Dr. Curt Connors Confirmed For Spider-Man 4

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spider man 4 dylan baker dr curt connors lizard Dr. Curt Connors Confirmed For Spider Man 4

Speculation, here we come!

Dylan Baker, the actor who played the minor role of Dr. Curt Connors in the last two Spider-Man movies has confirmed that he’ll be in Spider-Man 4. Now, this doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing his scaly alter ego known as The Lizard, but it sure wouldn’t be surprising.

Even if The Lizard wasn’t making his appearance, we’d expect Dr. Curt Connors to play at least a small part again. It wouldn’t make sense to have him involved in the plot of Spider-Man 2 & 3 then throw him away.

During the Q&A segment for a Trick ‘r Treat presentation on Wednesday, Mr. Baker was asked about his involvement in the next Sam Raimi Spidey adventure and he said he was on-board but that he’d just be a smaller background character again.

Online speculation from polls and forums seems to bring up two names consistently: Lizard and Carnage. While I don’t like the idea of going with another symbiotic villain after Venom’s poor turn-out in Spider-Man 3, I do think seeing Mr. Connors transform into The Lizard and finally having two arms again is an obvious choice, even if he’s a minor villain for the next movie.

spiderman lizard Dr. Curt Connors Confirmed For Spider Man 4

The last we heard from director Sam Raimi on the topic of Spider-Man 4 villains was that he really liked the idea of The Lizard but that he didn’t know too much about Carnage. Take from that what you will but it’s possible none of what they say is true. Perhaps the denied Morbius could still be a villain choice since his story does mesh perfectly with The Lizard. There’s also that rumor of Bruce Campbell playing Mysterio, but all we know for sure is that Campbell will have a bigger role in Spider-Man 4.

Are you happy to know that Dylan Baker will be acting in Spider-Man 4? What do you think the story implications of this are?

Spider-Man 4 is planned for an early March production start and is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2011, the summer of the superhero.

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  1. give me Kraven the Hunter..

  2. Raimis going to tease us with a minor part for dr. Connors and we’ll never get to see him as lizard or carnage.

  3. Hopefully the Lizzard wont be the villain, other than maybe a prologue, this series needs a severe facelift. Carnage wont work either because they ruined the whole symbyiote thing with Venom last time.
    I still Morbius is the way to go, not because vampires are popular but because he is a good character and might give this poor franchise a much needed shot in the arm!

  4. You guys have to remember that in the latest interview of “Raimi speaks of Spiderman 4 villians” when Sam Raimi was asked who he thought were going to be the new Villians in Spider Man 4 this is what he said:

    “I love the Lizard… There’s a great story there in the Marvel comic books about Dr. Connors. I’m less familiar with Carnage.”

    After this, you could tell Raimi wanted to be more open on the topic, but he must remain tight-lipped for obvious reasons with shooting not even expected to begin until next March. After a long pause, Raimi followed up by saying “I’m not allowed to say at this point.”

    So here we know that Daylan Baker might be playing the Lizard but they are not allowed to say until later production of next year..DrSambeckett, Im also with you on the Morbious and Lizard villian would be the best way to go because the story would fit well in place a Vampire and a Lizard..both are Doctors both study Medicine both are best friends in the comics..this story fits well.

  5. I agree with pcch7. I think it’s time to bring out the “big guns” and give us Kraven the Hunter. And who better to play him than Bruce Campbell? I mean, sure, the big lug would have to hit the gym a bit, but the role is well within his dramatic range… and — hey — what if he shows up in the Big Apple to hunt The Lizard and winds up with Spidie in his scopes? A win all around.

    That’s not gonna happen. But I wish it would.

  6. There’s alot they could do with this, because there is the potential for alot of overlap in the stories. First I would do the Lizard/Kraven. That would be a natural. But it could also open the door for Morbius and Spidey with 4 arms for movie #5.
    But I am torn too because I would love to see Bruce Campbell as Mysterio!
    So may villans, so little time…

  7. Bruce Campbell as Kraven…? Never considered it. Could work………Don’t do this to me…!

  8. I can partily see how they could make the Carnge symbiote work.

    In the opening credits. it flashes back to when the meteor landed and shows the Venom symbiote going towards Peter’s moped thingy, then the camera slowly pans down and reveals the Carnage symbiote “leaking” out. Along comes Cletus Cassidy, who was star gazing that night in the park and just happened to see the meteor fall, rushing over to see whats going on. He picks up the symbiote and it stays stuck with him. It then shows the big fight and the end of Spider-Man 3 for a recap, then flashes over(for a meanwhile moment) to Cletus’ apartment, and there the symbiote then bonds with him, thus naming him self Carnage. We see Peter and Mary Jane dancing once again, and then the camera zooms in to reveal Carnage on the corner of the building, staring at them.

    But thats just how i would imagine a possible Carnage intro. What do you think Rob?

  9. @ Jose,

    My thoughts… and words exactly ;)

  10. @ Eli P,

    I could see that working in the film sense with their love of flashbacks, however I’m 100% against that. I hated how they intro’d Venom by random coincidence of it landing right beside him in the park and I want them to completely ignore Spidey 3.

