Robert Downey Jr. Wants To Make Stallone’s ‘Poe’ Movie

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 22nd, 2013 at 4:07 pm,

Robert Downey Jr. is riding a career that is only comparable to the one that is currently sweeping Mickey Rourke through Hollywood. Quite ironic considering that the two are starring in Iron Man 2 together. While The Soloist may not have set the box office alight last weekend, the upcoming Sherlock Holmes should assure some bums on seats. Downey may have the pick of scripts but the comeback kid appears to want to work with only one man – Sylvester Stallone.

The Oscar nominated star has stated that he’s interested in Stallone’s biopic of Gothic writer Edgar Allan Poe.

Stallone has been trying to get his Poe film off the ground for almost a decade and he even wanted Downey Jr to portray the infamous writer when the film almost finally took off in 2005. Years ago, Stallone and Downey’s careers were at their nadir and studio backing was not forthcoming. Now when questioned by the Metro over what types of films he would like to make, the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang star said:

“Stallone wrote a great script that he wants to direct about Edgar Allan Poe.”

With Stallone also flying high due to the back-to-back hits of Rocky Balboa and Rambo (or John Rambo) as well as the impending The Expendables, it looks like the Poe biopic might just make it to screens.

Poe was behind some incredibly important literary classics including The Murders at Rue Morgue, The Raven, The Pit and the Pendulum and many more.

In the 1960′s, schlock director Roger Corman made a series of masterful horror films based on Poe’s works starring horror legend Vincent Price (you really should check them out) and Lou Reed recorded an album inspired by his works.

We’ll have more news on the project as (if) it develops. However, if Stallone still wants to direct the film and Downey Jr. wants to star then I’m sure that it’ll happen.

Sources: Metro (via Joblo), Entertainment Weekly

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  1. id love to see a biopic about Edgar Allan Poe

  2. Oh yes, now that is something worth seeing, no stupid remakes but something which to my knowledge has never been done before. Stallone has been going on about this for over 20 years and it would be cool to finally see it happen. Downey doesnt usually do it for me but he obviously has both the talent and the look to make an excellent Poe. Very good news indeed, let’s hope it gets the green light.

  3. interesting!

  4. I love that you said “the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang star” a slightly obscure reference not to many people saw that film, but it was a great film.

    Anyway not sure about this. On one hand I am a Poe fan and a fan of RDJ at least as an actor not so much as a person. So it’s got some good points however it was written by Stallone which is a big negative as far as quality goes. Can Stallone write a good film? Can Stallone do a non action film even I mean a serious drama ? Not a fan of Stallone at all I consider the guy to be on a very long list of over hyped talent less hacks in hollywood.

  5. Stallone was a good enough writer to write Rocky which is for the most part a drama with a couple of boxing scenes, and that won the Best Picture Oscar – for whatever the Oscar is worth – and Downey himself refers to the Poe script as “great”.

  6. I have no faith in the oscars at all I also think Rocky is one of the most over rated movies in history. I think it’s a fairly simplistic story that really isn’t that interesting. It’s a decent enough movie , but the hype makes me hate it.

  7. Niall…

    When Mickey Rourke is in a blockbuster like RDJ was, THEN you can compare them. As of right now, Rourke has an Oscar for a movie almost no one even heard of, much less seen. Not taking anything away from him, but RDJ is light years ahead of him in career revival.

    As for the topic of the post, I think RDJ would make a GREAT Poe and I am looking forward to this. I love Stallone’s movies, they’re usually fun flicks. Not sure if that can be applied to Poe, but I’m willing to give it a chance!

  8. Stallone Wrote Rocky and Rocky Balboa which are great films. It is amazing how much doubt Stallone gets from people even when he creates one of the most iconic characters in film history. I for one am looking foward to his new movies.

  9. Rocky isn’t that great of a film. It’s just over hyped. The character is so Iconic and loved because he’s sort of a bad ass and it’s a boxing movie. Honestly really think hard about the film and tell me how complex that story is. Guy trains for boxing matches fights and loses. Wow I blew the top off my head that’s such and amazing story. Rocky is a real man’s man and people love that which is fine, but the movie is far from a master piece.

  10. I’ve got to disagree there Daniel F. The first Rocky as a creature separate from its sequels is a great movie and also an important one. The acting is wonderful, the script doesn’t pull punches and the storyline hits a nerve with many guys. For the movie’s significance you should try to find Tarantino’s comments about it. BTW Danny you should try to learn the difference between overhyped and zeitgeist.

