‘Dredd’ Sells Well on DVD/Blu-ray; Sequel Still Possible?

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Dredd DVD Blu ray Sales Sequel Dredd Sells Well on DVD/Blu ray; Sequel Still Possible?

The Last Stand is the 2013 poster child for a film that we loved but almost no went out to see; but in 2012, that dishonor went to Dredd 3D. The film – an attempt to relaunch the popular Judge Dredd comic book character in a retooled film franchise – hardly made a dent in the box office, though we (and many other geek types) gave it a favorable review.

With a total haul of $32 million (worldwide!) on a $50 million budget, it seemed that Dredd would definitely not get a sequel; but with the latest word on the film’s sales figures in the home video market, could there be new hope for another chapter?

A press release confirms that Dredd claimed the number one spot in DVD/Blu-ray sales, putting up some impressive figures:

The verdict is in and Lionsgate (LGF), a leading global entertainment company, announced today that the home entertainment release of DREDD claimed the number one spot on the DVD sell-through and Blu-ray charts with 650,000 units sold, making it the best-selling new release title of the year. Blu-ray units accounted for nearly 50% of week 1 POS at retail. In addition, the critically acclaimed thriller, starring Karl Urban (Star Trek) as the titular character Judge Dredd , was the top film download for the week, outpacing all other titles in digital sales as well. Said Ron Schwartz , Lionsgate Executive Vice President & General Manager, Home Entertainment. “We’re also pleased that a film released on 3-D Blu-ray was able to top the sales charts, a clear reflection of how quality films in this up and coming format can find their audience.”

Lionsgate was the studio behind both Dredd and The Last Stand – and has arguably suffered the brunt of moviegoer skepticism in return for offering what are (ostensibly) crowd-pleaser films that honor their respective fanbases. Both movies are straightforward action romps with little touches of creative flair – and both sit at 3.5 or over in our 5-star review scale.

So what’s the deal with the low box office returns? Well, one could debate the factors ad nauseum, but a quick rundown pretty much looks like this:

  • Time of release: September (Dredd) and January (Last Stand) are both times when people are getting settled back into their routines after summer/winter vacations – thereby making it easy to miss the latest film at the cineplex.
  • Ticket Price: Movies are expensive, and 3D movies (Dredd) are even more expensive. Neither Dredd nor Last Stand were “sure” things upfront (hence why they were both pleasantly surprising). Home video is a $afer way to try out an uncertain prospects.
  • Bad Marketing: The ad campaigns for both these films oddly enough make them look the same movie: action, bullets and tough-guy one-liners. What neither campaign tells you is that directors Jee-woon Kim (Last Stand), Pete Travis (Dredd) and their casts add the right touches to make these respective films standout in a crowded genre.
  • Interest-to-commitment ratio: These films appeal to niche demographics of genre lovers – but like a Facebook party event, not everyone who signs up, shows up on release day.
  • Faulty Hooks: Karl Urban was excellent as Judge Dredd – but he’s not exactly a strong draw; nor is the up-charge of a 3D ticket. Last Stand was a Schwarzenegger comeback event film… that apparently wasn’t much of an “event.” Films need a strong draw, and these two didn’t necessarily have one between them.

The question now is: can there be enough success on home video to warrant a Dredd sequel? The film’s writer, Alex Garland, already laid out a blueprint for a Dredd movie trilogy - one which would continue by exploring the ethics of judging and culminate with a story involving fan-favorite foes, The Dark Juges. So the enthusiasm is there – but is the studio support?

The Dark Judges Judge Dredd Dredd Sells Well on DVD/Blu ray; Sequel Still Possible?

The Dark Judges

The stories of films that sold few theater tickets but gained strong sales and acclaim on home video are now common (Fight Club, Big Lebowski, Citizen Kane and Office Space come to mind), but there is one common thread between all such examples: they didn’t get sequels. Karl Urban already said that he would be perfectly fine with the final chapter being Dredd finding immortality as a cult-classic, and that’s all it may turn out to be.