    They can save Carnage till another installment down the road- I prefer a more conventional and believable villain this time around.

    I dig the Morbius/Lizard combo and I’ve been thinking that for a while.

    Some other villains won’t work or are not menacing enough. Mysterio is too far-fetched (his costume, anyway) and villains like Rhino aren’t menacing enough. There still are some other good ones though…

  11. PLEASE bring in The Lizard. Campbell as a villain? LMAO.

  12. I am ALMOST willing to put money down that it is going to be Morbius (main villain) and Lizard (side villain).

    The teaser poster for Spider-man 4 is at SUNSET in New York with darkness creeping over the city. Could be a coincidence but to me that screams VAMPIRE VILLAIN!

    Not to mention early reports that Morbius is going to be the villain all got shot down very quickly. Sounded like the studio trying to stop a leak rather than denying a rumor.

  13. hey evan where did u find that teaser poster?

  14. Bruce Campbell as Morbius.

    j/k. I bet you Raimi goes the Dark Knight route with Lizard. Deny, deny, deny that Lizard is in the movie (a la Two Face) but then halfway through, bam!, Connors transforms. Of course, this will all get spoiled ahead of time by the action figure, but you can’t blame the guy for trying.

    And as much as I’d love Campbell as a villain, I honestly can’t think of one that he’d really be suited for. On one of the tours for “My Name is Bruce” he was asked about the possibility of playing Mysterio, long before any of these Campbell-in-a-major role rumors, and he flat out said that he’d never play a role “that required me to wear a fishbowl on my head.” So… unless they rework the costume, that’s out.

    I think he might be able to pull off Kraven if he gets in shape, and maybe Electro or Changeling.

  15. No, no, no.

    It has to be Kraven. It is by far one of the best storylines in Spidey’s well-traveled history, and I’ll be severely disappointed if they don’t use him as the main – or only – villain.

    If they go with the Lizard, you may as well just use the Hulk, because it’s the same tired story, all over again.

  16. Kraven?
    Kravens Last Hunt?

  17. @Kantstandya

    Slash Film posted around Comic Con. You just have to google it. It comes up. It is just the number 4 with a broken web behind it with background I described. Looks like aint it cool news are the ones that broke it first.

  18. The Perfect Guy to play Morbius would be “Del Toro” as Morbius is pure genius although he would have to loose some weight though..then we have Dylan Baker as the Lizard

    If they decided to go with Karven the Hunter..I think Gerlad Butler would be perfect and Campell as Mysterio would be perfect too

    But Like I said guys..the 2 best villians that would fit perfect in this next Movie would be Lizard/Morbius Morbius as the main villian and Lizard as the partial villian…They have to do it dark this time though..Make it as good as The Dark Knight…I also like Sam Raimi’s plot where peter Parker as Spiderman has to grow up and would be the only way to overcome this next villian as he mentioned in this Interview of “Sam Raimi speaks of Spiderman 4 Villians”:

    Sam Raimi
    “What we’re trying to do right now is really understand the journey Peter is going to go on this time and have the villain maybe be a counter to that growth, something that he has to overcome… Or maybe he has to grow in a way to overcome the villain, because there always seem to be stories of coming of age, of a young man growing up and learning things about life, so once we are identifying the exact movement that Peter has to grow to, I think the villain—and we’re trying this right now; we’re trying to choose a villain based on who would be the proper counter to that growth, so we really have dramatic conflict.”

    This storyline would fit perfect for Spiderman 4 although if they did put this story line the best Villian for Peter Parker to grow up would be Morbius, Electro, or even Mysterio..Man so many Villians to choose from but alittle bit of time.

  19. Im sorry guys I didn’t get his entire name but the perfect guy to play as Morbius would be “Benicio Del Toro” perfect for Morbius but would have to loose some weight and of course Dylan Baker as the Lizard Villian.

  20. Didn’t they already say Morbius WON’T be the villain?

  21. I want Mysterio in SPM4 & Electro with Vulture in SPM5 coz both have a storyline together..mayb later in SPM6 could finally b Lizard..end of franchise.
    :) Just my opinion

  22. we want lizard it’s his time and carnage would be sweet and I know who could play him Dr.Cox from scrubs he looks like cassidy

  23. I never said he was going to be a villian I just said that Morbius and Lizard would fit well together as villians in Spiderman 4. You see the truth is really, nobody (Except for maybe Raimi of course but isn’t allowed to speak until maybe by production). All we know right now is that Dylan Baker is returning as Dr. Conners and that should give everyone a hint or clue right there that there is a slight chance that he could play the Lizard Villian (Maybe) we dont know though, but it has been confirmed in this article that he is returning as Dr. Conners so there is a slight chance that maybe he could be one of the villians which of course we all know would be the Lizard…Although Morbius would be a good villian and the perfect guy to play him is “Benicio Del Toro.” There was a rumor earlier that it was confirmed that he (Morbius) was going to be a villian..but you know how rumors are and how they change things around to keep fans thinking and guessing..The highest votes are on Carnage and Lizard but if you read one of the earlier articles Sam Raimi thinks the symbiote characters wont appear on the screen especially after what happened with Spiderman 3..Even if they didn’t go with Morbius..Electro, Mysterio, Scorpion, or even Kraven the Hunter would be the other best Villians to choose from and the perfect guys to play as them would be: Electro ??? (Dont really know on him), Mysterio (Bruce Campbell), Kraven the Hunter (Gerald Buttler), and the Scorpion ???(Dont really know on him either)..you see guys…there are alot of good villians to choose from that I think would be good, but Like I said before Lizard/Morbius would be Great Villians for Spiderman 4..This is what Raimi said on a earlier article:

