New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way

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goku with dragon ball New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The WayComing Soon is reporting that 20th Century Fox (boo, leave Watchmen alone!) will be releasing the first trailer for Dragonball before Max Payne, which hits theaters on October 17, (and looks pretty good judging by its trailer!)

While you wait for October 17 to roll around and deliver the first real impression of whether or not Dragonball will flop, take a look at the new pics which have hit the Web, and let us know your first impressions.

goku with dragon ball New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Goku (Justin Chatwin) holds the Dragonball.

chi chi fight pose New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Chi Chi (Jamie Chung) gets ready for the fight.

master roshi New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Master Roshi (Chow Yun-Fat) is ready to throwdown.

goku ambushed New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Goku about to be ambushed?

goku and master roshi New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Goku and Master Roshi take it to the streets.

goku sword New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Goku looking hardcore.

goku crouched New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Goku thinks long and hard about a new haircut.

Dragonball will hit theaters on April 10, 2009.

Source: ComingSoon.Net & Latino Review

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  1. Josh he looked pretty skinny when he finally turned off the gravity machine on his way to Namek. A way to dramatize just what kind of forces are being dealt with. You no-doubt noticed what he looked like as he caught the piece of flooring he threw across the room in the same scene! Do you realize how much sacrifice and work Justine will have to go through if this continues into a series? He has to have somewhere to go physically. I bet Tobey Mcguire would open his eyes, if they talked about what its going take to keep him in the Gee.

    I don’t know how long this will stay up but tell us what you think after looking at this..

  2. Hmm Well to be honest I will watch this movie. But from what I’ve seen and that video it looks like a B movie. I mean Piccolo isn’t green? And it looks like it’s way off canon. It actually looks more like a parody. I wish I could say something good but all in all I’m disappointed already. I was hoping it would be done like spawn was but it looks more like power rangers meets the forbidden kingdom.

  3. On the one hand that trailer seems to promise a decent martial arts adventure.
    On the other hand, it in no way looks like Dragonball.
    Because of that, it doesn’t get me excited about it. If they tried to make it Dragonball, even if a crappy movie, that would at least make me want to see it. Agree on the parody look too.

    This is why I keep getting annoyed about live action versions of anime. The people who do it really don’t seem to care about the shows or try to do them justice.

  4. Josh, Piccolo has disguised himself have you noticed his antenna are slicked to his head! That video may be interim work too. The makeup has a curious look as if it was lighted a certain way it might change colors. That combined with processing may give the desired result. It’s “Dragon Ball” from the “Diamo” king Piccolo episodes. At this point while Goku is powerful he hasn’t trained to the extent that he did in the Z series. So he’s still got more to do.

  5. Well I guess that would be easier to manage than a DBZ movie.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the only one translated to live action. A Z- movie will be much harder plus laden with effects. I’d foresee a budget of 150-200 million. “Dragon Ball” won’t be successful enough to convince investors to pony up. I think it will be good enough to break even after going to TV but that’s about it. So I just hope its a good popcorn flick. Most that visit this thread are haters, so I won’t have to deal with them while I enjoy the show. I’m the perfect audience member for this show. I’m pretty familiar with it but not an inflexible fan. I can roll with the changes, because I see some of the necessity. Now if you want to talk “Bebop” watch out, because I really hate the idea of Keanu playing Spike!!

  7. I just about threw up reading that,Keanu Reeves blows. I guess personally I’de just as soon see anime stay anime. However I did like the live action great teacher onizuka but that was by the japanese. If they ever do a live action D. Gray-man or Tenga toppa Gurren Lagann I’m hunting the person responsible down lol.

  8. Ok, seeing the trailer, I came to a realization. This is only Dragonball, not DBZ, so this guy can get away with a skinny Goku (the hair should still be longer). However, I still believe they should be more true to the anime’s look: Bulma should have blue hair, still. The funny thing about Mai is that they can get a hot girl like that to play her, but Kasumi from DOA. And they Piccolo in a cave like most “bad guys”, they should’ve just kept him on that tower thing, would’ve made nice scenery. They just made this thing TOO “American”.