Still, at the risk of being completely biased: we want to see The Dark Judges; we want to see a story examining the ethics of law enforcement; and we want to see more Karl Urban under the helmet – but that’s just us. What’s your vote?

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Dredd is now available on DVD/Blu-ray and Digital Download. For more on the film, be sure to listen to our Screen Rant Underground Dredd Podcast.


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  1. I was one who saw it in 2D here in England, and I’ll tell you what it was like. When it first came out on Friday, between then and Wed, each day only had 1 2d screening, all at 7pm-ish.
    That was one of the main reasons it didn’t do as well-there were hardly any 2D screenings, and people felt being forced to watch pointless 3D effects. But I did have the rare chance to see it in glorious 2D!
    I enjoyed it immensely, and I give it 3 stars, but borderline 4, although I may change my mind to 4 in future. I love the complete case files vol.1, and intend to read the rest and buy the dvd while it’s still expensive because I want a sequel!

    • Did you see the actual 3d edition… been the only 3d film I’ve seen where it actually added to my enjoyment of the movie

  2. i came into it with low expectations and im glad i was surprised. it was awesome! and had some of the best movie kills ever seen !!! great stuff! bring on the sequel!

  3. Times like this I get upset I’m not rich so I can’t just say “How much money do you want to make a sequel?”
    Want a sequel so badly.

  4. 10/10

    Saw it twice in the cinema, watched it online another 4 times and just bought the DVD.

    Best film of 2012 easily.

  5. Completely cool remake, awesome visuals and damn that Rookie is fine!

    • It’s not a remake.

    • wtfremakelol

  6. The budget for ‘Dredd’ was $35m and by the time it finishes it’s theatrical run (it’s released in Japan in February) it will have crossed the $37m barrier in worldwide ticket sales… so it’s made it’s budget back at least.

    It’s clear that the film is going to do gangbusters business on home release, finding the audience that sadly eluded it in cinemas, but will it be enough to warrant a sequel, it’s hard to say thus far, if it CONTINUES to sell strongly and racks up the numbers, the film’s financiers Reliance may just consider a sequel within the next couple of years… it’s a long shot possibility but it’s certainly not an impossible one.

    If by some small miracle a sequel is greenlit, they could do a seriously good one for roughly the same budget, about $40m, with the original JD comic-book story ‘The Pit’ a prime candidate for adaptation, it’s set in a single sector of Mega-City One, and combined with the pro-democracy terrorism idea that Alex Garland alluded to last year in interviews, would make for one potentially kick-ass sequel that would and indeed could be made for a relatively modest amount… and without the 3-D hopefully too!

    • According to Box Office Mojo the budget was $50 million and total world wide box office was around $33 MIllion.


      Here’s hoping the DVD / BluRay sales can drive the total amount up to show that a sequel would be warranted and do better the next time around!

      • According to Alex Garland, only the film’s actual writer and co-producer, the budget for ‘Dredd’ was $35m… it has made a little over $36m to date at the box-office, but by the time it finishes it’s theatrical run in Japan, it’ll likely be at or around $38m in total. If it continues to sell strongly for the rest of the year, the film’s grand combined total (theatrical + home release sales) could be near $100m by 2014… at that point, it’s financiers may just entertain the possibility of a sequel, here’s hoping anyway!

        And if that sequel does well upon release, then we could just see the very real possibility of a third ‘Dredd’ movie… with the Dark Judges in all their grisly glory onscreen… OH BABY!!!

        • I’ve seen that 50 million budget number like Wusai says as well (I think the wiki article which probably as the same source) although I’m actually inclined to believe your number. Both Prometheus and Snow White and the Huntsman cost in the region of 150 to 200 million to make, both roughly doubled that for returns, both are likely to get sequels, and both are again somewhat aimed at niche markets even though both were utter dross for their core fan base. From what I understand, massive amounts were spent on both in terms of marketing so I’m guessing this is where the Dredd makers took a gamble and sacrificed losing quality for hopeful word of mouth marketing.

