Karl Urban On ‘Dredd’ Sequel: ‘It’s Up To The Fans’

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Karl Urban as Judge Dredd Karl Urban On Dredd Sequel: Its Up To The Fans

2012′s Dredd was an attempt to reboot the cult-favorite character who originated in the British science fiction anthology 2000 A.D. In 1995, Sylvester Stallone starred as the helmeted dispenser of justice in a dystopian, seemingly post-apocalyptic future, who acted as judge, jury and executioner on the spot. While that movie remains a camp-tastic guilty pleasure, the Karl Urban-starring remake adopted the far darker, hyper-violent tone of the comics.

The film failed to catch on with the general movie-going public despite proving to be quite an excellent comic-book action flick. It’s total worldwide box office gross was about $32 million, on a $50 million budget. It’s surprising success on DVD and Blu-Ray (selling up to 650,000 copies, “making it the best-selling new release title of the year,” according to a press release at the time), seemed to reignite new hope for a sequel. In fact, there is a Facebook page clambering for a second entry, along with a related petition officially sanctioned by 2000 A.D. (Click here to view the petition.)

Dredd was released on home video over six months ago, but no official word on a sequel has been heard despite its post-theatrical release success. Star Karl Urban hasn’t given up hope, however. While at Comic-Con 2013 to help promote his upcoming Fox series Almost Human, Urban voiced his belief that it’ll only happen if the fans want it badly enough, saying:

“The more people that campaign for it, the more people that email, Twitter, write-in to Lionsgate saying ‘we want to see more of this,’ then the more likelihood we will get to see it; we’re certainly doing everything we can to make sure it happens.”

Judge Dredd Breaching Room  Karl Urban On Dredd Sequel: Its Up To The Fans

On paper, Dredd seemed to be a safe bet: Urban stole his scenes as Dr. McCoy in the rebooted Star Trek, this project promised the prospect of the always-popular gritty reboot, and it even featured Game of Thrones star Lena Headey as the main villain, a twisted, drug-dealing matriarch. Also, the film would keep to the core of the source material, in which Judge Dredd never once removes his helmet.

It’s interesting to note that star Urban and writer Alex Garland (The Beach, 28 Days Later) were actively discussing their sequel ideas up until the film’s release – everyone behind Dredd really seemed to think they had a big hit on their hands. Garland talked about a potential trilogy, which could include pivotal comic-book villains like the Dark Judges (undead former Judges so extreme in their world-view that all of humanity needs to be eradicated due to living humans’ potential to commit crimes) and the murderous tyrannosaurus rex Satanus.

Judge Dredd 2000 AD Karl Urban On Dredd Sequel: Its Up To The Fans

So how likely is this? Searching Twitter for #dredd, #dreddsequel and #dredd2 does yield a good number of hits, especially during the past few days, and some reports from last month have the Dredd DVD spiking in Amazon sales when the sequel rumors started flying. Judging (ahem) by Urban’s plea to fans, no one has given him a contract to sign yet, though.

Still, such strong home video sales point toward the steady building of a cult audience – and it’s a world which deserves some expansion, especially considering Urban’s interest in seeing Dredd take to exile in response to his character’s disillusionment in the “big lie,” namely that the Judges are doing what’s best for humanity.

What about you, Screen Ranters? Did you like Dredd and would you like to see a sequel? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. YES! But only if Judge Death makes an appearance.

    • Always wanted to see Judge Death in a live action movie.

      • the guy who made the film said that he wanted to make it into a trilogy featuring all thee dark judges,if he makes a second one that will probably happen, by the third film I would like to see that crossover of jiker and batman in mega city because that comic was sooooooo freaking awesome

        • all four dark judges

  2. What the reboot did right: Dredd’s helmet never, ever comes off. The violent gritty feel. Dredd felt like Dredd. Was Stallone’s ego a factor in the first movie’s taking the helmet off, as some have said? Stallone doesn’t come across as such a bad guy in interviews so I’m not sure if that’s the case.

    What the reboot did wrong: Mega-City One in the movie looks nothing, and I do mean nothing, like the comic book original in 2000AD. It’s far more futuristic in the comic.