    “It would make sense to see The Lizard and Morbius as the two villains as they would work well together in the same film having had quite a bit of history together in the Spider-Man comics. On top of that, they share obvious similarities: Both are/were doctors, both work with different animals for their experiments and both achieved power from the same method.

    Dr. Curt Connors (The Lizard) had his arm amputated due to an injury sustained by a blast while being a military surgeon. Later in life he studied the limb-regenerative capabilities of lizards and long story short, he turned into a humanoid-lizard hybrid.

    Dr. Michael Morbius on the other hand, was a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist who suffered from a rare blood disease. Using experiments involving vampire bats and electroshock therapy, he ended up with super strength some side-effects similar to that of Vampirism and now he must drink blood from his victims.”

    Im just saying guys that these 2 villians would fit well together but we dont know for sure who the villians might be until later when production starts.

  24. Marcg 2010? That`s when Maguire will eventually turn 35 years old, whatever the villains are in this movie, i`ll never turn straight hooked. It`s all been sateelite in this series.

  25. Jose,
    Can you please tell me what exact “article” or “video” that has Sam Raimi saying that? For me there are lots of good villains but it`s supposed to end with with Venom, Caernage, and Lizard, not block it out with a team like Lizard and Morbius.

    And everybody saying after “what happened to Venom”, i wouldn`t wanna rush them to do the character right but it just needs to be appealing to the conception. Why are you guys voting for villains like Rhino, Shocker, Kraven, or Morbius, those villains are all silly and wouldn`t be counselling a sensible tie-in with Spiderman. It`s not that simple to choose any villain just cuz it`s a comic-book movie, Spiderman`s not like other superheroes.

    Anyway, people saying that SM3 was the studio`s fault for “not giving raimi control” no it wasn`t because no matter what was in the movie it`d still be a mess. Whatever happens in this movie i`ll probably still go see it but it might not be substantial. Oh well. Every superhero movie has a base.

  26. Hmmm, just found an article that said Sam Raimi agrees with Spiderman 3 havin “too many villains”. Why? Sam Raimi, you did not have too many villains in the third film, it all depends on the storyline that was pushed in. Why do you think it “dettracted” the movie, i know it was alot of hard work but how could the number of villains have anything to do with the flaws? You still delivered some great action scenes in there, it`s just some things were pretty unstilt. So now you “learned your lesson” from Spiderman 3 and going down to 1 or 2 villains? I really don`t know what to say to you Sam, you`ve carried along and already done what you done with the series. I wouldn`t wanna rush you to make the villains work but i`m just saying, that`s nothing you need to “learn your lesson” from.

  27. I can safely bet we’ll have The Lizard as the main villain this time around. It’s the best thing to do.

    @Evan. I beleive that “teaser poster” was fake after all.

  28. Parker for a lot of stories ends up with a father figure and it’s no different in the movies. What I would expect is that now Connors becomes his father figure. How and when he loses him, which is also part of the formula, is anyones guess at this point. It seems reasonable that a big part of #4 would put Parker in Connors orbit. Give the audience a chance to see the friendship and mentorship grow. It wouldn’t necessarily take up a lions share of the screen minutes but rather some important scenes would effectively carry the subtext. Making that pay off requires the Lizard, how they get there might involve a villain. I leave it to others to speculate if it’s a worthy avenue this go around.

    The next important thing is will Campbell really play an extended role in #4? That’s what you have to find out to be able to speculate which way the show will fall. If Campbell has an extended role then you can work out what makes more sense Kraven, Mysterio, or someone else.

    If not then perhaps a face off between Parker and Morbius is the better story. If Parker is torn between friendships with Morbius and Connors then you get that blockage that Raimi’s talking about. Eventually Parker has to become his own man, step out from the shadow of his mentors. Morbius could block that progress by interfering with it’s evolution. Number four might end up being a setup movie with payoffs in five and six. Four could then afford a couple of throw away villains. Kingpin, Mysterio, Electro? You choose…

  29. lizard would make for a great physical adversary but unfortunately not so much in the brains departments. The Lizard’s initial plan in the comics was pretty corny. I think it was to transform all humans into reptiles or something silly. I don’t see how anything new storywise can come from the Lizard alone. Unfortunately the movie versions of doc ock and green goblin already had the dual personality (odd since they never had that in the comics) which takes away another possibly unique characteristic of the Lizard.