          I’m going to guess as well that a film making double its cost back more than puts it in line for a follow-up. Given box office total is apparently round 36 million, the film went to number 1 in the UK, and seems like it’s going to have a very healthy DVD run then I think chances of a sequel are currently good to certain. Their biggest mistake was aiming for 3D I think. Somewhat tellingly both my DVD and Bluray copies are 2D so maybe they caught on or maybe it’s just a general thing. Also, I somehow missed even knowing this had been made but if I had and was told I could only see it in 3D, I would have thought forget it and waited for the DVD. I know a lot of people rate 3D but hard core Dredd fans are older and not as interested in it as I think film makers like to believe. Dredd has this paradigm of gritty and realistic so hearing it was 3D I bet made them think “oh it’ll be another dog and pony kiddie show” and they thought they weren’t missing anything. Now obviously word of mouth is kicking in, its highly rated by both critics and fans, and shooting straight to the top of the DVD charts – I reckon we will get a sequel.

          • The 3D was part of the deal, the only way the film would receive funding is if it was in 3D. Remember the film got greenlit just before Avatar was released.

        • “And Urban was perfect. I have a permanent man crush on that guy thanks to that film.”

          I’m gonna steal your line. :D

          Dredd was the best action film of 2012 by far. Skyfall what?

        • The $35 million number is correct as the budget was inflated to make it look more expensive- something that marketing does.

          “The film has a proposed budget of about $45 million but when I watched the film I didn’t realize that it was a $45 million dollar movie. It looks really good.

          Garland: We made it for less. I’m glad you think that.”

          http://thefilmstage.com/features/interview-karl-urban-and-alex-garland -on-how-dredd-3d-production-was-like-an-independent-movie-more/

          Unfortunately films need to make twice their budget to break-even (theatre’s can take up to half the ticket sale-price while studios get the rest) and three times budget to guarantee a sequel.

          So Dredd would need to make arounf $70 million to break-even or over $100 million for the sequel option to be reopened.

          That’s a big mountain to climb.

          • Not particularly. DVD sales can make tens to hundreds of millions over and above box office. The Hunger Games made over a 100 million last year in American DVD sales alone. This isn’t the same market but it isn’t a stretch at all to estimate Dredd could double its numbers again. Easy.

            • It’s still a big mountain and it’s not easy for a niche R-rated film. The Hunger Games is an exception and sold 4.5 million DVD copies in its first 2 weeks of release that’s how it managed $100 million in sales.

              Dredd has done well but it won’t sell 650,00 copies every week.

              • Yeah, yeah. I get it. You don’t want a sequel. Also, I’m pretty sure those figures are for the US and are mostly blu ray which means something like 10 million for that period and that’s not counting downloads. I haven’t seen any numbers for the UK. And I disagree; dvd sales can stay consistent to good for some time if enough people spread the word or there’s interest. Loads of films have landed up with cult status and made a lot of money after they initially bombed. Right now, I think it’s safe to say it’s recouped its costs and it’s still to be released in Japan as well.

                • What has REALITY got to do with me wanting a sequel? What a weak-sauce argument. I don’t control the numbers and neither do you. It’s not up to us.

                  Dredd has in no way recouped its costs yet. It has made about $50 million from box-office and DVD/blu-ray sales. Add another 100,000 or so sales from the UK, smaller population of course for another few million. It needs to take-in at least $70 million just to break-even since studios/investors only get to keep around half of the earnings from sales/tickets. Plus, the investors Reliance spent $40 million on marketing – Lionsgate weren’t required to pay for their own:


                  So that’s $40 million they’ll want back as well that they lost before Dredd can be said to be back in black.

