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smallville doomsday Discuss: Smallville Doomsday Episode!Hey folks, just a reminder for you that tonight’s episode of Smallville features a full-on version of Doomsday!

If you’re not familiar with the character, he’s the big, scary guy who managed to actually kill Superman in the comics a few years back. It was a HUGE event in the comic book world and led to a full year without the “regular” Superman existing in the DC Comics universe.

And tonight we get to watch him face off against Smallville‘s version of Superman: Clark Kent.

This season of the show has been a HUGE improvement over the previous one. It seems that the departure of series creators Miles Millar and Al Gough was well overdue – the “new blood” that has taken over the show has done a very good job this season.

We’ve had no Lana Lang (well, it looks like she does put in an appearance tonight), and finally Clark (Tom Welling) is coming into his own as a superhero and is maturing big time. Moving the show mostly to Metropolis has worked out really well.

One of the more controversial plot points was the introduction of paramedic Davis Bloome (played by Sam Witwer) as the character who would eventually become Doomsday. There were concerns because in the comics Superman doesn’t meet this big bad guy until he’s been fully Superman for a very long time. There were also concerns about how the show would portray the character.

Well if you look at the image above you can see that it looks like they went all out and that the character does in fact look very similar to the one in the comic book.

superman vs doomsday Discuss: Smallville Doomsday Episode!
Superman vs. Doomsday (from DanScottArt.com)

So the question remains of how the battle between Clark and Doomsday will go tonight – I have more than a sneaking suspicion that this is going to be a two-part episode.

In any case, I’m looking forward to this… are you?

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  1. This has been a great no outstanding season and I think it’s because they finally are not holding back which makes sense since they will end by next season but the main reason is the writers seem to know exactly where there going which leads to no filler episodes for the most part. I have watched Smallville from the begining and have liked every season but this year feels epic and for those dedicated fans it’s nice to see so much positive feedback on the show.

  2. it’s going to be intense tonight!

  3. Does this mean that we’re going to see four new supermen appear? I hope so!!!!

  4. This is going to be freakin’ sweet! I told my GF that we could hang out tonight only if we watch Smallville together! LOL!! I’m really liking this season so far, too!!

  5. Light SPOILERS!!!

    Ok so the relatively low budget (compared to feature films) Smallville has successfully done what none of the Superman movies have done since II and that is reboot, retell, and revamp the Superman mythos. What I saw tonight was what the movie execs need to watch. Tonight’s episode just proved to me that the guys at the helm know what they’re doing. I was completely stoked when the Jurrasic Park scene hit and everyone is like WTF. Doomsday looked great and the fact that he just totally handed Clark his *ss was fantastic. The only thing that scene could have used was Clark looking down in disbelief at a cut on his face or something. Lana returning as a seeming double agent was good but the intensity rising between Clark and Lois is just fantastic. In my opinion we need to see glasses and dual identity soon with the final episode being tights and flights and the public save on Lois.

  6. Bah! I feel ripped off! I knew it would be a two-parter but I hoped for more tonight. And I didn’t know we’d have to wait two MONTHS for the conclusion!?

    Oh, and bloody Lana – if she can’t throw a wrench in her relationship with Clark she had to return to throw one in between Clark and Lois – grrr. Just when I thought we were DONE with all that will they/won’t they get together crapola that we had to put up with for 7 years.

    I *did* like that Doomsday looked like in the comics, but what was up with that smile from Chloe in the final scene? Creepy…


  7. Ahh, I slept through the fight parts then my sister called. :-(

  8. That smile on Chloes face was Brainaic I think taking her over. I don’t feel ripped off because everything that happened between Lana and Clark was expected if your a long time fan of the show. To have a seven year relationship with Lana and have her vanish and reapear just means that Clark is just trying to figure things out and since they didn’t do anything but talk I think people can calm down. As usual there will be some who will complain that Lana ruined Clark and Lois moment and there wasn’t enough action but these people would be terrible show runners because if you gave in to what everybody wanted there wouldn’t be any tension at all and the show would then be Clark an a episode of the Brady Bunch. This season they have given us so many Superman nods as well as make Clark accept his destiny and even give us a new take on Jor EL story now making him a friend instead of a enemy. To those who still have a problem with the show just accept that not everything is not going to go your way and be thankful for what the new show runners have done this season and have some faith in them because they have earned it.

