Pixar Considering Animated Dr. Strange Movie?

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Pixar and Dr. Strange Movie Pixar Considering Animated Dr. Strange Movie?

Pixar may be working on a new superhero project far different in tone and content than their acclaimed 2004 hit The Incredibles – the animation powerhouse is reportedly looking into adapting Marvel’s Dr. Strange comic book series as a CGI movie.

This suggestion comes via British comic book artist Brendan McCarthy, who revealed in a recent interview with Bad Librarianship that he was “… over in Hollywood earlier this year mooching about, and I had a meeting at Disney and the conversation drifted around to Pixar animating a Dr. Strange movie.”

Marvel hired writers last June to begin work on a screenplay for a cinematic adaptation of Dr. Strange. That live-action project may not be either a feature-length or solo effort for the character, whose popularity outside of the comic book community is dwarfed by the likes of Spider-Man or Hulk.

A Dr. Strange film would definitely become a more bankable project with Pixar involved – the company has an undeniably excellent critical and box office track record.  The magical powers of the titular superhero could be very creatively realized in an entirely computer-animated movie, which would help the film attract the attention of casual moviegoers and devoted Strange fans (no pun intended) alike.

Dr. Strange comic book Pixar Considering Animated Dr. Strange Movie?

Pixar is well-renowned for their emphasis on storytelling and character development in their films, which have been largely family-friendly up to this point.  Over the years their features have begun to deal with more emotionally complex and adult-oriented issues – handling a more complex character like Dr. Strange in a film seems like an appropriate next step for Pixar to take.

The animation studio has already begun work on the John Carter of Mars adaptation, which is a science-fiction tale of a fairly different mold for them.  There is nothing wrong with creating movies that feature “talking” dogs or huggable monsters, but it will be interesting to see how Pixar handles stories that feature far less cute and cuddly characters.

In the case of Dr. Strange, they would ostensibly be taking on a character who, at time has to (literally) go to some very dark places, and Pixar telling a story about sorcerer’s, magic, demons, and dark gods is certainly an intriguing idea, to say the least. Will it ever come to fruition? We’ll just have to wait and see, but for those who think Dr. Strange may be “too adult” for the likes of Pixar: Disney put out The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and kept it family-friendly, so it’s somewhat easy to believe that Pixar could do the same for Doc Strange.

We will keep you up to date on the development of a Dr. Strange movie as more news comes our way.

Source: Bad Librarianship (via Cinema Blend)

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  1. Sounds good, but will it still count as an origin moviethat will connect
    him to the live action Marvel Universe or will the movie be like an introduction to the masses so that Disney or Marvel con produce a live version later.

    • good point, this would be good, but it would be a shame if they never make a live action film of Dr Strange

  2. I think it’s a good idea, and I really hope the film gets made. =)

  3. Interesting idea. The possibilities that follow if this comes to fruition are endless, imagine a Pixar Spider-Man!

    • Sam, that would be a way preferable option than the current reboot.

  4. Yes and no. Have we ever seen a “real” person Pixared? In order for it to (IMO) fit into the Marvel U it has to be as close to “real” as you can get.

    If they can do what Blizzards team has done for the Warcraft intros then Im all in…


    If it is going to be “cartoony” then I would rather them not.

    • just imagine Pixer version of Dormammu

    • my thoughts exact (only i wasn’t thinking of WoW).

      imo a live action movie would probably be the best choice, i would say RDJ as dr.strange but he’s ironman…

  5. i dont like the idea of a Pixer version of Dr Strange movie its better live action if Pixer want to do Dr Strange why not make a animated tv series. whats next Pixer going to do Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Punisher, Black Panther, etc all animated

  6. I love most of the pixar movies and in fact I would rank Toy Story 3 as one of the best pictures of the year(thus far). However I think there are some definete pros and cons to doing the Sorceror Supreme in such a way.Pro is that you can do alot more bizarre and interesting spells in a cg world(as said above) and the big con would be that Pixar would Nueter the docs story to make it kid friendly.

