘Dredd’ Sequel is ‘Not Off the Agenda’

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dredd sequel karl urban Karl Urban Says that Dredd Sequel is Not Off the Agenda

Dredd (3D) is an adaptation of the Judge Dredd comic book series – and reboot of the movie franchise started by the Sylvester Stallone vehicle released in 1995 – that, unfortunately, bombed at the box office despite receiving generally rock-solid reviews (like ours). The bloody action genre flick has found a larger audience on the home video circuit, but producer Adi Shankar has voiced his doubts that it will be enough to pave the way for a full-length sequel to happen; though, a hard-boiled short film spinoff (a la the Punisher short “Dirty Laundry”) is not out of the question.

Karl Urban has been taking press questions about a theatrically-released Dredd followup, during the promotions for Star Trek Into Darkness (read our review) over the past few weeks. Surprisingly, he’s not only proven to be more optimistic in his appraisal of the situation, but the actor has also indicated that key personnel on the Judge Dredd reboot – specifically, he and screenwriter Alex Garland – have been discussing the idea, and what it would need to become a reality.

Judge Dredd Anderson Trailer Karl Urban Says that Dredd Sequel is Not Off the Agenda

Here’s what Urban offered Collider, on the subject of a Dredd sequel:

“Interestingly enough, I did have breakfast with Alex Garland this morning.  It’s not off the agenda.  Clearly everyone has woken up to the fact that an audience has found this movie and loves it.  It’s entirely possible, and if people want to see another installment then they should be vocal about that, because, it can happen.  The power of fandom can resurrect projects.  In fact, that’s what happened with Star Trek.  They weren’t going to do a third season until fans did a letter writing campaign and they continued that series.”

When our Amy Nicholson spoke with Urban recently, he likewise indicated that Dredd‘s cult following has become large (and vocal) enough to get the attention of the people needed to get the ball rolling on a followup. Obviously, money speaks louder than words in Hollywood; however, the fact that Dredd claimed the number one spot on the DVD and Blu-ray sales charts when it became available in those formats – despite grossing only $35 million worldwide in theaters on a $50 million budget (not including marketing costs) – means that the fanbase is, indeed, putting their money where their mouths are.

Karl Urban Dredd Interview Karl Urban Says that Dredd Sequel is Not Off the Agenda

Garland has previously expressed his desire for a deeper exploration of Mega City One’s political structure in a sequel that leads into additional installments; that could set the stage for an appearance by The Dark Judges (among other iconic Judge Dredd characters) in a third Dredd movie, in what the screenwriter has described as his “film-trilogy daydream.” Clearly, Garland has put a reasonable amount of thought into how to further develop the Dredd universe in a sequel (and beyond); that’s despite it being little more than a pipe dream, for now.

Then again, the same could’ve been said about Chronicles of Riddick filmmaker David Twohy and lead Vin Diesel’s hopes for a third installment in that grisly sci-fi franchise (which also features Urban) for many years – and yet, their devotion to the cause will pay off when Riddick opens in theaters in September. If Urban and Garland prove to be equally willing to keep beating the drum for Dredd 2 (and the fans remain committed), then who knows, right?


Are you still hoping for a sequel to Dredd? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: Collider

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  1. It just HAS to happen. They can have my money right now

  2. Huzzah! Man I hope it happens. Im keen to see more of the wierdness in Mega City One. Hope they get a decent budget.

  3. I really liked the premise behind the first one, as the whole setup of them being trapped in a 200 floor building with everyone in it out to kill them was what made the movie great for me. So I just hope that if they do a sequel, they have something that works just as well as the first one. I don’t know what they’d do with it, so I’d want to hear more on that, but I’d definitely give it a shot at least. I expected to hate the first one (trailers sucked IMO), but it was a surprise hit for me and ended up being in my top 10 last year. Absolutely loved it, hope they move forward with a sequel.

