‘Dredd 2′: Karl Urban Says Filmmakers Working ‘Very, Very Hard’ To Make It Happen

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Judge Dredd comic book movie reboot Dredd wasn’t a hit the box office, with a worldwide gross that fell below its $50 million budget, but then its strong DVD and Blu-ray sales renewed fans’ hopes that a sequel to the film could happen.

Over the year or so since then, star Karl Urban has continue to provide update after update, but with little actual progress to report. If nothing else, though, it’s been comforting for the Judge’s fanbase to hear that Dredd 2 is still being discussed by studio folk, regardless of how much closer (or not) it is to actually being made.

As you can see in the above video, Urban has once again provide some words of encouragement for Dredd fans to keep the faith alive. He not only offers his assurance that he and select filmmakers behind the first installment – screenwriter Alex Garland to be exact – are working “very, very hard” to make Dredd 2 a reality, but that the ongoing fan campaign is, in fact, making a difference on that front.

Meanwhile, the Urban-based iteration of the Judge continues to live on in comic book form. A graphic novel sequel to the Dredd movie, titled Underbelly, has already been put together and sold out during its first U.S. release earlier on in 2014. THR, reporting on the Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle, Washington, this past March, confirmed that a second comic book series set in the Dredd movie-verse (called Unprise) will begin in the Judge Dredd Magazine series this July.

dredd 2 karl urban Dredd 2: Karl Urban Says Filmmakers Working Very, Very Hard To Make It Happen

Pop comic book movie franchises (and the filmmakers who are behind them) have been continuously upping their game, in order to stay relevant and evolve in the genre’s post-Avengers and Dark Knight trilogy era. If Dredd 2 ever does manage to get green-lit, the plan is for it to follow that trend, as Gardland has voiced his interest in bringing the Dark Judges from the Judge Dredd comic-verse to the big screen in the sequel… and maybe beyond to a trilogy. (One pipe dream at a time, though…)

Such a move would not only broaden the scope of the Dredd universe, but it could also expand the series’ reach to encompass different genre territory – like how Captain America: The Winter Soldier has moved that Marvel Superhero property into political thriller turf. So, again, here’s to hoping fans’ wishes actually come true (knock on wood).


We’ll keep you updated on Dredd 2 as development continues (or, rather, as Karl Urban continues to talk about it).

Source: THR

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  1. Please let this happen. Maybe studios will figure out not to be scared of R rated comic book movies if they are done properly!! (you listening Fox….of course not because your company is dumb a hell)

    Dredd 2 must happen and the first one is still to me a perfectly made Dredd movie.

    now…someone get deadpool on the line

    • I don’t think Sony is going to come on this website and listen to you. Just a thought.

  2. because its not the R rated comic book THEY want…..

    but its the R rated comic book movie that WE need…..

  3. Oh yes I signed the petition.

  4. signed

  5. I really hope “DREDD 2″ happens, but I’m just not sure the US and other countries are still totally on board with it. I’d like to know exactly how much all the DVD/Blu-Ray and Netflix sales, streams etc…. actually made them. Are they in profit yet?

    I’d like to see perhaps a more densely populated area of MC1. One where there really are mega structures and a rich/poor divide. I don’t think it’s too early for Judge Death either. Make it into a real creepy sci-fi horror film and really take advantage of Anderson’s poweres.

    Funnily enough though, I’m not too bothered about it not being R rated if it improves the chances of it making more money. Just so long as it isn’t dumbed down. Judge Dredd, although often gory, is not completely saturated in it. The comic after all has been read by 11 year olds since the late 70′s. It can still be a perfectly appropriate Dredd movie without enough amounts of gore and sex to land it an R/18. You can get away with a lot nowadays and clever editing can make it feel like nothing is really missing. To me, things usually stand out too much if it is dwelled upon for the sake of it.

    I’ll probably get it in the neck for saying that mind. But I’d rather have a “DREDD” sequel that will make the studio money if they take the risk to make it.

  6. Signed it months ago.Love this film.

  7. Want.

  8. Avi Shankar thanked the fans personally too because we all voted in Amazon’s March Movie Madness tournament to crown Dredd the winner, beating the likes of Pulp Fiction, The Godfather Trilogy, the Indiana Jones series and The Lord Of The Rings trilogy along the way.

    Honestly, Dredd is still my favourite comic book movie of all time because it was true to the character, true to the world he inhabited, had that dry, sardonic humour and politics (crooked Judges that take bribes for extra credits, gangs allowed to take over entire blocks while the authorities turn a blind eye to it all, etc).

    If there’s a movie in the last 20 years that truly deserved at least one sequel, it’s Dredd.

    • Dredd is a terrible movie. The fact that anyone voted for it over The Godfather is a disgrace. It was a generic, uninspired shoot’em up with bad performances all around. Having crooked cops and gangs doesn’t make it some kind of political commentary, either: those are just stock tropes of crime fiction.