    What I would do to make this work is to do a test have a Pixar DOc Strange Short in front of The Avengers if audience reaction is good then they could go forward otherwise it just introduces the character to a larger audience and makes a live action film that much more marketable.(My fear is not that pixar short would lack quality but just that it would not be dark enough for the character)

  7. Incredibles 2 please!!!

    • I wish, but it’s one of their worst grossing films ever, no one will green light it based on that take.

  8. Dr. Strange is one of my favorite characters and I soooooooooooooooooooooo want to see him get his own movie.
    I absolutely would prefer to see a ” live action ” version of DS but I am still delighted at the thought of Pixar having a go at it :)
    The Incredibles is an fantastic moive AND its great animation. I’m very confident that they could do a really fun Dr. Strange movie .
    I’d prefer a more ‘realsitic’ look as opposed to the cute & cuddly route.

    whatever , just please make this movie .

  9. Aside from Monsters Inc 2 and Cars 2 what does Pixar have coming up?
    They need something new.
    This is a good idea.

  10. I don’t mind Pixar doing this, but I don’t want it to be held up next to movies like “Monsters Inc.” or “Up” or “Toy Story”. If they do it, I don’t want it to be advertised real big as a Pixar film because I prefer when they actually do original ideas (which they have done in the past)

  11. Apparently, the Marvel film brand isn’t enough to justify doing a Dr. Strange movie. It’s only smart business sense to attach Pixar to such a project.

    Disney (and the other studios) wants movies that will perform financially. Considering the low box office of Sorceror’s Apprentice, having Pixar make Dr. Strange an animated film which will appeal to all ages and tastes is a great insurance policy. And let’s not blame Nicholas Cage for SA’s poor performance; he wasn’t a net drag on the film. His participation guaranteed an expected bottom of revenue for the studio execs; all the while hoping he could generate an unexpected top for revenue.

    In fact, Disney/Pixar/Marvel shouldn’t even tie Dr. Strange with what’s going on in the Avengers universe, so as to avoid the shortcomings that plagued Iron Man 2. Just concentrate on making a slamming Strange film.

    By involving Pixar and their track record, Doctor Strange now has a reasonable expectation of doing $200 million domestically. If Disney were to go the live action route in order to appease the doctor’s comic book fans (which make up a very small percentage of the ticket-buying audience), it would be like leaving money on the table.

    This is very smart poker.

  12. I like the character of Dr.Strange. A very troubled physician turned superhero. With all the mystice stuff it’d be kinda hard to put that into live action very well. Maybe not impossible but hard. So I’m for this project.

    And as long as it’s in the same continuity as Marvel Studios then animate the crap outa that film.

  13. Family friendly should be compared to John Carter of Mars. If Pixar is putting out JCoM than a Dr. Strange live-action film would be no problem.

  14. Im on the fence about this. one one hand, Dr. Strange will definitely gross more if Pixar does it and the fact that their story telling track record is nearly flawless is very convincing, but I really want to see the sorcerer supreme as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (especially if Runaways, in which one of the main characters is a witch, is in the MCU continuity). If they can find a way to make an animated Dr. Strange movie and keep it tied with the MCU then Im hooked. I know Pixar is known for its cartoony animation, but prehaps a way to make everyone happy is to make the movie look like Beowulf or Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

    also, I really dont want a Dr. Strange movie to be too family friendly(especially if Dormamu is involved)

  15. We need a Dr.Strange live action movie FIRST. Then they can go on and make total CGI version.One of the best ways of getting the character some popularity is laying some small ground work through easter eggs. If there are “small” Dr.Strange easter eggs in prior movies,it could churn up some buzz & curiosity for the character before he has his own movie. However there are other Marvel U characters that are actually more suitable for Pixar or CGI animated films such as: “ROM The SpaceKnight”, “Micronaughts”,”PowerPack”,”Eternals”,”The Inhumans”,”Hercules(Marvel U)”,”Guardians of The Galaxy”,”Cloak & Dagger”,”Ka-Zar”, “AMERICAN EAGLE”,”Howard The Duck(CGI reboot)”, “GL & WC Avengers”,”KILL-KRAVEN” and most definitely “SHE-HULK”. Cameos,tie-ins and SMALL easter eggs would help promote each movie.

