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smallville doomsday Discuss: Smallville Doomsday Episode!Hey folks, just a reminder for you that tonight’s episode of Smallville features a full-on version of Doomsday!

If you’re not familiar with the character, he’s the big, scary guy who managed to actually kill Superman in the comics a few years back. It was a HUGE event in the comic book world and led to a full year without the “regular” Superman existing in the DC Comics universe.

And tonight we get to watch him face off against Smallville‘s version of Superman: Clark Kent.

This season of the show has been a HUGE improvement over the previous one. It seems that the departure of series creators Miles Millar and Al Gough was well overdue – the “new blood” that has taken over the show has done a very good job this season.

We’ve had no Lana Lang (well, it looks like she does put in an appearance tonight), and finally Clark (Tom Welling) is coming into his own as a superhero and is maturing big time. Moving the show mostly to Metropolis has worked out really well.

One of the more controversial plot points was the introduction of paramedic Davis Bloome (played by Sam Witwer) as the character who would eventually become Doomsday. There were concerns because in the comics Superman doesn’t meet this big bad guy until he’s been fully Superman for a very long time. There were also concerns about how the show would portray the character.

Well if you look at the image above you can see that it looks like they went all out and that the character does in fact look very similar to the one in the comic book.

superman vs doomsday Discuss: Smallville Doomsday Episode!
Superman vs. Doomsday (from DanScottArt.com)

So the question remains of how the battle between Clark and Doomsday will go tonight – I have more than a sneaking suspicion that this is going to be a two-part episode.

In any case, I’m looking forward to this… are you?

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  1. despire = despise

    oh and one more point. Lana’s character left on strange terms – there was no closure at all. Having her return can solidify the end of the Clark-Lana relationship.

  2. Vic, i must say, when it comes to Smallville, you are a man after my own heart. I can’t stand Lana, but Lois is the true one and only. Another thing that bothers me is the fact that Clark has yet to fly, honestly that boy has issues. Can’t believe we have to wait so long for this, they should better make it worth our while. Ah Lex, Lex; the bad guy, the clever criminal with a bald head, how I miss you. From what I have noticed, it seems that Brainiac can never be destroyed, or is there something I’m not getting?? Since what remained of him was so little and it could still override Jor-El. Poor Jimmy, that boy needs some stability in his life.

  3. Besides stepping forward to create new flavours in the existing characters, the mythology stands talls in them… Also, the idea of not using Superman Costume is also quite intellectual since its HIM who inculcates the symbol for peace, justice, freedom… But, friends the fact that they will show the new ep. on jan 15 is horrible… How long do you think the masterpiece (Brainiac) will override the master (JOR-EL) ??? Lets all wait with the “S” hope.

  4. I was thrilled to see Lana back. I have missed her and obviously so has Clark. She needed to come back so that they could have closure – I just hope that it ends well. (By the way, they can’t kill Lana. Does she die in the freakin comic books that you children all love so much? Just asking). Clark and Lana still love each other and always will (did you see how he looked at her?) But they are not destined to be together so he will move on to his #2 choice. He did look relieved that she ended it and that she’s happy. You Lana haters can all relax because she is probably back to try and protect him from Lex and Tess. I think she is in cahoots with Pete. We’ll see. Now as for Chloe…

  5. In Superman the movie Clark dissappeared for 12 yrs and traveled across universes learning from Jor-el. Thats what should happen on the final episode of Smallville. Clark should disappear for an extended period of time and return as Superman. The final shot would show a red and blue blur streaking toward Earth and as we zoom in on that blur we see a close up of Clarks face then just end abruptly. This way we can see him fly and we can assume that he will become more like the traditional (glasses/ spandex) Superman.

  6. Tricia I could not have said it any better. I get so sick of people compaining about lana coming back for just five episodes. They do need to find closure and they will be so busy with what’s going on that they won’t have time to go back and forth, they will be friends and just that. If everybody got there way and Clark was with Lois and Lana was gone with Clark also being Superman there would be no need for the show. The new producers have made season 8 one of the best giving us so many superman nods, Clark and Lois becoming more close, and even giving us a new take on Jor El making him a friend instead of an enemy. It get’s frustrating as a fan of the show to hear people put the show down every week but watch it only to complain, I don’t get it. For what we have seen so far this season we should have faith because everybody that works on the show has earned it.