                  As for Japan; Dredd is getting a limited release in 20 cinemas (out of 3,300 in the whole country) so I wouldn’t expect too much from that. Even foreign blockbuster films on wide release of 1000s of screens have a hard time competing with the indigenous film-industry:


                  We all want a sequel but being ignorant of the facts is pointless and is denial.

                  Dredd is not like the Punisher or Kick Ass – two films that did OK at the cinema but good DVD sales sent them into profit straight away. Dredd didn’t even do OK at the box-office and it’s suffering because of it. It’s struggling to break-even and will will need exceptional sales in blu-ray world wide from now on to get any chance of a sequel.

                  • Here’s the thing, though. This film has a ton of aesthetic appeal. It’s strikingly better than even most good action or sci-fi films. Right up there with Nolan’s Batman series, IMO. And I bet it impressed a lot of decision-makers in Hollywood, even if it didn’t grab audiences. The film is easily good enough to compel those decision-makers that the film slumped at the box office because of something OTHER than its quality – marketing, timing, the 3d thing, whatever. If I’m a Hollywood mogul, I’m seeing gold in them thar hills, given a marketing budget.

                    • Hollywood moguls don’t think like that, quality of a film never matters. They’d like all films to have both but ath the end of the day the bottom-line has higher priority.

                      There’s no guarantee that the same thing wouldn’t happen again if a sequel was commissioned.

                    • Yeah, the money concerns have to come first, and as I was saying; I bet at least several somebodies with deep pockets are looking at Dredd right now and thinking, “that could’ve made a hell of a lot of money with a bit bigger budget to smooth out the rough spots, and more importantly, a decent marketing budget and a wide 2d release.

                • I think Instant Justice would love to see a sequel as I’ve come across him on many other boards, and other “DREDD” threads. He’s always been very positive about the movie. I think he’s just trying to be realistic.

                  I gotta admit, it was crushing enough that such a cool movie did so badly, but, I don’t want to get my hopes up too much for a sequel. I can only imagine if it did get a sequel, it would have a smaller budget. They struggled to do what they did with what they had anyway. I just hope “DREDD” continues to sell steadily on DVD and Blu-Ray after the initial “New release” drop off.

    • The Pit is a great shout as its a VERY good story – but the corrupt Judge angle it hinges on, added to the corrupt Judges already shown in the movie, might be a bit OTT?

  7. Better be a sequel. Saw it in theaters and then prob 3-4 times on Blu Ray showing it to all my friends who I knew would love it. My question is: where’s all the style of the cinematophy going to go unless Slo-Mo has something to do with the sequel? That was one of the coolest parts about this one. Very artistically beautiful film. And that soundtrack was perfect. And Urban was perfect. I have a permanent man crush on that guy thanks to that film.

    • That’s definitely worth thinking about. The cinematography looked the way it did purely because 99% of the movie took place within the confines of a dingy artificially-lit building. I think that’d automatically change in a sequel that utilised more location shooting (particularly in South Africa) and/or more expansive sets.

    • It’s a good question. I reckon they know it was an important element of the film so they’ll find something else. There’s an aspect to it that reminds me of a comic – in a comic strip, for instance, any death scene is obviously static and you see all the gore and violence slowed right down – so I figure they’ll think about it in the same terms. Either way, good photography has obviously been a selling point for it and if the same director’s attached (which he absolutely should be) then he’ll work on it.

      • If they want replace the slo-mo sequences for sequels, they could use traumatic flashbacks, precognitive psi visions, that kind of thing. Or just go slo-mo during action shots for the hell of it. Not like movies need an excuse anymore since The Matrix.

    • Seen it 5 times this week. I haven’t been so obsessed with a film since Starship Troopers!

      • Another fascist film disguised as a parody of fascism, or at least, being interpreted that way. Dredd doesn’t really offer much of a fig leaf in that regard, IMO, which is part of its appeal for me.

