‘Hulk’ TV Show Still Waiting on Writer; Guillermo del Toro Still Wants ‘Dr. Strange’

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The Incredible Hulk TV Show Writer Hulk TV Show Still Waiting on Writer; Guillermo del Toro Still Wants Dr. Strange

There’s no new The Incredible Hulk film currently in development and even if a solo movie sequel for the character of Bruce Banner – played by Eric Bana, Edward Norton and most recently, Mark Ruffalo in The Avengers – were to happen, it wouldn’t be for a very long time (after The Avengers 2). Instead, Marvel Studios has six other films in the works, bringing back the other (read: more bankable) heroes of The Avengers and introducing new characters in Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy.

For television however, Guillermo del Toro has been developing a live-action Hulk series for ABC for almost two years and as we learned two months ago, they’re just waiting for a writer. Not long after, Joss Whedon signed with Marvel Studios with an exclusive three-year contract that included developing a TV show for ABC, but he was not the writer del Toro and Marvel are waiting for to help the big green guy.

While no names were given, del Toro previously revealed that they have one name selected to rewrite the script for The Incredible Hulk TV pilot and that the one name is an established figure in the industry.

“I had one meeting with Marvel after Avengers and we had a very, very good chat. We have a writer that we want to bring on board, a very, very concrete name. I can’t reveal it, but we want to wait for that writer. It’s a writer who is otherwise engaged. So right now we are in a holding pattern until that writer becomes free. Then we’re going to do a new draft of the script.”

In chatting with STYD yesterday, del Toro provided a little update on the Hulk project and as it turns out, they’re simply still waiting.

“Right now all I know is the official word I was given is that there’s a writer they want. They are very interested in me meeting with him. He’s very, very busy. The official word is we are holding, but I don’t know… After Avengers having the success it had, perhaps the fate of the project may change. Right now officially what I know – and I’m not hiding anything off the record or anything – is that we were told we were waiting for this writer, and we were going to do it with him.”

Who is this mysterious writer we wonder? Could it be someone like Damon Lindelof who’s previously worked with ABC on Lost and Marvel on Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk? He’s busy with Star Trek Into Darkness so it fits.

Dr Strange Movie Actors Hulk TV Show Still Waiting on Writer; Guillermo del Toro Still Wants Dr. Strange

Del Toro continues by saying he’ll absolutely direct the pilot and explains why, while also name-dropping a few properties he’s expressed interested in over the years.

“The reason is that the superheroes I like and that I would like to get involved with are all monsters. Be it Swamp Thing, Etrigan [the Demon], Doctor Strange.”

Dr. Strange? It’s interesting to see del Toro continuing to find ways to namedrop the character Marvel Studios has yet to move on, but one they have a script for and have expressed interest in repeatedly and publicly over the years. Marvel Pres Kevin Feige says he’s confident in Dr. Strange much like he is Guardians of the Galaxy and Dr. Strange is even one of the rumored characters to appear in Phase Two of the Marvel cinematic universe, possibly being introduced in Thor: The Dark World. Where a Dr. Strange movie would fit into Marvel’s schedule is another question entirely, as they’re booked up for the next two-three years.

In our discussion on Guillermo del Toro directing a Marvel movie, Dr. Strange was the #1 choice as voted by our readers. If Whedon’s SHIELD show takes the studio’s focus and if Marvel can’t land this unnamed writer for Hulk, perhaps we’ll still see del Toro direct something major for Marvel.

On the film side, Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014 and Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014.


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  1. It would be awesome if Joss and Guillermo would be working on the hulk tv series, but the article says that Joss is not the writer they are waiting for. The hulk deserves his own show, but I wonder if it’ll ever happen. :(

    • I completely agree with you Vader. it’d be cool to see Dr. Strange team up, but at this point I’ll be happy with anything Hulk related

  2. I wouldn’t get my hopes up on this show materializing. Del Toro always talks about doing this and that, attaching his name to a lot of mediocre projects. Slightly overrated in my opinion.

  3. I’m still surprised Marvel chose to make Ant Man and GOTG before Doctor Strange.

    DS just seems to have so many possibilities. Especially with Del Toro at the helm. For sure the visuals would be stunning…….. IMAX!!

    • I would prefer Dr. Strange just to expand this Marvel movie universe, plus seeing Dormmamu would be totally radical

  4. deltoro would find a way to make the hulk look awesome with prosthetics…

    • Most likely… :D

  5. Ill be the writer!!!

    Green guy says “roar!” People go “eeep!” Boom! Fire! Linkin Park! Hire hot chick to stand around. Explosions! More fire, then 10000X the boom…

    That’s like, seven seasons right there.

