‘Dracula Untold’ Trailer: A Monster is Born

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The U.S. trailer for Dracula Untold leaked online earlier this week, but has now been officially released by Universal Pictures. Director Gary Shore’s re-imagining of the titular horror icon’s origins stars Luke Evans (Fast & Furious 6) as Vlad Tepes, a man who strikes a deal a deal with dark forces in order to protect his family and battle the sultan Mehmed (Dominic Cooper) hell-bent on conquering everything in his path - and yes, that’s Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister on Game of Thrones) in the trailer, as the vampire who gives Vlad his nifty, but dangerous supernatural powers.

NBC’s recent Dracula TV series starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers (which got canned after one season) re-envisions Bram Stoker’s blood-sucker as a dark superhero – making Drac an especially powerful piece in a larger chess game to gain political power. Dracula Untold, by comparison, appears to be interested in deconstructing Vlad from a moralistic perspective – with the end goal being to paint Vlad’s descent into darkness as being a Shakespearean tragedy, more than anything.

“You are alive because of what I did to save you!” says Vlad in the trailer, suggesting that Dracula Untold will indeed paint Vlad’s story in deeper strokes of grey, instead of black and white. It’ll be interesting to see how screenwriters Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (making their feature debut here, along with Shore) re-configure other elements of the traditional Dracula mythos – such as the overt sexual subtext – so as to better distinguish their take on the concept of vampirism and the idea of Dracula as a different sort of “Bat-man.”

On that note, have a look at the new poster for Dracula Untold, included below (click the image to enlarge):

dracula untold poster1 646x1024 Dracula Untold Trailer: A Monster is Born

The “sexy vampire” craze has prompted something of a reaction in the storyteller community, with examples including Guillermo del Toro’s “vampires=disease” approach on the upcoming TV series The Strain, as well as Dracula Untold‘s portrayal of vampirism as being a different sort of “curse.” In addition, the Dracula origins movie is part of a recent movement to give iconic villains more depth, so as to reflect current attitudes about the concept of “evil” (see: Maleficent, for example) – a movement that has produced mixed results, thus far.

Stylistically, Dracula Untold also seems to resemble a recent classic story re-telling, in the form of Snow White and the Huntsman – combining dark fantasy imagery with a more grounded historical setting and context. Judging by the trailer footage, Dracula Untold looks like it could be more cohesive and have more substance than the aforementioned Snow White re-imagining – but, with a first-time director at the helm, it’s difficult to make that claim with much certainty.

Rounding out the Dracula Untold cast are such folk as Sarah Gadon (Belle), Samantha Barks (Les Misérables), Charlie Cox (Boardwalk Empire), Zach McGowan (Black Sails), and Art Parkinson (Rickon Stark on Game of Thrones).


Dracula Untold opens in U.S. theaters on October 17th, 2014.

Source: Universal Pictures

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  1. Looks like this will be a great movie.
    The thing they really need to not screw up is the fact that Dracula must become a cruel and evil man. They cant celebrate him as a hero. By the looks of this they have got it right so far but the ending should focus on something that sets the scene for Bram Stokers dracula centuries later like his family dying or him realising how much he enjoys bloodlust and cruelty that makes him a dictator

    • Think so too !
      He should be evil !

      All in one it reminds me of Castlevania from Konami ,and thats a good thing !

      • Yes that’s exactly what I thought when I saw this. it looks really cool but seems like they’re ripping off Konami’s new Castlevania games, not only from the storytelling but also the display of his powers. I guess this is what a castlevania movie should look like. or the closest thing we will get to a Castlevania film. I will definetly watch this film.

        • It definitely reminds one of Castlevania, and you know what, I’m loving it

  2. Good, Bad, or Ugly I would like to welcome back the King of Vamps to the Big Screen.
    May Vampires never be reduced to sparkly teen crush bate again!

    • I love your response. Yes please no more teeny bopper vamps, who are wimpy and sparkle…the worst!

  3. I am still on the fence. From the trailer, it looks like another action movie. Mind that I don’t believe that is bad per se, but it is not the idea of Dracula and the vampyre mythos that I would like to watch in a screen. Anyway, probably I will watch it when it is released on blu-ray, but not in the theater.

