‘Dredd 3D’ Spoilers Discussion

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Dredd 3D Spoilers Dredd 3D Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Dredd 3D review, this is the place where you can discuss Dredd 3D spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant team check out the Dredd 3D episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Dredd for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Dredd 3D is Rated R for strong bloody violence, language, drug use and some sexual content. Now playing in 3D and 2D theaters.

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  1. So now it’s out in the US, I can talk about it.

    Been a few weeks since I saw it so bear with me if I forget certain details but…..

    Was anyone else pleasantly surprised at the Slo-Mo sequences being better than they anticipated? I especially loved seeing Ma-Ma looking at the destruction, the bodies and the survivors of the ordeal as she fell to her death before slowly having her face cave in upon impact with the ground.

    I’d also never heard of Olivia Thirlby before this movie and was surprised at how good she was in this role. Hopefully we see more psychic sequences if this gets the sequels it deserves because the head games she played while herself, Dredd and Ma-Ma’s guy in the classroom played out brilliantly.

    We also got to see some of the corruption with the four Judges Ma-Ma paid off to kill Dredd and Anderson so more of that please.

    • A lot of people thought Ma Ma was a weak point. Personally, I think it is because in films like this we are so used to seeing a larger than life villain who chews all the scenery up in every scene. In fact Judge Lex was more like the type of antagonist we usually see facing of against the protagonist.

      • Yeah I agree and thought they were dispatched rather too easily, I also remember defending the trailer for possibly showing the main villain being thrown out of the window to their death, but she actually was, stupid trailer!

      • Good point. Everyone in the film is just a person, who can be killed fairly easily (except Dredd, so by being merely exceptional, he’s almost superhuman). For me, Ma-Ma’s death being so anti-climactic was refreshing, along with Judge’s answer to her high-tech bomb trigger: “How far can the signal reach?”

        It was also pretty surprising that he gave her the Slo-Mo prior to throwing he out the window, since that was purely to increase her suffering. Fairly dark, but a more subtle way of showing how far he’d been pushed, and how unclear the boundary of his morals actually is.

        • He needed to give her the slo mo so her heart beat would last until she reached beyond the signal of the transponder for the explosives.

          • Just saw it and immediately wondered why she didn’t pull the device out of her arm on the way down. OOPS…

            • Because everything was moving in slow motion to her. By the time she would have reached for her arm she was already dead.

            • That’s why he shot her in the kidney. Did you notice how she was virtually a zombie before he threw her out of the window?! That along with the dose of Slo-Mo ensured she wouldn’t be able to do anything to avoid her sentence.

    • Yes I thought the slo-mo was very good and the 3D sequences were some of the best I’ve seen and worth the premium.

      Also I liked it when Dredd refused to execute the henchman on the grounds that Anderson was only 90% certain he had committed the 3 murders, good to see some judging along with the necessary death sentencing.

    • If you love Olivia Thirlby in this, do watch her in “The Wackness”; you’ll want to marry her no matter how much she breaks your heart. In this one I loved to see her as a “subtle” badass, who knows how to pull some effed-up stuff at the bad guys just to show she ain’t kidding around. Both her scenes with Wood Harris were awesome.

  2. I’ll second the nod to Olivia Thirlby. I remember seeing her in ‘Juno’ and expecting her to become a big name, but she’s been relatively quiet since then. Hopefully this gets her more attention since she’s a pretty convincing Judge by the end of the film.

    (Sidenote: anyone else love the fact that while Urban sported the helmet the entire film, Anderson never actually put it on?)

    And as much as the miniatures at the start of the movie stood out thanks to the prevalence of CG, I did kind of appreciate the fact that a miniature Hall of Justice is sitting in someone’s garage right now.

    • She did put it on briefly, when she first left with Dredd. Also, Urban wasn’t wearing the helmet when we first see him, but since his head was in the shadows, we never saw his face.

    • I thought the same thing about her helmet, and then she answered the question by saying that it sometimes interfered with her psychic abilities.

  3. This needs to become a trilogy. Loved this movie but now im wanting to see Dredd battle it out with the stakes higher. Bring on judge death!

    Sidenote: anyone else just laugh at the awesomeness of dredd when he shoves ma ma’s guy over the edge to his death right in front of her and then walks away back into the smoke? Lol i loved that

    • That….was one of the most badass things I’ve ever seen.

      • Agreed. Also, a little thing, at the motorcycle chase in the beginning of the film when Dredd radios Control and says ‘The perps as using narcotics’ for some reason that stuck with me, i loved that. It seemed like a real definitive ‘DREDD’ moment, if i can say that.

