NBC’s ‘Dracula’ Show Casts Series Antagonists Van Helsing & Jonathan Harker

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thomaskretschmann kingkong NBCs Dracula Show Casts Series Antagonists Van Helsing & Jonathan Harker

Over six months ago it was announced that Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (The Tudors, Mission: Impossible III) was set to lead Dracula, a 10-episode series set up at NBC that would put a new spin on the classic Bram Stoker tale.

Now two more cast members have joined the series, including the iconic vampire’s arch nemeses. Thomas Kretschmann (King Kong, Wanted) has been cast as the vampire hunter Van Helsing and Oliver Jackson-Cohen (The Raven, Going the Distance) has been cast as Jonathan Harker.

This is a project that skipped the pilot stage and just got a straight-up series order, but it’s hard to tell whether it’s looking past a single season or will act more as an extended miniseries. The shorter season seems to behoove both the networks and creators as they get a chance to tell their story without the pressure of waiting for a longer, full season order and filling more time. It also helps with audiences’ shorter attention spans.

The new spin on Dracula sees the vampire in 1890s London, posing as an American entrepreneur named Alan Grayson, seemingly trying to bring modern science and technology to the Victorian society. However, his real plan is revenge against those who destroyed his life centuries ago. But that gets sidetracked as he falls in love with a woman named Mina Murray (Jessica De Gouw), who might be the reincarnation of his dead wife.

oliverjacksoncohen worldwithoutend NBCs Dracula Show Casts Series Antagonists Van Helsing & Jonathan Harker

As for Dracula’s antagonists, Deadline describes this iteration of Van Helsing as “a brilliant professor with a seemingly cool exterior whose obsession with revenge and power may make him a more dangerous threat to the public than Dracula himself.” Meanwhile, Harker (played by Jackson-Cohnen above) is “a tenacious and slightly gauche journalist desperate to climb the ranks of aristocracy.

Krestchmann is a great character actor who deserves a lot more play, so if this series is successful, it be nice to see him start showing up more often on TV and film. Jackson-Cohen has enjoyed more experience overseas than in the United States, but he’s an up and comer. Teaming with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers for this series should turn out well for all of them.

Dracula is being produced 24 producer Tony Krantz, Collin Callender (a former president of HBO Films), Anne Mensah, Reece Pearson and Downton Abbey producer Gareth Neame. Creator Cole Haddon will serve as writer and co-executive producer, but he’s a newcomer so we’re not sure what to expect. Hopefully these guys have something new to offer the vampire-crazy pop culture crowd, otherwise NBC will have missed the boat.

Dracula does not yet have a premiere date – so stay tuned.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Fegilein!Fegilein!Fegilein!


  2. I’m getting sick of the pussification modern media imposes on Dracula (and every other vampire for that matter). When will we ever see Dracula portrayed exactly as in the Bram Stoker novel? That never was really done before. Think about it. In the book, Dracula was NEVER exactly portrayed as sexy (he was in an old man form most of his appearances), he never spoke in a whispery monotone, he was spooky and beast-like, yet almost flamboyant, he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and NEVER fell in love with no one! He was a complete monster, never an anti-hero. Why does every other form of Dracula have to be in love with Mina? That, first of all, is stupid and its been done before. In the book, Dracula targeted her to have an advantage over Harker. I know I seem like a jerk for hating on this show too early, but seriously, we’ve all seen this pussified version of Dracula in one form or another. People have forgotten Dracula can be (and is) scary, yet he’s always being portrayed as a boring, whispering, sexualized, tragic, hopeless romantic. I hate how defanged he is in most portrayals. I hope one day he’s rightfully portrayed the way he is in the book, which hasn’t been done completely before, nor successfully attempted in a long time.

