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smallville doomsday Discuss: Smallville Doomsday Episode!Hey folks, just a reminder for you that tonight’s episode of Smallville features a full-on version of Doomsday!

If you’re not familiar with the character, he’s the big, scary guy who managed to actually kill Superman in the comics a few years back. It was a HUGE event in the comic book world and led to a full year without the “regular” Superman existing in the DC Comics universe.

And tonight we get to watch him face off against Smallville‘s version of Superman: Clark Kent.

This season of the show has been a HUGE improvement over the previous one. It seems that the departure of series creators Miles Millar and Al Gough was well overdue – the “new blood” that has taken over the show has done a very good job this season.

We’ve had no Lana Lang (well, it looks like she does put in an appearance tonight), and finally Clark (Tom Welling) is coming into his own as a superhero and is maturing big time. Moving the show mostly to Metropolis has worked out really well.

One of the more controversial plot points was the introduction of paramedic Davis Bloome (played by Sam Witwer) as the character who would eventually become Doomsday. There were concerns because in the comics Superman doesn’t meet this big bad guy until he’s been fully Superman for a very long time. There were also concerns about how the show would portray the character.

Well if you look at the image above you can see that it looks like they went all out and that the character does in fact look very similar to the one in the comic book.

superman vs doomsday Discuss: Smallville Doomsday Episode!
Superman vs. Doomsday (from DanScottArt.com)

So the question remains of how the battle between Clark and Doomsday will go tonight – I have more than a sneaking suspicion that this is going to be a two-part episode.

In any case, I’m looking forward to this… are you?

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    alota people keep saying whens batman coming into it, wonderwoman

    the show CANNOT use the rights to use bruce wayne or batman because of the movies going on right now, the same reason youll never see clark wear the suerpman outfit

    its just the way tv works, they cant be seen to be using such HUGE characters that have been in reccent movies, but when its the other way round it seems pretty fine to make a FILM using characters from a series, i hate the way tv works, but also to the guy who asked about flash, he’s been in it, you realise theres a fair few flash’s dont you? and they didnt all name themselves the flash ^^ also hes been in smallville a few times, have u not been watching lol

  2. If I remember correctly… Originally it wasn’t the glasses that kept people from recognizing Clark as Superman…

    I believe originally Superman vibrated his face to be a blur so no one could recognize him… after the artists explained this .. they no longer needed to draw him blurred…

  3. Sam Witwer has said on tv guide channel that there will be a big doomsday vs. Clark battle. Also, they asked if Lex will return, and he said he could not answer, which probably: yes.

  4. Give us some link /proof / love Jesse.
    is there a vid link we can watch?

    The Lex thing keeps getting tossed around in so many different variations despite what Rosenbaum himself and the execs have reported to be saying…

    Maybe he could not answer to keep us wondering and thus, interested.

    Thanks bud.


    This episode was RIDICULOUS
    So disjointed and horribly put together as to be worse than refuse.
    Chloe, sure not a super krypton brain but she HEALS people …HELLO?
    What’s with the interaction of all the superheros
    Davis Doomsday split and each ending was so painful to watch (in so much as I HAD anticipated it would be good, thought out, interesting)
    Smallville is my favorite show (was a tie with Stargate SG-1 but since that’s gone – and SG Universe looks like a joke – What on earth was this nonsense?
    and I’ll agree with the above…… Zod back? What on earth? That’s just pathetic….. I suppose it could still be the alternative and could just be a representative of the best of krypton – but that would be pathetic also…….

    WHAT THE………………………………………………………..

    It’s almost like they WANT to piss off the fans so we will be ok with it being over………….. almost like they WANT to tick us off so much we will be happy if they actually give up now and don’t do the agreed upon next season.