  9. The episode rocked so hard!

    When the pre-credit segment ran, I was like “Hey! Cloverfield-y!” Then it struck me how they were gonna mirror Doomsday to the Cloverfield monster.

    Awesome! :D

  10. Sigh. While I did indeed enjoy the episode, I find the cliffhangers beyond annoying. Lana, die already. Enough is enough. With Chloe, one can foresee a “Brainiac” takeover, possibility of Lex pulling the strings of Doomsday, and Chloe pulling some sort of miraculous overpowering of Brainiac to both reset the Fortress to previous condition and wipe the ground with Doomsday probably sending him to the Phantom Zone in time to save Clark and cause a feedback to inflict Lex with a stronger desire to obtain the Brainiac knowledge for himself. Of course that will also lead to her regaining the “lost” memories and have all sorts of angsty discussions with Clark for removing them Yadda Yadda Yadda… So far, the only thing missing is a Bruce Wayne reference and Chloe meeting a young Barbara Gordon.

    Overall I give it a 7 out of 10, good but not spectacular.

  11. Now admittedly I dozed off at certain points, but WTF is everyone talking about? They barely SHOWED Doomsday. Just a shadow with spikey armor. This was the first (and possibly last) time I watch Smallville. Kristen K looked grown and sexy, though.

  12. Well, I’m with T, ppnkof, and Vic. The episode was OK, better than most of last season, but most of the show was BLAH. Like the old man, I nearly fell asleep waiting for Doomsday. When he finally showed, it was great but short. I just wonder if the exposed kryptonite affected Clark in some way, even though he wasn’t that close to it (until Doomsday smacked him into next year :-) ). Like Vic, I was disappointed when they said it would continue in January. These guys are fracking rich; they don’t need a vacation 8-) .

  13. Screw Christmas shows. Wanna really rouse my spirits? Show Clark start wearing glasses, and rip the suit and tie off to reveal the wonderful red s and blue spandex he should have had underneath for a long time now. Show him chase down Doomsday(really looked awesome) and we get a two hour slugfest. End it with Doomsday getting plummeted off into space (so he can return to kill supes later) and there you have it, folks. Clark is Superman, and the show Smallville may rest in peace(intro the new wave of totally awesome Superman movies).

  14. I honestly just don’t see how the glasses/spandex Superman will ever fit into the Smallville universe. Ever.

    Even if there was some sort of cop-out mass Jor-El mind wipe of everyone in Metropolis and Smallville, does the show really strike you as one where a character puts on a pair of glasses and no one recognizes him?

    It’ll never work.


  15. Doomday looked great! Hope that the director and writers of the next Superman film take a look at how easy Doomday was bring to life.

  16. sorry: bring ment brought

  17. I agree Vic, yet the whole mythos is based on that alter ego that would never work in a world of people with 20/20 vision.

    It will be a stretch if they dare go in that direction with the future direction of the show, but who knows?

    Not me. I know nada, nuthing, zip, zero… kapeesh?

  18. Just a few things that I seem to see a lot concerning peoples’ opinions of Smallvile:
    First and foremost this isn’t Superman it’s Smallville. It is a complete revamp and retelling of Superman’s Origins. They’ve taken a LOT of liberties with the mythos but they have stayed true to the source material for the most part. I for one have always thought (and mind you this was before we got an ultimates universe from Marvel) that it would be fantastic to have a retelling of some of the greatest characters in a modern era. What it would be like for these great heroes to have grown up in today’s modern age with the political and society values of today as opposed to the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s. Kudos to the people that have the imagination to do so.

