‘Dredd’ Set Pics Offer a Glimpse at Mega-City One

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urban dredd enhanced Dredd Set Pics Offer a Glimpse at Mega City One

Whenever fans get their first peek at the film adaptation of an iconic comic book property, opinions are guaranteed to be divisive. This was certainly the case when that image of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd surfaced last month.

Dredd, the character’s long-awaited big screen reboot, is in the earliest stages of production but we’re starting to get a better sense of the approach they’re taking.

Urban has already promised a darker tone than the 1995 version of Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone and the Dredd synopsis certainly indicates something much closer in spirit to the source material. I’m also a big fan of screenwriter Alex Garland (Sunshine, Never Let Me Go) and can’t wait to see his take on the mythology.

We know how Dredd himself is going to look in the film and now, courtesy of Bleeding Cool, we have some idea of how Mega-City One is taking shape as well. One of their readers snapped a few pictures from the Cape Town, South Africa, set and while the filmmakers obviously haven’t left anything major in plain sight, it is cool to get some idea of Dredd‘s production design.

Check out a few of the images below and then head over to Bleeding Cool to see the rest.

Between brief glimpses like this and that concept art we posted back in January, I’m actually pretty enthusiastic about the way Dredd is coming together. It definitely looks like it has more of an edge than the previous adaptation — I’m just hoping it also contains some of that amusing RoboCop-esque satire as well.

I didn’t hate the Stallone movie when I was a kid, but at that point I had never read any Judge Dredd comics. In retrospect, it was an entertaining vehicle for Sly– but a terribly unfaithful take on the character. It’s pretty clear they were interested in the name and the costume and not much else.

Judge Dredd certainly isn’t as mainstream as Batman or Spider-Man, and as a result the film is being made for far less money than most comic book adaptations. I’m optimistic that this will result in a leaner, meaner, movie that compliments the grittier aspects of the character and his world.

The Stallone version definitely missed the mark, but I’m expecting a lot more fromĀ Dredd. We’ll see if it delivers when it hits theaters sometime in 2012.

Source: Bleeding Cool.

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  1. This definitely looks very interesting, but the good thing is NO Rob Schneider, that guy no business being in a Judge Dredd Movie of ANY kind. I still watch Judge Dredd every now and then but Sly should have stayed away from Dredd and stuck with Rambo or something.

  2. Really looking forward to what appears to be a better and faithful adaptation.

    Hopefully it will be dark, grim and edgy with lots of hardcore action and sarcastic humor. :-)

  3. i always though the first movie was visualy spot on…and sly had the looks (with helm :P )
    if it wouldnt have turned out so cheesy, im sure id would have made a very good adaption. Those pictures on the other side could be straight from robocop.

    dont like it so far… :/
    And Urban’s chin isn’t dirty enough ;)

    • What’s a CBM?

      • @Ori A Comic Book Movie.

  4. Nowdays most movie wouldn’t dare to create something futuristic that seems unlogic because back in the 80s people would thought that 2010 world would be far modern with a flying car and telephone that can see face to face even though it exist now but not everyone used it as a part of daily life.
    So back to Dredd, I like how this set picture show so me so far, it will be in 3D so if there’s to many of futuristic part it definitely feels unreal especial most of 3D movies background looks un realistic and to much computer visual.

    • who want’s a logical adaption`?
      I want it faithfull: both visual and story-wise!
      I like my future ala Judge Dredd / 5th Element :P

  5. There is a reason that this series is not mainstream. It sucks. Hard. I have read a few comics and just found them to be boring and stupid. Sly really was the best one to play Dredd. From what I can tell the entire comic is based on Rambo catchphrasing. Sorry if you like this series but that is just my opinion.

    • An English friend of mine literally had stacks of 2000 AD comic books filling two large bookcases. I used to borrow them and found them intriguing. They were hardly boring and stupid.

      I found Sly’s version cheesy, pedestrian, unfaithful and uninspiring. Just my opinion. :-)

      FROM 2000 AD WEBSITE
      Britain’s cult sci-fi comic, and has been at the cutting edge of contemporary pop culture since 1977. It’s a multi-award winning cocktail of explosive sci-fi and fantasy, infused with a mean streak of irony and wry black humour. Imaginative, hard-hitting stories and eye-popping art.

    • Another ‘fan’ of the Dredd movie who dosen’t know what they are talking about.