  8. I hope so, it was my 2nd favorite film of 2012.

  9. When i first saw the preview i was shocked cause the original movie was terrible but i heard good reviews quickly and then watched it myself recently thought it was great deserves a sequel

    • Not to contradict you because I know what you mean but just to say that the Stallone film shouldn’t be considered ‘original’ compared to this as this film hasn’t attempted to remake that. Both source the comic so it’s really the comics that are the original work and that any criticism should be weighed against. Very pedantic, I know, but I think some people do think the Stallone film was the original work. Also, I quite liked the Stallone film but only in terms of it was made quite well and I think a lot of effort went into recreating the feel of MC One and the humour elements as well. What made it a complete failure though was cutting down on the violence which are integral to Dredd’s whole universe and also taking his helmet off. That was just unforgiveable.

      That comic has been running for 37 years now and Dredd has never shown his face once. Not once. Obviously film makers for that film felt they couldn’t get a big enough audience if they kept him masked but for fans it was unforgiveable for any actor to assume the identity of Dredd. Seems a small, petty point but I reckon that one little thing is why there was no sequel although I know Stallone wanted them. Fans just point blank refused to support it and the rest of the audience probably didn’t get it anyway so didn’t care about a sequel. This is also the one small reason why now I think it will get major support from the fans – they treated Dredd with respect and Urban will get it from them too far beyond this film just because he respected and was mindful of how fans feel. Kind of strange I know but yeah, really important.

  10. storyline was as same as the raid the redemption ????
    i think it was copied

    • Yes. Yes it was. Now please be quiet while I strangle myself with hairy string.

    • I think you’d find it’s the other way round. FACT.

    • Timeline:
      1977: Judge Dredd comics first published in 2000 AD prog 2 in UK.
      1980: Gareth Evans born in 1980 in Wales, UK
      1995: Stallone and Hollywood execs make a movie true Judge Dredd fans rather don’t want to talk about. Judge Dredd takes the helmet off and becomes Sylvester Stallone.
      July 2010: Dredd screenplay “Peach Trees” leaked and discussed about on several 2000 AD or screenwriting related internet forums. The screenplay is speculated to be a hoax, or fan fiction, or both.
      Sept 2010: Gareth Evans announces his next movie Berandal is canceled, because the budget had ballooned. With the crew ready, Evans starts writing a much cheaper movie, trying to get the production going as fast as possible. He hopes he can use the fight choreography they worked on in the new movie.
      October 2010 Principal photography on Dredd begins and takes little over 3 months
      December 2010 Pre-production of Raid begins, based on the new screenplay. Evans admits the fights weren’t usable on the new location.
      March 2011 Filming on Raid begins.
      2011: During post production, Evans starts rewriting Berandal, as a sequel to Raid, changing the main character to the lead in Raid. Raid gets released by the end of the year.
      2012: Dredd still requires a lot of CGI. On July 2012 SFCC prescreening, Dredd is applauded by critics and the audience alike. When the trailer is released in the fall, some people blame Dredd of copying Raid. Because of bad marketing, false association with the Stallone movie, limited release, people’s aversion to 3D and recent 3D remakes with bad post conversion 3D, being falsely accused of being a rip-off of Raid, being falsely considered a remake (Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was a remake of wasn’t based on Schumacher’s Batman movies either), what ever the reason you want to choose, or all of them. Dredd tanks in the box office.
      2013 Dredd is released on DVD and Blu-ray, selling exceptionally well. After a while it creates a large fanbase, vocally demanding a sequel, which eventually gets the support of 2000 AD and an official 2000 AD petition for the sequel.


  11. If they don’t make a sequel they are insane you got to make it. Please Judge Death,”The Crime is Life the sentence is Death”

  12. I picked this up on Blu Ray yesterday – rented it on RedBox over the weekend – fantastic movie!

    I would love to see the Dark Judges – we get a great Dredd movie finally – let’s kickstarter this b**ch – I bought the Blu Ray – I’d be willing to throw a few bucks at a sequel – I owe them at least 8 bucks since I missed it in theaters.

