Producer: ‘Dredd 2′ Conversations Happening But No Script

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Judge Dredd 2 Sequel Update Producer: Dredd 2 Conversations Happening But No Script

Dredd (2012) might not have been a huge box office hit, but its popularity among those who did watch it has provided it with something of a cult status.

And though fans of the film are continuing to clamor for a Dredd 2, the film is still a long ways off according to producer Adi Shankar. In a recent interview, Shankar confirmed Karl Urban’s recent assessment that “conversations are happening” around the film, but was quick to point out that those conversations don’t mean a sequel is forthcoming.

Speaking with Dweebcast, the producer said there was still no script for the project and that because the first film was produced independently with a different distributor for every market, getting any traction has been difficult.

So, to make a long story short, fans shouldn’t hold their breath to see Urban don the famous helmet. As much as we’d like to believe in a Field of Dreams scenario (if we want it, the movie will come), the truth is far more complex. Such is the nature of Hollywood, particularly when you’re dealing with independent financing and distribution for any movie that costs more than a few million dollars.

Dredd Sequel Short Film Producer: Dredd 2 Conversations Happening But No Script

Now, it is still possible that we might see a Dredd short film. That’s something that Shankar talked about over a year ago when Dredd first started taking off on DVD, but hasn’t been brought up much since.

In his “bootleg” series of short films, Shankar has found success focusing on some of the harder-edged characters in comic books, whether it’s The Punisher or Venom. Perhaps that could be the best route – at least for now – to see more of Mega-City One.

After all, as Shankar told Screen Rant (and reiterated to Dweebcast), web content and other non-traditional media distribution is only growing in popularity.

Today, with the click of a button, you basically have everything that was ever made available to you, within reason. In five years, you are literally going to have everything that was ever made available to you with the click of a button.

Maybe the best we can currently hope for is to “click” our way to a cool Dredd short online.

What do you think of this news? Are you still holding out hope that a Dredd sequel could happen? Let us know in the comments.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more Dredd 2 news.

Source: Dweebcast

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  1. Why don’t they utilize Kickstarter for funding?

    • Because it would probably cost 50 million+ if the story is going to expand….the first one cost app 35 mill,great film though and I hope we get a sequel.

      • Dredd’s budget was 45 million and it only grossed 41, but apparently the dvd sales are through the roof, guaranteed eventually they will some how turn it into a 12a movie just like ‘TAKEN’ which had a certificate of 18 and the 2nd movie straight to 12a just for the money, so give it enough time and our favorite VIOLENT judge will be child friendly.

        • I really hope your wrong about the 12a. The last Robocop was 13s so you have a point.

        • The producers have said that the budget was $35 million and the $45 million figure was promoted to make it seem more expensive. Half the budget went into shooting and post-producing the 3D so without the added cost of 3D it would’ve been around $20 million.

          • Interestingly I normally don’t like 3d but I liked it in this film.They should have spent the money adding a more famous actor to the cast.

            • It was a stipulation from the financiers that the only way the film would be funded if it was in 3D.

              • That’s odd,most people I know avoid a film in 3d,depending,I mean a Jim Cameron film would be worth it,but I guess they can charge more at door.

                • It’s not odd at all; when Dredd was funded back in 2008, 3D was heavily promoted by the studios and Avatar was about to be released.

            • As if Lena Heady isn’t famous enough for you.

    • Seriously start it up I’ll pay right now

    • Because a kickstarter can’t raise $30 million.

      • Tell that to David Braben! Last I heard, they were at 35 and counting.

  2. I enjoyed the first one. And any successful R-rated comic movie brings us all closer to our coveted DEADPOOL movie! So I say rock on DREDD !! the more the better!

    And to all my Dredd heads out there, I myself have never read the Dredd comics but are there any other villains they could use besides Judge Death? doesn’t really seem like Judge Death would translate well to the big screen. Am I wrong?

    • Maybe they’ll go for the League of Fatties? hehe.
      A more serious choice would probably be having a story centred around the mutant population, like the “Mutants in Mega-City One” story. The “Cursed Earth” storyline would be pretty out there. Otherwise, maybe they could do a story introducing Strontium Dog or the A.B.C. Warriors?