  4. Personally one of my favorite films of 2012, I would be glad to see the Judge Dredd universe expanded on.

  5. Just shutup already and take my money

  6. It still burns that films that are complete tripe do gangbusters at the box office and a film like “DREDD” that is actually good bombs. It looks like “Star Trek’s” profile is actually having a bit of a knock on effect with getting people talking about “DREDD” again.

    • I don’t understand the support for this film. It’s a below average sci-fi action movie and frankly, it deserved to bomb. The characters are all paper-thin archetypes. The plot is just a video game-like excuse to have the good guys kill their way through dozens of bad guys until they get to the boss. The acting was just plain bad. The movie going public was right to avoid this bomb.

      • Definitely NOT a below average sci-fi action movie – I don’t know what you were watching. Very intriguing world created and the characters completely capture what was intended in the comics. Not every film needs an overly complex plot. Simple is great if it’s executed properly, just ask Predator and The Raid. Awesome films – and so is Dredd.

        • Thracian is someone who probably never read a Dredd comic in his life.

          They did an admirable job getting the most out of the characters, the story and the actors on a limited budget. Definitely felt like a faithful rendition of the Dredd character and I would describe them and the plot as streamlined and not “paper-thin”.

          • Nope, never read a Dredd comic. I’m just commenting on the film itself, which I think should be able to stand on it’s own without having to read the comics.

            • Well, because it was pretty faithful rendition, it stands to reason that you wouldn’t like the comic book either.

              If you’d read it and didn’t like it, you’d already know not to see the movie. I mean it would be another thing altogether if you’d read the comic, liked it and then hated the movie. Then I think you’d have an argument.

              • Anyone who saw the movie has an argument on whether they liked it or not. Who are you to say he can’t voice his opinion? I didn’t really like the movie either, and I’m a huge fan of Urban and comic book movies. This movie doesn’t deserve a sequel, and that’s the truth

                • Show me where I said he couldn’t voice his opinion. I just suggested he base it off some facts before he judged.

                  Getting a little worked up over a movie you didn’t even like, don’t you think?

      • Ah, go watch IM3. I’m sure that will make you happy.

        • No need to bring that up here, there’s a perfectly fine IM3 bashing thread just down the page a bit.

          • I just can’t help it. It was such a steamer. (^-^)

  7. DO EEET!!!

  8. and people say remakes are terrible ideas…

  9. If a movie is ever deemed completely off the table, I’d like to see a TV series based on this. If HBO or Showtime can put a 12-episode run together, and if they put the care behind it like Syfy pulled off with Battlestar Gallactica, this would make for a really good show. Maybe after that, interest for a movie may return in full force.

  10. Who should I write to asking for this to happen? I have lots of friend that want to cooperate with the fan mail to let them know that we need a sequel!
    The movie was perfect! Karl Urban is amazing as Dredd!!

  11. Okay I’ve not bad mouthed Dredd on SR as i’ve not seen it… till last weekend.

    I confess after the trailers I didn’t have high hopes so avoided it like the plague at the cinema.

    How surprised was I, really enjoyied it. Can’t pin point WHY i enjoyied it but doesn’t change the fact that i did.

    Could of done with a bit less of the slow-mo drug effect especially during the first 30mins or so when they REALLY over-egged it but apart from that no grips at all.

    Not a 2000AD reader (although it has piqued my interest) so can’t comment on character portrails but Urban’s Dredd seemed more human than Stalone’s, ducking for cover, using (basic) tactics, calling in for backup…. more realistic than Stalone’s lumbering jugganught.

    Will definately give any sequal the benefit of the doubt.

    • I saw the film in 3D, and the slo-mo scenes, to me, were awesome to watch.

    • Slow mo in 3D was the best parts.

      • I’ve been kicking myself because I missed it in theaters and in 3D. I’m holding out hope for a re-release at some point.

  12. Karl Urban is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. Loved him as Dredd, Bones in Star Trek and the CIA(?) agent in RED. So much so that I’m actually considering watching his new show Almost Human.