    • Damn kickstarter is a really good idea.

      • Kickstarter could easily be a minefield of legal problems and while it has raised funds for small ventures it’s never been used to fund a $35-60 million film.

        • Well, then, how about creative accounting?

          • I don’t know how creative you can get when you’re working with a film that’s all ready in the ‘red’.

            • I doubt I’m the first person to point out that you’re very literal…

              • Literally correct. Figuratively aloof.

  13. I could give a Massa-twosh!ts about both of these movies,hey wake up ranters these movies FAILED FOR A REASON,nobody gave a damned about these characters or their stories thats why NOBODY went to see them,maybe in a year when they come on VOD they’ll be a good way to past the time when your bored on a lazy Sunday afternoon,outside of that,its a pass.

    • I think you meant you ‘Couldn’t’….. ‘twosh*ts’ is 2 words not one.

      Oh and I think you mean ‘When you’re bored’.. not ‘When your bored’.

      Obviously you’re entitled to your opinion, but to say no body went to see a movie that has made it’d $40 million dollar budget back and is the top selling DVD / Blue ray is a far fetch.

      So before you go insulting a great film which has done well on the scale of released films, check you facts:


      • It hasn’t made its money back yet. The investors/studio only get half of the earnings from box-office sales, cinemas take the other half.

        That’s why the guide-rule is a film needs to earn 2 times budget to break-even and 3 times to get a sequel.

        • Cinemas get 20-25% of the ticket revenue.. not half.

          Just sayin.

          • After the 2-3rd week it increases to half especially with under-performing films, just sayin’.

            • Then you should state all your facts in your original post, not change the facts based on the discussion.

              Just sayin.

              • Please point out where I changed facts?

              • Just thought the two facts at once would have been sufficient.

                “The investors/studio only get half of the earnings from box-office sales, cinemas take the other half, although After the 2-3rd week it increases to half especially with under-performing films”

                Your first fact seemed very… FULL STOP THAT’S THE FACT, as that part seemed to have suited the point you were making. Adding the second part, which wouldn’t have held much weight to your first statement, was omitted. Then you added that second fact when someone points out what percentage the cinemas get.

                That’s all.

                ANYWAY…. moving on.


                  • Send $50 million to:

                    DNA Films
                    10 Amwell Street
                    London EC1R 1UQ

                    +44 (0)20 7843 4410

                • I was keeping it simple because with susequent weeks the split can go further than 50% – as much as 80% going to cinemas – but over the gross of time it rounds out at a mean of 40-50% so generally speaking I didn’t need to elaborate on my initial comment, I was keeping it simple.

                  So yeah, the rounded figure of 50% still suits my original point and I didn’t need to change any facts either.

                  Again, just sayin’.

                  • Please don’t mistake my smart-assness for disputing your facts.

                    I actually didn’t know that myself.. I just assumed it was a set percentage of the takings.

                    So it’s a sliding scale… the percentage that goes to the distributor goes DOWN as the screening time goes on…

                    Interesting. I can see why they have to charge $10 for popcorn to stay open right?


  14. The problem was that it not just heavily marketed as being in 3D, but also that 2D viewings were heavily restricted.

    I don’t like films in £D(sic) it’s a waste of money, and what you gain in having a bit of 3D, you lose in visual fidelity. Add that to the fact that some people get physically nauseated or suffer headaches due to 3D effects and what you have is a failure that isn’t anything to do with the film itself.

    If there were a decent amount of 2D screenings in my area, I’d definitely have gone to see it.

  15. sorry this movie was extremely retarded like my friend Drake Elliot Woodcock

    • Puny female-brain.

  16. Mike judge didnt want to do a sequel and he was asked; albeit a few years af fter. As for the other films, they seem like one-off films; there wasnt any intention to make sequels. Fight club never could support another film.