    • I’m getteeng seeck ooff zee poosseefficeshun mudern medeea impuses oon Drecoola (und ifery oozeer fempure-a fur thet metter). Vhee veell ve-a ifer see-a Drecoola purtreyed ixectly es in zee Brem Stuker nufel? Thet nefer ves reelly dune-a beffure-a. Theenk ebuoot it. Um de hur de hur de hur. In zee buuk, Drecoola ves NEFER ixectly purtreyed es sexy (he-a ves in un oold mun furm must ooff hees eppeerunces), he-a nefer spuke-a in a vheespery munutune-a, he-a ves spuuky und beest-leeke-a, yet elmust flembuyunt, he-a ves a vulff in sheep’s clutheeng, und NEFER fell in lufe-a veet nu oone-a! He-a ves a cumplete-a munster, nefer un untee-heru. Vhy dues ifery oozeer furm ooff Drecoola hefe-a tu be-a in lufe-a veet Meena? Thet, furst ooff ell, is stoopeed und its beee dune-a beffure-a. In zee buuk, Drecoola tergeted her tu hefe-a un edfuntege-a oofer Herker. Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp! I knoo I seem leeke-a a jerk fur heteeng oon thees shoo tuu ierly, boot sereeuoosly, ve-a’fe-a ell seee thees poosseeffied ferseeun ooff Drecoola in oone-a furm oor unuzeer. Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp! Peuple-a hefe-a furguttee Drecoola cun be-a (und is) scery, yet he-a’s elveys beeeng purtreyed es a bureeng, vheespering, sexooeleezed, tregeec, hupeless rumunteec. I hete-a hoo deffunged he-a is in must purtreyels. Um gesh dee bork, bork! I hupe-a oone-a dey he-a’s reeghtffoolly purtreyed zee vey he-a is in zee buuk, vheech hesn’t beee dune-a cumpletely beffure-a, nur sooccessffoolly ettempted in a lung teeme-a.

      • Uh…yeah….

      • dude this guy put some WORK into this xD +10

  3. I might peek at this when it hits Netflix or on the website…might. But it does not sound very good, which is too bad, as I would love to see a proper treatment of Dracula done. Not modernized, sexed-up, humor-filled, “youth-enized”, or so rewritten it does not resemble the original. If only there was a way to take the Dracula with Bela Lugosi, the Horror of Dracula with Christopher Lee, and perhaps the Dracula production with Jack Palance by Dan Curtis Productions, put it in a blender, and churn out a smoothie of a horror reboot for the character with the best of Victorian supernatural flavor, why this would be appetizing indeed! I know…how about a period piece on Werewolves, based on either Alfred Bill’s The Wolf In The Garden (novel), or based on Basil Copper’s The House Of The Wolf (novel), both excellent tales, some of the best in the genre. I might also give Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s tale, The Godforsaken, and Robert Arthur Smith’s tale, The Prey, an honorable mention as well. Or, if you insist on vampires, how about a movie based on The Black Castle, a wonderful tale by Les Daniels? Or (since I am on a role), a GOOD movie based on The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward by the master himself, H. P. Lovecraft, would be most welcome. OK, movie-makers, now since I have gleaned out some EXCELLENT titles of books for you to movie-a-cize, get to work!

