‘Dracula Untold’ First Look Image & Poster: Dracula Begins

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dracula untold luke evans Dracula Untold First Look Image & Poster: Dracula Begins

Not too long ago, NBC premiered a new Dracula series, featuring Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the title character. The TV show re-imagined Bram Stoker’s iconic vampire as being more of a dark superhero, who faces off against an evil order hell-bent on (secretly) controlling the world – and though it had camp entertainment value, it failed to attract the viewership numbers required to secure a second season. We’ll see if Universal has more luck with its cinematic re-imagining, Dracula Untold (see the first look image, above).

Dracula Untold was, once upon a time, formerly known as Dracula Year Zero, with Sam Worthington set to star and Alex Proyas (Dark City) onboard to call the shots. The basic premise is still the same despite the change in title (read: a Dracula origin story that paints the character in a more sympathetic light), but the film is now being headlined by Luke Evans – the well-respected character actor, who played second fiddle in such films as Clash of the Titans (2010) and The Raven, before he portrayed the main villain in last year’s Fast & Furious 6.

In Dracula Untold, Evans plays a version of Prince Vlad who, in an effort to protect his loved ones, makes a pact with supernatural forces – and so, unknowingly starts down the path to become the monstrous Dracula. It appears this film forgoes the political intrigue of NBC’s recent Dracula TV series; whereas that show also portrayed Meyers’ vampire as being heavily motivated by revenge and his literal bloodlust, it sounds as though Evans will be closer to a pure tragic figure – for better or worse – whose transformation into Dracula is both physical and psychological, along the lines of Bruce Wayne’s evolution into Batman.

Indeed, the first official poster for Dracula Untold (see below), has already prompted many a comparison to the artwork style and iconography of Christopher Nolan’s origin story for the Caped Crusader, Batman Begins.


dracula untold movie poster 690x1024 Dracula Untold First Look Image & Poster: Dracula Begins

One of the reasons that Dracula Untold made our list of Risky Box Office Bets in 2014, is because there’s no guarantee that moviegoers will turn out in large numbers to see this revisionist take on the Dracula mythos – especially, if screenwriters Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, along with director Gary Shore (all making their feature debuts here), prove unable to make a movie that at least shows promise, when presented in trailer form.

This past winter’s I, Frankenstein was a re-imagining of a horror literature icon as a dark superhero archetype – one which, arguably, would’ve made for a cool sandbox to play in, had it been better constructed. (A problem that was obvious throughout the film’s marketing – hence, it was mostly a dud at the box office). So far, the marketing for Dracula Untold paints the project as being a somewhat similar re-envisioning, but only time will tell if the final result turns out any better.


Dracula Untold opens in U.S. theaters on October 17th, 2014.

Source: Universal Pictures

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  1. I will give Dracula Untold a watch; I enjoyed the Universal brand back in the days of horror classic icons, and The Wolfman reboot was pretty good (despite a couple things I would have done different; it did respect the sourc material a tiny bit, which is a plus with me). The dracula TV show looked stupid, all sex and gore and exploitation, so I gave it a pass. This movie could maybe have potential, though, so at this point I am on board with it. Glad it will likely be a historical period piece atmosphere. As for I Frankenstein, the gargoyles images looked cool in the trailers, so even though i think that will be a little too much like the Hugh Jackman Van Helsing, I might get a bit of entertainment out of it, so I put that on my Netflix list.

    • “Hope it doesn’t bite like most modern renditions!”

      • It could be worse, it could sparkle.

  2. With shared movie universes being the in thing, I think it would be cool for Dracula to kick start a Universal Movie Monster shared universe. Don’t ask me how, but it would be awesome.

    • Damn right it would be!

    • That could be cool! I was hoping that ends up as a trilogy which ends with Dracula in London.

    • DUDE! Monster Squad FTW!!!!!!!!!!

      • Monster Squad is my jam dude! Totally grew up on that s***

    • There was an article a while back that actually says Universal wants to do crossovers. So yes, Dracula, Frankenstein,Wolfman, lagoon creature, Mummy, and maybe even bride if Frankenstein will be shared universes.

    • You mean the way they did with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It got bad reviews but I enjoyed it. Good idea.

    • Then a better Van Helsing film, anyone?

  3. Yeah, just like Batman, because… bats…

  4. I have no problem with Luke Evans but the movies you mentioned he played in(clash of the Titans The Raven and Fast & Furious 6)were all pretty much piles of crap and writing “the well-respected character actor” and then listing these movies is an oxymoron. So im not sure if that was supposed to be encouraging but its really not.

    • Fast And Furious 6 was only a ‘pile of crap’ if you were naive enough to go into it expecting anything other than what the trailer promised. The film never promised quality storytelling, it never promised amazing performances and it never promised to be higher art. All it promised was a good amount of action, on which it delivered tenfold.

      The film was easily one of the best action movies of last year and was thoroughly entertaining to nearly everyone who knew what to expect from it, and last time I checked, a summer blockbuster’s entire purpose is to be entertaining. It has no requirement to be anything more than that.

      It wasn’t an art-house film. It wasn’t released at Sundance and it didn’t come out during Award Season. You knew what you were getting when you planted yourself in that seat and started the movie. Which means one of three things. Either you went into the movie wanting to dislike it from the start, or you went into the movie and judged it with an unfair inflated scale of quality, or most likely you never actually saw the film and have no idea whether it’s a ‘pile of crap’ or not.

      But then again this is the internet, where everyone’s the next Scorsese.

      • Dude I have no problem with summer blockbusters, I enjoy many of them, it just so happen that I recognize that these are mostly sub par films only in it for the money. I recognize not every movie has to be full of meaning and all that jazz but some are more worthless than others and the F&F franchise is pure unadulterated crap. The fact that it has great action doesnt make any more of a good watch than lets say “the expendables” which is even crappier. That line of defense is kind of empty cause framing the movie in a Blockbuster niche and saying, well its a blockbuster its supposed to empty, Is giving in to the idea the hollywood commercial machine is selling you so well, that some bangs some chicks and some muscles are a suitable alternative for good writing. As “The dark night” franchise showed us of late, a blockbuster can be action packed entertaining and written well all in one.

  5. Luke Evans should be Dr. Strange!

    • For that thought…you are SMART!!

  6. He looks like batman with a sword

    • Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da: Bite-man!

      • No surprise the author of something corny… besides it’s NaNa

        • Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya: You’re right!

  7. I assume this Dracula movie is the one that’s related to Bram Stroker’s Dracula instead of Vlad III Dracula “The Impaler”, a real Romanian historical figure back in the medieval time, yes?

  8. Me and my friends love Vampire movies. Dracula 2000, From Dusk Til Dawn, Van Helsing, and others are faves of mine despite the campy nature. I will definitely put this on my list of things to see, once I see the first trailer I will know for sure.


  10. OMG This isn’t a Castlevania: Lords of Shadow live action movie ?
    No way, lol.

    • I would honestly hope that if we get a Castlevania movie that it would be animated like Advent Children and not butchered with actors that don’t even look like or correctly portray the characters. Funnily enough once I beat all three Lords of Shadow games I watched this trailer again and saw nothing but Gabriel Belmont and can’t wait to see how it turns out XD