  17. Box office sales could have been helped by showing it in a few cinemas instead of barely showing it anywhere and pretending it didn’t exist. The amount of people dying to see this is clear for the DVD sales etc. Just unbelievable the pre-ordained failure that studios seem to indulge in. Wonder if they get a tax break or something for it.

    • It opened in 2,557 cinemas in the US which is a fairly wide-release for an indie R-rated film and was round the same amount End of Watch got. I think most people just didn’t care.

      • I disagree… if people didn’t care then the DVD / Blue Ray sales wouldn;t be so impressive.

        I think it was more lack of advertising. I kept an eye on this from early on in production, and I KNEW it was coming out, but didn’t see much advertising at all.

        Marketing department FAIL.

        • If it’s lack of advertising then it’s not about them ‘barely showing it anywhere’ which is a different matter.

          Blu-ray sales are also the effects of word-of-mouth and mass torrenting; people like the film after they’ve torrented so they buy the blu-ray but people really did not care about this film when it was released internationally where sales were not much better than the US.

          Let’s not forget either that the blu-ray sales are impressive, for January, a traditionally slow month. If Dredd had sold a million DVDs/blu-rays it would be really impressive.

          • That;s True.

            It would be fair to say both points have weight… Either way I’m glad a decent R rated comic book movie will make it’s money back and maybe even spawn a sequel based on it’s fan base growing, even after not setting the box office on fire.

        • Personally I would agree with this, this is something I would have looked forward to seeing but didn’t know it was coming out until I saw one commercial in total two days before its release. I eventually got to see it before it left the two theatres here. In addition a wide release doesn’t necessarily equate to much, as I said there were only two theatres showing it here with a whopping four screen times between them (one being 2D). A friend of mine who wanted to see it after I told him about it didn’t get to because by the end of the second week it was on one screen once a day and it just didn’t work out.

      • That sounds like a reasonable rollout but as you point out it’s very much relative and as others have pointed out, there did seem to be a serious dearth of advertising. You had to look hard, an internet first! I think people did care and it’s just that people caring has slipped far down the conveyer belt marketing equation. Word of mouth about the desire to see this was stronger than I’ve experienced in a long time.

        • Most films of Dredd’s budget size don’t get much advertising because you end up spending more than the film’s original budget if you try to compete with studio films of bigger size or backing.

          Certainly the films that were released in the same week as Dredd that were of similar budget didn’t get any more advertising than Dredd but still managed to be successful. I saw less advertising for End of Watch than I did for Dredd, yet EOW made money.

    • Politically uncomfortable films often die a quiet death due to distributor neglect (e.g., Idiocracy; can’t go telling the dysgenics-sufferinig population of Earth the truth).

  18. Dredd was a clusterf**k of bad luck and being wrongly associated with that ’95 film. A sequel is still a miracle away though as it’s still trying to make up for what it should’ve made at the box-office, so it’s losing out on what sould’ve been potential profit.

  19. This movie was something SPECIAL. its not ofton that something this GOOD comes along. Great mix of CG 3D SLO MO ACTING also this movie WAS VERY ARTISTIC 10/10 will there be more ?

  20. I saw it in 3D and very much enjoyed the movie. I’m hoping for a sequel or better still a regualr tv series.

    • AMC or HBO might pull off a series properly. Wouldn’t get my hopes up, though, until it proved itself. Too prone to PC.

      • It’d be just a difficult, if not more, to fund a TV series as make a sequel.

        The idea that a TV series is the next stop if a film fails is not a straightforwad connection to make.

        • I agree.

  21. The movie was great!
    But for the next one it would be great the had a bigger budget and a better marketing!
    Maybe it is possible we get a hugh class 3D TV-Series or Mini-Series with a corporation from a TV-Channel like HBO or Starz !??
    So the can make money on TV and later on DVD and Blu-Ray.
    The popularity could crow (outside from the UK)and maybe later follow
    on the big screen?
    I had the same wish for Solomon Kane!