  4. Sweet sweet flick! Loved the use of the Vulcan machine guns and how they chewed everyone and everything up, the Dredd takes the lt and chucks him over the edge . No ceremony, nothing. Heave ho and strut back for more mayhem.
    The first death.. i mean when the cat got splattered in the crosswalk set the tone for me. The Slo mo sequence when the kid got shot through the mouth. Fu….!

  5. Saw this movie and it definitely exceeded my expectations.
    One thing I don’t get is why Dredd said “wait” at gunpoint. He didn’t know Anderson was there so was he just trying to buy time for the off chance that somehow he’ll be saved? A weak scene, I thought.

    • I also thought that scene ended poorly, but was able to reconcile it, thinking maybe Anderson telepathically communicated with Dredd? A throw away line of something to that effect really would’ve strengthened the scene imo.

      • Yes. I think Anderson reached out to find his location and alert Dredd that back up was coming. They could have used that flashing/foxing effect that happens when she uses her powers, but that would have given what was gonna happen away to the audience (not that you couldn’t have guessed anyway).

    • It worked because Dredd was using Judge Lex’s own ego against him, knowing that Lex couldn’t resist gloating over his out-foxing the great Judge Dredd.

  6. I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOOOOOVED this movie!! I like that the majority of the story was contained to the one tower and it showed just how grim society had become. Urban was PHENOMENAL as Dredd–Sylvester who? THIS is how a Judge Dredd movie SHOULD be done and I just hope that people go and see it because I would LOVE for there to be Dredd films like this. I was actually kind of shocked at the amount of gore in this film. Anyone who takes a young kid to this movie seriously needs to have their head checked.

  7. I liked the easter egg for Judge Hershey on the map. Oveall I enjoyed it and was disturbed by the violence.

    • Yeah, there were lots of easter eggs for the fans to spot. And some lucky forum members had their usernames enshrined for posterity onscreen as a thank you for their support.

  8. Just came out of seeing it, and I had one complaint with this movie, and it was right at the end: when Mam-Ma is telling him about the explosives –and he goes and shoots her anyway? And then… he throws her out the window???? At first I thought it was a profound meaning (Dredd must uphold the law no matter what the cost), but then I realized he merely called her bluff. Not what I expected at all. This was an awesome, awesome movie all around, precisely for keeping it to the point with no convolusion. Karl Urban, I forgive you for “Priest” and “Doom” –you are a badass. And oh Gawd, Olivia Thirlby… I can’t even… wow.

    • Yeah, this film was Lean and Mean. No unwanted fat on it anywhere. In fact (apparently) there isn’t any cut/deleted scenes because they only had the budget to shoot exactly what was in the script and they actually re-used certain shots or cut them from where they were to use somewhere else to give the impression that they were in a different location.

    • Before throwing her out the window judge dredd asks ma-ma about the signal and the plating that she has in her final boss lair. Remember the computer guy saying that the plating was really thick? So he throws her out the window to put her out of range from the signal. side note. ma-ma means so-so in Japanese.

  9. Just wondering if any one else noticed a judge’s helmet on the wall in the very last scene when Ma Ma shows her “jewelry(trigger mechanism)” to Dredd. I was wondering if that was some sort of easter egg or possible reference to something else in the Dredd Universe?

    • It was on her trophy wall. She had trophies from rival gangs, jackets, weapons etc… One of the gangs that ran in the Peach Trees megablock was “The Judged”. That was probably something they got hold of and now Ma Ma has it as a testament to her gangs supremacy.

      • did i see on the ‘trophy wall’ a judge helmet, jacket from judge gang and chain?. . . . judge death?

  10. This is the best movies ever! I have seen it 4 times now and get emotional everytime. I loved the Judge Dredd comics and am so thrilled to see them come to life on the big screen with Urban and Thirlby potraying the characters perfectly. Fingers crossed for a sequel!

  11. Can someone tell me about the computer guy’s eyes?

    • The computer guy has bionic eyes to replace the ones he’d lost. When Anderson probes into his mind, there’s a flashback where Ma-Ma tortures him by couging out his eyes. In the Judge Dredd story (in comic book 2000 AD) “City of the Damned”, Dredd and Anderson travel to the future to find out about the catastrophe that had destroyed Mega City. In that story Dredd loses his eyes and has to depend on Anderson for a while. His eyes are then replaced with bionic ones, after they are transported back to their own time.

  12. I know this is an old thread but I only just got to see the movie and wondered if during Ma-Ma’s fall scene did anyone notice the bloody guy reach for her and if so any idea who he was?