      • “The fact that anyone voted for it over The Godfather is a disgrace.”- Ragnar

        No it’s not; they’re both only ‘films’ and people’s opinions of them, not genocide, war or children needlessly dying of disease. Get things in proportion of importance.

        • Nah, I’m using the word “disgrace” correctly. I didn’t call it an atrocity.

          • You need to masturbate and get over it.

      • Maybe “The Godfather” fans shouldn’t have been too lazy to get off their arse and vote for a film they like so much.

        Lazy mafioso wannabe farts.

      • Godfather comparison and noting of crime fiction tropes, I’d say that labeling Dredd a “terrible” or “generic” or film is perhaps going a little far.

      • Maybe you should get a better taste in films. Or perhaps you haven’t seen Dredd yet because to say anything like you did shows either ignorance or trolling behaviour.

        • Sorry, this isn’t Twitter and Dredd isn’t Justin Bieber. You can’t stop me from expressing my opinion no matter how many of you guys jump in and flame me. Dredd was a bad movie. Karl Urbans “acting” was limited to walking around in that silly helmet looking like he just smelled a fart.

          • You obviously just don’t get or just don’t like the concept of Judge Dredd in the first place. Dredd is supposed to look like he smelled a fart or look like a bulldog chewing a wasp, and he’s never exactly had much depth to him. That’s what the other characters are for. It’s not the comic or film for you, that’s plain to see, but insisting that it is “terrible” and describing it’s minor victory as a “disgrace” as if it is fact? It comes across like you want your opinion to cause friction with everyone elses. Yeah, you’re entitled to your opinion, but so are we.

            Just watch something else that you do like.

            Ooh…don’t flame me.

            • In the scheme of things, my comments about the film are relatively moderate. I think the film is bad but I don’t claim it’s the worst movie ever made or anything silly like that. It has redeeming features. On the other side of the debate, Dredd fans have conspired to have Dredd declared the best film ever made ahead of The Godfather, Citizen Kane, and Schindler’s List. I’m hardly the one being unreasonable.

          • “You can’t stop me from expressing my opinion”

            Yes; you’re on the internet where billions of trivial things are expressed everyday, including the over-inflated importance of someone’s opinion about a film. It’s still not a disgrace, it’s just a ‘thing’.

            • Your outrage is pretty selective. Further down the thread, Cruzcontrol made a comment about how “sad” it was that people supported some other series more than Dredd. Why don’t you go lecture him about how both are just movies, not war or famine or child death that he should be getting “sad” about.

              • To suggest I’m displaying outrage is laughable; I’m not the person using charged, hyperbolic words such as ‘disgrace’.

                Cruzcontrol called a film ‘garbage’ which is his opinion and has a very different connotation to the word ‘disgrace’ which implies that some hallowed and sacred human institution has been blasphemed. Nothing is sacred when it comes to art, pop-culture and entertainment, it is folly to think that it is. The very function of art is that it is a chaotic expression of thought and emotion even when it is in conflict with other thoughts and emotions.

                I reiterate my point: it’s just a film.

                • There’s this weird thing people do, where they think every comment is written by an angry person. So when someone presents a reasoned argument or a convincing point, for some reason the person reading it thinks it’s written in anger or frustration. I don’t know why, but I am sure in some cases it’s because the person reading it is themselves angry and thinks everyone else is as well

                  • How angry would YOU have to be before you would resort to telling someone who disagreed with you about a MOVIE to “masturbate and get over it”?? I think someone would have to be pretty steamed in order to fly off the handle and make a fool of himself like that. It was cute how you tried to “psychoanalyze” me, though.

                    • ***How angry would YOU have to be before you would resort to telling someone who disagreed with you about a MOVIE to “masturbate and get over it”??***

                      Not very. It was a sarcastic response to your over-reaction to something so minor. Inn the long who will care a jot about s silly poll on facebook that demands such an outcry of ‘disgrace’.

                      ***Merriam-Webster defines ‘disgrace’ as – “to cause (someone or something) to lose or become unworthy of respect or approval”***

                      And you seriously believe the “March Movie Madness poll” caused the Godfather or LOTR “to lose or become unworthy of respect or approval”?

                      Maybe you should let the Academy know before it’s too late.

                      ***Cruzcontrol is so frustrated with the stupidity of the moviegoing public that it induces in him a state of despair or melancholy.***

                      That’s another instance of being rather melodramatic and adding your own hyperbolic spin. You infer so much from so little. I somehow doubt he’s in paroxysms of despair and frustration.

                • Merriam-Webster defines ‘disgrace’ as – “to cause (someone or something) to lose or become unworthy of respect or approval” I certainly lost respect for the March Movie Madness poll when I realized
                  it was being manipulated by a small group of ballot-stuffing fans to promote Dredd’s sequel campaign.

                  Cruzcontrol was NOT simply expressing his opinion about the X-Men movies, he was commenting on the public’s “sad” decision to support them. Cruzcontrol is so frustrated with the stupidity of the moviegoing public that it induces in him a state of despair or melancholy. Please explain to him: it’s just a film.

