New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way

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goku with dragon ball New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The WayComing Soon is reporting that 20th Century Fox (boo, leave Watchmen alone!) will be releasing the first trailer for Dragonball before Max Payne, which hits theaters on October 17, (and looks pretty good judging by its trailer!)

While you wait for October 17 to roll around and deliver the first real impression of whether or not Dragonball will flop, take a look at the new pics which have hit the Web, and let us know your first impressions.

goku with dragon ball New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Goku (Justin Chatwin) holds the Dragonball.

chi chi fight pose New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Chi Chi (Jamie Chung) gets ready for the fight.

master roshi New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Master Roshi (Chow Yun-Fat) is ready to throwdown.

goku ambushed New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Goku about to be ambushed?

goku and master roshi New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Goku and Master Roshi take it to the streets.

goku sword New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Goku looking hardcore.

goku crouched New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Goku thinks long and hard about a new haircut.

Dragonball will hit theaters on April 10, 2009.

Source: ComingSoon.Net & Latino Review

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  1. Fred what has Michael Bay to do with this movie?. This movie was already shot, is directed by James Wong (final destination, the one) and is produced by Stephen Chow the guy from Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle. Leave me alone

  2. There is nothing wrong with having hate for a film before even a trailer as long as you keep an open mind and are prepared to like it. How many of us hated the new terminator simply because of the director, but how many of us are starting to come around to it? T4 actually looks pretty good now. You have to make a judgment based on what you know at the time. If it’s stupid to hate it before you get a trailer than it’s equally as stupid to love it or predict 250M before even a trailer.

  3. i dont believe it will work mainly because anime doesnt translate well into live action. if they kept it animated and bulgy (like beowolf) then i would be more intuested.

  4. i really hope the action scenes arent like power ranger karate

  5. It’s not that anime can’t be translated into live action, it’s just that it has to be done carefully.

    I think a well done live action Death Note movie could be amazing (I haven’t seen the one that’s out). Same for Dragonball. However, I agree with everyone who says this movie will be terrible. I’m hoping it’s so ridiculously cheesy that it’s funny.

  6. as an anonymous character designer for 20th century fox, personally i was hoping for goku to be a bit more buff. I’m sorta glad that they didnt keep the characters the way they look in the dragonball manga, because the whole story was a bit too crazy, so, goku looks, i imagine, how young goku and goku from dbz season 1 would look merged. i like the hair, the hair was done nicely. to compare him with the actuall goku… i dont know. the fore arms need to be bigger, the chest even more so. the muscles really need to be popping out of him.

    chi chi….? hmmm… i wanna tap that. i really think that the guys did a good job on her.

    Muten Roshi: way too young. surely they could have found an older martial artist to use, or at least some makeup. how can this roshi be the same old dirty womanising perverted turtle guy we all know and love???

    well… heres a bit of inside information. alot of the original characters are being cut from the movie. heres a few that are left.
    Kami, Yumcha, Bulma. Kurririn also makes a cameo, even though hes not one of the main characters.
    Cheers, Tails.

  7. critical thinker said,
    August 31st, 2008
    i really hope the action scenes arent like power ranger karate

    hey, do you really think that Chun Yow-fat is really that bad. Id expect it from Justin Chatwin, but not from Chow.

  8. no one knows how good this movie will be so don’t say that it’s already going to suck… it may be the best movie ever

  9. ROFL it may be the best movie ever? I think everyone can be rest assured that it will not be the best movie ever.

  10. ha, I think that sums it up.

    Epic fail.

  11. Why not just cast Elijah Wood as Goku I mean at least then you get a guy who has some star power plus he looks just like Chatwin

  12. I really want to see a pic of James Marsters as Lord Piccolo….

  13. As do I that’s one of the few things I’m waiting on.

  14. For those not informed, this is Dragonball not Dragonball Z. In order for Z to work, this story must be told. Otherwise you have to incorporate the important people/events from Dragonball (mainly Picolo) and work the ENTIRE 3 sagas (touching lightly upon GT) into 3 movies.

  15. This Movie is a disgrace to the anime. this movie is going to destroy the reputation of dragonball and be the laughing stock of hollywood. From the pictures the characters dont even remotely match the anime characters and it looks ridiculously corny and stupid.

  16. To be honest this won’t hurt the Dragonball reputation at all. Fans of the show will still love it all the same. Just because the movie is bad the fans are still gonna love the show. Most people have seen an episode or two of dragonball and already know if they like it or not. This will have very little effect on it.

  17. @Michael Bay
    Actually, Stephen Chow had no hand in production. He’s just there on the staff list to cheat his fans into the cinemas because people especially those in Asia are on a boycott against this

  18. As for this movie.. I’m sure it will suck.. I just hope that Chow Yun-Fat brings it up.. I do agree that he should of been older.. but come on.. Honestly.. Its Chow Yun-Fat.. And Lord Piccolo.. I think Marsters will do great at Piccolo.. Other than that.. It will fail horribly..

  19. @Andrew
    Actually, Chow Yunfat isn’t going to do much except be a bait to what few hardlined fans he still has.
    A lot of people have been criticizing him for taking on this role, and Kageyama Hironobu’s one of them

  20. Yes this movie is going 2 suck. I’m not going 2 pay 10 bucks 4 this disappointment, i’ll just cop a bootleg. For everyone who’s thinkin keep a open mind go 2 h*@%. i dont wanna settle for anything else except some hardcore DBZ action and storyline.

  21. But your willing to sit thrugh a bootleg, smuhead? Why am I not surprised!

  22. a live action movie for bdz is great, but judging from the pictures it looks likes its going to be a goofy movie.

  23. A goofy movie? Awesome I loved a Goofy movie one of my all time fav G rated films.

  24. hm………. from the looks of these pics, it looks like Dragonball is going down the same path as the Dead or Alive movie. The designs, meh, the guy playing Goku looks more like Gohan. The clothes he’s wearing? They should only have him wear that blue gi (Goku was never the type of guy who worries about his wardrobe). Chow Yun Fat sounds good for Roshi, but looks nothing like him. Why no just give him a bald cap and a fake beard and some sunglasses? And where the hell is his shell? I may just watch it for the effects, the movie crew did the effects correctly, right? I would’ve liked it more if the Transformers crew worked on this. Michael Bay would be a perfect director for this, he loves explosions (and what is DBZ all about?) and Dreamworks can make anything happen.
    But honestly, I think this is just an answer to the near-theory that Dragonball Z can never be live action. I bet they expect to see themselves in Guinness World records ’09 for “Making an impossible movie”.

  25. Y’know–seeing the cast now–they might as well have Hugh Jackman as Vegeta in the next movie, if there is one..

  26. This movie will fail.

    that is all.

  27. It’s going to be horrible. When did Goku ever look like a skinny nerd and wear street clothes.