      You do know that Judge Dredd predates Rambo don’t you? Or is it that you haven’t read any of the comics really, but you don’t like anyone knocking your boyfriend, Sly Stallone.

      • Actually first blood was written in 72. First Dredd comic was 76? Not far off in years but still. No need to get personal with someone because they’re opinion differs from yours.

        Im looking forward to this movie. I still think a different actor should’ve been chosen. That chin just isn’t looking the part.

        • @ LOL! In the words of Humorous Hal Jordan,”I know right”!? Besides, that helmet being too big for Urban’s head(or his head is too small), he just doesn’t have the right chin. Even though the drawings are highly stylized with the big “superhero” chin,that’s pretty much a signature feature of Dredd since you never see his entire face. WTS,they should have at least looked for a good actor who has that superhero big chin and jawline.

        • It is not about ‘opinion’. The Dredd comics can hardly be described by anyone with a brain as “boring and stupid”. Insulting the comics while defending the movie is just the actions of brain dead Stallone fans.

          If the comics are “boring and stupid”, what on earth would that make a movie based on them?

          • Dreddfan:

            That is kinda my thought exactly. Why would they make a movie about a comic that is boring and stupid? That is why I can’t believe this is getting a reboot. I could care less about Sly. The point I was making is that:
            1. The first movie was borderline retarded.
            2. I have read some of the comics. The premise to the story is just your basic bad Syfy movie. Bad Writing, Mediocre Art, and just bad overall storyline.
            3. Each comic that I read was just a hodgepodge of random catchphrases and bad one liners. That is why I think this comic was made for Sly.
            4. Don’t even get me started about how stupid that gun and bullets for all occasions are.
            You are obviously a fan and that is all good for you. I am not and I don’t know why they are wasting their time, money, and effort on this movie. Maybe this movie will change my opinion but I highly doubt it. Most of my opinion is based off the comics and audiobooks I have read. Sorry that my comments made you mad but my opinion stays the same. In the future, if you would like to get people on your side, then try telling me why they don’t suck instead of insulting me and acting like a 5 yr old.

              • Even some of the best writers and artists have flops. I may be wrong and I may have not picked up some of the best in the series. From what I have READ of the series, my opinions stand. Don’t tell me what I have and haven’t read. After seeing the movie I was interested to read the comics because everyone told me they were better than the movie. Needless to say, I was way passed unimpressed. I read comics all the time and I give them all their fair chance. I have given this series more than it’s fair chance and I find it dumb. You may think dressing up like a bat is stupid. Personally I find it a lot better than the Power Ranger Super Cop Squad. And yes, Dredds lines through out the comics I read were nothing more than glorified one liners. Sorry to hurt your feelings. Just because my opinions are not the same as yours does not make them ignorant. I am not a person that makes comments on things just to bash them. If I comment on something I have some basis behind it. In this case I totally disagree with you. If you think my comments are so ignorant then how about you giving me some titles that would be worth my time.

                • America.

                • And I didn’t say dressing up as a bat was silly, just on the same level as a gun that can fire six different bullets.

                • So, have you read any non made up Dredd comics lately?

  6. what set photos?
    that looks more like photos of some of the vehicles they are using.

  7. Ummm…. those trucks look a whole lot like mine … all I need is cage modification and I am there…. how funny is that… love it!

  8. Wasn’t Dredd’s character was actually supposed to be a futuristic parody of Dirty Harry? Thats at least what I’ve been lead to believe since the 70s. Its also why Clint Eastwood has been mentioned as the ideal actor for the part so many times over the decades.

    I agree with the guy earlier who said the Sly Film looked amazing. At least to begin with. The block war scene at the start was exactly what it should have been for me. It just went downhill rapidly from there. That said, I loved the way MC-1 looked on the whole.

    Im not very hopeful about the way the new film is looking so far. I saw the concept art and thought “YES”! I heard that 2000AD writers were involved and got really excited.

    Then I saw the pic of Karl Urban and thought “NOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo…….” What the hell is that outfit all about? Wrong wrong wrong!

    Then the other pics…Dear God No.. Please let all these photos be part of an elaborate disinformation campaign. I cant think of a single decent excuse for those vans!

  9. Crap, those aren’t even new Ford F-150′s. Those are the models from the mid nineties. They could have at least been a little more disguised like the Dodge Ram Tyrese drove in Jason Stathom’s Death Race. Between Urban’s halloween looking costume and these crummy looking vehicles, this is a “wait for it on cable” movie like many of Karl Urban lead vehicles.