‘Doom’ 3D Reboot in Development

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Doom Doom 3D Reboot in Development

When Doom was released back in 2005, the filmmakers involved acknowledged that most video game adaptations were subpar at best. They insisted that their film would be the exception to that rule – but most of us remember how that panned out.

Doom was a disappointment for a long list of reasons, but one of the overriding criticisms from fans was that the film made several deviations from the core concept of the games.  It’s not that Doom has a complicated or particularly dense mythology – but changing the premise the way the filmmakers did is akin to having a Resident Evil movie that decided to use ghosts instead of zombies.

The movie only grossed $56 million worldwide on a $60 million budget, but there were rumors that Universal might still be interested in revisiting the property at some point. According to What’s Playing, those plans are starting to materialize and the studio is preparing a 3D reboot of Doom.

The most puzzling part of this for me is that the success of Paramount’s G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was evidently a huge factor in this decision. That film did turn a profit – but only after it performed much better internationally than it did domestically. So even though G.I. Joe 2 is on the way, Paramount made sure to streamline their expenses this time. Can that same business model really be applied to Doom and yield satisfactory results?

In my opinion, Universal already attempted a modestly budgeted Doom movie – and one of my issues with it was that it never felt anywhere near as expansive or diverse as the games. Given the film’s box office performance (and Universal’s current financial situation), I think it’s safe to assume that they probably aren’t going to spend as much on the reboot. Would a Doom film that’s even smaller in scope still work?

Doom movie Doom 3D Reboot in Development

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Karl Urban in the 2005 adaptation of 'Doom'.

In my opinion, to truly capture the experience of the Doom games, you’d be looking at an R-rated horror film somewhere in the $100 million range – and that’s just not going to happen. Look no further than the studio’s recent decision to pull the plug on At The Mountains of Madness for proof of that. I also think the film would need a rather facetious sense of humor in order for it to work correctly and that would be incredibly difficult to pull off.

There’s also the fact that G.I. Joe is a PG-13 franchise. It’s still too early to tell if the Doom reboot will try and appeal to a wider demographic by pulling back on the gore – but I’m not sure I’d be at all surprised if they did. I’m not labeling this film D.O.A. just yet, but I do think it’s going to need a lot more than 3D to make it worthwhile.

We’ll keep you updated on how the Doom reboot progresses.

Source: What’s Playing.

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  1. This is a bad Idea, where is Halo, Metal Gear or Gears of War, those are games taht i want to see as movies, hell Halos live action commercials have been better them most the video came movies I have seen. It doesnt even have to be a Master cheif movie, it could be a sparatan team or a ODST team that the movie is about, or pick a battle and do that just tell a story from the Halo Universe and go from there , but keep it realistic in nature ala black hawk down, district 9 or Battle: la


  3. here’s an idea why not make all movies faithful to the source material instead of having to reboot all the time. i’m sick of it for me it’s an admission from the studio that they screwed up first time.

    • The problem with that is (as I stated below) is there’s no dialogue or story to carry the film. The thing is that, VG are made to be PLAYED, not watched.

      • Ding, ding, ding!

    • Points to Lee. Hollywood cant seem to fathom that when you adapt a game, comic or book over and then change the whole premise of the source material or remove characters and events that people will notice. Not to mention that when you water it down or refuse to show the action that made it exciting the end result will be a poor reflection of the original. Jonah Hex is a prime example, nothing in the movie resembled the comics and certainly not the main character. Then it fails and they blame the fans or the source material.

  4. I enjoyed the first as your typical science fiction movie, but it was NOT Doom. The only part that was actually related to the game was that small reference to Hell, and that was only used as a metaphor. I did love the first-person scene, and that would be cool (and gimmicky) to see in 3D.

    Doom suffered from the same issue that most (if not all) VG movies make, lack of story or dialogue. The writers have to make-up their own work, and that’s where things go bad.

    • I agree the first person view was awesome , it would be cool if they switched that on and off during the reboot, with 3d would be pretty cool

  5. The first one sucked and I’m sure that the second one will if they make it. Definitely will not be watching if it comes out and especially if not it 3-D.

    • Whoops. especially if it’s in 3-D.

  6. not a day goes by in which i don’t hear of another reboot. ugh. if any videogame movie is to be made, my vote’s assassin’s creed…

  7. It is going to be bad. They’ll scale back on the concept, blood + gore, and what not.

  8. Studios should stop making movies based on video games, they’re sucked n none of the movies based on VG are box office success n some of them flopped or box office bomb…

    • actually, several were box office successes. tomb raider, resident evil…anything with a hot female lead i suppose.

