The Shrek series has always been known for combining family humor with more adult-oriented jokes, but DreamWorks may have taken it too far this time. In a recent attempt to promote Shrek Forever After, the studio gave the okay to have several of the film’s characters featured in a photo spread for the men’s fashion magazine VMan. Now, the resulting racy images have studio insiders backpedaling.

According to Fox News, a number of insiders at DreamWorks and Paramount have expressed regret over the images, with one Paramount rep remarking, “In hindsight the studio would have declined to have the characters participate.” Are the pictures really all that bad? Take a look below and decide for yourself.

In my opinion, the problem isn’t that the pictures are inappropriate, but that they don’t make any sense. Setting aside the fact that characters from a popular family film franchise have no business appearing in a fashion spread, it’s hard to understand what demographic DreamWorks was hoping to capture with the images. What’s the strategy here? Are readers of VMan really the type of people that would be interested in seeing Shrek Forever After?

Also, why would you want to put your characters next to actual people in the first place? Our recent Shrek Forever After high-res image gallery showed just how much detail went into making these characters look good. Putting them in something as contrived as a fashion shoot only serves to deemphasize the impressiveness of the characters and, quite frankly, make them look foolish.

As I remarked when discussing the recent Iron Man 2 Dr. Pepper commercial, I have no problem with tie-in movie marketing, so long as it is well-executed and in keeping with the spirit of the film. In this case, DreamWorks failed on both counts and I’m not surprised to see the company distancing itself from the images.

What do you think? Do you find these images inappropriate? What do you think DreamWorks was thinking when they agreed to allow the characters to be in the photos?

Source: Fox News