‘Dredd’ Movie Sequel ‘Highly Unlikely’; Producer Promises ‘Dope’ Short Film Instead

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Dredd Sequel Short Film Dredd Movie Sequel Highly Unlikely; Producer Promises Dope Short Film Instead

For action fans, one of 2012′s biggest surprises was also one of its biggest box office bombs. After a campy and oft-maligned adaption of Judge Dredd in 1995, starring Sylvester Stallone, director Pete Travis rebooted the character in Dredd. Despite strong reviews from comic book fans and critics alike, Dredd only made $13 million at the domestic box office for a total haul (including international ticket sales) of $35 million – $15 million short of its production budget.

Word of mouth helped the film bring in extra sales when Dredd hit DVD and Blu-ray but, despite the success at retail, the film’s producer, Adi Shankar, is now saying that a sequel is unlikely. The official word from Shankar will be disappointing news for fans – especially those hoping to see star Karl Urban take-on the Dark Judges. However, the producer offered one piece of consolation: he intends to shoot a Judge Dredd short – in the vein of last year’s viral Punisher fan-flick “Dirty Laundry”.

“Dirty Laundry” was produced by Shankar – bringing back Thomas Jane as the Punisher in a hard-R rated 10 minute film that sees Frank Castle brutalize a gang of street thugs. Debuting during Comic-Con 2012, the short was a hit among fans and has since racked up over 3.5 million official views.

If you haven’t seen “Dirty Laundry,” check it out below:

“Dirty Laundry” didn’t tempt Hollywood executives into considering another Punisher film – after the disappointing performance of the Ray Stevenson starring Punisher: War Zone - but that was never Shankar’s intention with the project. Instead, the producer considers the Punisher short a gift to fans – same goes for the upcoming Judge Dredd effort.

Shankar confirmed the short during a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) – when answering the question, “Will Dredd have a sequel?”

Shankar: Probably not. But I am working on a Dredd short in the vein of #DirtyLaundry … you’re actually the first person to know about this.

The producer later elaborated, calling the Dredd sequel “highly unlikely” while promising that short film will be “dope.” He also took the opportunity to voice his frustration over the film’s marketing – especially the choice to position the film as Dredd 3D, instead of simply Dredd (with 2D and 3D showings). After Reddit commenters pointed out that 3D in the title positioned the film as a B-Movie, Shankar was quit to agree:

Shankar: Ugh sooooooooooooooooooo agree with you RE adding 3D to the title. Ewww [...] It also screams gimmick which is sad because the 3D in Dredd was so not a gimmick.

Judge Dredd Anderson Trailer Dredd Movie Sequel Highly Unlikely; Producer Promises Dope Short Film Instead

Dredd has its critics (there are legitimate shortcomings in the film) but overall the movie delivered a solid adaptation of the Judge Dredd character – with a great performance from Urban (and even memorable use of 3D). It’s unfortunate the Shankar and Travis will not get a chance to explore the character further on the big screen – since it would have been fun to see Dredd battle even bigger threats outside of Peach Trees (along with the fascist side of judging). The version of Mega-City One shown in the film’s opening teased a world full of criminals in need of judgement – especially if the filmmakers really were committed to the Dark Judges storyline.

At this point, it’s hard to know what Shankar has planned for the Dredd short film but “Dirty Laundry” worked on a very small scale with a familiar comic book set-up (brooding hero beats bad guys to a pulp). For that reason, it’s hard to imagine that fans will get to see Dredd go toe-to-toe with bigger series foes: Mean Machine Angel, or the aforementioned Dark Judges, among others.

Still, who wouldn’t want to see Karl Urban back in the Dredd gear punching villains in the face?

In the meantime, read our full Dredd review or listen to an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors in our Dredd episode of the SR Underground podcast.


Dredd is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray

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Source: Reddit [via Cinema Blend]

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  1. The masses made the crappy Resident Evil 5 a big hit, but avoided this masterpiece? Sometimes fate is unfair!

    • Yeah, that sucks… and now we have to suffer through another round of mediocre, watered down X-Men movies instead.

      If they made a Daredevil or Wolverine movie with the same dark tone and direction as Dredd, the world would be a slightly better place for it.

  2. WOW! one of the remakes to be better than the original and honestly… make the original look stuid and rediculous (if it wasnt already). this was more like the comics and dredd was a pure bada**

    i cant believe they wont be making the sequel. this movie was so underrated and in a year with total recall people probably skipped this after that shambles of a movie. they really deserved a good box office.

    also judge dredd actor was fantastic. he really did a good job.

