New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way

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goku with dragon ball New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The WayComing Soon is reporting that 20th Century Fox (boo, leave Watchmen alone!) will be releasing the first trailer for Dragonball before Max Payne, which hits theaters on October 17, (and looks pretty good judging by its trailer!)

While you wait for October 17 to roll around and deliver the first real impression of whether or not Dragonball will flop, take a look at the new pics which have hit the Web, and let us know your first impressions.

goku with dragon ball New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Goku (Justin Chatwin) holds the Dragonball.

chi chi fight pose New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Chi Chi (Jamie Chung) gets ready for the fight.

master roshi New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Master Roshi (Chow Yun-Fat) is ready to throwdown.

goku ambushed New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Goku about to be ambushed?

goku and master roshi New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Goku and Master Roshi take it to the streets.

goku sword New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Goku looking hardcore.

goku crouched New Dragonball Photos Here, Trailer On The Way
Goku thinks long and hard about a new haircut.

Dragonball will hit theaters on April 10, 2009.

Source: ComingSoon.Net & Latino Review

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  1. I am very skeptical about this movie so far from the posters and pictures but will upheld my judgments until viewing the trailer…

  2. I think it will probably be a fun movie.

  3. Man the pictures look great! never heard about it before but it looks like it’s going to be a great movie!

  4. The pictures are suggesting a clever realistic approach, but there has to be a balance between fiction and non-fiction, just to keep up wit hthe themes and plots in the anime. Goku has to be shown to be a Saiyan-with the monkey’s tail, however, none of those space freaks should ever appear in the movie-just an example. The fighting should not be pathetic-maybe jeet kun do, cause it reflects the realistic approach-for the adults and the teens. Clever fight scenes.

  5. LoL did you just say Michael Bay????

  6. Well, I have hopes for the film, being a DBZ fan (although this is more from DB). I like Chow Yung-Fat but Justin Chatwin makes me think this will flop. My son is a huge DB fan, so I will probably take him to see it.

  7. I hope the trailer will make those stupid enough to still have hopes with this movie finally run out of excuses and convert to the worldwide boycott

  8. Wow reading this I’ve seen someone say not only that Micheal Bay was a great director and that DBZ anime actions scenes looked great. Don’t get me started on Mr Bay but the DBZ actions scenes were terrible lol hell half of it was just a picture of a motionless guy with lines near him to give the illusion that he was moving fast. It wasn’t animation it was just a picture. DBZ was some of the worst art and animation in the history of the industry.

  9. Daniel, from what you’re saying, it’s clearly obvious that you’ve only seen a couple episodes of the DragonBall. The animation gets much better as the series progresses into Z and GT. Maybe you should do more research before making general comments that have no validity. Thanks.

  10. Actually I’ve seen plenty of episodes including GT my best friend is an avid fan of the series. Even in the newest episodes that they had produced they still had that basic same concept for combat. While I’ll admit the animation in general improved the combat was still very poorly animated.

  11. Um, isn’t Roshi a bald bloke with beard and glasses?
    I’m just not keen on this. :(

  12. Have you guys heard that Kageyama Hironobu, the guy who sang the DBZ songs, dissed Chow Yunfat in Hong Kong for acting the goat instead of the turtle?

  13. Well Its sucks that krillins not in it isint that goku’s best freind and training partner with master roshi.
    and i dont like the guy that plays goku
    at all. and it sounds like there not keeping it original at all so i hope its a good movie but i dout it. im a fan of ALL db dbz dbgt so thats my opinion.

  14. LoL Peroso your the stupid one. Lol “worldwide boycott”.

  15. Wow, in that first pic they managed to make Goku appear like an even MORE feminine version of Elijah Wood! This film is going to be a blemish on the careers of all involved. Chow Yun-Fat, how COULD you? If they had had true BALLS (Dragon, even) this would’ve been filmed in Asia, Goku would have a been a little asian kid (don’t give me that ‘He’s a Saiyin, not Asian’ crap, when the first ‘Dragonball’ story arc started, you could safely assume he was a small chinese kid with a monkey-tail.) and this would have been a bit more fantasy based. Instead, we’re stuck with a lame, Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie that’s about as faithful to the original storyline as a politician is to his wife! I’ll pass.