  4. I meeght peek et thees vhee it heets Netffleex oor oon zee vebseete-a…meeght. Um de hur de hur de hur. Boot it dues nut suoond fery guud, vheech is tuu bed, es I vuoold lufe-a tu see-a a pruper treetment ooff Drecoola dune-a. Nut muderneezed, sexed-up, hoomur-feelled, “yuoot-ineezed”, oor su rooreettee it dues nut resemble-a zee ooreeginel. Iff oonly zeere-a ves a vey tu teke-a zee Drecoola veet Bela Loogusee, zee Hurrur ooff Drecoola veet Chreestupher Lee-a, und perheps zee Drecoola prudoocshun veet Jeck Pelunce-a by Dun Coortees Prudoocshuns, poot it in a blender, und choorn oooot a smuutheee-a ooff a hurrur rebuut fur zee cherecter veet zee best ooff Feecturiun soopernetoorel flefur, vhy thees vuoold be-a eppeteezing indeed! I knoo…hoo ebuoot a pereeud peeece-a oon Verooulfes, besed oon ieezeer Elffred Beell’s Zee Vulff In Zee Gerdee (nufel), oor besed oon Beseel Cupper’s Zee Huoose-a Ooff Zee Vulff (nufel), but ixcellent teles, sume-a ooff zee best in zee genre-a. I meeght elsu geefe-a Chelsea Qooeenn Yerbru’s tele-a, Zee Gudffursekee, und Rubert Erthoor Smeet’s tele-a, Zee Prey, un hunureble-a menshun es vell. Oor, iff yuoo inseest oon fempures, hoo ebuoot a mufeee-a besed oon Zee Bleck Cestle-a, a vunderffool tele-a by Les Duneeels? Oor (seence-a I em oon a rule-a), a GOOD mufeee-a besed oon Zee Cese-a Ooff Cherles Dexter Verd by zee mester heemselff, H. P. Lufecrefft, vuoold be-a must velcume-a. OoK, mufeee-a-mekers, noo seence-a I hefe-a gleuned oooot sume-a IXCELLENT teetles ooff buuks fur yuoo tu mufeee-a-a-ceeze-a, get tu vurk!

  5. Man this GoldilocksBORKBORK does cool Dracula translations for free !
    Please give my comment one as well ~ :)

    Looking forward to this TV Show,people involved seem good in what they do ind hopefully bring us a more mature show here !

  6. Even though I don’t watch anything on basic cable too PG for me, Would definitely check this out

    • What language are you speakin i can read it

      • Oh i see now lol

  7. Dracula or aka vlad the impaler,never had a wife any children he didnt even live very long his family the order of the dragon,his father was murdered. His brother as well was murdered by the turks who shoved hot iron stakes in his eyes and buried him alive. Dracula then killed the turks as he retreated to the mountains by impaling them as he went. Dracula was reported dinning outside with the victims he had impaled and eating bread dipped in blood. Dracula was killed by the turks near buchreast romania,he was decapitated and displayed in Constantinople in 1476 he was born 1448 and twice he lost his throne and reclaimed it. His family over 150 years established 50 monasteries.

    • Vlad the Impaler (Vlad Tepes, in the Romanian) was called “Dracula” because of the fact that he was the son “of Dracul”, his murdered father (the “a” added to the end indicated his familial status), but ALSO because “dracul” in Romanian means DRAGON…and DEVIL. DRACULA was quite the dictator during his reign(s), being so brutal and merciless that crime in Wallachia (the area of modern Romania he actually ruled) virtually disappeared while he remained in power.

      While he certainly earned both the”Impaler” and “Devil” appellations, most historians now agree that the story of him sitting down to dinner before a field of impaled noblemen, goblet of blood in his hand, was likely Turkish propaganda, after the fact, designed to cut down his already sinister reputation even more than the man, himself, had managed. There were MANY such tales told about him over the centuries…which is in fact one reason Stoker even heard of the PRINCE (he wasn’t really a count) later on when he was writing DRACULA.

      …truly a fascinating man and exceedingly more interesting than his fictional, vampiric alter ego.

      As for this show, I’ll just have to wait and see…

      • Oh, and he DID have a wife, although it many have been more of a political arrangement than a romantic one.

    • Vlad III aka Vlad The Impaler had two wives and three children. The first a Transylvanian noble woman ( believed to be called Elisabetta) with whom he had one son Mihnea who ruled Walachia until his death in 1510. After the death of his first wife he married an Austrian noblewoman Ilona Szilágyi. They had two children Vlad IV and A second boy whose name is believed to be Mircea. Named after his brother who was indeed murdered. So when you say he had no wives or children and died very young, well that’s not true. He died in 1476, he was 45 years old more than past life expectancy for someone in the 15th century especially someone who lived the life of a notorious warlord.



  9. I do not like the Mina Murray character. She seems to masculine for the part.

  10. Vlad is actually a hero in his home country. He’s always depicted as a monster but that’s the kind of reputation a leader needed at the time to defeat the turks.