Karl Urban On ‘Dredd’ Sequel: ‘It’s Up To The Fans’

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Karl Urban as Judge Dredd Karl Urban On Dredd Sequel: Its Up To The Fans

2012′s Dredd was an attempt to reboot the cult-favorite character who originated in the British science fiction anthology 2000 A.D. In 1995, Sylvester Stallone starred as the helmeted dispenser of justice in a dystopian, seemingly post-apocalyptic future, who acted as judge, jury and executioner on the spot. While that movie remains a camp-tastic guilty pleasure, the Karl Urban-starring remake adopted the far darker, hyper-violent tone of the comics.

The film failed to catch on with the general movie-going public despite proving to be quite an excellent comic-book action flick. It’s total worldwide box office gross was about $32 million, on a $50 million budget. It’s surprising success on DVD and Blu-Ray (selling up to 650,000 copies, “making it the best-selling new release title of the year,” according to a press release at the time), seemed to reignite new hope for a sequel. In fact, there is a Facebook page clambering for a second entry, along with a related petition officially sanctioned by 2000 A.D. (Click here to view the petition.)

Dredd was released on home video over six months ago, but no official word on a sequel has been heard despite its post-theatrical release success. Star Karl Urban hasn’t given up hope, however. While at Comic-Con 2013 to help promote his upcoming Fox series Almost Human, Urban voiced his belief that it’ll only happen if the fans want it badly enough, saying:

“The more people that campaign for it, the more people that email, Twitter, write-in to Lionsgate saying ‘we want to see more of this,’ then the more likelihood we will get to see it; we’re certainly doing everything we can to make sure it happens.”

Judge Dredd Breaching Room  Karl Urban On Dredd Sequel: Its Up To The Fans

On paper, Dredd seemed to be a safe bet: Urban stole his scenes as Dr. McCoy in the rebooted Star Trek, this project promised the prospect of the always-popular gritty reboot, and it even featured Game of Thrones star Lena Headey as the main villain, a twisted, drug-dealing matriarch. Also, the film would keep to the core of the source material, in which Judge Dredd never once removes his helmet.

It’s interesting to note that star Urban and writer Alex Garland (The Beach, 28 Days Later) were actively discussing their sequel ideas up until the film’s release – everyone behind Dredd really seemed to think they had a big hit on their hands. Garland talked about a potential trilogy, which could include pivotal comic-book villains like the Dark Judges (undead former Judges so extreme in their world-view that all of humanity needs to be eradicated due to living humans’ potential to commit crimes) and the murderous tyrannosaurus rex Satanus.

Judge Dredd 2000 AD Karl Urban On Dredd Sequel: Its Up To The Fans

So how likely is this? Searching Twitter for #dredd, #dreddsequel and #dredd2 does yield a good number of hits, especially during the past few days, and some reports from last month have the Dredd DVD spiking in Amazon sales when the sequel rumors started flying. Judging (ahem) by Urban’s plea to fans, no one has given him a contract to sign yet, though.

Still, such strong home video sales point toward the steady building of a cult audience – and it’s a world which deserves some expansion, especially considering Urban’s interest in seeing Dredd take to exile in response to his character’s disillusionment in the “big lie,” namely that the Judges are doing what’s best for humanity.

What about you, Screen Ranters? Did you like Dredd and would you like to see a sequel? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. I’ll keep it simple, on behalf of the UK we want it!!!

    • So, let’s post all of Lionsgate’s info on this page so all of the UK (and USA in my case) can bother the bejeezus out of them!!!

  2. If a sequel really was up to the fans then it would of already been greenlit. I hope it does happen, Karl Urban was fantastic and I do want to explore more of Mega City One and the other gangs they introduced in the first one. If Dredd 2 is on a similar budget as this, I think it will make a lot money the second time around. And if Dredd 2 is a success then they can make Dredd 3 on a big blockbuster budget and really go no holds bar.

    • What does “would of” mean?

      • It’s what some people think “would have” means. Idiots. Idiots everywhere.

  3. DO IT!

  4. Yep and glad Screen Rant are finally reporting on this now.

    I’ve been doing what little I can for the Facebook campaign, 2000AD have a petition on their official site and if they got a Kickstarter campaign, I’d willingly put money into it.

    Dredd was my fave movie of 2012 and one of the better comic book adaptions of all time as far as being true to the character and the world he inhabits as well as having a brilliant story.

    I hope people pick up on this, especially in the US. The more comic book movies, the better in my view and it could mean more 2000AD properties like Chopper could be adapted.

  5. Just forget about it Karl, go be batman instead

    • That exactly what my thought was, pursue the role of the batman. If they can give a actor in training like chris evans to be the iconic captain america then give a bonafide actor like karl urban a chance who will make fans believe that he can take on superman.

      • I’d rather see him reprise his Judge Dredd roll than Batman.

        • I agree with Dreddhead.

    • I WANT BOTH!!!

      I definitely want Urban as Batman, that would be freakin’ EPIC, but come on, Batman doesn’t blow people up, shoot them in their face, or burn them with fire… With that, we need another Dredd movie!! :-)

      • How about… BatDredd?!