  3. I’d love a Dredd tv show. That may have been wiser, cheaper and gained more of a following whilst being able to tackle multiple storylines.

    But I’d welcome a short. I’m not sure it would help raise profile for a sequel. I’d be quite impressed if they got Urban and Thrilby back for that though.

  4. Oh, quite a shame. I would have really enjoyed watching a sequel or more of this fantastic film.

  5. Travesty.

    Clearly, both Hollywood and US audiences have no idea what great movies are because Dredd was one of the best of 2012 (and my personal fave of last year) yet no sequel?

    Lost faith in humanity here.

  6. Too bad. I would have loved to see a sequel. On the upside: Dredd will remain the self-contained instant cult classic that it is and won’t be diminished by a possibly mediocre sequel. Let’s hope that the short film will leave that legacy untarnished as well.

  7. No surprise here. I love the new dredd but only making 13 million domestically is horrible for a film that cost 50 million dollars.

    • ‘Dredd’ did NOT have a production budget of $50m, according to it’s writer/co-producer Alex Garland it had a $35m budget… although he stated he wishe he’s had $5m more so they could have presented Mega-City One the way they fully had hoped to!

  8. A sequel would be awesome. Dredd was one of the best films of last year, IMO. I enjoyed it more than TDKR to be honest. The CBM community really failed this film.

  9. This is terrible news
    Proof maybe that old skool violence is gone and pg13 reigns supreme :(

  10. Argh! Upsetting!

  11. This was a brilliant gritty film…I really do not understand the bad taste in large audiences. We should really do another Dredd. It delivered and was consistent with the novels as a flick. What a pity.

  12. I want to see a Batman vs Judge Dredd movie, now that would rock!

  13. Didn’t know Dredd made so little money.

  14. in the vein of #DirtyLaundry you say? I’m all for that. Dredd was OKAY. It took the comics to a new limit, but didn’t feel like a comic book adaptation in the least bit.

    • That’s a good thing. When movies feel like a comic book adaptation you get stuff like Punisher: Warzone, with the overacting, the crappy dialogue and the colored set lighting.

      • Punisher: Warzone was the exception to the rule, within the comics realm (I’d assume it was a bombastic failure), but if you think of CBAs (comic book adaptations)that work well on screen, you would think Iron Man, it was grounded, but also comic book-like.

    • It did feel like a Judge Dredd adaptation, even though it was an original story. It felt like one of the early one shot dredd Vs perps strips.

  15. They should start taking some of the higher risk properties and making short films to be attached in front of larger films. Similar to how Pixar always puts a short film in front of their movies.

    That way they can make money off the shorts and test if the audience will accept it. Everybody wins.

    Let a double bill be the next 3D

    • Damn straight. Put good original shorts before big movies like they used to years ago. Nowadays shorts just seem to live on youtube and often go there to die. Cinemas are more interested in showing us adverts instead of interesting short films.

  16. Do a kickstarter project. Seemed to work for Veronica Mars.

    • +1

      • +1,000,000

  17. If I had the money I would put it all up just so I could see Urban as Dredd back up on the big screen.

  18. Thank god. One of the worst movies I’ve seen in years. Almost as bad as Conan the barbarian remake

    • Troll. Conan was nowhere near the movie Dredd was.

  19. Dredd has had a really unfortunate story. Between bad marketing, playing on limited screens (some theaters only showing it in 3D, etc.), and probably other factors I’m not taking into account, it just wasn’t the financial success it deserved to be.

    I’ll be honest, when the trailer for the movie came out, I thought it looked terrible. And so I didn’t bother seeing it in theaters. Watched it when it came out on DVD, and I kicked myself for not seeing it in theaters, especially after reading how terribly it did at the box office. Skipped it while it was in theaters, and then when I got the chance to see it, I thought it was so good that it actually made my top 10 for 2012.

    And so I’ve been waiting on news hoping for a sequel, because this time I’d make sure I go see it in theaters to support it. So this is unfortunate news, but I guess there’s always still a chance. You can be sure this is one fan who will go to the theater this time to see it if a Dredd sequel is made!

    • We have all been there. I skipped “X-Men: First Class” because of all the crap Fox had done to my childhood characters in the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Daredevil and Elektra before it. My daughter BEGGED me to see it, swearing I would love it. I told she was nuts, 20th Century would never make or distribute a good comic book movie. Told her to stop spiking her pop at the counter.