    But, hey this is just Dragonball, let’s see what they do with Z *cough*get Dreamworks*cough*…..

  9. Yeah Josh I might have to join ya if they mess with Gurren Lagann.

    Wess, maybe in 2020 or 2025, ‘maybe’ they’ll be able to do a live Z movie justice. IF they want to continue, and I don’t see why they would, they should focus just on “Dragon Ball.” Maybe do a story to follow this one to position the Piccolo story where it should be. Then bring in a new character to play a faction leader of the Red Ribbon army to fight against in a third. Have Dr. Gero go into hiding at the end to set up any future Z stuff that might come after. They just have to learn how to do it right, or find out the hard way that it’s a very self limiting concept, bringing Anime to live action. For the haters out there, hey boycott; My list includes “Bebop” and “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” You won’t have me booing the screen, talking loud in the seat behind you, or playing video games on my cell phone while watching the movie. I won’t be there to ruin it for you so do me the same courtesy, OK.

  10. Old man, it’s only hard to bring Anime to live action for those who didn’t really watch the anime in the first place. They can’t do a sequel since piccolo was the last Dragonball villain, then it was the tournament and then there was Z. So Z has to be the next sequel. The whole Red Ribbon was mid-dragonball and mid-DBZ.

    The best way to translate animated stuff to live action movies is to have a director who knows the content like the back of their hand and not just by taking a few weeks off to watch the whole series or play it if it’s a game. Cliffy B., co-creator of Gears of War is the executive producer of the Gears of War movie and he’ll be doing some directing as well, so who can say the movie’s gonna suck? Game/Anime to Live Action ideas sound good because of the concept, but end up bad because of the director. If we had the right ones for these movies, we’d all be happy. Hey, suppose Michael Bay watched Dragonball/Z or if Akira Toriyama directed this Dragonball movie…..

  11. Wes the producers are very familiar with the source material. The confusion is yours I think. They have Goku quite a bit older here fighting King Piccolo not his offspring which your thinking of.

    You know what, you fan boys hash it out I’m tired of trying to explain something to people that can’t think beyond their gut feelings and whose mistaken perceptions have to be constantly catered to. :(

    It must be the “Industrial Disease!”

  12. This is going to be one of those movies that people will compare to what mortal kombat did when it made a movie. Yea i was a game..and the story was terrible to begin with..what im refering to is the fact that it is tough to give a character in Any live action movie..the ability to fire stuff from his/her bare hands…

    because people that are not huge DB or DBZ fans will have a hard time rationalizing it..and in live action movie adaptations ..almost every Director tries to make it as Real as possible to “trick” the audience into being sucked into the story..and not scratching their head saying “how does he do that”
    the newer iron man and batman movies are believable because they explain how things work..and have equipment to do their tricks

    however as a DBZ fan i hope this movies Director James Wong does it true justice-
    -in the trailer it looks like they are using alot of Ki blasts etc..
    so i do hope that they throw the realistic idea out the window..and just stick to the original story..”crosses fingers”

  13. Everyone I can tell you now this movie is going to suck! I mean come on the plot is so messed up. And King Piccolo is frekin’ white!!!

  14. Go here Ashley to read my short but dense Q/A on “Dragonball” movie.

  15. This movie will proboly be good but they should have made goku hair look more up.Like the real kind.

  16. Well Marcus all we have is a few little windows into this movie and that’s it.
    Here check this fan made short.

    Is this what you want “Dragonball” to look like? I don’t.

    The movie just about has to be different to draw a more mature crowd. Fandom is fractured about anime to live action.
    The people at the top are of a mindset that, fans of the original stuff will see it no matter what. However, people that might look at a trailer and see something too over the top, won’t bother. So the changes are deemed necessary. If you’ve seen “A Scanner Darkly” you know that they could do what you and so many others want. It just “doesn’t play well in Peoria” as the old saying goes.

    There are around 428 episodes of this anime franchise and currently 12 movies. Thirteen if you count the first attempt at a live action adaptation. Plus, you no doubt heard that another anime movie is being drawn up, but as far as I’ve heard Toriyama san won’t be involved. It’s pretty much played out, and I don’t see where the fans think the story can go. It’s been everywhere. More villains to fight are straw stories, it takes more than that to be entertaining. Even ECW sees that, with all their little dramas. I can’t even bear to watch it. It’s so repetitious.

