Five New Character-Centric TV Spots For ‘Dragonball’

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dragonball image Five New Character Centric TV Spots For Dragonball

The footage we’ve seen of the cartoon-to-movie adaptation known as Dragonball (they dropped the “Evolution” part, in case you’re wondering) has been less than satisfactory to say the least. No one is expecting Shakespeare from this thing, but by the looks of a couple of the trailers, it almost seems like a joke or spoof of some kind.

I will admit that some of the action sequences haven’t looked completely terrible, but every time we hear a piece of dialogue a cringing feeling is induced. It seems like the people behind this adaptation have gotten it all wrong: they’ve apparently changed certain aspects which have, and will continue to,┬ácause fans of the original cartoon to get extremely annoyed, but at the same time the changes they’ve made don’t seem to be in the best interest of appealing to those who have barely even heard of the cartoon, much less actually watched it.

The footage we’ve seen has been mostly concentrated on the action and the special effects which is understandable since if there’s anything that the general, unknowing movie going audience is going to see it for, it’s for those aspects alone.

Well, for anyone more interested in the individual characters that make up the movie, today we have five new TV spots that each concentrate on a specific character: Goku, Lordi Piccolo, Bulma, Roshi and Chi Chi, respectively. Check out all five of them below:






Since the TV spots aren’t terribly lengthy, it’s hard to judge whether or not they make the movie look any worse or any better. It’s certainly still got the cheesiness factor fully on display (I really hope it works within the context of the movie), but nonetheless it’s cool to see each of the characters individually… I suppose.

If I were to bet on it I’d say this will probably turn out to be pretty awful, but as they say, never judge something completely until you’ve actually seen it for yourself. I’m not going to completely bash a movie I haven’t seen, but simply going by the footage we’ve seen so far (including these five TV spots), it’s not looking too promising.

What do you make of these new TV spots? Do they make you want to see the movie anymore than you already do, or are they just as awful as some of the stuff we’ve seen so far?

Dragonball is scheduled to be released on April 8th this year.


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  1. Awesome.

  2. i downloaded the movie and its actually not that bad, of course it has some typical scenarios of a hollywood popcorn action flick and there is actually alot in common w/ the manga/anime than people wil admit, but this is coming from a former fan of the series and if your a die hard fan your gonna chew this movie out

  3. Is that piracy I smell? Tut, tut^_^

  4. ross

    lol i only did sb/c i was actually anxious to see it after all the hate its been revceiving and trust me i wont be doing it again

  5. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t his name KING Piccolo in the TV show, not LORD Piccolo?

  6. Wow, they have totally butchered DB so far. I could be wrong but last I remember Chi Chi wasn’t a fighter. Also, Piccalo looks……….odd.

  7. When did they drop the ‘Evolution’ from the title? I mean, I’m glad they did, but I just didn’t know of that.
    Will see it because I am a DBZ fan. Hopefully after this they will go into DBZ and make it awesome…cuz this is cheesy looking. DBZ is more serious than DB.

  8. lol your very wrong, she was actually in the fighting tournaments, thats how her and Goku met.

  9. Wow I can’t believe they are still planning to release this crap in the theaters. Before haters tune up their lips with the I haven’t seen it bit. I WATCHED IT, YESTERDAY, IMPORT. I’d be happy to give a scene by scene description, but will wait until everyone has seen it. The best part of this film is when Goku does that mid air spin by the cars, and when the end credits roll. The fighting is slightly better than SF:Legend of Chun Li, but not by much. I think Hollywood needs to lay off Anime/Game adaptations for a good while until they can get a clue. I’ll never be able to get the 95 minutes of my life back.

  10. i knew someone would like this movie it never fails. I jus said it on the watchmen forum lol.

  11. this movie is the worst crap i’ve ever seen, i have seen been action on animal planet

  12. better action on animal planet

  13. I was so excited when I heard they were making this movie. Now I am so scared to see it. Is it just me, or if you watch the Goku and Piccolo scenes do you basically see the end to the last fight scene in the movie?

  14. i feel this will be Like the Mortal Kombat movies.
    but Lacking the shear Awsomeness the the first mortal Kombat film had.
    But Having the Majority of
    the Cheesey-ness the sequal had.

  15. @Joshua

    They dropped “Evolution” from the title about 9 days ago. No explanation as to why.


  16. @ Matt

    It’s not about being a die hard fan, its about knowing crap when crap is shown. redoing the story line to make it easier for the Laguna beach tweens to understand was the first mistake. And as they say in the military once a ball of crap rolls down hill its hard to stop it.

  17. i used to watch the cartoons a lot and i was pretty happy with the original trailer, but these new ones (especially the Roshi spot) look like low budget spoofing done by film students. :(

  18. i think its a slap in the face to fans and movie goer’s alike. the special effects look like something from an 1996 , i have seen better effects in old 80′s films.honestly it look like the just put something together to make money. thats a shame that fox doesn’t really care and they would let something like this be released. That’s make the company look bad if you ask me. Also make me not wanna see anything else fox does

  19. They dropped Evolution from the title becauz at the last minute some one realized that the movie was actually a De-Evolution of quality.

  20. @LordThanos X

    i never said i liked the film in fact i think its great contender for “worst film” award at the razzies, all i said was that it wasnt too bad and i can think of worse films out there

  21. I thought they were all great. Of course not all scenes that they pick are going to be great. the first three trailers were visually stunning. The new trailers just show that familiar funny side to Dragonball. Come on people! Give it a chance!!!

  22. @ Brian Miller

    Visually Stunning? Myself, as well as many others disagree with that. Criminal’s only get three strikes before they are put away for good. the same should hold true for failed movie trailers. Meaning that if by the third trailer, if its a confirmed fail the movie should be canned/go str8 to dvd. I gave it a chance during the “leaked” trailer, but as plot developments and casting became more and more exposed, it was inevitable this movie was going to flop like a fish on dry land. And like a select few who gave it a chance by actually seeing the whole movie like myself , we have no choice but to further put the FAIL stamp on this flick.

  23. Its over for this movie now. It has a PG rating lol. Even though I have seen the Movie. This is not for fans of the DB series no matter how die hard of a fan you are( I’m and fanboy myself) This is a Fanboy nightmare.

  24. I’ll be going to see this movie cuz i’m a fan of dragonball Z & GT.

    But i’ll have the bare minimum of expectation!

  25. Please. I BEG YOU. Don’t waste the $10 and the 90 minutes of your life by watching this Fest of Mediocrity. Even minimum expectations are no match for the shear awfulness of this movie.