  9. http://www.the-numbers.com/movie/Dredd#tab=summary

    Budget – $50M
    Sales – $40.8M + $17.6M = $58.5M

    I don’t know how much they spent on the marketing (one of the reasons it didn’t get the box office draw in my opinion), but I’d guess it was more than $8.5M.

    Although the sales for the comic book follow up to the movie, “Underbelly”, won’t go to the studio (I don’t believe the studio owns the comic book), if the numbers are really good, it should help bolster their confidence to green-light a sequel.

    • Nope, the studio won’t get the profits because they don’t own 2000AD (who are also behind the sequel campaign in a major way with full page ads in their comics for the campaign, which thrilled the people who created it).

      It’s funny though because people use the promotion as the main reason they avoided it so they should learn that better promotion will help a sequel.

      Instead we get sequels to movies that were horrendous the first time round instead of taking a chance on films people actually enjoyed.

    • Those DVD and Bluray sales numbers are only for the US, not worldwide.

      According to Alex Garland, the producers and Jock the concept artist, the film’s budget was $35 million, the $50 million number is inflated. Marketing would’ve been paid by the more than a dozen distributors throughout the world but it would’ve been more than $20 million.

  10. I agree that a PG-13, if done right, can still deliver the goods while staying true to the original comic book source. I’ve been a hardcore fan of Dredd since the 80′s, when I was about 10-12 years old and while the amazing settings of Mega City 1 and the Cursed Earth were the main reasons I got drawn into this universe, there was another aspect that contributed heavily to making Dredd my #1 favorite – The excellent comedy! There are two old sci-fi classics who actually borrowed heavily from, and in my opinion also managed to outdo Dredd in this very department and those movies are Robocop and Starship Troopers. From the absurdly politically incorrect television commercials and reality shows to sure-kill amusement park attractions and interplanetary war-games. I hope the sequel gets the funding to allow for a much greater exploration of the Dredd universe as depicted in the comic books. One thing is sure though, nomatter what Alex comes up with I’ll pay a minimum of 2 admission fees and buy the Blu-ray.

  11. Bring it on!!! That movie NEEDS a sequel!!! And pronto!!!

  12. my god i hope this happens.

  13. Sad that this has to struggle for a sequel when garbage like Xmen get like 6…

    • It’s mainly because they can’t really sell DREDD to kids. They can read the comic, but there are no Judge Dredd lunchboxes, toys or saturday morning cartoons for them.

      • The X-Men movies are consistently more successful than Dredd at the box office. I don’t know why you’re assuming that it’s based on merchandising.

        • That wasn’t my point. That was an example of how they can sell X-Men to kids and support ongoing sequels. If Dredd gets a sequel (If it is very lucky), I doubt it’ll end up having multiple sequels and reeboots like X-men. The X-men is as big as it is because it is a kids franchise as well as adults. Kids = ££££, ££££ = more x-Men films and products. When X-Men products still sell, or an X-Men cartoon is watched they know there is still a demand.

          There are X-Men fans who never read the comics, but grew up watching the TV show and had the toys. Judge Dredd, by the nature of the character and comic is a different beast. There isn’t the demand for kids. Even “The Punisher” or “Deadpool” is familiar to many kids through toys and cartoons (and movies).

        • Yes, but I think his point was that they are obviously more consistent and successful at the box office because they can be marketed towards kids and families.

          I agree, it’s unfortunate that a sequel to Pixar’s Cars can be made without any risk but a movie like Dredd can’t.

          • Exactly. That was a better explanation than mine. Shame I needed to explain it.

            I should have just said: “You can’t sell DREDD to kids”.

        • lol
          that’s not what he’s talking about.

  14. Work Harder, this needs to happen

  15. Yes, please.

  16. Hell freaking yeah! This movie deserves it’s cult status because it IS a great film. I really find myself liking it more and more each time, I love that it’s stylistic, but retains a great plot that pushes forward easily and has fantastic action. Karl is a perfect Dredd.

    Here’s to a 2nd one coming soon!

  17. Wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel to this. I was pleasantly surprised by it as it far exceeded the Sylvester Stallone version.

  18. I’m a huge fan of Karl and Dredd. I am hoping the characters get developed more and the story is even more engaging, R-rated style :) After watching Karl in the new Dredd I had to re-read all the books :D

  19. We enjoyed it, and Mr. Urban’s acting….due to the fact he was playing Dredd. It’s like the last Robocop in terms of how that film should have been, rated R and brutal which the art implies is necessary. The brutality is part of the story. It was maddening after Blu-ray release as it was almost impossible to find…it had sold out everywhere several times and that sent a message to the studios. We are fans of the film and Mr. Urban and welcome a sequel.

  20. With so many reboots, remakes and questionable sequels out there already, this is one that I’d really like to see them find a way to get done, and that I feel truly deserves one.

    Dredd was a solid, engaging film that stayed true to the character as well as left a lot of places to go and stories to tell for a potential franchise… and Karl Urban portrayed Judge Joseph Dredd like he was born for the role.