    • I’m pretty sure the writer of the first one (I say first one in the hope we get a much-needed sequel) planned out the sequel to take on elements of the “America” arc where Dredd gets frustrated with the Judge system and quits before bringing in the Dark Judges for a 3rd movie.

      I’d love to see The Angel Gang, Dredd pursuing Chopper throughout Mega-City One (Chopper’s name was spray painted high up in an impossible to reach place, you can catch the tag at the end as Ma-Ma falls to her death) and maybe even the Block Wars being turned into something huge.

      Russia’s Mega-City destroyed half of Mega-City One with a nuke too at one point, could be cool to see. Or Dredd ending up at Brit-Cit.

      There’s just so much lore to explore with that world and yet apparently, Hollywood (and American audiences) decide they’d rather see shallow and not-at-all-funny sequels to horrendous “comedies” that just rehash the same “jokes”,

  3. Come on guys, get on this!!

  4. Its all about the money with Hollywood, so disappointed , Alex garland & Urban were a great team and another movie would be epic. Instead I have to trawl the internet with hope of finding JD short films. Mind you< i loved The Punisher Dirty laundry, if it is a series of those, then Drokk bring it on!

  5. Do a Dredd short. Like those mtv Aeon Flux shorts, in live-action.

  6. IMHO, it’s not important if it is made “very soon” for as long as they make it and they make it a good and entertaining movie.

  7. I dont get it, i found Dredd very entertaining.
    What do people exactly want today?
    I mean even Transformers earned so much Money and it was almost the Same (well not really), Big Explosions, Transforming and Fights.. well maybe it had something to do with the fact that it was Transformers. The exact definition of Popcorn Cinema.
    I really wished that they would Kickstarter it (as already mentioned here) because i would gladly fund it, if i where be able to see what might happen next.

    • I think Dredd’s downfall was that The Raid came out sooner, even though it ripped off Dredd. After that Dredd looked too similar and the regular audience didn’t go see it.

      • And the “Dredd 3D” tag it was advertised with, and (at least in my area) no theater showed it in 2D. That’s the only reason I didn’t go see it in the theater (I own the DVD), since 3D gives me migraines.

        • You’re missing out on the best use of 3D ever then.

  8. if i won the lotto i would fund a JD /ABC Warriors movie!

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  10. Like most, Dredd 3D flew completely under my radar. I honestly thought it was the original Judge Dredd converted into 3D showing at the theater when I saw it listed among the other titles (in my defense, the local theater does that a lot here, i.e. Nightmare before Christmas ever Halloween in 3d, etc). It wasn’t until it had exited the theaters before I discovered it was a new Dredd, upon being corrected about the title actually. I can’t get it enough, and much to my wife’s dismay, it’s on netflix streaming. When I don’t know what to watch, Dredd gets the nod.
    I’d love to see a sequel, but wouldn’t be surprised to not see it happen.

  11. The only thing cooler than a Dredd sequel with Karl Urban would be a Nikolai Dante standalone film. Either would be fine though!

  12. Story = Necroplois or Tale of the dead man, but that would cost a lot of creds

  13. Personally, I loved the first film but I’m against a sequel.

    Like it or not, the original isn’t that good of a film. It’s basically just Die Hard but with insane action sequences. It’s a fun watch but it isn’t a “good” film by any means.

    I’m willing to bet that the reason it didn’t make enough money to support a sequel is because almost everyone who is now a “fan” of the film didn’t go see it. They saw the trailer and, like most people, went “Wow, that looks terrible” and skipped it, only to eventually watch it on netflix because they heard good things from the one dude they’re friends with who actually went to see the film.

    The reason everyone loves the film isn’t because it’s a good film, it’s because everyone expected it to suck and it didn’t and they were surprised. The feeling of surprise works like Ruby Glasses and gives everyone warm fuzzies over an “alright” movie at best.

    If you make a sequel, people will have expectations and the film won’t live up to those expectations. The only reason this movie was well-received was because nearly everyone had absolutely no expectations.

