Karl Urban On ‘Dredd’ Sequel: ‘It’s Up To The Fans’

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Karl Urban as Judge Dredd Karl Urban On Dredd Sequel: Its Up To The Fans

2012′s Dredd was an attempt to reboot the cult-favorite character who originated in the British science fiction anthology 2000 A.D. In 1995, Sylvester Stallone starred as the helmeted dispenser of justice in a dystopian, seemingly post-apocalyptic future, who acted as judge, jury and executioner on the spot. While that movie remains a camp-tastic guilty pleasure, the Karl Urban-starring remake adopted the far darker, hyper-violent tone of the comics.

The film failed to catch on with the general movie-going public despite proving to be quite an excellent comic-book action flick. It’s total worldwide box office gross was about $32 million, on a $50 million budget. It’s surprising success on DVD and Blu-Ray (selling up to 650,000 copies, “making it the best-selling new release title of the year,” according to a press release at the time), seemed to reignite new hope for a sequel. In fact, there is a Facebook page clambering for a second entry, along with a related petition officially sanctioned by 2000 A.D. (Click here to view the petition.)

Dredd was released on home video over six months ago, but no official word on a sequel has been heard despite its post-theatrical release success. Star Karl Urban hasn’t given up hope, however. While at Comic-Con 2013 to help promote his upcoming Fox series Almost Human, Urban voiced his belief that it’ll only happen if the fans want it badly enough, saying:

“The more people that campaign for it, the more people that email, Twitter, write-in to Lionsgate saying ‘we want to see more of this,’ then the more likelihood we will get to see it; we’re certainly doing everything we can to make sure it happens.”

Judge Dredd Breaching Room  Karl Urban On Dredd Sequel: Its Up To The Fans

On paper, Dredd seemed to be a safe bet: Urban stole his scenes as Dr. McCoy in the rebooted Star Trek, this project promised the prospect of the always-popular gritty reboot, and it even featured Game of Thrones star Lena Headey as the main villain, a twisted, drug-dealing matriarch. Also, the film would keep to the core of the source material, in which Judge Dredd never once removes his helmet.

It’s interesting to note that star Urban and writer Alex Garland (The Beach, 28 Days Later) were actively discussing their sequel ideas up until the film’s release – everyone behind Dredd really seemed to think they had a big hit on their hands. Garland talked about a potential trilogy, which could include pivotal comic-book villains like the Dark Judges (undead former Judges so extreme in their world-view that all of humanity needs to be eradicated due to living humans’ potential to commit crimes) and the murderous tyrannosaurus rex Satanus.

Judge Dredd 2000 AD Karl Urban On Dredd Sequel: Its Up To The Fans

So how likely is this? Searching Twitter for #dredd, #dreddsequel and #dredd2 does yield a good number of hits, especially during the past few days, and some reports from last month have the Dredd DVD spiking in Amazon sales when the sequel rumors started flying. Judging (ahem) by Urban’s plea to fans, no one has given him a contract to sign yet, though.

Still, such strong home video sales point toward the steady building of a cult audience – and it’s a world which deserves some expansion, especially considering Urban’s interest in seeing Dredd take to exile in response to his character’s disillusionment in the “big lie,” namely that the Judges are doing what’s best for humanity.

What about you, Screen Ranters? Did you like Dredd and would you like to see a sequel? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. I bought the Blu-ray which is for me a great vote. Yes I would like to see a sequel. Urban as in Priest, really has presence and I for one like his Dredd much better than Stallones, so YES another Please. Thank you for listening.

  2. Oh yes! For me, by far one the best comic book adaptations ever made. Stallone’s efforts weren’t didn’t his film just a bad Dredd movie, it was just a bad movie, embarrassing in fact. He took his helmet off and kissed a girl for crying out loud!!! Wrong wrong wrong.I walked out half way through, only the second time I’ve ever done that.
    Urban was fantastic, the story was bang on and the city itself looked great. Not to mention Lana Hedley and all that slo-mo stuff. The ultra violence was all there (this was the character that robo-cop was based on after all ), just Dredd’s bike was a bit weak for me , needed to be more chunky with the huge tires and all that.
    PLs, pls let there be a sequel then maybe that would open the doors to some other 2000 AD properties like the ABC Warriors or Slain. 2000 AD was THE comic for me but then maybe I’m bias ’cause I’m a Brit. Marvel/ DC got a tad boring and repetitive for me from around the age of 12. DA’s stories were much darker, a lot more social commentary with historical nods and greater character arcs. They even killed off some of their main characters. I, so very painfully have my fingers crossed.

    • Likewise, my heart sank when I heard they were using contemporary vehicles, and my initial thought when I saw the first still of the film’s version of the Lawmaster was “Oh dear…”. But it worked. This wasn’t the high-tech Mega-City One of the comics, but I completely bought it as a vision of how it might have begun. Dusty, dirty Judge uniforms, unshaven Dredd and all.