  9. Forget this, they should do a Duke Nukem movie or a more serious Metal Gear Solid Movie…..

  10. I think in order to get a good VG movie I think the actual developers of the game are the only ones who can bring us an amazing adaptation because they know the game for what it is hopefully one of the game developers steps up pretty soon, some of the game trailers I’ve seen are truly spectacular

    • I agree wholeheartedly on your idea. For me a Metal Gear movie would be terrible if Hideo Kojima did not have any kind of input or pull on it. Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete was all CGI but the direction it took was because of Square Enix having control.

  11. Mortal Kombat please :)

  12. IF they wanna reboot it under a tight budget, who better than Neil Blokampp?

    but , pleeeeeeeezzze make it R-Rated

    My wishlist of true to game movies:

    Hitman, Assassins Creed [trilogy], Duke Nukem, Dead Space and Halo

  13. Dead space is basically Ghost of Mars. They just scrapped Duke nukem, Assassins Creed would be intresting keep fading in and out showing a guy on a table in a bright white room with people hovering above him the fading back to the action. i think Halo or Gears of War are the two best to convert to movies , they have more back ground story to go from.

  14. No. Even thinking about making a Doom movie was a bad idea, the game itself from what I remember didn’t exactly have a story. It was just a guy fighting off hordes and hordes of monsters.

  15. COME ON! REALLY?? Must we revisit Doom? Why not tackle a new project. Universal for some reason has made some really bad movies lately. Masters of the watered down PG-13 horror flicks.

  16. I think we’ve had enough reboots ,we need new and fresh ideas instead of reboot this or reboot that I mean come on its like they are not even trying anymore

  17. lame idea the first 1 sucked anyway

  18. @Rick – There’s been plenty of Mortal Combat movies and they all sucked. We dont need a reboot of another failed VG>Movie idea.

    @Deadpool – They already made a Hitman movie that was pretty decent.

    On topic though – we do NOT need more video game turned movies showing up. Hollywood needs to grow a f’ing brain and have an original idea. And if they’re going to take an R-rated flick and take it down to PG then they may as well not make it.

  19. Funny enough, The first Doom game does have a background that should be taken on account. It was on the Manual that carried the game.

    “The player takes the role of a marine (unnamed to further represent the person playing), “one of Earth’s toughest, hardened in combat and trained for action”, who has been incarcerated on Mars after assaulting a senior officer when ordered to fire upon civilians. There, he works alongside the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC), a multi-planetary conglomerate and military contractor performing secret experiments on interdimensional travel. Recently, the teleportation has shown signs of anomalies and instability, but the research continues nonetheless.

    Suddenly, something goes wrong and creatures from hell swarm out of the teleportation gates on Deimos and Phobos. A defensive response from base security fails to halt the invasion, and the bases are quickly overrun by monsters; all personnel are killed or turned into zombies.

    A military detachment from Mars travels to Phobos to investigate the incident. The player is tasked with securing the perimeter, as the assault team and their heavy weapons are brought inside. Radio contact soon ceases and the player realizes that he is the only survivor. Being unable to pilot the shuttle off of Phobos by himself, the only way to escape is to go inside and fight through the complexes of the moon base.”

  20. especially if it’s in 3-D.

  21. This should actually be a relatively easy film to make because doom 1 and 2only had 1 character… They should bring it back to the original messing with teleportation storyline… To make this movie they should take notes from “event horizon” being as it had a similar story line

  22. DOOM reboot would be good, if it has the storyline of the DOOM game.

  23. This really shouldn’t be that hard (or that expensive) to pull off. With smart budgeting, I estimate it would only take about $50 Million to do a faithful Doom movie. What Universal need to remember, is that most of the audience is NOT expecting a super deep and moving plot. Most of us just want to see some space Marines shooting at high numbers of demons. I don’t care if it’s cheesy and full or plot holes, I just want it to be faithful to the games. My main beefs with the original movie were the shoddy casting (namely The Rock), the poor costume deigns (where’s the green space armor?), and the fact that they used stupid “genetic mutants” instead of demons. Come on Universal Studios. This is easy. In fact, just swapping the mutants for demons alone would be a massive improvement. And one more thing, add more action. In the Doom movie, they only kill like five or so creatures before the FPS scene. That needs to change as well.

  24. Video games should only be video games and not be adapted as movies, especially first person shooter because we are not suppose to know their true identity.

  25. Has it been confirmed yet I can’t wait for it

  26. Even though i liked the 2005 doom movie, i wouldn’t mind seeing a 3d reboot. that would be sweet! i hope they pull it off.

  27. This movie needs more blood, gore and violence in it and those monsters that are in the game. Would be nice :)