    I understand that this may have been due to budgetary constraints, and it didn’t spoil the movie too much for me. Ironically though, the more flamboyant feel of buildings in the Stallone movie is far closer to the artwork in 2000AD. Since I was a kind I’ve always loved the flowing organic form language the 2000AD artists used for Mega City One structures.

    The reboot just looked like a run-down present day city with a few sci-fi elements tacked on. In fact this is probably how it’d really look, it’s how cities evolve in the real world, but just sayin’ – it’s not the Mega City One I grew up with.

    But yeah, I’d be in favour of a sequel to the reboot. Urban owned the role. And of course the fan fav psi judge Anderson was intro’d well, I thought.

  3. Sequel? How about a multi-season series instead… I had low expectations for the Movie but it was really good, nothing like that s*** Stallone starred in.

  4. I would really love to see a sequel, indeed several sequels. The film Dredd was an exciting and gritty look into the diegesis inspired by the Comic. Bring it on! Please, please, please stop mentioning that egregious pile of rot starring Stallone whenever this work of art is mentioned. It simply does not deserve it, even by dint of association.

  5. I want it…now!

  6. Absolutely! This was one of the most visually appealing comic book movies made, in my opinion. It was gritty, it was dark, and the universe (and Karl Urban) deserve a sequel…or more!

  7. Pretty please with sugar on top.

    I want it!!! So you give it.


  8. This film deserves a sequel.

  9. Cracking good movie. Clearly too many people got put off by the original they never gave this one a chance. By the next one, the stallone movie will have been expunged.

  10. More Dredd please!

  11. I would loooove a Dredd sequel. I absolutely loved the first one, one of the best action films of the decade!

    Please Lionsgate, greenlight a sequel!!

  12. I am one of the ones who wasn’t interested in the film because of bad memories of the one with Stallone in it, but after good reviews and word of mouth I gave it a shot at the theatre and thought it was pretty good. It’s a shame that it didn’t make its budget back even in worldwide ticket sales.

    I have a feeling most people avoided it because they were put off from the previous one, and this new one seemed like a poor man’s version with a star who’s not nearly as big as Stallone is/was back when the first was released, but after good word of mouth it started doing well in the home market.

    I hope a second can be released so that the fans who got to see that the first Urban version was good can show their support for it in theatres.

  13. Yes! The original story had some issues. like scope, we didn’t get to see mega city. But all im sure is related to budget. Make a new one, give it a budget and keep Michael break away from it.

  14. Lets make this happen guys

  15. I watched this (in 3D) for the first time yesterday and thought it was amazing! So much better than I had expected and would love to see a sequel!

  16. b****! Make a Dredd sequel, a’it?

  17. make it a series ,because it deserves it

  18. Absolutely

  19. Urban was great as Dredd, but even more than a sequel to Dredd, I’d like to see him be the new Batman.

    • Yes!

  20. This film definitely needs a sequel. Its gritty, hard and violent. As well as being far superior to the Stallone version.
    A sequel has my vote.

  21. I would like to see another Dredd film. However, I would like to see more than an apartment building in the film this time. Better music or NO Music would also be a plus, avoid dated industrial or metal (a simple orchestral score would be fine).

    • Say Whaaat??? The music in “DREDD” was awesome!

  22. “DREDD” needs a sequel if only to fight the onslaught of mediocrity.

  23. Dredd deserves justice. Make it happen.

  24. it something I would support even as a kickstarter project

  25. I really liked Dredd, but not enough to want a sequel. If they make on? Great, but if not? I wouldn’t mind.

    The main reason I liked Dredd was because of Karl Urban’s performance. WB/DC should be looking to him as the new Batman imo.

    • Urban nailed Dredd and made that role his. WB/DC shouldn’t poach him for Batman, they should come up with some more original casting. I ‘d rather see Urban doing hard R sci-fi as Dredd than PG13 antics as batman.

      The world needs more Dredd. It’s gonna get more Batman if it’s needed or not.

  26. Yes i’ve seen it and i own it on 3D blu ray loved it. Give me more please bring dredd back, the world needs him

  27. “Dredd 2″ plz

  28. dredd 2 with judge death please….