Luke Evans Starring in ‘Dracula’ Origin Story, Previously ‘Dracula Year Zero’

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dracula luke evans Luke Evans Starring in Dracula Origin Story, Previously Dracula Year Zero

There was a period of time where it seemed like half a dozen Dracula re-tellings or “re-imaginings” were going to flood theaters by either this year or 2014, but the only related project – based on Bram Stoker’s supernatural horror masterpiece – currently making steady progress forward is NBC’s small-screen adaptation, which features Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the ‘Prince of Darkness.’

Universal restarted development on the Dracula origin story – which was formerly known as Dracula Year Zero - back in 2012, after the project had spent the previous couple years collecting dust while original star Sam Worthington (Avatar, Wrath of the Titans) and director Alex Proyas spent their time and effort working on different movies, including the defunct Paradise Lost adaptation.

Heat Vision is reporting that Year Zero has gained a new leading man, in the form of the increasingly popular Luke Evans (who will headline a mainstream Hollywood production for the first time). It’s also developing under the title of Dracula, now that it has less direct competition to stand apart from; not to mention, that title is more ready to market and doesn’t have the cheap ring of, say, Dracula 3D.

Here is THR‘s description of the story:

The script tells of a young prince who, when the lives of his wife and child are put in danger by a bloodthirsty sultan, risks his soul to save them, and in the process becomes the first vampire.

Evans, as mentioned before, has shown up all the over place these past two years, often delivering memorable supporting performances in otherwise forgettable Hollywood fare (Clash of the Titans, The Raven) and stylish, if empty, retellings of famous stories (The Three Musketeers, Immortals). Point being, Evans has earned the chance to anchor a possible franchise-starter, and his star-meter will continue to rise in the meantime thanks to his roles as the villain in Fast & Furious 6 and Bard the Bowman in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug this year.

dracula year zero movie Luke Evans Starring in Dracula Origin Story, Previously Dracula Year Zero

Dracula is based on a script from Matt Sazama and Burke Sharpless – two relative unknowns who’ve contributed to writing on projects stuck in early development like a Flash Gordon movie and a second Clue board game adaptation – and will be directed by Gary Shore, a commercial helmer who left a strong impression a while back with the demo reel for a visually-splendiforous ‘300 meets Zhang Yimou’s Hero‘ Samurai epic known as The Cup of Tears (you can watch it HERE).

Point being, everyone from the star to the filmmakers working behind the scenes on this new interpretation of Dracula has something to prove; however, their lack of experience could end up being a double-edged sword. There’s certainly promise here, so I for one will be keeping my fingers crossed that something good comes from all this.


Dracula has been officially green-lit, with the intent of getting production started by this year. As always, we’ll keep you updated on the situation.

Source: THR

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  1. The lack of experience goes directly to cost of production, while it is an opportunity to what is perceived as promising talent for a big screen production. They have a lot to prove but, moreover, they have this opportunity to prove it.

    However, the story of Dracula they intend to present fails to resemble Bram Stoker’s “masterpiece”. This will have no consequence, since the majority of viewers will not have read the book and only know the title character from other films which also are unfaithful to the author’s novel.

    This leaves relevance: How relevant is Dracula (as we understand him) since at least a few hundred versions of “an adaptation” is out there? It will be everything these feature-film neophytes bring to the screen –hopefully beginning with a well-crafted script.

    Otherwise…the project might very well be re-titled “DRACULA 3D”.

  2. Ive been wanting a drac film.

  3. Just what we need, another vampire movie! I mean we haven’t had one on our screens for like, a week!

    Dracula died with Blade Trinity and Van Helsing, I’d rather see Jeepers Creepers 3!!

  4. A Dracula origins film could be interesting but I’m not crazy about him being relatable. Dracula is just a bad dude. It shouldn’t be some sappy story where he has to give up everything to save his family. If anything, it could be a Darth Vader like fall from grace, but a good guy who has to make a hard choice is not a Dracula origin.

    • All origin movies suck! Who cares how these evil bastards became evil, they are more menacing and horrendous when we don’t know!

      Hannibal Lector was sinister and disturbing, now they have origin storied him to within an inch of his life and turned him into nothing more than a poor Jewish boy with daddy issues! Leatherface a poor bullied deformed boy driven to kill, Freddie Krueger a kindly kiddie fiddler burned alive by a crazy mob, the list goes on!

      Humanising bad guys just makes you feel sorry for them instead of the dread and fear that’s intended

      • Isn’t that’s the whole point of ‘The bad guy’ tho? Especially one born as a man and reborn a monster. Surely, the point is u have to relate to them to some extent, otherwise there motives are pointless. May as well be the shark from Jaws?

      • It does tend to feed into the idea that the villain “isn’t evil but misunderstood” doesn’t it?