  16. You know The Anime and the Manga are still out there for everyone that has trouble excepting any change within this beloved franchise.

    Consider this too, if you want to make a movie that has the broadest appeal doesn’t it make sense, at least to the investors, that you use an international cast? Its a very risky move making it live action and they need all the advantage they can get. If you hate it but love the story, how hard do you think it was to sell to someone who never even heard of it? Just look who ponied up the cash? Still intransigent? Ok, how do you credibly make his alieness easily visible, put a tail on him? I think you would still be whining, because at this point in the story arc he had lost his tail! Ok not convinced, well we make him chinese, throw out all the stuff that looks unrealistic, flying, ability to use Ki blasts, mega strength now what have you got? At best you got the worst Indiana Jones crossed with any 3 martial arts films. Nothing would stand out about that movie. At least Justin looks something like Goku as drawn as a young adult. He has a slim nose and close set eyes, and a sort of clueless look which I think all the stories convey about him. Speaking of stories where could a story go that Goku hasn’t already been in Anime form. Live action is a chance to have a different take to the story. If you think; If it breaks even a little above cost financially, fan-dom will never get rid of the nagging distaste it will have for it, as it violates the source so much. Additionaly, we’ll have to endure sequels, well get in line. I think “GITS SAC” violates where “GITS” should have went with the story. It should have followed the Manga storyline. “TDTESS” should never have been remade it’s perfect just the way it is, and don’t even mention the words Batman sequel or Superman around here unless you want to wade through another 200-300 messages about them.. Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I’m gonna go and pop in “The Worlds Strongest” with Japanese dialog. There, a Chinese story with a Japanese voice, perfect..

  17. WTF!?!? Why do you keep saying Michael Bay??? He has nothing to do with this movie!!!!

  18. Yeah, I don’t know what they have done with Krillin. Hiding him somewhere to surprise the fans? Hard to say.

  19. Sorry but I thought the way the Wachowski Bros. portrayed anime in Speed Racer was perfect. Aside from a couple kiddie effects that were intended to capture the silliness of the Speed Racer cartoon, their creation of that anime world was awesome. Since they aren’t doing this movie, this film has a 99.9% chance of failure.

  20. wow After Reading all That^^^^ im comfused. the whole thing is dont matter how mutch we complaint if your a real fan you gonna see the movie dont matter what. and if it doese suck i know i going to buy the dvd just to add it to my collection

  21. wow
    This movie…
    is really gona suck.
    its anime/manga, not something that shud be turned 2 “real people”
    it’s like turning Death Note into the real thing.
    it was a failure.

  22. I hope everyone realizes, looking for news on the movie, commenting on the articles, searching Google and Coming Soon, this doesn’t exactly show Fox that you won’t see the movie.

    Sure, you say you hate it, but you’re going to watch it anyway. And frankly it’s… what’s the word… stupid, to hate a movie before even a trailer.

    Fox and the people who believe in this movie will be laughing at you guys when it makes 50 million or more opening weekend and at least 250 million domestically.

  23. If this movie brings in even 200M Domestically I’ll come back here and bow down to you DBthemovie right after I eat a shoe and do something very lude with sand paper.

    This movie would be lucky to even hit 100M domestic.

  24. That’s a joke right CJ?

  25. @DBthemovie

    You may be right in saying that to “hate” a movie before even a trailer is released doesn’t make sense (I won’t use your word), but one can usually predict these things.

    I’m not really following “Dragonball,” but there have been plenty of cases where based on who the director is, the script, what’s going on during production, the studio, etc. that it doesn’t take a crystal ball to predict that a particular movie will be awful.