  4. This is a pretty good-looking trailer. I don’t think I’ll be amazed by the movie itself after the dispiriting sequels spawned by Underworld, but a return to classic vampire lore is enough to reel me in and convince me to at least give it a hopeful chance. The action-filled premise is also enough to keep me from comparing it to Oldman’s performance as Drac’.

    Also, Dance’s vampire character resembling Count Orlok from Nosferatu is a very cool little nod.

  5. Dracula the superhero. I wouldn’t. Oh well. The worms are always busy in the minds of Hollywood/Pentagon/CIA workers.

    Untold? Evil is good? Not really.

  6. Looks great!

  7. I’m impressed with the wide swatch of vampire lore they are pulling from, the romanian heritage & its politics, the nature of awful inhumane trespasses for a political statement i.e. don’t f**k with transylvania. As long as they show or acknowledge the corruption of power, even if its over time, I’m in.

    I imagine in the trailer when he is talking to someone about why they are safe/free he may be speaking to an adult son i.e. passage of time. Further I like the bit where his bloodlust grows as he nearly snacks on his wife.

    Good times.

    • Its a mid range action movie with dracula in the title, I dout the script is up to much.

  8. This is an interesting concept, but it is not Dracula. I don’t know why audiences need to sympathize with Dracula. He is a monster. Let him be a monster motivated by revenge and hunger. He has a good reason to be a monster. He can justify his actions according to his agenda; but, he is a monster. See: General Zod in Man of Steel.

    • I agree with you about this, this is not Dracula. It has Dracula on the title just to sale tickets

      • dude, read the fuggin novel, Dracula is a sympathetic character, he lost his great love and thats what drives him to evil. zod was a power hungry d bag who knew nothing but war, was genetically born too. completely different characters. read the book before you spout out b*******

        • Anyway, This guy is still not Dracula. Some other vampire maybe but not Dracula.

        • Actually, if you’d read the “fuggin novel,” as you said, you would know that lost love crock was made up for the Coppola film. In the novel, Dracula (who is only very loosely inspired by Vlad Tepes–their ethnicities are even different) wants to terrorize England and take over the world for only two reasons. 1) He’s bored with Transylvania, and 2) He can. That’s it. He is unquestionably evil. Awesome, yes, but ultimately a force of evil, even though by the end the reader may feel some sympathy as it becomes clear that yes, he was cursed all this time and his soul can finally move on. But “lost love” had nothing to do with it.

        • Thank you…before talking $@%& realize you may be misinformed.

  9. I want Dracula to fight Man of Steel, cool trailer.

  10. He is a f…k, incarnated evil warlord from other universe, that were sent her to repent and giving them second chance, but they didn’t learn their evil deeds, and sins and continues to ravaged war for blood and lust here, and he was corrupted prince in Romania, This story shouldn’t be told there is no need, to teach humanity abomination and evil. When the blood lusting suckers for total power and world domination in the mind of the followers of the NWO, Illumminati,they don’t know better to do, Instead teaching the mass about the Light, they f…king pumping young generation with evils/Reptilian, Archons stories. Now The Ulimminati propaganda are trying to resurrect this monster of Evil to people’s minds, how absurd, how pathetic this is in the face of our Beloved Creator, and their creator he gave them a chance and life again and they still spit in his face…..
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    Because All Might Creator has stop you do so… He is the Most High and no one has power over him….He is the Creator of this Universe not your falseGod, you’ll have been lied and mislead.
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    Servant of the Most High

    • I stopped reading your comment about half way down, keep it short or your just boring people.
      P.s god got a 13 year old virgin prego! he’s just a sky dwelling pedo.

      • Good luck in Hell. Sick. Gods real and you will see that soon.

  11. and that is the flase teaching on this Earth. Mary was not impregnet by God the Creator,first of all.
    Please get your facks straight, she was seeded by Holy Spirit, Only intercouse for procreation hapens down here to the phiscal, not in the spiritual world.
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    repent and awake….let The Almighty have mercy and pitty on your soul, because you don’t know better, and that is waht they have tought you.


    • No one could be more asleep than a person who clings to believes of a religion designed to nothing other than control weak minded people. Please stop posting this babble, you are not convincing anyone that you are a religious fanatic, nor are you even remotely funny.

    • Lightworker, Dracula is not Lucifer. The Dracula story is based on folklore (originated by the Ottomans) about the real-life Vlad Tepes of Romania.