  6. i was ennoyed with the ending, but i think that clark may have sent the doomsday creature to the future, like how clark and the future guy talked about,

    its a litte weird and hard to understand, but i thnk we will see it come together next season, i hope

  7. Bill Gates doesn’t make this show. Yeah. The fight was a let-down. But that will come with having a budget and not just being able to draw a cross-country fist fight with massive explosions. Plus, if it was a fight like the Superman vs. Doomsday of the comics, it would have been a little hard for Clark to hide the fact that it was him fighting, with all the people and news helicopters and Cadmus troops and all. In the comics, DD punched his way out of the ground from being buried. For the show maybe this fight was just a way DD got down there as opposed to crashing into Earth (which he already did). A way to setup for the real Death of Superman fight that will happen later in his life, when he’s actually Superman. As for Zod, Clark’s upset with humans for being bad. With Zod, he can see just how bad Kryptonians can be, and he’ll learn that no matter where you go there will be good and bad people, leading up to him finally accepting his fate. I wish the show had unlimited money though; the fight could’ve been good.

  8. Having a budget doesn’t yield a good fight scene?
    Umm can we say Stargate franchise.
    Perhaps the wrong people are in charge of Smallville…. lets get Stargate or Star Trek people in charge.

    Yeah – so many things in this episode are completely insane They don’t even go together in harmony with fact INSIDE this episode let alone the series.

    This episode should never have been made. They should have either, if budget was key – which seems like BS – then they needed to save money and make ‘doomsday’ the next season opener with money for two episodes. Further perhaps the last few episodes should have been scrapped to end the season early with a well thought out Doomsday w/ the money from all those episodes.


    As with a lot of people here – this is my favorite show and only Doctor who, Torchwood, and Stargate sg-1 are (were for SG-1) competition. Having said that – Doomsday, this particular episode was one of the worst episodes of ANY SHOW I’ve ever seen in almost 35yrs. And I’ve seen a lot of horrid shows in that time. I wish smallville would continue many years into the future – even with the replacement for Welling – as long as it’s a good replacement.

    I do think Welling should be offered and play the New Superman in the upcoming new revision movie….. he should have done the part in the last one as Routh was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!……………………………… But I did like the movie even though it wasn’t really _good_ in any way – I still rather liked it a lot just for what it was the RETURN of Superman to the big screen.

    LONG RANT……………………. Have more but I’ll probably be murdered if I continue.

  9. Well I’m not really familiar with Stargate, minus the movie and the fact the black guy says “indeed” A LOT. I don’t know what the budgets for those shows are, if you do more power to you. For some of the things, I agree with you. First, the fight sucked. Second, Brandon Routh sucked(and wtf’s up with Superman being a deadbeat dad?). There are only a few reasons why the fight could’ve been as lame as it was. 1.) Money. 2.) Storyline-the writers could be saving up for something (which is lame). Once again though, it would be really hard to have a giant fight in the middle of the biggest city in the DC world without anyone seeing Clark. I personally thought the fight would end up with either Clark having to turn into his alter ego (Superman) to fight (so not to be revealed) or having to fly in order to beat DD (who can’t fly). Or there’s #3, which seems to be the most widely accepted answer by fans: the writers are a bunch of jerks who hate us. So to me, the only explantations other than that the writers are evil are: money (makes sense), not exposing Clark (sucks but the way it is) or future storyline (huge cop out). But I can’t imagine that they would sit there and say “Hey, let’s take the biggest fight in comic book history, a two-man war that destroyed half of Metropolis and make it suck”.

  10. ” Indeed “

  11. Vic Holtreman:
    Do you have anything to say about Clark’s new epizodes on SR.

  12. Vic Holtreman:

    It is July 3rd, 2010
    Are we going to see any more new episodes of Clark Kent (AK Tom Welling)?
    It has been, almost a year since I last communicated with you!

  13. Vic Holtreman:

    It is July 3rd, 20120
    It has been almost a year that has gone by since I last communicated with you. Are you still up on Clark Kent(ak Tom Welling, Superman). Are we going to see more new episodes?

    • Othoniel,

      I haven’t heard any news beyond the fact the series will be back for one more season.