    • Totally disagree. Strange is a second tier character and there has been “easter eggs”. I’m not gonna do research to name all of the times he’s popped up in miscellaneous movies and cartoons through his 45 to 55 year existence right now though.
      Pixar is undeniable the best at what they do. What they need to do though, is to NOT be serious and moody. Doc strange is one of the few characters that could be written with a little humor and levity. Ever watch The Venture Bros. on adult swim? The Dr. Orpheus character sub-stories demonstrate this perfectly.
      Also, I hope everyone else realizes (as you have made me with your list)that no one cares about you or anybody else’s wish list for undeveloped properties.

      • “(that no one cares about you or anybody else’s wish list..WOW you sound a little pissed for no reason there worhting did somebody piss in your mountain dew today?. Obviously nobody cares about what you’ve got to say either so you might as well not have posted anything at all. Dr.Strange has already had 2D animated movie,although not CGI and big budget,he has had one and a low budget live action too. Dr.Strange deserves to get a great live action big budget movie and Guillermo Del Toro is one of the great directors that could do it well.I wouldn’t also mind seeing a CGI version too.

  16. I think this would work better for Ant-Man. Just keep Edgar Wright away from a camera.

  17. I would LOVE for Pixar to step out into properties like this. Curious to see how they’d handle material that is a bit “older” – although their more recent films are less “kiddy” like already.


  18. It seems that some people think Pixar wouldn’t handle Dr. Strange very well, and you might be right but, think of it like this. They have put out nothing but grate films that have grossed a ton of cash, every character they create looks like you can reach out and grab it even without 3D. And they have some of the best actors doing the voice work in every movie. Even John Ratznberger. And everyone knows his name!! Sorry. Anyway point is with Pixar’s history why worry, right now they can do no wrong. Let’s just see where they can take it. Who knows, Marvel movies just might get better this way.

  19. Oh, what a double-edged sword this is

    First of all, I would not mind if Pixar did, or would be a party to the DTV Marvel Animated feature of Doctor Strange (which was, by the way, really good, although the Marvel folks outdid themselves on Planet Hulk) so therefore I cannot be entirely opposed to this idea. In addition, this could help in those “short films” area that would introduce characters to an audience.

    That said, why can’t Pixar say ‘Howard The Duck’ or ‘Slapstick’? Beta Ray Bill? ROM Spaceknight? Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy?

    In fact, come to think of it, gimme a Devil Dinosaur instead of an animated Doctor Strange. Just because I’m asking for it and you need to appease.

    But if a LA Doctor Strange happens, and Strange looks into the Eye of Armagotto, maybe Pixar can contribute by making an astral….no, darn it, gimmie The Devil Dinosaur!!!!

    Or else!!!

  20. I like the idea of John Ratzenberger as Dr. Strange…hahaha… No, really think about it…

  21. I want Pixar to do the Dr. Strange flick because they can really do the storytelling and they won’t screw up the acting role by having Tom Cruise!
    Also, if Pixar does the really great storytelling, maybe can have Guillermo Del Toro to direct in a a beautiful way.

  22. you want Pixar to create Dr Strange as he appears in the comics not some vanilla family friendly film!!! Dr Strange is about the battle of light against dark and those who fight on either side. Its about the sorcerer supreme and his stand against the dark forces that threaten to engulf us!

    Its not family fare to start with so why try to to change the story on screen??
    If its produced this way you will dilute the essence of what makes Dr Strange a great story! Don’t tamper with story!