  17. well so far the movie looks okay but i doubt it is going to be a big hit….i love db and dbz and dbgt but the characters dont go with the whole anime
    for exampple bulma has bluesh hair and master roshi is bold…and the whole dress code they have is not even part of the anime…i just hope tht when i see it i feel bad for i just said right now!!!

  18. hopes are that this movie will be good..and like “the old man” was saying, you just have to have an open mind.
    From what i hear..Picolo just painted himself white to blend into the human crowds…
    and hopefully Bulma at some point in the movie will probably dye her hair blue…and guess what…Krillin will show up..

    I hope at least, if not… still going to watch it

    i just hope they do not Butcher the story line

  19. I’m happy if it’s a respectable movie. It won’t be a block buster and I never imagined it would be. I think of it like a normal TV series, in that it has to find itself a place and settle some unknowns. Even excellent movies can be chopped to pieces or just have a limited release and then shelved.

    Just to put a little more on the site in the way of theories, here’s a couple more.

    1. The decision was made that given the history of the Namekians and their need for sunlight, Demon Piccolo, being at once old and imprisoned for many centuries has a faded skin tone. Circumstances in the story will change this, and we will see the more familiar Piccolo as the movie develops.
    So you see, a lot of roaring over nothing. It’s just a plot device.

    2. The clothing choices and coloration lean heavier on the Manga. So if your like me, and saw it first in Manga form, it will look familiar, and the same thing can be said about street clothes.

    If you read the Manga there are plenty of instances where Goku, Krillin, Roshi, and Bulma wear all kinds of outfits. It wasn’t out of line for Roshi to be a little vain too, if you know what I mean.

    3. The story is changed somewhat, however all of the important elements are there for this section of the story. Rumors have said that Krillin has a short fight scene and others say, he’s not in the story. If the later is true, I think it might have been decided that it was important to keep the story tight. He will no doubt show up, if they do a sequel, as he’s too central and a beloved character to just toss.

    Quite frankly I think the franchise would do better if they do a sequel with Piccolo jr. and Kame next, rather than ramp up to a Z film. I guess it would depend on whether or not the rumor is true, that Gohan is born at the end of this movie. :-p

  20. I’m actually looking forward to seeing and reading more on this movie. I think i speak for i guess bout 70% of people when i say it has great potential it done correctly and if it isnt it will become another spiderman 3, great advertisement but a little debatable on the movie… thats just my .02 cents.

  21. 70% I would hate to ask where you pulled that number out have.

  22. That is NOT the real trailer it’s just for liscencings and marketing and to introduce the characters we were not meant to see it, the real trailer is coming out with the day the earth stood still, december 12 and it got delayed due to all of the special effects that are in the tailer. trust me the trailer is going to be Super Sick!!

  23. I dont know firstly, its gonna be aimed at a younger audience so i think the choice of charachters are good, yes goku could be more manly with longer hair, but still am not bothered what he looks like i just want to know if he lives up to his charachter, its more about Gokus personality which made him who he was.

  24. im a great fan of dragon ball and this must be a joke… this is tragic ! this s*** is not like dragon ball at all! the story, world, characters are nothing like real dragon ball. this movie is a failure

  25. this doesnt look anthing like dragon ball z .u guys should make the hair look a little bit simular to the comics and cartoons .i personaly think u guys who made it could of done better than that.if u guys make like dragon ball z 2 or something like that u should make some upgrades

  26. its gonna be as bad as wolf creek
    enough said

  27. justin chatwin is sooo cuuuteee (L)oh and in the movie the invisible woooowww!!

  28. I’m a big fan of the series so I’ll definitely go see it. But I am disappointed with Roshi being so young, Krillin being MIA, and guns. Since when were guns a big feature of the series?

  29. WHERREEE IS HIIISS TAAAIILLL!!=?!?!?!?!?!!??!!?!?!?!??!!?!?