      Apparently aircraft tyres were tried on prototypes of the bikes they ended up using in the ’95 movie, and they wouldn’t turn corners. The Batpod only gets away with it because the steering mechanism literally tilts the whole wheel onto its side. Which still gives it a ridiculously impractical turning circle in reality.

      If you haven’t seen it already, check out the Judge Minty fanmade film for a true-to-the-comics (albeit CGI) representation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aavS_XUITXU

  3. Sorry let me write that second line again…’ Stallone’s effort wasn’t just a bad Dredd movie, it was just a bad movie.’ That makes a bit more sense. it was bleedin’ awful though. ( the film, not my typing!)

  4. Although my typing was pretty awful too!!!!

  5. Please don’t ever make Dredd fight a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Also, undead judges? Seems like it would be turning it into a zombie flick. Totally goes against the feel of the first.
    I hope they don’t turn this into a Robocop 3.

    • Trust me, Judge Death is as iconic as The Joker as far as psychotic comic book villains.

  6. Yes please, another Dredd will be good…I like the movie and hopefully Lionsgate will make a trilogy.

  7. I liked Dredd.For me the movie felt like a homage to John Carpenter,from the setup,which resembles Assault on Precinct 13 and the music as well.It had a very 80′s vibe and I dig that.However,I found it to be lacking a bit in action and if they make a second one,which I hope they will,it’s best that the movie stays in 2D.I know Dredd was green lit after Avatar came out and all the 3D frenzy was around,so they thought the movie would have bigger chances of getting it’s investment back if it was done in 3D,but it tanked at the box office,so I hope whoever will put up the money for the second movie,will know to make it in 2D and stop with the gimmicks.It’s a gritty movie and making it in 3D only takes away from it.

  8. Want!

  9. yes!! make another, then another. you have tooo

  10. I bought the Bluray, the itunes copy and watch it whenever its on Sky and its still an amazingly fresh movie for me. Make more!

    If a turd of a film like Percy Jackson can get a sequel then surely this excellent movie deserves one too

  11. Dredd: “Rookie, you ready?”
    Anderson: “Yeah”
    Dredd: “You look ready”

    A compliment from Dredd??? In her mind she must have been like “WWOOOOOOTTT!!” lol

    • Urban’s laconic delivery of his minimal dialogue made the entire film for me. Not crappy one-liners – just bald statements of fact.

      Anderson: “He’s thinking about going for your gun.”
      Dredd: “Yeah.”
      Anderson: “He changed his mind.”
      Dredd: “Yeah.”

      Chief Judge: “So what happened in there?”
      Dredd: “Drug bust”
      Chief Judge: “Look like you’ve been through it.”
      Dredd: “Perps were uncooperative.”

      • Classic!!

        • I loved his line about confessing to murder so it’ll save on the paperwork.

  12. I hope they make another Dredd movie i really liked this one….

  13. Anderson needs to go naked, k thx.

  14. It’s simple really……MORE DREDD NOW!!!!

  15. I defiantly want to see several sequels. I hope this turns into a global cult hit like RE and Milla Jojovich did. If I can’t get 6, I will not “poo-poo” a trilogy, but gotta keep Urban as Dredd through all. It defiantly has the potential!

  16. Good news.

    Patton Oswalt took to twitter with the link to the official Dredd sequel petition on the 2000AD website.

  17. I and so many other people want it to happen it would be criminal if at least one sequel didn’t get made, it’s was a very good film and I’d like to thank all those involved in brining the real Dredd to the big screen. Just keep the plonkers who were in charge of publicity for the last one well away in future. Adding 3D to the title was an act of madness.

  18. Yes I think a sequel would be good to further enhance the depth of the characters. I enjoyed this movie from start to finish. I thought this movie was much better than the 1st judge dredd and was captivated by the new dredds action sequences.

  19. *cuss word* Yah! Make it. Make it. Make it!!

  20. Make it happen!

  21. “Dredd” was an awesome, awesome movie. Karl Urban knocked the part out of the park, wouldn’t want anyone else but him as Dredd. One of the best comic book adaptations ever made, would love to see another.

  22. I thought the movie was brill from start to finish. Karl Urban hit the nail on the head, he pulled it off so well, he had the mannerisms of a man who knew he was literally better than everyone around him. The storyline was also a tad more “realistic” if you will. Miles better than the 1996 Judge Dredd.

    BTW, anyone think Urban would play an awesome Solid Snake or Big Boss in a MGS movie?

  23. Just bought the Dredd DVD !! Wow !! How much better than Stallone’s version? Loads ! Not that Stallone wasn’t good – just that this is SO much better !! Dredd 2 – hey, if I could buy the tickets now, I would !!