  11. I already know thank you very much and I still say it is over hyped and over rated. I don’t need to read Tarantino’s or anyone elses comments on the film as I’ve seen it already for my self. The story is simplistic and it really doesn’t have the depth that people like to pretend. Oh and Great acting? Really?

  12. I actually love Edgar Allen Poe all of his stories and poems are fantastic! I feel that Robert Downey Jr. would be the right man for the job. He has been through alot of what Poe experienced with the alcoholism and severe depression. Robert already has alot of insight into the issues at hand. That’s why he is so “great” at playing these types of roles. I am all for an Edgar Allen Poe movie both Poe and Robert Downey Jr. read alot alike. Should be awesome.

  13. Daniel F, I think you’re confusing “plot” with “story” when you say Rocky was “simplistic” mate! It has amazing character and story depth, and it didn’t just win Oscars, it actually won a slew of international awards! :)

    Fair enough it may not have been to your taste, that’s your prerogative, (FWIW, I didn’t like “The Dark Knight”) but don’t just bag it out because you didn’t like it or get it! Cheers! ;)

  14. I got it just fine there wasn’t really much to get. It’s not like it was complicated. I should also add that genearlly when people bag things out as you put it well that’s because they didn’t like it. That’s the reason you talk negatively about something. Awards are meaningless. Most people who brag about the awards a movie got to try and prove it was great will bag on other movies that won awards and say that the awards don’t matter. It really does nothing for anyone’s point to talk about the awards they one.

    As for amazing characters and story depth sorry, but it’s not really that deep. It was a simple story about a simple man with a very very simple actor. I’m not saying the movie was crap just that it’s very over rated. It was an average movie. Maybe I would of liked it a little bit more if the acting was better, but even still it wouldn’t be that deep of a story.

  15. Awards (generally) = Peer Review! In any profession that’s the highest form of critique, and generally considered good evidence! It also does your argument no good to continually be subjective without evidence to back up your viewpoint!

    You’re the only person I’ve ever heard, whether they liked it or not (here it’s only 1:4), say Rocky was a bad movie! Statistically speaking mate, you’re not getting anywhere! ;)

    Notice I managed to point out I didn’t like Dark Knight without bagging it, it’s ok not to like something others do, you simply DON’T have to decry it, sometimes it’s just YOU! ;)

    It’s clear you didn’t get it, or you wouldn’t be so polarised! It’s not a put-down, some stuff just strikes a chord and some doesn’t! Yes it’s simple on some levels, you’ll find in life most good things are; but it’s like a donkey, er I mean an onion, it’s got layers! :)

  16. Wow are you kidding me? This is sad you clearly don’t pay attention I clearly stated I didn’t think Rocky was a bad movie. I made it fairly clear that I simply thought it was over hyped and that while it’s not bad it’s just not as great as most people make it out. I clearly said it was a decent flick. Learn to pay attention.

    It’s so sad “You don’t like what I like so you just don’t understand it.” make me said that you think that way. Oh well I’m done talking to you since you clearly decided not to read anything I said. Anyone says anything negative about Rocky and you go blind apparently. I mean seriously I said it multiple times that it wasn’t a bad movie and then you go and say I called it a bad movie.

  17. Look up the word “semantic” Daniel! When you state a movie is over-hyped, over-rated and has bad acting you are effectively stating it is bad! You cannot have it both ways no matter how much you contradict yourself literally! I was paying attention, it’s just that your entire argument is very specious! :(

    Listen to yourself objectively for a minute, you’ve digressed from sensible debate to rudeness & insult, very poor form mate! And as far as the movie itself goes, forget that, go back and look at some of your comments, you’re here CLEARLY disputing what every critical award (or peer) has ever said about any arbitrary movie purely based on YOUR opinion without evidence to back it up! Do you not see the cognitive distortion here?

    When I alert you to a flaw in your logic and ask you to offer some proof to validate your argument you become abusive! Congratulations Daniel, you’ve just confirmed everything I had suspected about your maturity! ;)

  18. That’s completely untrue. Something can by very over hyped with out being bad. If people claims something is a 10 out of 10 and you think it’s an 8 that means it’s over hyped to you, but not that it’s bad. There is a huge difference between bad and over hyped and I mean a big difference. There is no such thing as proof or evidence when you are discussing opinions.

    Also I didn’t insult you one bit I simply pointed out that you ignored everything I said.

    You failed to point out in flaw in my logic you simply disagreed and gave your opinion. Which is very valid it’s your opinion to have however upon giving your opinion you acted as though I was simply wrong instead of accepting that I don’t agree you accused me or not getting the film in some way. It’s not that I didn’t get its that I didn’t like it. I understood the film just fine. You also insulted my maturity in the most recent post. So I ask you who was it that resorted to insults?

