‘Dredd’ Red-Band Clip Shows Extreme Slo-Mo Violence

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A few weeks ago, we shared the first full-length trailer for Dredd, which teased the film’s hyper-stylized look and hyper-violent premise. In a plot reminiscent of the popular Indonesian action movie The Raid, Judge Dredd (Karl Urban), along with a rookie Judge (Olivia Thirlby), must reach the top level of a 200-story skyscraper to take out the vicious drug kingpin Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) while fighting off her gang at each level.

While the description of the film might read like a video game, it’s an approach that Lionsgate is hoping will connect with audiences and propel the modestly-budgeted movie to box office sucess. For it to suceed, however, it’s important that director Pete Travis pull off the action sequences in a unique and compelling way. Fortunately, we have a new clip to share to help see if the action is any good.

The drug that Ma-Ma is pushing in Mega City One is called ‘Slo-Mo’ and, as the clip shows, slo-mo also plays prominently in the action. Whether or not that’s a good thing is largely up to personal opinion. While slo-mo has been put to good use in many movies, it can also be over-used – as in the Resident Evil series.

Here, Travis shows a good balance and the slo-mo makes sense. As anyone who has played Call of Duty or any other first-person shooter can attest, when Dredd breaches the door, the reactions from the people on the opposite side are almost always rendered in slow-motion. After a few gory kills, the action speeds back up. Hopefully, it’s not like that everytime, but as a one-off scene, it works well.

dredd trailer karl urban Dredd Red Band Clip Shows Extreme Slo Mo Violence

It’s also plain to see from the clip that Dredd director Pete Travis is really into 3D, with bullets and blood splatter practically splashing out of the screen. Again, whether that’s a good thing depends on whether you like 3D. Personally, I’m not a big fan of 3D and I don’t know that having the gore be so in-your-face is really necessary.

It’s also somewhat ironic in that the Judge Dredd character was originally intended to be a parody of characters like Dirty Harry - the tough-guy cop taken to its logical extreme. Of course, winking satire doesn’t put butts in seats, so I suppose this is the next best approach.

Dredd will be in theaters on September 21, 2012.

Source: Lionsgate

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  1. Haha! AWESOME!

  2. Yeah, there doesn’t seem to be any purpose behind the slow motion. It doesn’t give the audience a chance to absorb vital information about quickly occurring circumstances AFAIK, and having the action play out in the druggies’ timeframe is like giving us their POV when they’re apparently only one minor obstacle in Dredd’s mission. Satire or not, elaborating stylistically on throw-away moments is going to help the pacing.

    • ^is NOT going to help…

      • The slow motion is part of the plot. Its connected to the drug they are on that slows down time for the user.

      • No backsies!

    • slo mo is the drug they are ingesting, remember it’s part of the plot. So it does make sense.

      Pop some slo mo then boom Dredd busts in unexpectedly, thats how it would look to them.

    • SO you’ve seen the entire film?

      • No. Merciful Rao paid atrention to the trailer. lol. Now thats instant justice!

        • actually i think his post was for the spongebob fansite guy lol.

        • More like instant mis-reply.

          • hahaha my bad sir

    • “having the action play out in the druggies’ timeframe is like giving us their POV”

      • At least they have an excuse.

  3. Satire? Oh blah blah blah just enjoy the violence and exploding cheek!

  4. About the same length as The Raid if the pacing is similar this should be fun.

  5. Dr Kenneth Noisewater gets it.

    • Can I hang out with you guys?

  6. The 1st thing I thought of while watching this was Call of Duty.
    Sure, this scene looks cool and if this is done only a couple times at most in the film I’m fine with it.

  7. I wish when someone writes up an article on “Dredd” and mentions how it is “reminiscent” of “The Raid”, they would also explain that it was written and filmed BEFORE “The Raid”! It has spent way more time in post production because of the effects and also had it’s release date pushed back.

    It’s not like they churned “Dredd” out from scratch in a couple of weeks after watching “The Raid”.

    • ……………………,,-~*~,,

      • Wow! That is a rather remarkable thumb sir. (^-^)

  8. Love the old ultraviolence.

  9. That was pretty….graphic O.O

    I still say he doesn’t really look like Dredd from the comics but at least the show will not be lacking in violence.

    • Depends which era of Dredd comics you read.

    • *Esquerra*

      Damn my typing lameness.

      • That’s a good shout about the slo-mo. That and the purpose of seeing things through the drug users’ perception of reality. When the camera switches back to Dredd we are back in real time with a ‘normal’ look at reality.
        Great idea, well executed. I was actually laughing when I watched this for the umpteenth time, not because it was funny but because I loved what I was seeing. This film can’t come out soon enough. Class

  10. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve grown up with practical blood effects in movies, but all this CG blood looks way too fake and ruins the effect for me.

    • It looks like it would in slow motion. Ever notice how weird liquids look in slow motion?! They make perfect spheres and all the shinyness and highlights show up. Plus these guys are high, so all the colours are super saturated and exaggerated.


    • The drug gives people a much brighter color palette (compared to the bleak hallway scene at the beginning), hence the brighter colored blood. It has to be CGI anyways.

      • It’s not just this clip though. I’ve seen other movies (Ninja Assassin and Expendables off the top of my head) that had CG blood and it looked way too fake in them also.

  11. Sweet! Bring it.

  12. I don’t care if the slow-mo has a purpose or not. It just looks so f****** awesome!!

  13. Actually I believe the slo mo is being used to accentuate the look from the actual comic panels within the pages of the hardened 2000AD lawman, Dredd. If you flick through a Dredd comic, there’s plenty of frames of various body parts exploding of the perps. This slo mo really brings that to life. You could view it as gratuitous for getting bums on seats but any 2000AD fan watching this would expect nothing less from Dredd himself. He doesn’t muck around.

    • Well said sir.

  14. man I love gratuitous violence, this movie should be pretty swset