  7. Tricia,

    Lana was in Clark / Superman’s and were close buds throughout. Though when she married someone else, she named her kid Clark.

    And it’s not necessarily Lana, but the actress that let’s some of us down. But that’s cool… we’ve all got favs and non-favs in the world of shows and characterizations.

    Children, huh?

  8. Wow, what a bunch of ADD cases. It’s amazing how many people do not understand and cannot handle a few episodes of plot development. The “Playstation” generation need to have things happen instantly with no build up to the climax. Sad.

  9. @JP

    I think most of the complaints are about how the advertising implied that episode would have the big showdown, but left 95% of it for the next episode.


  10. Bruce, you are right- we have our favs and I think Kristin is a good actress and acted what she was given by the writers. She and Tom have great chemistry and have done a wonderful job making Clark and Lana’s love for each other believable. I hope the writers have done a good job bringing that relationship the closure it deserves with both of them not hurting and ready to move on. Maybe then I can actually not cringe when I see Clark and Lois sharing a romantic moment. At least now she shows respect for Clark instead of always verbally abusing him. By the way, did Lois Lane ever really love Clark or was it Superman? He’s not there yet so be patient people. In the meantime, he’s got to deal with Brainiac, Doomsday and other evildoers. Maybe he needs to put romance on hold for a while. I know that would make so many of you happy. I am worried about Chloe because she was created for Smallville and ANYTHING can happen to her. She had betr get back her memories of who Clark is or I will be extremely pissed! She deserves to be there when he becomes the Man.

  11. For the record I have NO problem with Kristen Kreuk. What I did have a problem with was her character arc and the never-ending, nauseating back and forth between Lana and Clark year after year after year…


  12. pete ross returns again for a few episodes.
    lex returns right at the end of the season and clark finally flies ….. you heard it here first!!!!

  13. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh, Clark flies. Wow. Milestone for Smallville. So now when he flies they’ll actually call it “flying” instead of “jumping”. Very good. Maybe GA will stop pretending to be Batman….

    I can’t wait till this show is over. :-p

    At least the Lois is hot. Erica Durance is the best thing about the show. ;) Too bad for all the crappy writing tho.

  14. What is you problem Kel. I have a question for you to answer. If you hate the show that much then why do you feel the need to talk about it so much. I and most others watch stuff we like and not stuff we don’t. You have a tv remote, use it and stop posting your useless comments.

  15. @Kel

    If you don’t like the show fine, but you’re drifting into “troll” territory with that last comment.


  16. If you’re really into the whole Superman mythos, I just finished reading a great novel called “The Last Days of Krypton” that shows life on Krypton just before Kal-El was born and sent to Earth. GREAT book and it’s written by Kevin J. Anderson. I HIGHLY recommend it!!

  17. @Scott,

    I don’t watch the show regularly, just on occasion (usually for a “big event” a la Doomsday). I post my “useless comments” because I dislike the show and want people to know, same as you posting cuz you want people to know you like the show. You won’t have to worry about me hatin’ up this thread anymore, as I’ve said what I’ve had to say and I’m done. :D


    Enough is enough, gotcha. :)

  18. Smallville has had way more Ups than downs!! I for one am glad that it’s lasted as long as it has. The show has proved that super-hero based shows can last & visually entertain! Haters like Kel should be forced to watch nothing but horrible reality shows & Dancing With The Stars! Nothing else. As many have said “This is a TV show”. Based on the younger years of Superman & trying to appeal to a broader audience. Liberties will & must be taken. I for one think it would be great after a battle royale with the Justice League & Supergirl for Doomsday to kill Clark in the season finale. Of course he would be ressurected in the 9th season. So to all you loser haters, go bug Britney Spears. She’s someone deserving of your negative comments. Although I’m sure Kel has all her albums!