      Hate it when the freaking kids are right. You never live that down….

  20. Dredd was a lot better than I thought it would be, but I think it drowned in the sea of bad re-makes and worse 3-D that the movie scene has become.

    • Yes the trailer was not very inviting – but the story itself has a more UK flavour than American so it wasn’t a surprise when the US didn’t “quite get it”

      • Eh, the differences between the two countries film styles is not as massive as it once was so I would hope that is not a factor. I really think that most people have little concept of the Judge Dredd character past the Stallone movie and with the deluge of remakes many people just wrote it off.

        The emphasis on the 3-D may have hurt it too, since some people have grown weary of it. But in the case of Dredd I can honestly say the effect was actually used well and done in a way that worked with the film and was not just tacked on.

  21. I didn’t see this film in theatre but I wish I would have. If there is a sequel, I will definitely support it this time. And Shankar should be the one to make a Punisher movie because that short film is great.

  22. They never should’ve rebooted this trash heap worthy garbage fest in the first place. At least the first movie had rob schneider, this movie had no redeeming value whatsoever. Two thumbs down…all the way to the sewer. P U!

    • …..Did you just refer to Rob Schneider as a redeeming value??…..Rob Schneider?

      • Hopefully that was sarcasm.

    • …. just managed to type this. Was laughing so hard from this wonderfully humorous post, needed a few minutes to focus. Great stand-up comedy there, complimenting Rob Schneider, then not even capitalizing his name so we all know you were kidding!! Great stuff!!

      You were, right? I mean… right????

      • Um no, I happen to love Rob Schneider, best character actor of our generation. William H Macy can go step in quicksand.

  23. I bought it day one on Blu-Ray and I think it’s great. Sorry to hear there won’t be a sequel. Dirty Laundry rocked though…

  24. The ONLY part of the movie I felt was overdone was concentrating so much on Dredd’s trainee Anderson and… well… I guess not enough Dredd. And Olivia Thirlby was so good in that role, that is more of a preference then an honest complaint.

    It was among my Son’s and I favorite Movie experience last year, behind only “The Avengers”. We bought the DVD the week it was out. Karl Urban is easily one of the most under appreciated actors going today (he stole the show as Bones in Star Trek, period end of story). He desearves a break out hit.

    And he left the helmet on!!!

    Maybe we do need to accept a hard “R” comics adaption just does not have the audience in this market.

  25. Oh well this doesn’t surprise me at all, the odds were against Dredd from the beginning, he’s not so well known, they shortened his name in the title to distance it from Stallones movie, they put 3D in the title instead, the critics kept banging on about how similar to The Raid it was, it had limited release, it was an 18/R rated, Karl Urban isn’t really a USP, the list goes on!

    All being said, Dredd is a movie that comes from the old school, a movie that was made out of pure passion by people who’s main concern wasn’t profit or a franchise but for a love of film! This is soooooo evident, it works as a stand alone film, which means everyone of course wants a sequel! You’re supposed to be left wanting more, did we always get what we wanted in the past? no, when we did they were mostly awful, it reminded me of movies like Fortress and No Escape, cheesy B movies that were awesome but never made a dent at the box office!

    Oh well, I have the blu ray!!

  26. They should have made this film about Dredd vs Dark Judges instead of plagiarizing The Raid.

    • They should also have put a line on the poster stating “This movie wrapped principal photography before The Raid even started shooting”.

      • Indeed. That Raid misconception doesn’t die, does it?

        • It’s the shuffling zombie of all misconceptions, or maybe the headless chicken…

          • Both good movies that were criminally overlooked in my opinion. Cop both of them on DVD and have a blast.

  27. How can Hollywood justify a sequel to a total piece of crap like Jack Reacher, and not make a sequel to an actual good movie like Dredd???

    • It’s all about the moolah. If Dredd made $80-$100 mil we’d be getting a sequel.

  28. In UK, has done really well in DVD sales. I reckon the name 3D and the fact that 90% of screenings being 3D is what killed it.

  29. I didn’t get to see Dredd in the theaters because NONE of my local movie theaters got it. I was PISSED. I really wanted to see Dredd in the theaters and instead I had to wait until it was out on DVD. Karl Urban was Awesome as Dredd. I would Definitely be down with seeing a Sequel for sure.