        • I’m surprised we’ve not had a Jaws origin story –

          Poor baby Jaws, swimming the sea with his father Papa Jaws, teaching him the ways of the ocean, living a happy fishy life, when BAM!!! Papa Jaws gets taken out by an Amity banana boat!! Poor Jaws swears revenge on the careless tourists that killed his beloved papa! And so a monster is born!

          I would much rather have a villian portrayed as a monster/animal with no motive or sob story, not all evil can be explained and that’s much more scary!

          • Somewhere, in a small office at a forgotten movie studio, an exec is pretending that A Shark’s Tale *was* a Jaws origin story! :)

            The sad fact is that Hollywood (and other film-making communities) would prefer to profit from rather than uphold the air of mystery.

  5. Luke looks up to the challenge for what they seem to be shooting for here.
    Glad they dropped the idiot title. Dracula Year Zero sounds like a soft drink.

    I think the definitive version of Dracula is Horror Of Dracula from 1958.
    Christopher Lee’s charismatic towering Dracula is positively terrifying.
    Little gore by today’s fashion. Just good old-fashioned classic horror.

    • Dracula Year Zero. Great taste without the calories.
      …now that’s a slogan! :)

      Agree with you about Luke Evans, though. He’s one of those actors who tends to be better than the movie he’s in.

      • You earn a partnership for that byline:)
        And the taste is bloody good too.

        Yeah, you’re right, Luke is usually
        better that the movies he is in.
        He is capable of bigger things.

        (I caught up to The Evil Dead, by the
        way, and replied to you in that thread.)

        • Ha!

          Thanks for letting me know! I’m awful about going back and checking older threads.

    • Once you suspend your disbelief, you bypass your tendency to stop and evaluate what’s going on. Hammer Films exercised restraint while (for its time) revealed subtle innovationa in delivering the horror genre in general and Dracula specifically. What we miss is what we aspire to, and yet afraid of that air of mystery.

  6. I am waiting movie in which Dracula won’t be a vampire, just human. Movie with epic battle scenes.

  7. I was just watching scenes from Bram Stoker’s Dracula and look what comes in the news. News about a Dracula reboot. Weird huh?

  8. I’ll wait and see how this develops (I’m hopeful). I have enjoyed various versions of the Count throughout the years, so I’m curious to see how a version we care about works.

    I do have to say that I quite enjoyed the film that came out years ago (not too many, I believe) that focused on the historical Dracula, Vlad Tsepes, and had no vampires anywhere in it…I vaguely recall its title was “Dracula: Dark Prince”. It wasn’t a brilliant film, but it gave an interesting take using the history instead of the literature.

    The actual Dracula, after all, was substantially more terrifying than his fictional vampiric counterpart…

  9. I, for one, would love to see a movie where Dracula totally shreds all those Twilight posers and show them what a real vampire is like.

    • Edward Cullen would kick Dracula’s ass! Ha just kidding. Dracula would put all that sparkle out without thinking twice.

  10. I’ll probably give this a peek when it becomes available on Netflix. The only good Draculas I have seen were Bela Lugosi, Jack Palance, and Christopher Lee. Jonathan Frid made a good vampire in Dark Shadows (the REAL original series, as barnabas Collins) and the vampire in The Night Stalker was OK as well. I wish that someone would do Les Daniels’ novel “The Black castle” as a movie. That had two brothers at the time of the Spanish Inquisition, one of whom was a vampire, and the other the Grand Inquisitor. Actually not bad, although subsequent novels seeking to capitalize on this first winner were not any good. basil Copper’s book, “House of the Wolf”, and Alfred Bill’s novel, “The Wolf in the Garden” would make good historical period werewolf flicks as well, as would “The Godforsaken”, by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. And while I am drifting away from the subject, Katherine Kurtz and Deborah Turner Harris did a series of fantasy novels about a group of Scottish Adepts called “The Adept” series. Those would be good fare for a film franchise as well!

  11. And I suppose this will be a ‘darker’ take on the story. But I’m with Dr Kenneth Noisewater on this one – sometimes it’s better not to give evil characters a backstory and a reason for their evil deeds because it neuters the shock value. How many times do we all call these murderers on the news evil ******* and ask how they could do what they do? The horror there is that we can’t explain it and that sometimes people are just innately and biologically twisted.
    The best vampires in recent memory were the nasty pieces of work in 30 Days Of Night and they had no origins.

  12. Been waiting for a vampire origin story, this should be interesting. I wouldn’t mind if they explore the emotions of the main character, I just hope by the end of the film, Dracula will be the blood sucking freak we all know.

  13. they start filming it in my home town tomorrow in northern ireland

  14. Luke evans est un trés trés beau acteur je sui sur que le film sera extraordinaire il ne joue pas dans nimporte qu’elle film….bonne chance