    • You forgot the ten year old humor and antics, Mr. Bay. :P

    • lol!

  6. Did anybody else mention the way he phrases and speaks ?

    In the first statement he says
    in the second statement,some time later when asked he says
    “THEY” !!

    Seems the connection with Marvel and Toro splits and goes different ways !

  7. del Toro is one of my favorite directors, and Dr. Strange is a fantastic Marvel character well-deserving of a movie. Scrap the Hulk show and put him in a Strange movie. Please Marvel, that will be so awesome.

  8. HULK TV-Show, but only with Ruffalo in it. In my opinion we have seen enough different Hulks, without ever establishing one current version of this aswome giant Thing. I’d rather see a fantastic four TV-Show, or something like that where you could just use some different/new characters. I mean these movies aren’t long gone, but they didn’t impress me that much. I’d be up for that. But that’s not the point here. So Hulk TV-Show with Ruffalo, otherwise I’d prefer a Dr. Strange Movie. Just because I don’t know much about this character.

    • I am a fan of throwing out the whole project. The Hulk is on thin ice right now as far as a new solo films. Lets not ruin it with a TV show.

  9. Joss can’t do everything, so it’s probably not him that GDT is waiting for. I don’t know about you, but to me, the jury is still out on GDT. As was brought up in the podcast, a lot is being expected of him, but he really hasn’t actually delivered great box office. He’s a cult guy for sure, and a visionary in melding practical and CGI visual effects and for having a very distinctive look. He had to pull out of the Hobbit. Now that the Hobbit is coming out, can we look back and say whether that was a good move? What did he pull out for? Pacific Rim looks uncertain. Was that it? He’s flipped on not wanting to do Pacific Rim in 3-D. Who’s to say he wasn’t being totally honest about why he pulled out of the Hobbit? I think he made a mistake. I think he should have stuck with it. Sure, a Hulk TV show is nice, but is it really the better option than the Hobbit? I don’t know.

    • i have the same thoughts about the whole things that are happening on the g.d.t front. at first i thought he couldn´t helmed -the hobbit- because of the budget and his private life to be nearer to his family(couldn´t he rent an appartement or a villa ), but after a while where he skipped -the h.- he had begun to produce -d.b.o,t.d- and then this year he´d begun to direct -pacific rim- and during the filming of -the av.- he was chosen to produce an -hulk- t.v. series. i also think that he failed to bring a faithfull-the hob.- to the screen and jackson who had the production under his belt,jumped on the directors chair and rescued the movie,before the first pics came out.

      • I agree that there is more to the Del Toro departure than meets the eye. Perhaps there were issues with the vision that GDT had versus PJ. Maybe PJ thought he could stay out of the director’s chair this time but the pull was too strong. GDT may have felt that it was never going to be really be his movie(s). It was always going to shared with PJ. Who knows. Maybe it’s like Aronofsky pulling out of the Wolverine. They gave a public excuse about having to film it on the other side of the world from home, blah, blah, but there were other reasons.

        • or p.j. had become soft knees at the beginning of the shooting that he decided to not give his life-project(or more heart-)in other hands,even when it was g.d.t who has made some good fantasy stuff,which weren´t perfect but watchable, but -middle earth- is not his teritory,he maybe had made some visual monster or dwarwes works,or he has created a different -smaugh- which we won´t see ,i think. but to direct the rest of the story was maybe not good,only jacks. and torro will know that.

  10. I could envision Del Toro directing a Doctor Strange movie. I’d be excited to go see that. I hope they at least introduce him in a Marvel movie before Phase 2 is over with.

    Strange is another character, like the Hulk, that could make a few cameo appearances in other movies and be effective. Then they could give him a solo movie around the same time they release the next Hulk movie.

    • A Doctor Strange movie is more needed than a Hulk TV series. GDT is definitely a good choice for director of that movie. Why he thinks or Marvel thinks that we need a Hulk movie is kind of strange to me. Who is asking for a Hulk TV series? Not me. Anyone else? Who decides that there is interest or demand for a Hulk TV series? Or do they even care? I thought the whole of, like, Comic-Con’s and other things of that nature were to gauge public opinion, albeit of a more geeky fan-oriented nature, as to whether people want to see something. If they bother to read the comments here, they would know that opinion is mixed. Of course, film producers and studios should never solely rely on the opinion of people on the Web. It’s just like a sports team should never always listen to the fans. It doesn’t mean though, that they shouldn’t ever listen to them.