      Since you seem so religious, you might want to take this verse from the Bible to heart:
      “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others.”
      Of course, you’re also judging others, ignoring your own faults to point out the faults that you think others have, adding your own words & interpretations to the Bible, condemning others to Hell as if you dictate God’s will, and generally being hostile instead of being kind & generous – basically, you’re doing the exact opposite of what Jesus taught.

      But of course, I’m pretty sure all that is due to the fact that you are very, very obviously in need of psychiatric help. Get a therapist, please. For your own sake, at the very least.

  12. @Everyone – Why is the sexual orientation/preferences of an actor even up for discussion in a trailer post for a movie about Dracula? Only a handful of people actually talking about the movie – can we get back to that, please?

    Paul Young – Community Manager

    • Paul…

      You might want to look a little above your most recent comment about how pointless an argument about sexual orientation is on a thread discussing a Dracula movie…

      That “Lightworker” character is being preachy and bringing religion onto the thread (and I’m not talking about any philosophical questions dealing with good and evil…I’m talking full on “fire and brimstone” type talk). Not only is it inappropriate and uncomfortable in this particular type of forum…he is a HORRIBLE writer, and his blathering is headaches inducing.

      • Aaagh…”headache” SINGULAR…Sheesh.

  13. This looks fantastic, Castlevania The Movie damn near. Luke Evans is also starting to grow on me.

  14. The trailer looks interesting, and I enjoy Luke Evans’s acting. I will see this when it comes to theaters; I simply will not consider it a “Dracula Begins” story. It seems it will simply be a variant tale of the historical Vlad Tepes, a la the 1931 Lugosi film or the classic or the Stoker novel on which that film was based. The two best portrayals of the historical Dracula (far scarier than the literary version, if you know anything about the two) on film IMO are “Dracula: Dark Prince” and Oldman’s version in “What’s his names Dracula” (I believe both of which even featured some real Romanian).

    This new one, however, does look like it will entertain.

    • BTW…

      I REALLY despise auto-correct… A couple of the mistakes in my comment above show why…sigh.

      • By the power of Hell, above!!!!

        “A couple…shows”


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  16. Looks like overproduced cgi video game wants to be game of thrones vampire gauno

  17. I like the look of this.

  18. I like this. If this is part of universal’s idea for a shared universe, I’m for it. I really love the fact that this is an origin story, which means the sequels will have to deal with the book, with liberties of course. Hopefully the wolf man will have this treatment.

  19. Sorry This looks like another Van Helsing !! Letting down the fans of classic films

  20. I’m a big fan of the monster classics and I’m not feeling let down.

  21. the cheese factor on this looks like is pretty thick

  22. when Dracula Untold is going to release in India???

  23. That awful movie completely mess up bible an everything about was awful I’m just glad that I wasn’t paying

  24. This movie is about his descent into darkness. He will start out as a hero and then turn into a monster as his character progresses; which is how his story should be told. I was always annoyed by the lack of back story in Dracula before. I think this is a pretty good idea(tying it into Vlad Tepes).

  25. The trailer saved me $8.50. This movie looks like Angel meets the Transformers. Why can’t Hollywood make a decent Dracula movie? Here’s a hint guys … there’s a book you can use for a guide.

  26. By far the most amazing Drácula movie ever made in the past 30 years, i had the opportunity to watched, and i cant tell you, you are not going to be disapointed. Solid plot and great actors….and for the ending, maybe a sequel is coming.


  27. Is this new dracula untold movie is it connected with castlevania?

  28. Film critics have it wrong as usual in Dracula Untold.
    Being tired of the same old tired vampire Dracula stories, Dracula Untold was highly entertaining &
    The action & acting was good. It has been said Dracula Untold is like The Vampire Game of Thrones.
    I take that as a compliment.

    The end of the movie surprised me as Dracula could not control the vampires he created as if he had little power over him.

    I enjoyed the movie & recomend people go see the movie.

    3/5 stars for me

  29. I enjoyed the movie immensely! The graphics (contrast between the light and dark, red and black) were stunning, music was crafted artfully with the scenes, and Luke Evans displayed an array of emotions, fierceness and artistic intensity with prowess! As far as I am concerned the movie did not disappoint; I walked away from the movie theater thoroughly entertained and looking forward to watching it again on DVD!