        • Or better yet… how about an adaptation of the famous Judge Dredd Vs Batman graphic novel “Judgement on Gotham”! Seeing as Batman arrives in Mega-City-1 from a different dimension, Urban could still play both Batman and Dredd. Kind of an alternate version of the person. (Genetically)

  6. Lionsgate, WHY YOU NO GREENLIT?!!?

  7. Most people want Karl to be Batman. He could be Batman, but not sure about Bruce Wayne

  8. be batman

  9. loved dredd really hope the sequel happens

  10. Karl should be Batman

  11. Dredd is a fantastic film and deserves a sequel! Loved it at the cinema and the Blu-ray is regularly watched-rare film that stands up to repeat viewings.

    If you love the film to, why not sign up to the official ‘make a Dredd sequel’ Facebook page found here:


    And sign and share the official online petition here:


    Let’s make this dream a reality creeps! :-)

  12. Karl should NOT be Batman. Karl should continue to be Judge Dredd, otherwise what’s the point in bringing lesser known but still badass characters to the big screen?

    It’s also interesting to see that it appears to be only Americans who want him to ditch Dredd and become Batman instead. Is this because you only know of Batman in comic books and because Batman is a US created character?

    • I’m from the US and I personally would love to see Urban continue the role of Dredd as opposed to Batman.

      • I want him to do both… and I’m American.

  13. They should just make the next Batman movie like Dredd. Throw Batman (Insert Actor) and Nightwing (Ian Somerhalder) into Arkham Asylum, have it layered with multiple levels like Peach Trees and just have Bats and NW pound through thugs and sub in cameos from Batman villains. And use dudes like Clayface, Killer Croc and Bane for mini boss fights. Just combine Arkham Asylum and Dredd into one badass movie. And make it R rated. I know R rated comic book films generally don’t do too well but its Batman so the world will see it anyway. I want Batman to be intense, violent and brutal. Batman will do anything to a opponent except killing.

    • Tho a nice idea, its at a point know when i simple story like that isnt enough. Im not trying to be all nolanite but since the dark knight and more so inception blockbusters are held in higher standards and need more layers to gain extreme praise. That could be why films like dredd, pacific rim and most superhero films (besides the avengers) are getting between 70-77% on RT. Because they are fun but neved offer the layers that have been in past blockbusters

      • Batman can incapacitate the bad guys then Dredd can judge and execute them!

  14. Search for ‘make a Dredd sequel’ on facebook, sign the official petition and share it with your online friends!

    No doing so is an automatic fail! :-)

  15. ..Man, we need too get on this, i want to see were they can take it..

  16. Oh! And buy the DVD or Blu-ray of Dredd if you haven’t already!

    It all helps creeps! :-)

    • Yep, I have the Bluray. :-)

  17. More. More, more, more.

  18. MORE DREDD! The first one kicked all kinds of ass.

  19. I’d love to see a sequel, but only if it wouldn’t be about the more outlandish elements of the comic. The thing I loved the most about Dredd was the very grounded approach they took with the movie. If they start thinking about the Dark Judges and all that stuff they might just as well let the sequel rest in peace, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t want to see that and it’s not what I expect from a continuation of the movie.

  20. I’ll keep it simple, on behalf of RUSSIA, POLANDIA and UKRAINE we want it!!!

    Iäm Russian btw, we want more DREDD. Loved the Movie but there is so much things you can do with sequels, more story, Rico, DREDD’s brother and much much more! Make it happen! Please! If it happens then do me a favour, please advertise the Movie correctly because you didn’t do that with the first Movie, I want to go to the theaters and SEE a DREED trailer Before watching the Movie I payed to go and see.

  21. Maybe in the sequel the Dark Judges will be the name that refers to the corrupt Judges. I couldn’t imagine they’d jump from this to zombies so soon.

  22. tinyurl.com/dreddsequel

    ^ Go sign the official petition. It is the law.

  23. Dredd sequel ASAP and bring on the Dark Judges!

  24. Like I said to the Singer Repairman.

    “Make it Sew.”

    • You seam to be joking. Don’t be a knitwit. :)

      Bring on the sequel!

  25. This American wants Karl back as Dredd. :)

  26. Well, it didn’t help that the studios buried in the end of the summer. They needed a better release date on it, and a little more hype.

  27. Let’s go! Get that sequel rolling!

  28. After seeing Dredd 3D my first thought was Karl Urban would make an awesome batman.

  29. I think this film did sh*t at the box office for two reasons. It was only released in 3D and it was not marketed as a reboot in terms of the trailers shown in primtime (not online). The US could have been spoon fed a bit more info on the character and on why the a reboot was done in the first place. Just more press, more buzz, more promoting. From an industry that never seems to lack for people ready to sell a product, an idea or themselves… on the street so they can eat. They just starved themselves on this one. WTF, seriously W-T-F. Oh, and I never would have thought Karl himself would stand in for that mini-vid, but, HE DID, at it was AWE-SOME. He is willing to play the character again, and, who are we to not do our part and deny him that? Whether you voted for Obama or not, I say to you repeat it with me Dredd-heads: “Yes we can!” “Yes we can!” “Yes we can!”