  19. What happened, I thought you were done? With a comment like: “Oh well I’m done talking to you since you clearly decided not to read anything I said.” you more than clearly stated your intention of doing the socratic equivalent of taking your bat & ball and going home? What am I MEANT to infer from the maturity level of such behaviour?

    I’m not going to bother trying to reiterate everything you’ve said in this forum to plainly infer Rocky was a substandard movie undeserving of its acclaim; nor am I going to try to persuade you to like the movie when your attitude spawned this comment “but the hype makes me hate it” as you appear to have formed an internal opinion unrelated to the movie itself, just the awards!

    You’ve clearly stated “I have no faith in the oscars at all”; “I don’t need to read Tarantino’s or anyone elses comments” and “Awards are meaningless” so you have no intention of conceding the possibility that the rest of the world may be right and you are being a bit biased! :p

    You may not acknowledge or realise that you’ve taken a particular viewpoint, but linguistically speaking you have! I may have misinterpreted your original intention, but I doubt it, I’ve noticed all of your comments and think you’ve just been hedging your bets in a very cowardly way. Your purpose for initial comment was to question Stallone’s ability as a writer, saying “Not a fan of Stallone at all I consider the guy to be on a very long list of over hyped talent less hacks in hollywood”! You’ve well and truly shown your agenda whether you’re man enough to admit it or not! ;)

    I’m gonna let you “win” this argument, but I’d suggest you take a good look at yourelf; stubbornness and pig-ignorance as a tactic may get people to stop shouting at you; but it will NEVER make you right! >:)

  20. Yes I’m the stubborn one. I accept that people have a differeing opinion about rocky. I don’t think they are wrong because as I said they have a different opinoin. I simply disagree with them. I’ve also never once insulted you in the entire argument though you questioned my maturity and you were the one throwing around insults. Also you used a very common tactic that a lot of internet trolls use. When some one says that they are finished with a conversation because it has become pointless you attempt to bait them back in by bashing their opinions and them personally. Then call them out on coming back in after you clearly baited them.

    I’ve acknowledged you had a different opinion and never really said you were wrong just disagreed with you I’ve also managed not to insult you. Maybe you should remember that next time you go trolling. Unlike you I don’t let a famous persons comments or awards influence my opinion. Yes I clearly stated I consider awards useless because I base my opinion on what I thought of a film and not what anyone else thinks of it. I do apologize for having a mind of my own and not being a sheep like your self.

    Don’t get me wrong not everyone who likes this film is a sheep just the ones who justify them selves liking it by bragging about the awards it won as if it some how proves the film is a masterpiece. Please learn to think for your self and form your own opinions.

  21. Hahahaha. That was very entertaining!

  22. GOD, that would be AWESOME.
    Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favourites writers.
    Robert Downey Jr is one of my favourites actors.
    and well… i really liked Rocky and Stallone wrote it so…
    I would totally love this movie.
    By the way, I think Downey is an excellent option 'cause he kinda looks like Poe and he is an amazing actor… and, I kinda miss him doing this serious roles… 'cause I love Tony Stark, but I really want him to do some drama

  23. GOD, that would be AWESOME.
    Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favourites writers.
    Robert Downey Jr is one of my favourites actors.
    and well… i really liked Rocky and Stallone wrote it so…
    I would totally love this movie.
    By the way, I think Downey is an excellent option 'cause he kinda looks like Poe and he is an amazing actor… and, I kinda miss him doing this serious roles… 'cause I love Tony Stark, but I really want him to do some drama

  24. I think Robert Downey Jr. would be wonderful as Poe!!! I hope he gets it. Poe is my favorite poet and Robert Downey Jr. is one of my top 5 favorite actors. You get my vote Mr. Downey! May you be blessed with all the happiness you can handle.

  25. It would make a great movie and I could not think of a better poe.This should of been done long ago, very overdue.I believe paradise lost should be available in 2012.Another film I hope get’s off the ground is The Alchemist which Laurence Fishburne as expressed his desire to make for the last couple of years, with millions of books sold it’s a real no brainer I feel.

  26. Has this movie began production? I started following Poe for almost a decade when Stallone first announced it and recently came across a trailer for a new Poe film. Check out the trailer. It is really awesome and reminds me of a classic Silence of the Lambs. Here it is on Facebook:

    Has anyone else heard of this? With The Raven and this Poe, 2012 must be the year of Poe.

  27. it’s about god damned time,
    RDJ could pull it off!

  28. Yeah, I’d like to see Robert Downey, jr. play Poe. That would be cool! Hopefully he gets cast!