    • Don’t forget that he was in The Lord of The Rings as well!!! (And Doom, although that movie should be forgotten)

  13. I need this sequel to happen. Dredd was amazing.

  14. This version of Dredd was a superbly crafted piece from script, acting, direction and the use of budget to give life to a huge future city. Like my friends who can only watch action if the script engages with richly layered characters we were mystified with the poor box office. This was one the best action movies in years. Urban was note perfect in interpretation. What talent and what an unexpected outcome. Hope very much that they get funding for the planned sequels. When a violent action film aims high and hits, for me, all the marks then crashes on release when so many sub efforts do well, it’s very sad. Like many I think it had very poor marketing and unless you were following it’s production online and had some notion of the likely quality based on the artists involved it did not appeal greatly. Poster and trailer didn’t capture much of what was on offer.

    • @ Pat

      I think you hit the nail on the head there (and the nail in the Dredd box office).

      The trailer was garage, the 2000AD uninitialted would completely tuned of by it (I was) and the marketing full stop was woeful.

      I truely expected a frenetic, crash zoom, gore fest a’la Ghost Rider 2, especially with the 3D added but when i watched it last weekend but I really, really enjoyied it and I do think if it was better promoted it would of found an audience at the cinema beyond Dredd diehards and action flik junkies after a bit of carnage

      • that’s supposed to be garbage not garage, stupid keyboard.

    • “Richly layered characters”? Come on. It had a the generic grizzled veteran and fresh-faced rookie(first day on the job, no less) facing off against an army of generic bad guys. The characters in the Resident Evil movies are more developed than this.

      • Sorry but Dredd sh*ts all over every Resident Evil movie ever made; and most comic book movies to be honest. You really can’t even compare the two.

        As far as the “Richly layered characters” opinion goes, that may be taking it a bit far. But they did nail the essence of the character and the world he lives in.

        • While I wouldn’t necessarily say the Resident Evil movies are “better” than Dredd, I stand behind my statement. For example, Alice is more developed than any of Dredd’s characters.

          • True, but she’s had what, six movies to get that accomplished? And the first one was a bit of an origin story, while Dredd was a standalone film. They just gave you a day in the life of Dredd, no origins to get in the way of the fun.

            I think more CB movies should do a similar style to be honest. Punisher is just one character that would benefit from doing it the same, IMO.

            • Have you ever seen Punisher: War Zone? I avoided it after hearing the terrible reviews but I recently caught it on cable and actually enjoyed it.

              • I honestly did like Punisher: War Zone a lot more than the first Punisher movie, but I think they again missed the mark for that particular character. Definitely not as enjoyable or satisfying as Dredd was to me.

          • I think you should stop commenting because you clearly hated the movie, you’re not gonna read the comic books (where the main characters are similar to how they were portrayed in the movie) so….why bother?

            I mean, Dredd himself was based on Dirty Harry so I assume you also hate those movies.

            There was a ton of character development, it’s just that like the 2000AD comics, it’s not as in your face as a lot of Americans (I assume you’re American) expect. We British do things with subtlety and over the course of the movie, Judge Dredd went from a hardass enforcer of the law with no compromise to actually having a little compassion for the rookie.

            Anderson herself went from scared rookie to tough woman ready to dish out justice and Lena Headey was fantastic as always as Ma-Ma.

            I’ve championed this movie on this site since seeing it and this news is fantastic. Point me to wherever I need to send emails or money to help get a second and third movie made and I’ll do it because Dredd was my fave movie of 2012 (coming from someone who hasn’t read a 2000AD comic book since 1992 and was only 8 years old then to really appreciate what was going on within the pages).

            • I like British cinema just fine, but this isn’t exactly The King’s Speech. I don’t think this went over anyone’s head. The green rookie earned the respect of the tough-as-nails veteran cop just like in 90% of Hollywood cop movies. When I want to watch a British movie that combines action with subtle character development I’ll watch my copy of Ralph Feinnes’ masterpiece Coriolanus, a movie where the characters actually emote instead of just wearing a helmet, frowning, and talking in a Batman voice the whole movie.