  19. I like the love-stories in DCworld (spiderman, batman, superman) thats why i´m a fan of smallville. The reallity is that its a low-budget show (comparising to the movies) and that they do the best they can. Its the action who costs money and thats why they go cloverfield and you wont see doomsday for more than a few seconds. Dont compare Smallville whith Batman begins cause its 2 different worlds. If youre in it for the action youre better watch the high-budget movies…

  20. wow!!!!! kel you don’t need to even talk about the show if your not that interested in it and only watch it on ocasion. I have watched every episode and I am crazy about it. Try watching something that you actually like. Also im sorry clark is the best thing about the show if you werent awair he’s kinda what the show is about. By the way Tom welling is smoken hot!!!!!!!!

  21. I kinda use to like lona but now I would rather see her off the show for good.I realy just love lois she is so sweet in her own way. Also I love the way that she looks at clark can’t wait to see more happen between them and there cut flirting.

  22. I was realy dissipionted in the episode before doomsday. I hated how cloe lost memory of clarks powers and everything that they went through envolving them. I realy liked there relationship as friends and the way cloe was always there for clark when involving his powers. It just realy disipionts me.

  23. lets make this really good i want superman to die along with doomsday like the comic and bring back a 9th season with the return of superman and the doomsday war

  24. Only one more week to go until we finally find out what happens next with Doomsday and Chloeniac. Can’t wait!
    So for the rest of the season we have 3 major villains: Brainiac-possesed Chloe, Doomsday (who looked pretty cool despite the fact that we only saw him in the shadows so far)and Lex, whose all wired up, scheming and pulling strings in the background (classic comic book villain style). Awesome!

    It’s just me, but I keep feeling that, by the end of this season, they’re gonna kill Chloe off. (Fan-fiction alert) She’s possesed by Brainiac right now and knowing that smart-ass alien robot, he’s up to something real big and evil, something he’ll acheive more succesfully with Doomsday at his side, something that may change the lives of Clark and his friends forever. Eventually, this plan (whatever it may be) will lead to an all out battle at the fortress between Clark (the Justice League, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter and maybe Pete at his side) and Chloeniac who unleashes Doomsday upon him. It will take all of them, all using their own abilities at once to temporarily subdue the creature (maybe he’ll also get flown into the sun by Jon,Kara or Clark if he learns how to fly by then, to return at a later season). They’ll be all battle damaged by the end of that confrontation especially Clark, who, despite his almost fatal injuries would go of on his own to face off against the villain who took his best friend’s form. Their fight would be epic. Chloe would be packing some serious Brainiac mojo (superspeed, heat vision, the T-1000 liquid metal thingy, etc…), and Clark, whose pulling back his punches so as not to harm Chloe’s body, thinking their might still be a chance to cure her, is at a distinct disadvantage. That is until Chloe’s personna is able to reemerge temporarily, emploring Clark to just kill her since there’d be no other way to stop Brainiac. Clark would refuse which would lead to a dramatic back and forth between the two of them, Brainiac fighting to take back control the entire time, until Chloe would finally convince Clark that there’d be no other choice. Clark, in tears, would then say something along the lines of “I love you Chloe” and… the death of Chloe Sullivan. Then we’d have an iconic image of Clark carrying Chloe’s body out of the fortress with everyone around him watching and crying. The aftrmath of this tragedy would be Lex emerging from the shadows and entering the Fortress, taking something from it, perhaps a device Brainiac was using for his plan, a plan that he would attempt to try out and improve in the following season. (Fan fiction ended)

    Afterthought: who else feels the show should be renamed “Metropolis” at this point.

  25. heh! sorry for the long posting. ^_^

  26. Ok, So when is Batman going to show up?…WonderWoman? And “Flash” is still Impulse?

  27. Well, Folks, as I have read all of our close fans blogs. We find ourselves knowing that TW signed an overwhelming contract with CW. We are all looking forward to season 9. We are going to see eye opening episodes which will be enjoyed by everyone in general. I can hardly wait.
    Being 70 plus, and Sept. 10 will be here soon. I have sincerely enjoyed the Smallvile series. Vic, you have been a real inspiration and very much enjoy you posted coments. Otho 2/28/09 6:30 Pacific Time