Dragonball Sequel Already Has A Script

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dragonball header Dragonball Sequel Already Has A Script

The release of Dragonball hasn’t even come along yet (we’re still a few days away), and yet there’s already a script written for the inevitable sequel! According to star Justin Chatwin (who plays Goku in the film), it’s not just some ideas wrote down on some pieces of paper, but an actual completed script that has been written, although I doubt it will be the final version.

Here’s what Chatwin told MTV:

“I know they’ve written a second one and it’s pretty far out there. The second one really goes to some different places that I’ve never seen in any comic book adaptation”

MTV goes on to say that: “Chatwin admits that he hasn’t read the sequel script firsthand, but that he’s been told a lot about it and that he and co-star Emmy Rossum (Bulma) would jump at the chance to return for more.”

It appears that James Marsters (who plays Piccolo) is also eager to come back:

“Likewise, Marsters is not only ready for a second chapter, but would like to see the franchise continue indefinitely. A die-hard fan of the anime, Marsters has every intention of fulfilling the arc of Piccolo in live-action.”

“We’re going to get to ‘Dragonball Z’ later,” said Marsters, “where Piccolo becomes youthful and he’s going to become the Piccolo that most people recognize.”

However director James Wong is being a bit more cautious:

“Director James Wong wants to reminds fans that, even though a sequel may have already been written (he would neither confirm nor deny the script’s existence), the litmus test is really going to come down to next weekend’s box office.”

Wong is probably just not wanting to give away the fact that they already have some sort of script written, just in case this first film tanks at the box office, which it may very well do. There’s no denying the original Dragonball cartoon has a strong following out there, but in the bigger picture, let’s face it, the fan base isn’t that big.

Remember Grindhouse? Remember Snakes on a Plane? Those two seemed to have massive support (mainly on the web) before they came out, and it seemed like they were going to dominate the box office, but that’s not how it turned out.

So the support may seem huge for Dragonball because of its loyal fan base (which, again, I’m not disputing) but I just don’t know if the wider, more general movie going audience will be flocking to see this thing, particularly in the all important opening weekend.

In roughly a week we’ll find out, anyway.

What do you make of there already being a Dragonball sequel script written? Do you think they should have waited to see how the first one performed before writing another?

Dragonball is to be released on April 10th in the US, and April 8th in the UK.

Source: MTV Splash Page

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  1. From what i’ve read online of foreign screenings, this movie is just ho-hum, which it looked from the trailers. I use to watch the show awhile back, and when i saw the trailer it just didn’t look like anything DBZ that i knew, but if they feel they can build a series off it, more power to them, hopefully something good can come of it.

  2. nooooooo!:c i saw it in France this week! it’s horrible!!!!!!

  3. Maybe when it tanks at the box office,they’ll send that script to the shredder.

  4. i dont think it will get a sequel or at least i hope not

  5. I’m a die hard fan of Dragonball, and from what I just heard I’m now a die hard hater for all those involved with this film! Not to sound discriminatory, but considering a last name like Wong, you’d think James would have more of an understanding in what dragonball fans are a fan about with such a story. Chow Young Fat too, what was he thinking? Disgrace all around the board! Research was not done with the making of this film and they should all be ashamed with the inevitable outcome at the box office! Posters look like they should be showed on Nickelodeon right after Power Rangers as a tv movie, and trailers are just an over-glorified presentation of a failure waiting to happen. James Wong, before you tick off the rest of the fan community, you better get a new set of script advisors and READ THE MANGA!

  6. I’m not watching this crap abortion of the DB anime/manga

  7. Well Liam, James Wong is not a Japanese name. You know because it doesn’t end with a vowel. It’s like a rule, names in Japan HAVE to end with a vowel, lol. So I’m not surprised that he doesn’t really care that much about maintaining the integrity of this manga/anime whatever. And I’m not really saying this is a bad thing, but I will say no more to prevent the flaming that will most likely follow…

  8. @Ken J
    Oh yea sorry I didn’t think I was implying that he was japanese or anything just mainly that he was asian, I am chinese myself and not to exclude the western hemisphere all together but honestly if you’ve grown up in the 80′s and 90′s in Asia, not just Japan, you would have heard of and followed Dragonball at one point or another. I’m a Chen (not that it makes any substantial difference) and I can very concretely say that at the very least, all asians take japanese manga and anime very seriously. Those who read/watch them anyway… if James Wong was seriously a fan of the series, obviously the film hasn’t premiered yet, but if he truly was a fan then the trailer wouldn’t have been the way it was. My deduction is he’s only in it for the quick buck, or a “practice” per say for his direction career. So yea I knew he wasn’t Japanese, but as a fellow asian (man I sound like such a kid right now with this argument) he is treading on very thin ice.

  9. I’m Asian, I HATE anime. So I guess not ALL Asians, but yah, a lot of us do like that… stuff…

  10. Guys Look, All you guys that reviewed the film and was saying it was bad before it was out, And then WENT to see the film when it did come out, Are partly to blame for this, You are funding a film that you dont like, When they get ur funds, they think they are doing somthing right, So they make another, Which is this, The Sequal.