  19. The everyone knows everyone premise of this show doomed logical Superman continuity from the beginning. You can’t really expect everything to unfold into the modern history and still keep a straight face. Yet, that is exactly what will happen on this show. I don’t care what happens or what anyone says. At the end of it all, Clark will put on the glasses and tights and fly off into the sunset regardless. Gough and Millar have butchered Superman lore mercilessly for the last seven or eight years and you could tell they had no clue as to how they were going to resolve everything into the established continuity of the Superman universe. They probably didn’t expect it to get this far. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved this show, but I knew it would be difficult to reconcile with the comics and even the movies. That’s why I haven’t tried to expect certain things out of this show to line up with them. It does seem the new team wants to steer the show in that direction and if they pull it off smoothly, then they deserve the props. It didn’t seem the previous heads even wanted to get Clark to actually become Superman on the show, just to continually have the potential of it.

  20. I thought they did an awesome job with Doomsday, although I was dismayed that they had to use the whole Cloverfield camera gimmick to show that part. I really wish they would just kill Lana off already and not bring her back at ALL the rest of the run of the show. Her showing up last night dragged down the episode. ALl-in-all, this was a very good episode, in a very good season of Smallville. I just can’t believe I have to wait TWO FREAKIN’ MONTHS for new episodes!!! Oh well, it’ll give me time to catch up on My Name is Earl episodes.

  21. Yeah, it took about 5 seconds for me to say “oh look, they’re doing Cloverfield.”


  22. I look at the show as a stand-alone product of the franchise, with uncanny parallels with the comic franchise that they put to good use within the structure of this network representation.

    Then, I’m not actually expecting much, but find myself rather surprised when something that correlates to the DC version pops up.

    Simple approach for me. Keep expectations low, not get too disappointed! Been working out good for me!

  23. Just finished watching the episode seconds ago so I can finally participate on this thread.

    The episode was pretty amazing and the last set of scenes (most especially the music) was frigging epic.

    To be honest the first episodes of this season weren’t that good and the new female Lex Luthor I thought was horrible but since they’ve stepped away from the last most recent episodes and focused more on Doomsday, it’s been great.

    I’m also glad the Lois-Clark thing didn’t happen this episode, that would of been too rushed. It was this episode where they both kinda realized it (well, moreso for Lois) so its good it wont happen till at least after the break or after this Chloe Rescue takes place.

    I read confirmations Rosenbaum will not appear this season so as much as I loved the Lex Luthor references and him at the end, I don’t know how that will play out.

    If they do not go ahead with season 9, I REALLY hope they get him back to make an appearance in the end, same with Martha Kent. That being said, I’d love to see more of this show, bring back the Justice team and have them doing crap next season.

  24. Give me a break people – the episode sucked. I am so SICK of the Clark/Lana love story after 7 boring years and yet again they have to throw it in our faces again. You can tell the actors are fed up as well – you can see it on their faces when their acting. I assumed the only reason Lana Lang came back was to screw Doomsday – isn’t that what she does? Have sex with all the villains? You couldn’t properly see Doomsday and what you did see looked cheap and plastic.

    Doomsday should look like Abomination from The Incredible Hulk movie (in size and mass) not some bad latex Halloween costume. The first 3 seasons of Smallville were great, now the show is just watered down and cheesy. The only highlight is the Green Arrow character.

  25. I really liked the episode mainly due to the growing feelings between Lois and Clark. It is very well done. This season is very good as the producers have things refocused. The nod to Cloverfield was fun!


  26. @Dean

    I, too rolled my eyes and cringed when Lana appeared. I was also bummed that the whole Doomsday thing turned out to be more of a teaser. They had better deliver big time when the show returns in January.

    I thought Doomsday was fine from what little we saw of him. Remember, this is “Smallville the TV series” not “Superman the comic book.”


  27. I despire Lana and I hope she gets killed off. That being said it was cool to see some character returns for the big wedding cliff-hanger episode. Lana’s character is scheduled for 5 episodes, so only 4 more until she hopefully gets eaten by Doomsday.

    As for Doomsday’s look, you simply can’t compare this show to the comics because it’s not. The fact that they went all out and actually made Doomsday into Doomsday is amazing in an of itself for a show with a non-feature-film budget.

    You gotta remember, money and time is an issue and the characters aren’t meant to be exact copies of the comic counterparts – that would be impossible for this show. What we got was FAR better than just having doomsday in human form, just super strong or whatever.