    (Also, to any of the people who will read this and inevitably think “He uses ‘everyone’ a lot. That’s a generalization. I WENT to the movie. Am I nobody then? I saw it in theaters!” do me a favor Steve, save me your friggin’ speech ’cause I don’t buy it. You’re just like everyone else, so stop trying to be different and original, ya’ sheep.)

    • ***I’m willing to bet that the reason it didn’t make enough money to support a sequel is because almost everyone who is now a “fan” of the film didn’t go see it.***

      Obviously; if it didn’t make enough money at the box-office but sold more on disc then more people bought it than saw it first.

      • Or they (more likely than not) bootlegged it after hearing good things and bought the DVD/Bluray afterwards. This is the internet after all, chap. I doubt ANYONE blindly bought the DVD/Bluray without having seen it “somehow” first.

    • Sorry, but none of your statement makes any sense. I mean, anyone can use the word “everybody” three times a sentence, it doesn’t make the argument any less fallacious.

      “The only reason this movie was well-received was because nearly everyone had absolutely no expectations.”

      Except the DVD/BD sales were the ones through the roof; it’d be those people having the highest expectations from positive word-of-mouth and typically they (DVD/BD 1st viewers) are the ones raving about it. That’s about as textbook a case of a “cult classic” as you’re going to find.

      Sorry you didn’t like it, but it was a very good movie. Maybe you should watch it again, because it seems like you didn’t get it. Judge Dredd is typically biting British satire on our American heroes and culture in general. What’s makes it even more brilliant is you can completely ignore all the subtext and still enjoy a really good shoot-’em-up.

      It failed at the box office for a number of reasons, not the least of which was complete lack of promotion by Lionsgate. What promotion it did get focused on the 3D aspect, rather than the updated, more graphic, more ACCURATE adaptation of a character American audiences largely know from a pretty by-the-numbers mid-90′s Stallone effort. Finally, I know the first time it ran in my city it was only in 3D, that limits your audience base even further. Some don’t like it and more won’t pay extra to see a character they aren’t familiar with, especially if the trailers don’t grab them.

      Also, I didn’t expect it to “suck”. I don’t typically throw $15 to see a movie in 3D that I expect to “suck”. I’ll wait for it to get released to redbox or Netflix or whatever. It looked different enough from Stallone’s version, and faithful enough to the comics, that I was willing to give it a chance. Truth is: I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was.

  14. Shankar’s Dredd short has all ready been shot and is almost finished; it has no involvement from the creatives who made DREDD, though.

    • Do you have a source on that, Solomon?

      • He mentioned it 4 months ago in:

        SciFiNow #89 January 2014

        “Are you still working on the Dredd short, too?”

        “Yeah, I am. It’s getting there, it’s not done yet. I’d say it’s 33% done.”

        • Cheers. So does this mean no Pete Travis, Alex Garland, Olivia Thirlby or even Karl Urban?

          • More than likely; Travis is out of the equation anyway as far as the future of Dredd is concerned and he has stated publicly he wouldn’t be involved in any sequels.

            Urban said at a recent convention that he’d only make a short with the approval of DNA films & Alex Garland since it is they who own the rights, not Shankar, and Shankar’s ‘bootleg’ short-films are something he produces on his own. He had no creative input on DREDD; he wasn’t a producer but an executive producer which is someone who brokers investment and distribution deals.

            • Yeah, I thought Travis would be highly doubtful at best. Thanks for the info.

  15. “–’Dredd 2′ Conversations Happening But No Script–”

    So what’s the hold up? They didn’t let that stop them from making the first one.

    • Lol, surprised you weren’t all over this thread hours ago.

  16. This situation really irks me. We have a potential movie that basically all the viewers of the first movie would support unanimously but the higher-ups are reluctant. And then we have an industry that churns out s***** movies every damn month without thinking twice.

    For every s***** Amazing Spider-Man 2 out there I’d gladly watch and pay for two dozen Dredds featuring Karl Urban!

    • Every Amazing Spider-Man earns about $800 million.

    • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is good, don’t knock! It’s the best adaptation of the Spidey from the comics. Quit bitching.

    • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is good, don’t knock it! It’s the best adaptation of the Spidey from the comics. Quit b******g.