  11. I’m a huge fan of the manga of dragonball Z but not of dragonball or dragonball gt my favorite was dragonball Z. To me the only thing i’m looking forward to about this movie is chow yun fat and james marsters as master roshi and piccolo.I loved chow yun fat in crouching tiger hidden dragon and hard boiled. James Marsters in smallville and angel was pretty good too. So to see them 2 in it is really the only reason for me to watch this movie.

  12. @ stephen, as a kid growing up in the late 90s here in the US, i felt that Dragonball Z was huge. I watched that show religiously for years, even watching GT on the international channel on sunday nights at 11, well past my bed time back then, and it was amazing. When i heard about this movie, i was stoked, a live action DBZ was one of the things i’ve always wanted to see. I’m a little sad it’s not as good as i’ve always hoped.

  13. I think it is GREAT news!

    No, I’m not a Dragonball fan.

    No, I don’t think the film will be a hit w/ filmgoers and critics.

    Yes, I most likely will skip it.

    Yes, the actors involved would love to make another film, because they are offered a job, they will get paid. Likewise, if the film busts, they will be more than happy to do other projects as well.

    So, I know your question to me: Why is a script for a sequel to Dragonball a great thing?

    1) It’s always a good idea to plan ahead even in the face of utter disaster;

    2) The writer(s) will get paid for that first draft. Goody for those folks in these troublesome times!

    That’s great!

  14. Thats good to here.
    But waiting for release of the movie.
    We are expecting its release on 17th of this month.

  15. I am still surprised people are thinking this is supposed to be DBZ when it is clearly not. Its just plain Dragonball and everyone expects to see Super Saiyans and Vegetta and things like that. Even Marsters said above “We will get to Dragonball Z”.

    Good paying attention guys.

  16. I’m still looking forward to seeing it FOR MYSELF.

  17. I don’t think the dragonball fanbase will help as this movie seems to have angered many. I’m a dragonball and DBZ fan and have no intention of seeing this.

    “The second one really goes to some different places that I’ve never seen in any comic book adaptation.”

    Well that says a lot of nothing.
    Be nice to know it might actually be like the manga.

  18. Still looking forward to this one.

  19. I love the anime but I have neber seen Goku as a high school student in it. Nor have I ever seen Bulma and Chi Chi kick the ass that they are apparently goin to be kickin in the movie, and I hope they make piccolo look betterin the sequel if there is one cause he is one of my favorite characters plus where is Krillin one of the main characters. Oh and the second one better have Tien and Chiaotzu or i’ll be pissed not to mention Vageta. Besides if I were goin to watch a live action Dragon Ball Z movie I would want the same story line not some crap about how Goku and Chi-Chi met in High School.

  20. Dragonball dragonballz and dragonballgt were by far the best anime series of all time in my opinion. I will go see the first one this friday, and even if it isnt up to par to what it should be I would go see the sequal because dbz(anime) blew dragonball(anime) out of the water! Who’s to say the movie wouldnt have the same effect. I love this idea and the actor for goku is perfect! I think he out preformed tom cruise in war of the worlds and that is very hard to do considering tom cruise is a badass actor.

  21. The movie will fail, maybe not as hard as Dragonball Evolution but it will surely fail.

  22. Seems like the world enjoys FAILURE…. Glad I’m not Human lol


  24. its true their where errors in the movie like: they didnt put krilin on the movie, goku like magicly transforms into osaru with out the full moon and the monkey tail, goku in high school ? goku never have went to a school only gohan went to school. the characters were okay goku, justin chawtin looks a lot like goku, it could be better if in the next sequel goku could have a more spikier hair, piccolo was okay,bulma too sexy like she is in the anime series, chi-chi bossy and sexy like the series, master roshi wasnt so old but with the hawaiian shirt we know thats our master roshi and the best part that i will not make a critic is the KA ME HA ME HA! IT WAS A BOMB THE SPECIAL EFECTS WERE AWESOME, DB EVOLUTION OUTTA 10 I WILL GIVE THEM…..8

  25. man who cares about this movie rite now i love all dragonball series but from wat i heard bout dis movie lets jus sit and chill an wait fo dbz

  26. I used to watch DB cartoons off and on when I was a kid and it wasn’t my favorite anime series, but it was pretty entertaining. What I would really like to see is a ROBOTECH film made. ROBOTECH has lots of elements for a very moving, fun, and artistic quality (such as love, war, music, humanity etc). The main problem I have with the DB movie is the corny script dialogue with predictable and generic storyline and acting (Warriors of Virtue, The Phantom Menace, and Solomon’s version of the D&D movie had this problem). I have heard the DB movie is different compared to the cartoon, like the X-Men movies different compared to the comics, but the X- Men films have a cool look about them, mainly due to good script, acting, directing, etc. DB movies may end up like Batman franchise – look what happened to Batman and Robin with George Clooney and also Ang Lee’s version of the Hulk film. Michael Keaton and the current batman with Christian Bale made the batman franchise really popular. I don’t believe Justin Chatwin will make DB popular and this is a shame, because he looks like he could be the next Heath Ledger or Matt Damon.

  27. The movie didn’t go well in the box office because it’s a piece of crap. There’s more than enough fans out there, they just don’t appreciate their dreams being shat on. And other people don’t appreciate half-assed, made out of greed, piece of crap movies.

  28. A reboot will happen before a sequel.