  11. If they do another Hulk for TV. They can lose the soapy feeling of the first, but keep the way the Hulk changed. That Hulk was a lot more plausable than that goofy looking CG they’ve used in the movies. I wastched the first one and thought it was so horrible that I never figured they’d try another.

    The original where Bill Bixby would grow into a green Lou Parone looked much more plausable as a modern man turning into a primevil beast rather than some gigantic strange looking thing.

    • Would you like a loose continuation of the original series? Banner be called David and have none of his supporting cast and villains.

  12. Hope it still happens

  13. Will this show be tied to the rest of the Marvel projects if it does happen?

    • Actually Del Toro stated a number of times that the show won’t be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe instead be it’s own universe.

  14. I want you to tell you that Guillermo Del Toro said that he will not combine the Hulk TV series with the Avengers TV series or the film. But will be combined with the original old television with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno Incredible Hulk.

    • He never said anything about combining it with the original other than creating the Hulk with prosthetics, puppetry and CGI even though last year may re-use the CG model from The Avengers, it would be better to create their own Hulk rather pasting the Avengers Hulk or stepping backwards with prosthetics that resemble Doomsday from Smallville.

      • Don’t be negative all the time think positive all the that’s why its going to take alot of time.

        • It takes time because ABC want it for fall of 2013 and pilots get greenlight around January or February.

  15. I think they may end up casting Edward Norton or some one that looks like him.

    • Does that matter? is it worth holding up a project or casting process? would anyone but a fanboy do it.

  16. I believe they will have a Edward Norton and Bill Bixby look like in the new Hulk TV series pilot.

    • There’s no indication of that, if they did would it matter? is worth making a fuss over searching for a look a like.

      • I believe its on the website but look it up.

        • If Del Toro wants it to be in it’s own universe say like a Marvel Television Universe his Bruce Banner would have to be different from previous live action versions, one thing it has to appeal not only to hardcore fans or people who only know the original show but to everybody like people who haven’t seen any Hulk stuff, your not making this show for Ferrigno lovers your making for a wider audience.

        • Important thing is everybody has a opinion but Del Toro and gang have to make a choice.

  17. I m very happy about Del toro description about the Hulk TV series.

  18. Think positive and stop being negative.

    • I’m on whats likely not by fanboy devotion, there maybe a chance of being canned if they can’t do a CGI Hulk on a TV budget and schedule, think people would expect something more than a bodybuilder painted green it what new adaptations of superheroes they try to add something new and different so it would be distinctive from the rest.

      As for casting nobody sure, I don’t think they have particular which is clissy thing to do because they focus on getting the story and characters right, once it’s greenlit they begin casting and planning special effects.

  19. Go on Imdb David Eick Incredible Hulk 2014.

    • I’ve many times, it saids it will be separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe ( so wouldn’t have to worry about continuty errors in that universe)and focus on the relationship between Bruce and Betty.

  20. Avengers effects supervisor on the difficulties on bringing the Hulk to television.

    “I think we’d have to have a lot of Banner. You know I think from beginning to end we got much faster at doing shots. We learned a lot about the process and about how to light him and how to make him look good. One of the things that was interesting was when we started off we kind of took our typical approach of really art directing the lighting, like rim, rim, rim, you know super stylized. And he really looked fake and kind of popped out. And what we found is that we ended up having to kind of flatten out his lighting to get him to sit in there with the rest of the Avengers. So I think after learning things like that, you know we could – if you’re talking about a TV schedule and how fast you need to turn around production, it would be a matter of, you know trying to build off everything we did for the movie and then, you know get him in there, get him lit. You wouldn’t have time to do the – you know all the really detailed shape, you know per frame corrections that we do”.

  21. They say he’s supposed to meet the new writer in the coming weeks.

  22. Would you all prefer a loose contiuation of the Bixby/Ferrigno show, it worked because it just featured Hulk/Banner no other characters from the comics who let the movies down.

    • Why the New Hulk TV series is not getting green litted because they need more time on the casting actors and more time on developing the casting someone to play the Hulk through prosthetic green suit.

  23. The Incredible Hulk TV series will air in most honestly in 2014, is posted in imdb.

  24. Lou Ferrigno said that he will be involve with playing the again.

  25. What I really mean is that Lou Ferrigno will be involved playing the Hulk in the New Hulk TV series coming in 2014.

  26. I will say the Hulk TV series will air in 2014.