    • “I had the same wish for Solomon Kane!”

      How did that turn out?

  22. So what’s the latest? will Dredd make enough money? Have the Blu Ray/DVD sales helped?

    I hope for good news!

    • Don’t hold your breath. Dredd needed both good blu-ray sales and good box-office for a sequel. You can’t have one without the other.

      • That is old world thinking. More and more people are getting a setup at home that easily rivals the theaters for experience, including 3D TVs so why would we go out to the theater and pay as much for tickets and parking when buying the disk is less and can be watched in the comfort of your own home? Saying that i am an old 2000AD reader and went to the theaters to watch Dredd 3D, twice. Sure it wasnt exactly the comic strip but I really enjoyed it and Ive got the 3D bluray on the way to me as we speak. I look forward to watching it while im under the influence of my own slo-mo… If they do make sequels I hope they dont use the Judge Death storyline – i prefer sci-fi to fantasy.

        • Dredd hasn’t broken-even yet with it’s good blu-ray sales so that market is not entirely behind Dredd either; it needs to make a good profit for anyone to even talk about a sequel, it doesn’t guarantee it since distributors and theatre chains got burned putting it in their cinemas; in what way is not making enough money ‘old-world’ thinking? Last I heard money and return investment still mean something to people who hold the purse-strings.

          People owning their own cinema won’t get Dredd a sequel, if they’d donated the money it cost to buy them it might.

          • I just feel its a little like the old music model of shifting LPs/CDs when the future surely has to be more direct download content into homes. Sales werent good compared with other releases for Dredd 3D that is true, but there must be more and more people like me that dont like going to movie theaters when I can have complete control over my environment at home. Its like they are releasing vinyl LPs, then waiting 6 months to release a legit digital download while all the non-theater fans “cant wait” and get a pirated version. What can i say I was not going to miss seeing this film early (at our preview Karl Urban ripped everyones tickets) and did my bit going twice at the theaters and ordering the 3D bluray – now Il just live in hope for a sequel. Dredd 3D hasnt even been released yet here in Australasia on Bluray/DVD but is next week so we colonies might still put some wind in the sales.

  23. Loved the movie. Definitely a cult classic. Seems to suffer a similar fate to Blade Runner (and funnily enough Dredd is also inspired by Blade Runner to a small extent).

    Anyway I agree with Urban – Dredd being a cult classic with no sequels is just fine by me as well. Sequels are mmmmighty disappointing more often than not (matrix anyone? and the list is long). Maybe it should just stay as it is.

    • More likely that Blade Runner’s city was inspired by Judge Dredd since he and Mega-City 1 first appeared in 2000AD, 1977, 5 years before BR.

    • I confess to being somewhat of a similar mind. The odds of a sequel living up to this movie aren’t good. Something tells me they’d screw it up, politically if not technically. And the movie’s an instant cult classic already; in this regard, its low box office take kinda enhances its cache. The movie that was too good for the masses. :)

      But that’s just making lemonade. What I really want is a sequel as good as this movie. :(

  24. I loved the movie Dredd. I hope they make a sequel.

  25. This was a great movie. never been to see a movie more than once since star wars DREDD was exceptional… great vfx
    i look forward to DREDD 2 it will happen karl like’s being DREDD

  26. I know I’m a bit behind on this one…

    But my big hope is that home media sales continue to do well and Almost Human becomes enough of a hit that Urban can pretty much chose what he wants to do. He’s been very clear about the fact that he wants to do more Dredd, so if he can get some clout, I don’t see why it wouldn’t happen.

  27. Why would you lump in The Last Stand with Dredd? That movie was awful… Dredd was omens of the best original sci-fi action flick in years. Last Stand was a cliche piece of garbage.