              • That just proves you really don’t get the whole point of Judge Dredd. Dredd isn’t supposed to emote, he’s just the law. He’s not even a good guy, sometimes he’s the bad guy.

            • @dazz,

              i just saw dredd, (and raid:redemption) this weekend, and i was blown away. yes, it is a standard trope with the rookie and the vet, but yes, there was tremendous character growth in a short (95 minute)amount of time. MUCH better than stallones film. i’m also sorry i missed the 3d in theaters. hope the sequel happens.

  15. Dredd was a fantastical movie with a gripping story. Everytime I see it, I go “wow theyre screwed” when mama closes the exits and the roof. I will support a sequel and i will write letters to make it happen

  16. The LAW impose to have a sequel

  17. Make it happen

  18. Dredd was freakin’ awesome. Why the hell did it not make its budget back? I’ve seen far worse films gross ten times their budgets and therefore get sequels, but this one film that was brilliant barely scrapes 3/4 of it. Has the world gone mad?

    • Terrible marketing was the main culprit. I’d be willing to bet the next one would make it’s money back and more… especially if the did it with the same budget.

    • In a world where sparkling vampires with girlfriends who have the same acting ability as a wooden plank, where movies about stuffed animals coming to life with Peter Griffin’s voice, where movies are spoofs of other movies, all make bank and break records?

      The answer is yes. The world already has gone mad.

  19. If Veronica Mars can raise enough money through fans to create a movie, then so can Dredd.

    • Exactly.

      I mean, Veronica Mars wasn’t even that good and I can guarantee there are more fans of 2000AD than there ever were of Veronica Mars.

  20. We all need more Dredd. Please please make it happen. Can they get a kickstarter project going. We can help get it started.

  21. Dredd was pure awesome. The 3D was amazing in the theater, and was pleasently surorised how good is still looked on Blu Ray. Please male a sequel!

  22. I have to say, Dredd wasn’t as bad as I was thinking it would be based on John Wagner’s initial comments about the movie and the fact the trailer made it look like it was going to be The Raid: Redemption, starring Judge Dredd. That being said, the scope of the movie did seem a little small since it all pretty much happens in one large building. The bad guys were all pretty generic which made sense with the setting but there’s are plenty of characters from the comics they could have used… Judge Anderson was in it which was a huge plus and Karl Urban really felt like Dredd.

    Personally, unless the Dark Judges are in the sequel with a major role and Judge Anderson returns I doubt I’d waste the time going to see it in a theater.

  23. No offense to Stallone (who is awesome) but this Dredd is great. I’m loving all the positive support for an expanded on Mega City universe. The emerging psychic element was pretty cool too as well as portrayal of the crime structure in that particular building.
    I love stats too. The whole part about “we get this many calls and can respond to only this many which one do you want to go to?” It just helps sci-fi movies seem more grounded while being imaginary fiction. I hope that they would keep that element in a sequel.

  24. I never saw the original nor the be that was released but I heard it was a boat load of fun and extremely well done, I want to see it soon if th first one is as good as everyone says it is maybe even better ill gladly vote for a sequel it sounds like it would workout really well.

  25. loved dredd patiently waiting for them to make another one

  26. Dredd was an awesome movie. Saw it in 3d in theaters on opening day and was really impressed. Karl Urban was excellent as always and since then have been hoping for a sequel. I would like to see what they can do with the comic book material especially I want to see if they can do a better job with Rico and the Angel Clan. Urban’s Dredd vs the Angel Clan would be epic

  27. Could we not start a fan base kick start for dredd 2?…..

  28. Could we not start a fan base kick start for dredd 2?

  29. Really enjoyed it as well to my surprise. 3D was excellently done. Would love to see a sequel.