Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find 76 recurring Arrested Development jokes; Fringe mashed up with Star Trek; reasons why superheroes aren’t online more often; Iron Man carved into a watermelon; Casino Royale in LEGO; and a “Super” Indianapolis 500 car. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

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Recurring Developments


An interactive guide to 76 recurring jokes in the first three seasons of the show, in preparation of the release of the fourth season.

From “never nude” to chicken dance to “Steve Holt!”, Recurring Developments lists every joke and every episode it which it appeared, and the reverse — each episode, complete with a list of every recurring joke.

House Stark

Reasons Why Superheroes Aren’t Online More Often

Marvel Watermelon Carvings

Man Of Steel Indy Car

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Downton Diddy

Downton Abbey announced the addition of a black character for the newest season of the show, they somehow forgot the first black character who has been on the show since the beginning.

Lego Casino Royale

A Lego remake of the opening scene from Casino Royale. Carefully and painstakingly remade, frame for frame.

Side by side comparison – http://youtu.be/U5LNbYhBLhw

How was it made?

Wrong Director: Fast & Furious – ArtHouse Version

What if Sofia Coppola, Jim Jarmusch, and Terrence Malick had directed Fast & Furious 6? This week, Jesse Benjamin mashes up the high-speed, sexy thrills of car culture and the lo-fi shoe gazing of art-house cinema. Welcome to life in the slow lane!

FAST AND FURIOUS Movie Inspirations – Top Racing Movies!

This episode feels the need for speed, blasting out of the gate with everything from the Fast and Furious franchise to the Wachowski’s much-maligned Speed Racer to the original Death Race 2000. Along with a host of asphalt-burning classics from the 60s and 70s!

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Fringe + Star Trek =

24 Nerdy T-Shirts That Want To Be Cereal

Parody is the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.

Welcome to Planet Comicon! – Just Cos Kansas City

Join hosts Chloe Dykstra and Meg Turney as they take a tour of all the midwest cosplay at Planet Comicon in Kansas City, Missouri.

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